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Life Hack - Dicing Tomatoes for Salsa
Dicing a tomato is done much like an onion or any other round vegetable, this is a trick which makes this technique even easier. It uses the heel of the blade to make the vertical cut, which makes lining up the cut much easier, especially for non-professional cooks. Some knives don't have a heel far enough from the handle to do this, but many Asian style chef's knives do. I'm using a Thai-made vegetable knife with a rectangular blade, made by Kiwi Knives, famous for their great value at a low price.
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How to Dice an Onion - Extra Easy
This is a trick using the heel of a knife to make vertical cuts when dicing an onion. It is an extra easy technique as you won't accidentally cut too far and slice the onion in half. Most Asian style chef's knives will have a sufficient gap between the blade and handle to do this technique. I am using the well known Kiwi Brand Thai chef chef's knife, available online at http://kiwiknife.com for under $15.
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Kiwi Brand Thai Chef's Knife in Action
Kiwi brand Thai chef's knives in action. Slicing mushrooms, dicing onion, dicing herbs. Kiwi brand Thai chef's knives have a well deserved reputation for great quality and unbeatable value.
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Thinly Slicing Tomato with Sharp Kiwi Chef's Knife 6.5"
I've had this Kiwi Brand 6.5" Chef's knife for about 4 years, they are great quality knifes at great prices. As you can see it thinly slices this ripe tomato easily. This style and other Kiwi Brand chef's knives can be purchased at www.kiwiknife.com.
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