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Enable Line Number in VIM editor
Enable Line Number in VIM Editor, By Following this video instruction you can Enable VIM Line Number. Edit ~/.vimrc or /etc/vim/vimrc depending on your Linux Machine. Now, Add a Line "set number" in the mentioned Section in Video. Save the file and now enjoy It like IDE. Vim Line Enable, Vim Line, set number,
Connect to MySQL database using PHP
How to connect with MySQL database using PHP? See this video to learn about the MySQL extension to enable with PHP. In this video First How to make a connection to database after how to Connect with MySQLi Extension of mysql with PHP. After that if Dynamic Library is not enabled since how to enable that with it. If the library is not installed since you have to run command sudo apt-get install php7.0-mysql or sudo apt-get install php-mysql (for php 5) You can access your database. Happy Coding, Keep Learn..
Setup NodeJS Latest Version in Linux
How to install NodeJs? Hello Friends, Follow the following steps to setup Node in your computer, 1. Firstly Download it from https://nodejs.org 2. Extract it. tar -xvf node-*-*.tar.xz 3. rename the folder with name mv node-v6.9.5-Linux-x64 node 4. move the node folder into /opt/ folder. mv node /opt/ 5. Navigate to /opt/node/bin by Follow the commands cd /opt/node/bin 6. Now update the alternative of node, nodejs and npm using following commands respectively. # update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/node node /opt/node/bin/node 100 # update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/nodejs nodejs /opt/node/bin/node 100 # update -alternatives --install /usr/bin/npm npm /opt/node/bin/npm 100 Now close your terminal once and open it again $ nodejs -v $node -v and npm -v and if version is display here since it is install properly.. Enjoy it Happy C
Install AngularJS Package in Sublime (Hindi)
In this video I has tell the procedure that how to install the language support in Sublime Text Editor 3. In this video I has demonstrate about the sublime with angularjs support. If you has like this video since please like and subscribe the channel. Thanks
Install Bootstrap 3 Support in Sublime Text Editor
In this video, You can learn that How to install Bootstrap 3 support in sublime text 3 for autocomplete. and also you can learn the thing that how to install the support of other languages. You can see it in hindi too. for that follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRLPGCPlW04
How to setup and use Tor Browser?
In this video We will learn that how to install and use Tor Browser in Linux. It is a very simple method and easy to install and use Just Follow some steps: 1. Visit https://www.torproject.org 2. Click on Download Tor Button. 3. Based on Arch and OS Download tar file. 4. Extract/Install it. 5. Click on Icon of Tor Browser. 6. Click on "Test Tor Network Settings" 7. Visit any website and enjoy the Anonimity
Install Oracle JDK in Linux
Download Java SE from oracle official page: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html After that follow the video instruction to install java in linux (Oracle JDK in Linux) After that configure alternative using update-alternative commands as in Video. Make sure that You need to setup PATH variable in Linux in ~/.bashrc # Exporting Java JDK Profile export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk8/ export JRE_HOME=/opt/jdk8/jre export PATH=$PATH:/opt/jdk8/bin:/opt/jdk8/jre/bin above part are just suggestion here. Make sure you must have to provide in JAVA_HOME=/your_JDK_DIR and also for JRE_HOME in PATH too. and follow the command : update-alternative --configure java and select prefered version in.
Setting up Composer in Mac and *Nix
Setup Composer in Mac, Unix/Linux https://getcomposer.org/download/ Commands: sudo mv ./composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer . is referred as current directory refer proper directory. -- Video thumbnails is taken from composer website.
Chinese Media Talking About IRNSS
In this video of CCTV Chinese Media is talking about Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System "NAVIC" #ISRO #INDIANSPACEPROGRAM #SPACEPROGRAM
Live Hacking Attack
Live Hacking Attack Can be see on this video provided by "norse". It is being live and other description is provided in the Video. See the Full Video to know the aspect of the different points of the Video. Keywords: Hacking Maps, Norse, Live Hacking, Hacking Observation,
Install Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus
By Follow this steps You can install Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus. 1. Download TWRP Official (It has official support to Moto G4 (2016) 2. Download lineage OS zip file. 3. Flash TWRP Recovery image using commands fastboot flash recovery twrp.img 4. Download SuperSU and Follow the following step. 5. Now shutdown your phone or start in recovery mode. 6. Select Zip file to install. 7. Download OpenGapps if want google app. 8. Again start you phone in recovery mode and select zip of opengapps. Thanks For Watching it. See Review of It. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXF0eeBx6PY&t=2s By Following this link can see the performance of the Lineage OS 14.1 in Moto G4 Plus.
