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The Tuesday Club - Ain't Got No Class
This is the video for The Tuesday Club's follow up single to debut Dolly Dynamite. Ain't Got No Class' is a New Wave/power pop take on VE day with a hint of Carry On Screaming and the Sweet Transvestite camp thrown in! It's out on Mon December 3rd from the band's shop. http://www.thisisthetuesdayclub.co.uk twitter @thetuesdayclub1 @Vnderbraindrain Facebook facebook.com/thisisthetuesdayclub Soundcloud soundcloud.com/thetuesdayclub/sets/the-tuesday-club Website thisisthetuesdayclub.co.uk
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Festival in Fourish
A collection of collaborative clips from Croxfest brought to you by the concert combo octet known as The Tuesday Club.
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My Consciousness
The Tuesday Club have a whale of a time on manoeuvres! Buy it on download here http://thisisthetuesdayclub.co.uk/pop-shop/
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The Tuesday Club  - My Consciousness at Vangoffey Support show
Taken from our recent support to Vangoffey (Danny Goffey, Ex Supergrass) at The Horn St.Albans on dec 12th. We were due to be posting lead track of EP4 Boo Hoo, but due to a set squeeze My Consciousness recorded earlier in the show by Annananana represents the quadrilogy. Happy Christmas to all our friends, family and fans, thanks for all of your support in 2015. See you again next year xx
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We are the team
Our spoof World Cup promo video - we are the team comes from our new album art is magic https://open.spotify.com/album/5cUJ2Xeqb7DbXbYpvesLbF?si=tSXAolYoQBq6hoCiJ7fS-g
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Lady GarGar
The Tuesday Club - A British Concert Party on manoeuvres. This is a promotion for Lady GarGar With a puppet show that's so bizarre Learn the song As you go along And then join in with the ha ha ha Buy the download here http://thetuesdayclub.tmstor.es/ or catch a live gig for a physical CD!
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The Tuesday Club Zerox
The Tuesday Club perform the Adam and The Antz classic - Zerox accompanied by the fabulous Will Crewdson (appearing as Scant Regard) on lead guitar. Filmed at The Farmers Boy, St.Albans on Friday 1st April 2016. Thanks to Denise Parsons for the footage.
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Boo Hoo At The Farm
The Tuesday Club rehearsing their new release Boo Hoo at Farm Factory Studios in Welwyn Garden City. Boo Hoo is part of EP4 (Heart) released on 15th December 2015
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Let the kids run the country
The Tuesday Club live at Alice's Wicked Tea Party June 3rd 2017.
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Forbidden Kiss - The Tuesday Club
The Tuesday Club - Forbidden Kiss - Released on Saturday 27th June at the New Adelphi in Hull. Watch AVBD and his frustrating search for the missing EP! … and remember folks, it's FORBIDDEN KISS… NOT.. Four bidding kids For bitten kittens Boar Flodden Kilts Four Building Kits or FOUR BEARDS ON KISS! Big thanks to everyone who allowed us to film them for the vid, even if they didn't really understand what was going on at the time! Especially Empire Records St.Albans, The Premises, Hackney Road, Hackney Road Studios, Proud Galleries, The Horn St.Albans and Vannfest and last but not least Fraska the session drummer extraordinaire! You can now buy and download the EP from our shop: www.thetcshop.com
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New Glamour
The Tuesday Club's new single New Glamour, recorded at Paper Dress Vintage, Shoreditch. Buy it on download here http://thetuesdayclub.tmstor.es/ Edited by Simzone https://www.youtube.com/user/MsSimZone Filmed by Simzone/The Eye/Steve Honest Live 'cartoon' by Philip Borg
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Dial M EP4 The Tuesday Club clips   Wi Fi
This footage comes courtesy of Loaded TV. And was the bands debut TV performance on the Dial M show on loaded.tv and Sky channel 200. It was screened on Boxing Day 2012 at 9pm. Thanks to Lauren, Steve, Chrissy and all the crew and team for authorising and producing the footage and Spike for his 'special' mixing touches. The Footage features two tracks. First single Dolly Dynamite and Third and as yet unreleased single New Glamour, from the forthcoming LP. See you next Tuesday
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The Tuesday Club take the 02
In the week that we return, we wanted to post a video of our finest day to date, November 22nd 2014 at The 02 Islington where we supported, Jelly Fiends, Spizz Energi and Toyah. Hopefully this 'day in the life' snapshot gives you an idea of what a brilliant day we had!
