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Behind the Scenes: Nautica Men's Spring 2014 Black Sail Collection Runway Show
Behind the Scenes at the Nautica Men's Spring 2014 Black Sail Collection Runway Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Sept 6, 2013
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Nautica O2O Chesapeake Bay: DR. STUART WALKER
With a sailing career spanning over seven decades, Dr. Stuart Walker is a Chesapeake Bay icon. The first American to win the Prince of Wales Cup in 1964, Dr. Walker is a World War II veteran, a former member of the US Olympic Team, a retired pediatrician, and the author of ten books about the art and physics of sailing and mastering the challenges of competition. We were honored to spend a day with him while he competed at the Severn Sailing Association, the Annapolis Small Boat Racing Club he established in 1957. Sixty-seven years ago he took his bride, Frances, sailing on their honeymoon, and she is always there at the finish line, cheering him on as his biggest fan.
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Nautica Men's Spring 2014 Black Sail Fashion Show
Nautica Men's Spring 2014 Black Sail Fashion Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
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Nautica O2O Florida Coast: PETER ZUCCARINI
Peter Zuccarini spends as much time below the water as he does above it. As one of the most sought-after underwater cinematographers, Pete shoots Hollywood feature films, documentaries, and commercials with a waterproof camera and a life-long love of the water. His skillful swimming and diving abilities allow him to capture incredible images which bring to light our diverse and fragile sealife. Pete sometimes films for Oceana, a global ocean conservation organization which Nautica proudly supports. He lives with his wife and their twin sons on the beautiful Island of Key Biscayne, Florida, where he grew up diving and swimming in the many lagoons and beach coves.
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Nautica How to Video - with Andy Baldwin (How to Enter the Water at Swim Start)
How to Enter the Water at Swim Start
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Nautica O2O: Willie McBride
Willie McBride grew up sailing with a passion for being on the water, and now teaches kids of all ages how to sail competitively. Willie is based in Santa Barbara, California, and coaches and prepares local youth for various competitions, including the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). He invited us to follow him, his brother, Davie, and some of his team for a day of practice before an important qualifying race. Two of the kids on Willie's team, Dane and Quinn, were tied for second place going into the last race of the regatta, but came back strong in the last lap to clench first place, and will be representing the US in Ireland this summer for the ISAF annual championship!
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12th Annual Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic Presented by Nautica
Last year one of our most successful Nautica Ocean To Ocean video stories featured pro surfer Will Tant. Will leads an annual surf memorial contest in Flagler Beach, Florida in honor of his late brother, Tommy Tant, who died suddenly of an aortic aneurysm. We filmed Will, his dad and their community doing a traditional surf "paddle out," where a group of surfers has a moment of silence out in the waves to remember those who have passed away. And Nautica saw in Will the kind of person who might represent the brand: a handsome, active, compassionate man who cares about water, his family and his community. So he was hired to become the model for Nautica's international marketing campaigns. When Karen Murray, Nautica/Sportswear Coalition President, met Will in person, she discovered that Will and his late brother share characteristics of the same condition as her son Michael, who suffers from Marfan Syndrome, a disease of the connective tissue which often results in life-threatening heart problems. She invited Will to come to New York to speak at the National Marfan Foundation annual gala. Then this year, Nautica became the lead sponsor for the Tommy Tant Surf Memorial Classic in Flagler Beach, where Karen spoke about Marfan Syndrome awareness and Nautica's amazing connection with Will Tant, who started out simply by telling us how much he loves the ocean. This is Nautica Ocean To Ocean at its core. Real people, real places, and real stories that powerfully embody the Nautica spirit.
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Nautica O2O Florida Coast: WILL TANT
Will Tant grew up in the small town of Flagler Beach, Florida, swimming, playing and surfing in the in the warm waters of Northern Florida. For the past six years, Will has lead the organization of one of the region's largest surf contests, the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic, created to honor his late brother. Almost all of Will's surf trips and projects include an element of philanthropy, and his gentle nature and commitment to making a difference in personal and environmental causes are truly inspiring. Will is an amazing athlete, son, friend, and brother, and his values and his passions embody the spirit of the person we all hope to be.
