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Consultation With Sharifah Hardie of AskSharifah com
2018 New Year. New You. See what the future holds for you in love, career, relationships, finance and more. Ask Sharifah all of your questions. Sharifah has over 20 years or experience in consultation and business. She will help you!
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Patti Labelle with Host Sharifah Hardie Next Great Drummer 2010
Next Great Drummer 2010 Sharifah Hardie "Real Eyes on L.A." Knott's Berry Farm Drumoff Competition
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Online Marketing, Internet Advertising, Brand Management & PR Services
AskSharifah.com is the premier business consulting company that offers online marketing, branding, social media management and public relations services. AskSharifah.com works with entrepreneurs, startups and growth focused companies who want to create a successful online presence, a high conversion rate, increased revenue and a consistent return on investments. AskSharifah.com has proven marketing strategies that have helped countless business owners achieve the visibility they deserve by targeting the right audience and developing the right plan. Grow & Brand Your Business Now @ http://www.AskSharifah.com
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Ask Sharifah - Online Marketing Specialist
Does your business have an online presence? Do you know how powerful online marketing can be for your business? Sharifah does... Working with businesses since 1994 Sharifah has been harnessing the power of the internet to assist business owners obtain a successful online presence, creating a unique brand and reducing expenses, while increasing your revenue. Do not face the unknown alone... Call Sharifah today, 1-888-295-4811. Video Production by Larry Sands
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Ask Sharifah - Google's #1 Ranked "Professional Business Consultant"
Sharifah Hardie, Google's #1 Ranked "Professional Business Consultant" 1st Business Consulting Commercial
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City Summit and Gala 2019 Mirna Velasco and Sharifah Hardie Interview
Sharifah Hardie best known as Ask Sharifah interviews radio personality, actress and Mother of 8 Mirna Velasco at City Summit and Gala 2019. To watch more interviews or to be guest visit: http://www.AskSharifah.com
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Ask Sharifah - Create a Successful Online Presence
Create a successful online presence for your business today! Visit http://www.AskSharifah.com or Call 888-295-4811 to get started!!
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Ask Sharifah - Return to Work Program to Reduce Unemployment
Ask Sharifah's 'Return to Work Program" to reduce unemployment. Free Resume Writing. Free Job Search Assistance. Free Interview Clothes. Ask Sharifah Helping One Person at a Time!
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First VirtualNetworkingEvent.com Meeting
Our first Virtual Networking Event with Tracy Avonaha Taylor of Arbonne International and Faheem Smith of Strike First Entertainment was a lot of fun. It turned into more of a training session and I learned a lot about chat bots for Facebook Messenger.. I'll have to set one up! Join us tomorrow, Monday, January 14th at 4PM PST at VirtualNetworkingEvent.com for our next event!
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Have An Idea For a TV Show? XRoadsTV.com
X Roads TV CEO Sharifah Hardie makes major announcements: 1.) X Roads TV goes into production on our first project in November. I will be live on the set giving you the latest updates. 2.) X Roads TV is seeking TV shows for production. If you are interested in producing your show with X Roads TV please visit our website at XRoadsTV.com and select Have An Idea? 3.) All new Ask Sharifah Video Interviews start November 5. Sharifah is always looking for interesting people and stories. Go live with her to discuss your product, service or just share your opinion! Visit: Http://www.AskSharifah.com 4.) Support the "Laughter Heals Stand Up Comedy Show" November 17th at BOTI Studios in Anaheim. Laughter is the best medicine. Get ready for a healing. Tickets are available at BOTIStudios.com/events
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The Ed Tyll Radio Show Endorsement of Sharifah Hardie
The Ed Tyll Show endorsement of Business Consultant & Online Marketing Specialist Sharifah Hardie of Ask Sharifah. Ed explains the importance of hiring a professional for search engine optimization to your business.
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Theresa's Endorsement of AskSharifah.com
Client testimonial of AskSharifah.com brought to you by Sharifah Hardie.
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Sharifah Hardie, CEO X Roads TV Live on Set
Sharifah Hardie CEO of XRoadsTV.com live on set... XRoadsTV.com
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Ask Sharifah - Create a Crowdfunding Campaign For Your Business
Raise funds for your business. Create your crowdfunding campaign. Join the Ask Sharifah Community today to get started. Http://www.AskSharifah.com
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ASK SHARIFAH #AMA FACEBOOK LIVE TODAY AT 10AM PST /1PM EST Join Sharifah Hardie and legend Daphne-Maxwell Reid, best known for her role as Aunt Viv on the hit television show, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" today at 10AM PST / 1PM EST. We will discuss Mrs. Maxwell-Reid's new book, "Grace, Soul & Mother Wit" A cookbook spiced with personal memories. Available for purchase at: http://www.daphnemaxwellreid.com/photos/shop/index.html
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Powerhouse Sharifah Hardie Guest on Ask Sandy
Business consultant, influencer and powerhouse Sharifah Hardie joins Sandy Chasteen as a guest on Ask Sandy. AskSharifah.com
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