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Christmas surprise....It's a Boxer Puppy!
I got a boxer puppy for my kids for Christmas and this was the video of it. It was all they wanted and asked for!
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Phantom 3 Professional - AT&T Park from the sky day & night 4k
Here is an aerial view of the AT&T Park in San Francisco in 4k in the daytime and night time. I made a previous video and I wanted to update it in 4k. If you can watch in HD 4k, I would suggest it! This video was taken 2 hours before game time and 2 hours after game time. Enjoy! Artist: MitiS Song: Breezes
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Phantom 3 Pro 4k- Donner Pass Abandoned  Railroad Tunnels
Here is a short video I made with my Phantom 3 Professional. These tunnels were pretty amazing and you can walk through all of them, it goes for miles, if you have a chance, this is a must see Donner Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, through which emigrants first traveled to California in 1844. Today, it hosts both Interstate 80 (formerly US Route 40, the "Lincoln Highway") and Union Pacific's Roseville Subdivision. Donner Pass is well known for two different incidents that occurred near the summit. The first, and probably most known, is the infamous Donner Party that was stranded on the pass during a snowstorm in 1846. The second, and probably remembered mostly by railfans, is when the Southern Pacific's City of San Francisco was stranded at nearby Yuba Pass for 6 days during a snowstorm in January, 1952. There are a few portions of the Donner Pass line that have been abandoned. Tunnel Zero was abandoned during World War II; it is hidden behind vegetation. Both Yuba Gap's Main #2 and Main #1 at the summit were pulled up in 1993 when SP's president decided to pull up track on SP routes to save money and use to double track the Sunset Route. It is not known why Tunnel 40 at Troy was abandoned, but it has been located. Tunnel 15 on Main #1 was abandoned in 1913 because of double tracking, but it has yet to be located (and is thus missing on the map).
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To The Top of Horsetail Falls, Lake Tahoe, CA
Here is some footage I took to the top of Horsetail Falls in Lake Tahoe, CA. Hard hike but it is beautiful!
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Aerial of the Oroville Spillway in 4k - Feb. 13, 2017
Oroville Spillway from a Drone. More than 100,000 people were told to evacuate from areas near Oroville Dam in Northern California on Sunday because officials feared that an emergency spillway could fail, sending huge amounts of water into the Feather River, which runs through downtown Oroville, and other waterways. But by late Sunday night, officials said the immediate threat had passed. Officials say they're still releasing 100,000 cubic feet per second from the paved spillway. No water is going over the emergency spillway at this point. The flow into the lake is roughly 37,000 cubic feet per second, so they're shedding a net 60,000 or so cubic feet per second. Prayers out to all the families that are being affected. Artist: Caleb Etheridge Song: Oh It's Good
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Snow Day with the Rubicon JLU
Took Rubi up close to The Rubicon and had some fun, it was beautiful out!
Bugorama 75 - VDubs and a drone in 4k
2015 Bugorama 75 at Sacramento Raceway - May 23, 2015 Got to take photos, some video and flew the drone for some amazing footage! I tried to race them but it didn't work out so well, Enjoy!
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12,000 ft Across the Golden Gate Bridge - Aerial in 4k
Video from Baker Beach, across the Golden Gate Bridge to the north Vista Point. This was over 11,000 feet in distance with the Phantom 3 Professional. It was a beautiful sight!
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Following a drunk driver
So here is the full story. I originally saw this lady and called 911 (went to the CHP office from a cell phone) and then proceeded to video her from there. No one came or called back from 911 but gave them as much info as possible. After that, she got off of the freeway and had to call the sheriff's department, which we did. We followed her for the reason that if anything did happen, we would have evidence. Sure, I could have dragged her out of the car but I am not going to get in trouble because of her. She was arrested for being under the infulence and on meth. This video was given to the CHP and Sheriff's office as well.
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Phantom 3 Professional - Foresthill Bridge
Here is a video I took with the Phantom 3 Professional of the Foresthill Bridge, Foresthill, CA. It was a really windy day and I think it did great! Lots of fun and I keep forgetting how big this bridge truly is! The Foresthill Bridge over the North Fork American River is the highest (deck height) bridge in the U.S. state of California and the fourth highest in the United States Artist: MitiS Song:Life Of Sin Pt. 2
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AT&T Park From the Sky
A quick video of AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. It was a beautiful day so I had to take a cruise around. Enjoy! Feel free to contact me anytime for any bookings for photography or aerial photography/videography www.JeffHallPhotos.com www.facebook.com/JeffHallPhotos Artist: Bensound Song: A New Beginning
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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Test at Night in 4k
Here is a quick test I did tonight. 4k and set the ISO to 1600, It does so much better than the P2V+ in low light conditions. I was impressed all over again!