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Nautica O2O Maine: Davis Family
Meet Robert, Matthew and Ryan Davis, third generation fishermen in Goose Cove, Maine. Hear them talk about their passion for life on the water and lobster farming. Discover more inspiring ocean stories on: www.nauticaocean2ocean.com
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Nautica Jeans Co. Fall 2011
Creative Direction: Nautica Agency Direction: Nautica Agency with Geoff Ryan, Spork Productions Cinematography/Editing/Music: Geoff Ryan, Spork Productions Model: Cheyne Oglesby, Ford Models Hair/Makeup: Vincent Oquendo Stylist: Nautica Agency with Joseph Falcone Production: Jeana Hong, Anthology Productions
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Nautica O2O: Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols
Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols lives amidst the redwood trees on the central coast of California with his wife, Dana, and their daughters Grayce and Julia. He wears many hats in the world of Ocean conservation, including Research Associate for the California Academy of Sciences, Conservation Science Advisor for ProPeninsula, researcher on a global bycatch study with Duke University and Blue Ocean Institute and has served as an advisor or board member of Save Our Shores, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Biosphere Foundation,Animal Alliance, Coastwalk, Drylands Institute, Oceana, and Reef Protection International. For two years "J" served as Senior Research Scientist at the Ocean Conservancy. His work saving turtles is known internationally, and he has even written a children's book, Chelonia, Return of the Sea Turtle. In 2011, Nautica helped to sponsor "J" Nichols' first annual BLUEMiND Summit in San Francisco, where he brought together scientists, artists, conservationists, people from all walks of life, to start a conversation about why we love our Oceans in order to harness the results into positive action. His Blue Marbles Project is literally putting an awareness for our World waters in the palms of millions of hands. His SlowCoast project is creating a quiet stretch of California coast into a place where "we can look the farmer, fisher or rancher in the eye and talk about the food we share." We have spent many days talking with "J" and getting to know his family and his very gentle, personal and human way of looking at Ocean conservation. And now Nautica has created an Ocean To Ocean story to highlight J's ideas, his family, and his passion for the water. Starting this month, we are excited to begin featuring him as a Nautica guest blogger and correspondent. J signs every email "Live like you love the Ocean," and after you see his story, you will feel inspired to take up his call to action.
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Black Sail Fall 2014 Runway Show
The debut of the new Black Sail Fall 2014 Collection from Nautica during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. https://www.nautica.com
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Nautica Men's Fall 2012 Collection Fashion Presentation - February 10, 2012 - Empire Hotel, New York
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Nautica South Beach Triathlon 2012
The 5th annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon was held April 1st in Miami, Florida. Celebrities and professional athletes competed in the international and classic divisions raising over $401,000 benefitting St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Our guest blogger and celebrity trainer, Joel Harper, competed in the race and shared some training and exercising tips with us. Athlete Javier Gomez placed first in the Men's International division and Sarah Haskins placed first in the Women's International division. Actor James Marsden's team placed first in the celebrity relay division, while NBC News anchor, Natalie Morales, placed first in the celebrity individual division. Check out our video to see all of the event highlights!
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Nautica | Holiday 2015
Warmth, Style, Taste and Wisdom, everything we wish for you and yours this holiday season. The Nautica Holiday 2015 Exclusive Collection is crafted in our best fabrications, richest colors and nautical details that have been reimagined for gift giving or celebrating this season. Shop the Exclusive Holiday Collection on The Nautica Online Pop-Up Shop http://www.nautica.com/gifts/ **Featuring the track "Baby It's Cold Outside" by the George Gee Swing Orchestra, with vocal duet by Hilary Gardner & John Dokes: http://apple.co/1Vtd7ZV #SHOPTHEPOP
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Nautica Ocean2Ocean: John Z. Underwater
John Zuanich was born in San Diego, California and still lives there, having had a successful career as a model and waterman. John surfs, dives, fishes or swims everyday, and is working hard toward owning his own fishing boat. He describes the ocean as "a fundamental part of my life since the beginning," and being in the water as "peace of mind." John's next trip is to the Sea of Cortez, one of the many adventures driven by his love for the ocean.
