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blowing bubbles
lol okay so i made another video of me blowing ,more bubbles . i guess alot of people liked the other one so i made a new one i hopee you like it hahaha . thanks comment , like subscribe??
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SUNY Purchase Think Wide Open
My name is Ember AutumnSkye, and this is my SUNY Purchase video for what "Think Wide Open" means to me. This is only a glimpse at what this phrase means in my eyes.
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trying to free the stigma of this topic. Thanks for watching.
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This is a video art piece I did for school with the intention of creating an emotional response. The original was an installation piece with four different videos placed in different parts of the room. This screen was in the front on a big screen, red screens on either side of the room that pulsed at different sections of the video. four screens with a blown out candle playing and six screens in the middle for the footsteps to walk towards the audience. Ir was a successful project that I am personally proud of. I hope to make more project like this to talk about important issues that are going on every day around us. - Ember AutumnSkye Thank you.
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She was NOT asking for it. She was NOT asking for it. She was NOT asking for it. Consent is a serious topic today that many people don't recognize. We need to spread this message and know what consent is. Just because you see "yes" does NOT MEAN YES. Thank you to everyone for jumping into this quick project!
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Spurious Love
experimented with a green screen for the first time. Super quick fun project. :)
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Space Oddity Music Video
(spoiler alert) This video is about someone dealing with heroin addiction, or any addiction for that matter. David Bowie is a big inspiration of mine and whenever I played his CD in the car I thought about a vivid series of events for Space Oddity. It reminded me of going through an addiction to drugs with detailed imagery. Overall very fun experience, and a lot of hard work. Thank you summer 2017 for letting me get this done! Thanks for anyone who helped, from props to extras. Amazing how many people were able to help me every day filming. Thank you so much. Thank you @footageisland, Nissim Farin, for the green screen backdrop!
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no life.
yes its true i have no life . so i make videos of me chewing gum and blowing bubbles haha (: well yeah thts what it is so yeah aha bye
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NYPIRG Hunger and Homelessness
Documentary project made for SUNY Purchase video production class.
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Hidden Peace
My first try at a documentary styled video. Thank you! Let me know what you think! - & if anyone knows how to get the buzzing out of my mic. Thank you for the perfect music! Amazing Grace by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Nobody Music Video
First production as a graduate! Summer music video! Thank you to everyone who helped me and a thank you to the viewers out there!
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Wish you were here
by avril lavigne i hope you like it check out my other channel lillycat56 subscribe like and comment
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Sound Swap
a small video for my cabin fever this winter break. Thanks for watching and let me know what ya think.
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Starships Music Video
my music video to starships. (: subscrribeee
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Our video art class took a William Eggleston photo and recreated the image in a composition in time video.
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Love Is Growing
i really like stop motion so i decided to make one so here it is and stuff . let me know what you think! down thur v v v v comment and like and all that good stuff (:
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Spanish Project
me and my friends doing a Spanish project for school . lol good times
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Gypsy Music Video
Just a small project that I made to remind me of summer time. Let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!
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