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Yosemite Vernal Falls from the sky
Yosemite Vernal Falls from the sky flown with the DJI Phantom 4. Artist: MitiS Song: Life of Sin Part 4
Zedd @ Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4k
Zedd @ Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4k. It started raining but I got as much video as I could in. This was taken with my iPhone 6S in 4k. Enjoy!
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Grey-Bohemian Rhapsody at Zedd Concert
Anyone know where I can find this?Grey Bohemian Rhapsody at Zedd Concert at Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco
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David on Winch Hill #1 at Fordyce
Here is David coming up on Winch Hill #1 at Fordyce
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Fourth of July on Lake Oroville and a Drone
Fourth of July on Lake Oroville and a Drone Artist: MitiS Song Life of Sin Part 4
Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant with a drone
Here is a "fly by" of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant, decommissioned of course, Around it is really a beautiful area, Coming up to it, it is huge, I was shocked on the size of the cooling towers. Anyways, hope you enjoy it! Artist: The XX Song: The Intro
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Candlestick Park - Demolition from the sky in 4k
Video I made of Candlestick Park at almost its last part of demolition. A lot of history here as I can remember lots of games I went to, it was very hard to walk up to and see with my own eyes, let alone from the air.
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Loud Luxury - Body at Foundation, Seattle
Loud Luxury - Body at Foundation in Seattle closing out
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Opening for Avicii-Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4k
Opening for Avicii-Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4k
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Opening Hardwell Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4k
Opening Hardwell Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4k
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Key West Vacation and Phantom Pro Drone
Here is the vacation I took in Key West in July 2015. From being on our own island to swimming with dolphins, it was such an amazing trip. I still have so much footage but it would have been the longest video. Hope you like it! Dierks Bentley Drunk on a Plane Zac Brown Band Toes Alana Jackson w/ Jimmy Buffett 5 o'clock somewhere
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Danmoto Carbon GP on 2008 Ducati 1098s
(Sorry for the cut out in the end of the video, my bad) Danmoto Carbon GP on 2008 Ducati 1098s. Just a quick video I made to give you an idea on the sound. Deep and throaty, I absolutely love it!
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Opening for DJ Snake @ Ultra  Music Festival 2016 in 4K
Opening for DJ Snake @ Ultra Music Festival 2016 in 4K
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Deadmau5 Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2016 - A State of Trance in 4K
Deadmau5 Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2016 - A State of Trance stage
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Flying Around Key West in a Drone
Just a small unedited video I made from my Phantom 3 drone in Key West
Disneyland and a Drone - DisneyAir
Here is some footage I took while I was at Disneyland for the Disney Half Marathon. I went to Newport Beach, saw the fireworks and the water show at California Disney. Thanks for watching! Artist: MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt. 2
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Haylee's surprise to Taylor Swift concert - Petco Park-San Diego 8/29/15
I surprised my daughter on going to her most favorite singer of all time! Taylor Swift! She had no idea for weeks, told her nothing but that we had to get her an outfit. We drove from the Bay Area to San Diego and spent the night. Woke up Sat and got her nails done, got her haircut and then surprised her. Tonight will be amazing and I can't wait to see her at her very first concert and to see Miss TSwift!!!
Facebook - New headquarters building from the sky
I was at the Facebook campus and the new HQ in Menlo Park, it truly is an amazing thing to be seen, inside and out. Hope you enjoy! http://www.jeffhallphotos.com/Events/FacebookHQ Artist: Mitis: Song: Vulnerability
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The Chainsmokers - SnowGlobe 2016 South Lake Tahoe
The Chainsmokers - SnowGlobe 2016 South Lake Tahoe. Taken with my iPhone 7 in 4K. In the process of making a compilation, have so many videos
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Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon from the sky
February 5, 2017. The 34th annual Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon certified course has been selected as Road Race of the Year by the Road Runners Club of America. The 5K is a fast, downhill 3.1 mile course certified by USA Track & Field. After the race, follow the runners and walkers into the post-race area for some free massages and other offerings. Song: Someone New Artist: Jonathan Roye
Heather & Jordan Green Wedding - Barberino Val D'Elsa, Italy
Here is a little taste into Heather & Jordan's wedding in Florence, Italy. It truly was majestic in every way!