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Nautica | Fall 2016 Runway Show
Nautica Fall 2016 Inspired by the sea, designed in the city. Nautica unveiled its Fall 2016 Runway Collection on February 2, 2016 as part of CFDA's New York Fashion Week Men. The collection, designed by Vice President of Global Design Steve McSween, was inspired by cities near the sea mixing details, textures, and architecture to mold the complete collection. The show integrated tech elements such as a 360 degree global live stream and a selection of exclusive shoppable product straight from the runway. Shop the exclusive runway styles below! http://www.nautica.com/fall2016runway/
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2016 Nautica Malibu Triathlon
30th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon Nautica celebrates its 20th year as the title sponsor of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach in California. The event raised over 1.2 million dollars for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Pediatric Cancer Research Program. Celebrities such as Zac Efron, America Ferrera, Conor Dwyer, Colin Egglesfield, Caron Butler, and many more participated in the event. Congratulations to all of the participants on another amazing year! We look forward to next! Read more on our blog here: http://360blog.nautica.com/
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Adam Correa
In 2007, longtime surfer Adam Correra discovered sailing. This summer he put that passion to the test when setting sail alone on his boat, the Blue Moon, for a 20 day race from San Francisco to Hawaii. Discover more inspiring ocean stories on: www.nauticaocean2ocean.com
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Ocean 2 Ocean
We're setting out to find the sailor, the kiteboard champion, the family, the marine biologist, the places and the stories that bring to life an everyday passion, a deep connection to the water. The coast is a vital part of life in the US, a fact that we've been reminded of by the unfortunate events in the Gulf. Life on the coast has an ebb and flow, a rhythm all its own. An ease in the way people live from sunrise to sunset. Raising families. Changing the environment. Connecting to community. Authentic. True. The Nautica spirit. We are drawn to, and inspired by, these people, traditions and places, and we will share our journey with you. It may reflect your own life, inspire you to action, or motivate you to explore our vast and diverse coastline. Visit us on: www.nauticaocean2ocean.com
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Nautica Malibu Triathlon 2010 - Interview with Andy Baldwin
Interview with Andy Baldwin at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon 2010
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Sketch to Runway: Black Sail Fall 2014
Be sure to check out everything Black Sail at http://www.nautica.com/black-sail-fall-2014/
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NAUTICA | Fall 2015 |
Nautica Fall 2015 | Fall Into Style | Fall into style this season with Nautica Fall 2015. Shop the collection here! http://bit.ly/1RClpJc
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NAUTICA O2O: The Marine Science Institute Students
The job of Marine Biologist Jenn Caselle and her dive team is to research the incredible underwater environment off the southern west coast. Part of The Marine Science Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara, the group passionately explores and documents delicate coral reef, giant kelp forests, and fascinating ocean species. Working closely together in the lab and on their boat, The Cormorant, they have created life long friendships based around their adventures under water.