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New Glamour (Live Edit) At the 02 Islington
New Glamour (EDIT), by Annananana live from the audience at our 02 gig on Saturday Nov 22nd 2014, with TOYAH, SPIZZ ENERGI and JELLY FIENDS
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money means nothing
Live from the Keys of Jerry Berry at The Slimelight in Angel, London
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Nananana At The Bull and Gate Kentish Town 2012   Broadband
The track Nananana performed live in Kentish Town london 2012
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Leopallooza Awards Campaign - Featuring The Tuesday Club
Thanks to Advertising Agency JWT for permission to upload this video. They used our track Nanananana (From our album See You Next Tuesday) to soundtrack their award entry at Cannes Film Festival for their branding of The Leopallooza festival in Cornwall 2012.
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The Tuesday Club - Something Major
Recorded at Trestle Arts Base, St Albans, 26th October 2013 To see more exclusive videos, including more from this gig, see our In The Club magazine at http://issuu.com/perfectpopco-op/docs or sign up to our mailing list at http://eepurl.com/HX-Bj
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dolly dynamite
Shot by Jerry Berry at Slimelight in Angel from his keyboard!
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Lady Gargar - The Tuesday Club
This is a live version of the lead track from our forthcoming EP Lady Gargar - which will be released on Monday 19th October 2015. This particular performance was recorded at 94 Middlesex Street, London on Saturday 8 November 2014 for The Ant Lib convention 2014. Big thanks to Stan and Deutscher for asking us along and letting us have this footage
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viva indepence
Filmed from the keys of Jerry Berry in 2011
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Footage from Dave's (Worm Cam) phone from our recent support with Space at Harpenden Public Halls.
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Live at The AAA club in Kensington
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Part 2 of Dave's (Worm cam) video of The Tuesday Club Live at Harpenden Public Halls supporting Space on Sept 29th 2018. Big thanks to Glenn for booking us and Space for letting us support.
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The Tuesday Club - Art is magic - Full Album
The Tuesday Club's third album 'Art is Magic' in full, cut with live footage from 2018. Featuring; Art is Magic, Always Taking things too far, Soulless City Syndrome, Fruit Salad Girl, Drowning my Sorrows, Put your Faith in what you can control, We are the Team, Let the kids Run the Country, Rock'n'Roll's not a Science, Who and Youz Army, released on Perfect Pop Co-Op 2018
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The Making of See You Next Tuesday
Filmed by our man Jerry Berry, during the recording sessions at Hackney Road studios with the genius Steve Honest, plus support roles from The excellent Fat Boy breakfast at The Premises and of course The Tuesday Club
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Alice's Wicked Tea Party
The Tuesday Club live at Alice's Wicked Tea Party Festival, Wareham, Dorset Saturday 3 June 2017. Video shot by our mate Chas.
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New Regime
Live from Jerry Berry's keyboard, at The Slimelight Club in Angel, London
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The Mysterious JB (allstar!) got 'See You Next Tuesday' out on the high street for us!
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Studio Tracking - Lady GarGar - September 2014
Steve Honest on the desk at Hackney Road Studios The band tracking live and in the mood
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Studio Tracking - Forbidden Kiss - September 2014
Steve Honest on the desk at Hackney Road Studios The band live and in the mood
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Art Is Magic Live at FF
Live footage of our pre-festival rehearsals at Farm Factory Studios in Welwyn Garden City, Art is Magic was the debut single from and title of our 3rd studio album released in May 2018
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Buzz'sbelt3   Broadband
Buzz, sports the latest in Tuesday Club chic
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Studio Tracking - Cities Alive - September 2014
Steve Honest on the desk at Hackney Road Studio The band live and in the mood
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tuesday gig -slimelight final
The Tuesday Club's debut London date at The Fuegos ep launch in Angel.
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EP1 - Recording at Hackney Road
The Tuesday Club at Hackney Road Studios Steve Honest at the helm. Fueled by fat boy breakfast and builders tea.
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The Tuesday Club - Greyer Shades (part 1)
An official bootleg video for this track from EP4 Boo Hoo. Buy the download here http://thetuesdayclub.tmstor.es/
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The Tuesday Club Hobo Humping Slomo Remix
A study of the Vanderbraindrain and The Minx moves in slow motion Filmed at the O2 Academy Islington Supporting TOYAH 22nd November 2014
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The Tuesday Club   Proud Camden   June 2015   Broadband
Big Thanks to Ian Newman for taking the time to film some tracks from the first set of our Forbidden Kiss EP tour at Proud Camden on June 2nd 2015.
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The Tuesday Club - Wormshape and the Fall and Crawl
A snippet of All You Do Is Wow from the Toyah support gig at O2 Academy Islington
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