Maryssa & Nick Gender Reveal with Tannerite
Maryssa and Nick have a surprise and this is their journey in a day to talk about their gender reveal. We decided to use tannerite and have some fun!....Enjoy!
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Coaster at Epic Discovery in 4k - Heavenly Ski Resort
Coaster at Epic Discovery in 4k - Heavenly Ski Resort Song: Life of Sin Artist: MitiS
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Tamale Day 2010
This is my family tradition of making tamales. We made 40 pounds this year. It is my favorite time of year!
Los Angeles Night and Hollywood Sign and a drone
Took a trip to LA and did some videos of LA and took some footage. Night shots from Echo Park, Downtown and Hollywood Bowl. Then took a hike to The Wisdom Tree and some video of the Hollywood sign. It was an amazing weekend! Artist: The XX Song: Intro
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Opening for Chainsmokers - Sacramento May 4, 2017
Opening for Chainsmokers - Sacramento May 4, 2017 at Golden 1 Arena
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Aerial Footage of Boca Grande Keys
Here is some uncut footage from my DJI Phantom 4 in 4K. Took a boat from Key West to Boca Grande and found some sunken ships. Ill be making a full video later on of the 2 week trip
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Daughter does incredible gift for the homeless
My heart is fully warmed! Tonight, Haylee and her friend went to feed the homeless and on top of that, the church handed out stockings with the essentials in it. The last lady came to Haylee and asked for hers and she was saddened to say that they ran out, the lady started crying as she walked away. Haylee came to me crying and told me about it, she wanted to do something for her. We then went to the store and got a stocking and loaded it to the top with tons of essential stuff, she wanted to give her a McDonalds gift card as well. We drove back to the church and well, here is what happened. She had us all in tears.
Courtney shaving her hair for St. Baldricks
This is Courtney. What an amazing girl she is! She had her head shaved for St. Baldricks fundraiser for cancer at the Little League opener in Roseville, CA. I am sure it must have been very hard to go through that but wow, she did such a great job! I was very impressed, way to go Courtney! wwwJeffHallPhotos.com
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Woman fakes breast cancer on ABC-Part 1
Here is the story on ABC 10 Sacramento. This is the original story: http://www.news10.net/rss/article/173776/2/Woman-lies-about-terminal-cancer-get-thousands-in-donations
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Ragnar Napa Valley 2014 - Drone at the Finish Line
Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat. Here is a quick video I made with my drone at the Ragnar Race, San Francisco to Napa Valley 2014. This was at the end of the race. We were all tired but had the best time and were still on a Ragnar high!! If you ever looking for a challenging run but something you will remember for a lifetime, this is it! Hope you enjoy the video! Artist: MitiS Song: Life of Sin Part 1 www.JeffHallPhotos.smugmug.com
Trap shooting with DJI Osmo 120 fps
Trap shooting at Coon Creek Trap and Skeet, Lincoln, CA Experimenting with DJI Osmo on 4k and 120 fps
Burney Falls from the sky
Just a quick video of Burney Falls with my Phantom V+2. Such a great hike with some amazing views.
The Levi's Stadium from the Sky
Here is the Levi's Stadium from the sky, home of the San Francisco Forty Niners. Such an amazing stadium, hope you enjoy it! Red & Gold Feel free to contact me anytime for any bookings for photography or aerial photography/videography www.JeffHallPhotos.com www.facebook.com/JeffHallPhotos Song: Born Artist: MitiS
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Woodcreek Little League Opener and a Drone
I wanted baseball music but copyright stopped me from putting it in the background. Here is the Woodcreek Little League Opener in Roseville, CA that I filmed.
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Wakeboard Island & a Drone
Here is some footage I took at Wakeboard Island in Pleasant Grove, CA (Sacramento) Using a DJI Phantom Vision Plus 2 MitiS-Touch (Original Mix) http://wakeislandwatersports.com/
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A Night at Riverfront MMX
A Night at Riverfront MMX A quick video of some riding with Dan and Justin, recording with the drone. Artist - MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt. 1
Key West Sunset Marina from the air
Flew the Phantom 3 Professional in the marina and flew all around. The sunset was amazing, couldn't pass it up!

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