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The Nautica x Urban Outfitters Capsule Collection featuring Lil Yachty
A look behind the scenes at the Nautica x Urban Outfitters Limited Edition Capsule Collection Photo Shoot featuring Lil Yachty. Shop the collection now on UrbanOutfitters.com! Video by Kariuki @thatvideokid www.thatvideokid.com
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The Journey of Will Tant and Nautica
Last October, Nautica came to my hometown of Flagler Beach, Florida to cover The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic for the Nautica Ocean To Ocean Tour. Tommy,my brother, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep in 1998 from an aortic aneurysm, a result of what we later learned was Marfan Syndrome. The Tommy Tant event was magical, as it always is - the whole community comes together - and we were honored to have it profiled for the Nautica Ocean To Ocean campaign. Then, by getting to know the people who work at Nautica and inviting them in to what is a very private sort of memorial event, a beautiful relationship grew. I got to know many of the people at Nautica, including the President, Karen Murray. An unbelievable story unfolded right in front of us. It turns out that Karen Murray and her family have been greatly affected by Marfan Syndrome. It almost cost her son's life - he had to go through open heart surgery at a young age, surgery that removes any weak pressure points in the aorta to prevent bursting. My mom was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and went through open heartsurgery a year ago today. I will eventually have to have surgery too.It was pretty special to have Nautica cover my brother's memorial event last year, and it's exciting to have Nautica become a lead sponsor for this year's event. Now, to be a part of the Nautica family and be photographed for the campaign, and to able to join forces and fight Marfan Syndrome and other related aortic aneurysm disease - it's just special. I couldn't have written the script, and it's so much better because it couldn't be written. It just sort of unfolded in front of us. - WILL TANT
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Training for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon? Check out these oblique and quad stretches by celebrity trainer, Joel Harper.
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Nautica - Boothbay Harbor Lighted Boat Parade 2011
Nautica attended the 25th annual Boothbay, Maine Harbor Lights Festival, a community event held to celebrate the Holidays. Boats are decorated and paraded by the town dock after sunset, awards for best decorations are given at the local restaurant, and residents raise a glass of cheer to ring in the holiday season.
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The Nautica Summer 2017 Collection
The Nautica Summer 2017 Collection. www.nautica.com
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The Nautica USLA National Lifeguard Championships 2013 in Manhattan Beach, California.
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The GQ Gentlemen's Fund Ambassador Josh Lucas for Oceana/Nautica - Part 1
The ocean is where life began and what sustains it still. The Gentlemen's Fund® initiative, Nautica, and Josh Lucas are supporting Oceana's efforts to help prevent further pollution and the endangerment of aquatic life. With members in more than 150 countries, Oceana is the largest inter national organization committed exclusively to oceanic conservation. Their teams of scientists, economists, lawyers, and advocates win concrete policy changes that help preserve the health of our oceans. Each campaign they undertake has a specific time frame and objective aimed at making a tangible impact. When you consider that the majority of the planet is covered by water, saving the oceans means saving the world. It will take time, but it's worth it.
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Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Runway Collection - Black Sail Collection: Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes at the Nautica Men's Fall 2013 Runway Collection - Black Sail Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
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Nautica Fall 2016
Inspired by the Sea, Designed in the City. The Nautica Fall 2016 collection has arrived and is styled for the city. The beach-goer has returned from a summer at sea and is ready to take on his/her everyday urban adventures. www.Nautica.com
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Nautica | Fall 2015 | NMX Dive Analog Sport Watch
Sporty styling and functional, the Nautica NMX Dive Analog Sport Watch is a must have for the active gentleman. An enhanced water resistance and comfortable silicone strap make it a must have for Fall 2015 Shop Sport Watch: http://www.nautica.com/nmx-dive-analog-sport-watch/NAD47500G.html Shop Nautica Watches: http://www.nautica.com/watches/
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Experience real life stories of people who share the Nautica passion for water. Sailors, Surfers, Environmentalists, Filmmakers and everyday heroes who live along our American Coasts. Get inspired. Get to the water.