Setting Up Nodejs in Mac OSX
Install and setup the Node.js in Mac OSX, You need to download nodejs package archive by Follow the link -https://nodejs.org/en/download/ After downloading it, Extract in a directory of your convenience and and add it into either ~/.bash_profile or into ~/.profile file Syntax for adding it into bash_profile/profile is export PATH=$PATH:/path/where/extract/file/bin after this make sure you have refresh terminal session. For that either close and reopen a terminal window or just run- $ source ~/.bash_profile or $ source ~/.profile If this video is helpful for you please subscribe the channel and like the Video share it with your friends. Thanks
Buy Google Play Reedem Code Easily..
Now You Can Buy Google Reedem Code easily using Paytm. Follow the steps to buy redeem code. "Required a Paytm Account to buy and must have the balance in Paytm!" 1. Open Your Paytm and "Recharge and Pay Bills for" Section go to last and Click on Google Play. 2. Now A Page is Open their you have to enter the amount want to redeem amount must be in between ₹100 to ₹ 1500 based on your choice. 3. After the Successful Transection You will get a Redeem Code. 4. Now Swipe left side in right and select Redeem Section and enter the code received on your mobile number and email address. 5. After the successful Redeemed Enjoy your amounts. 6. Thanks Share it and Like and Subscribe the Channel. Keywords: Paytm, Google Play Redeem, Play Store Vouchers, Google Store Recharge,
Book Train Ticket
Here You can see that how to book a train ticket using Paytm. Pre-Requirements: 1. Need a Paytm Account. 2. Need a IRCTC account. 3. Must have balance in you paytm wallet/Debit/Credit card or i-Banking. Hope so now you can book a train ticket! Train Ticket is book now enjoy it.. web Address: http://paytm.com Username Creation in IRCTC : https://www.irctc.co.in/eticketing/userSignUp.jsf Please Subscribe if found it helpful and like the video...
Change VIM Editor Color Scheme Change Theme
In this video, I talk about changing the colour scheme in VIM Editor or Theme of VIM Editor. Firstly, We change the theme in run time. Press ESC to enter in command mode in VIM editor. :color theme-name After, We downloaded a theme and apply that on run time, and after change the setting in .vimrc script file to make a change permanent. sorry, For english grammar error in the voice over.. Follow the URL to find the list of colors on github. https://github.com/flazz/vim-colorschemes/tree/master/colors You may require to download wget if it is not preinstalled in your distro. Please read the manual for instruction. Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/_rajendrayadav Please subscribe the channel, If found the video helpful. Share the videos between you friends related to "Computer Science". Thanks You for Watching this video.
लिनक्स में Service कैसे शुरू करेगा?
This is a Video in Which I has Simply demonstrate that how can you start a service in Linux. 1. Service Start in Linux as in Video. sudo service servicename start -- eg. sudo service NetworkManager start 2. Service Stop in Linux. sudo service servicename stop --eg. sudo service mysql stop | service mysqld stop 3. Service restart in Linux sudo service servicename restart --eg. sudo service apahce2 restart | sudo service httpd restart * | used for are changed as per change in Linux Distro.
String Formatting in Python Part 2
String formatting using "Template" class of "string" Module. String formatting using f'string' technique in python. Documentation for String library : https://docs.python.org/3.7/library/string.html Follow the above URL to find the documentation. Feel free to ask the questions related to any issue. Documentation for InputOutput library : https://docs.python.org/3.7/tutorial/inputoutput.html
How to Recharge Google Play Store?
Recharge your play store without going any where just from your home. You must have a paytm account and a debit card from any indian bank debit card. It is a very easy see it soon! Keywords : Paytm, Recharge Google Play, Google Play Redeem, Redeem Google Play,
Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus
Review of Lineage OS NIGHTLY Version 14.1. Full Review of Lineage OS. Full Review of Addition features. See next video about how to Install Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus. Link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbZr7Q_P9mM Great Custom AndroidOS lineage Os.