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Chip Wasson
Chip Wasson is a kiteboarding icon, bringing the sport from Maui to the US Mainland over ten years ago. Hear he talks about why life on the ocean is so important to him and his family. Discover more inspiring ocean stories on www.nauticaocean2ocean.com
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Adrian Grenier Q&A The GQ Gentlemen's Fund
Adrian Grenier talks about The Gentlemen's Fund
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Nautica Voyage Heritage For Men
The Voyage Heritage Man is the personification of the modern voyager. This gentleman embodies the spirit of Nautica’s bold style and design, in his clothing and daring personality. Anchored by a strong but subtle sense of self, he also stays true to his own heritage. He’s found what suits him, unafraid to live boldly, every day. Whether he takes to land or sea, he commands your attention with a modern, fresh aquatic fragrance. The masculine citrus of bergamot at the top is just bold enough to make others take notice of him, while fresh peppermint gives him a contemporary edge. The classic scent of sandalwood that lingers at the base helps him to exude an intrigue that lingers long after he’s gone. He navigates both calm and choppy waters with a quiet confidence, that never goes out of style. Shop Nautica Voyage Heritage Fragrance for Men. www.nautica.com
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Nautica Fall 2010 Men's Fashion Presentation
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Nautica Hudson River Clean Up
On Tuesday, August 23, employees from NAUTICA and Oceana joined forces to clean debris from the banks of the Hudson River at Horatio Street. Twenty six bags of trash and recyclables were collected during the three hour event. NAUTICA, in partnership with the Hudson River Park Trust has hosted a number of clean up events over the past three years. With the passing of Hurricane Irene this past weekend, you may see NAUTICA out again soon doing our part to keep New York City clean.
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For summer 2014, we're inspired by Heroes of the Water. Heroes like our dads, who taught us how to swim, are celebrated this Father's Day and all year long. Check out our Father's Day gift guide & get something for your hero from Nautica this year. http://www.nautica.com/gifts-for-dad/
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NAUTICA Men's Spring 2013 Fashion Presentation
NAUTICA Spring 2013 Men's Fashion Presentation at the Empire Hotel Rooftop, New York.
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Nautica South Beach Triathlon 2013
The 2013 Nautica South Beach Triathlon took place Sunday, April 7th, 2013 in Miami, Florida. Over 3,000 athletes, celebrities, and corporate teams gathered in South Beach to compete in either the international or classic distance races. The event raised $422, 626 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to support their mission to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. In addition to raising funds for St. Jude, Nautica raised $20,000 in proceeds from Nautica South Beach Triathlon merchandise for Oceana, in support of their mission to preserve the world's oceans. The event was hosted by TV personality, Samantha Harris, with the National Anthem performed by actress, Lauren Bell Bundy. Participants in the celebrity division included E! News Host Jason Kennedy, actors Geoff Stults, Greg Ellis, Christian de la Fuente, Monique Coleman, James Marsden, Parker Young, Josh Hopkins, and Colin Egglesfield. In the International Distance male division, pro-athlete Ben Collins came in first place followed by Richard Murray (2nd), Joseph Malloy (3rd), Hunter Kemper (4th), and Jarrod Shoemaker (5th). In the International Distance female division, pro-athlete Helle Frederiksen came in first, followed by Alicia Kaye (2nd), Lauren Goss (3rd), Jillian Peterson (4th), Abby Geurink (5th). Other event highlights included the beach expo on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 and the post triathlon Nautica Tot-Trot for Kids.
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Nautica Ocean2Ocean - John Pink and Rick Peacock
British Sailors, John Pink and Rick Peacock, have been sailing together in the 49'er boat class since 2008. In 2012 they placed fourth in the World Championships. The previous year they won two ISAF Sailing World Cup Regatta's, in Germany and Miami, and ranked 9th in the world. Nautica spent a day sailing and kite surfing with them in Southampton, England to find out what motivates them for this strenuous and competitive sport.
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Nautica Holiday 2012 - The Gift of Nautica -  TV Commercial
Nautica Holiday 2012 - The Gift of Nautica - TV Commercial "Bring it on Home to Me" performed by the Vineyard Sound.
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The 2018 Nautica Malibu Triathlon
Nautica celebrated 22 years as the title sponsor of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Triathletes raised over $1.4M for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
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NAUTICA SUMMER 2014 | Heroes of the Water
For summer 2014, we're inspired by Heroes of the Water. Heroes like our dads, who taught us how to swim, are celebrated this Father's Day and all year long. And the iconic American lifeguard, who patrols our beaches, saving lives everyday. The season features updated nautical classics & high performance swim for him, along with easy, effortless styles for her.
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