String Formatting in Python Part 1
String Formatting in Python 3.7.1. You can follow the URL to see the documentation about the input / output in Python. https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/inputoutput.html String formatting using "str.format()" and format specifier in python. Follow the above URL to find the documentation. Feel free to ask the questions related to any issue.
My NFS Most Wanted Stream
Watch me play NFS Most Wanted!
Reduce terminal Loading Time - Linux Terminal
This video is related to, How to reduce the loading time of Terminal Prompt. Normally It open so fast but when you setup some short of staff in .bashrc file as PATH variable since this problem it happened! By Follow The Provided information You can Make your terminal Speed fast. Boost Terminal Loading Time, Reduce Terminal Prompt Time, Speedup Terminal Loading Time. Thanks..
Book Train Ticket using Mobile
Book a train ticket in five steps.. Here is the way to do soo. By follow the guidence in video you can Book Train Ticket in Your Mobile.
YouTube Go: Make Youtube Video Offline and Share
It is a application by Google Inc. "YouTube Go" using this application you can make video offline. Most important thing is this that you can share the video with your friends. It is so easy it can be share using Simple Sent and Receive button. Plz. Subscribe the channel and like the video.
Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus review Part I
This is a short Review related to Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus. In this video I focus to talk about the Lineage OS based Application with the additional setting provided by Lineage OS. Also, The Software and feature related to Moto Action also. At the end of the video information related to Status bar customization with the Lineage OS status bar customization feature in Moto G4 Plus. Thanks for Watching Pls Subscribe the channel...
यूट्यूब विडियो कैसे डाउनलोड करे?
How to Download a YouTube Video in Audio and Video Format? Steps: 1. Open http://www.youtube.com in any Browser Supports HTML5. 2. Select Video which you want to download and copy the Address from Address Bar. 3. Open https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter and Paste the Link in it. 4. Customized your Setting for Audio/Video and Bit rate/Clearty. 5. Click on Convert Button. 6. After Completion of Process Click on Download Button to Download. And Now you has successfully download Video and Complete the Tutorial... Subscribe the Channel if find Helpful and Share it in Friends.
Jio का असर: BSNL का सबसे सस्ता इंटरनेट प्लान
Telecom News:BSNL ne Aapne internet plans me kiya bada badlaw, ye sab ho raha hai jio ke wajha se! Jaisa ke aap jante hai ke pichle ke kuch mahine se Jio ke free internet ko jabab dene ko ab BSNL ne bhi plan bana liya hai aur ab wo Rupees 36 me dega 1GB data plan. aur ushke saath 78 ke plan per 2GB data aur 291 wale pack pe milega 8GB data wo bhi 28 dino ke liye. Ye plan Feb 6, 2017 se pure india me lagu ho jayega aur ishke. See the Press Release by BSNL on Official Twitter Handle : https://twitter.com/BSNLCorporate/status/827782083317633025
How to install Apache, MySQL and PHP in Linux (LAMP)
How to install Apache, MySQL, PHP in Linux (LAMP)? 1. Open Linux Terminal. 2. Root Access of User (sudo su)|(su -) 3. sudo apt-get install apache* mysql-* php* | sudo yum install apache* mysql-* php* | sudo zypper in apache* mysql-* php* 4. sudo service servicename start|stop|restart | apache2/httpd mysql/mysqld
Open in Terminal Option in File manager
This is the video in which I demonstrate. How to enable Open in Terminal Option in Linux file manager, Nautilus. - you need to install a plugin by following step: # apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal after successful installation logout session and re-login. Enjoy... Please Subscribe the channel and share Video with Friends.. Thanks. Facebook : http://facebook.com/rajendrayadav1996 Twitter : http://twitter.com/_rajendrayadav
Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus Review Part II
This is a short Review related to Lineage OS in Moto G4 Plus. In this video I focus to talk about the Lineage OS based Application with the additional setting provided by Lineage OS. Also, The Software and feature related to Moto Action also. At the end of the video information related to Status bar customization with the Lineage OS status bar customization feature in Moto G4 Plus. Thanks for Watching Pls Subscribe the channel...