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Fireman's axe restoration
Hi my Friends, in the new episode I took old fireman's axe for the restoration. Have to say I rebuild it a little with regard to my ideas. So hope you enjoy this episode and if you like than share/like/subscribe.
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Making wire tree - fast & easy way
Watch the 2 hrs. project of wire tree making. This is my way how to make it easy and fast.
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Make a cleaver (knife) out of the saw blade
In this episode I'm making cleaver (butcher's) knife out of the old saw blade. Using my metal band saw to cut the basic shape and belt grinder for fine work. The total lenght is 330 mm and height of blade is 100 mm. The weight is 630 g.
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Make a solid steel hand plane
Hi, this was amazing job building realy strong steel hand plane. I tested my new Belt Grinder RD 1800. Machine came to me last week so this was the first job and I have to say it's excellent! If you like it, than plese share/like/subscribe
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Make a steel C clamps
Hi, in my new DIY episode I'm making C clamps for my welding projects. I used steel bar and some common parts from the store. Hope you'll enjoy this video and remeber if you like it, than please share/like/subscribe!
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How to dress a sandstone wheel and the SWEDISH axe sharpening
Hi, this is next DIY episode of making the sandstone sharpening machine, see how I dress the sandstone wheel and sharpen my Swedish axe to the perfect convex shape.
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Building 10 Ton Fruit Press
Hi my Friends, in this episode I'm making 10 ton friut press (apple cider press) to make our own apple juice. We have about 30 apple trees in our garden, so I decided for powerful hydraulic press. Enjoy this video and if you like it than please share/like/subscribe!
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How to easy make the socket wrench
Hi, in this DIY episode I'm making some plug wrenches out of socket head screws and some scrap steel.
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Make the tractor style farmer's STOOL
Hi my friends! This is my new DIY vintage tractor parts makeover project. As I needed some durable garden&shop stool I made this special design product for me. The seat is hot dip galvanised by the company from the neighbour.
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Make the simple BEER crates
Hi my Friends, today just a quick tip for you - the simple beer crate. This is very usefull for some summer party for example.
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Making 90 degree ruler square
Here I'm making 90 degree ruler square.
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Hand crank drill press restoration
Hi My Friends, here is new restoration video. Realy nice hand crank drill press restoration. This one is to add my collection of hand powered tools. I realy enjoyed this project and I'm happy to have it finished. Enjoy the video and if you like it than share/like/subscribe.
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Making wooden lamp
In this episode I'm making wooden lampshade.
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Make a marking gauge
Hi, in my new DIY episode I decided to make a solid steel marking gauges for my metal working projects. Unfortunatelly I do not have a lathe, so I decided for another way how to do that.
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Hard damaged kitchen knife restoration
In this episode I restore my grandad's old and hard damaged kitchen knife. I used only simple tools except sharpening machine, which is professional one. Hope you enjoy this video.
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Convert your ordinary butter knife into the world's sharpest knife
In this episode I decided to convert ordinary butter knife into one of the world's sharpest knife. Used Tormek sharpening machine and set of whetstones.
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Canadian Stanley No 5 hand plane restoration
Hi my Friends, I'm realy very happy because I just got the Stanley No 5 hand plane. There are not so many second hand pieces on the Czech market which I can buy, but...one is now in my property. I have to say I waited for many years for this moment, so today is the important day in my life. Hope you share my happiniess with me. Enjoy this episode. If you like it, than please share/like/subscribe. Thank you.
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Building Knife Sharpening Jig
In this DIY episode I'm making knife sharpening jig which fits Taidea sharpening whetstones. It's made out of scarp material and I'm using only simple tools to build it. I'll show the sharpening procedure in next episode. If you like it, than please SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE Thanks for watching. The commercial wersion just available at: www.kvalitnidilna.cz
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Making dual burner gas FORGE
Hi my Friends, in this episode I'm making GAS FORGE which I need for next project. I was inspired by many videos I found on YTB. I used my old dual gas burner I already had. My fofge stays dimountable so I can change any brick in case of need. Enjoy this episode and if you like it than please share/like/subscribe.
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Wooden beer bottle opener - band saw project
In this episode I'm making simple beer opener from glued wood. This is approx. one hour woodworking project.
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The knife SHARPENING jig II
Hi my friends, I have posted building knife sharpening jig video in January this year. After that I received many orders and requests. So let me to introduce you the next generation of the J&O sharpening jig which I produce. The commerecial version is availalble for you. It is much more better now, I improved the design and made a lot of tests. If you wish to order just leave the message or write me an e-mail to [email protected] Thank you! Meet the facbook page at: https://www.facebook.com/JO-knife-sharpening-jig-142065553172262/
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Jak vymýt demižon
Ukázka jednoduchého postupu pro vyčištění demižonu.
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Steam bending wood - no special tool needed
Today I'm bending short wooden pieces steamed in canning pot.
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Improve the SANDSTONE wheel sharpening with dripping water
Hi my Friends, due to the Tina Briggs comment I decided to improve my sandstone wheel sharpening machine and added the dripping water system instead of the water trough. It's important to learn from people with better knowledge of the things we wish to learn. Hope you enjoy this video. Thank you once again Tina!
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Plane iron sharpening
Hi, my new sharpening jig is also suitable for plane iron sharpening. It's just a question of second to convert it from knife sharpening to plane iron sharpening.
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Cost effective rotary welding table making
Hi my friends, there was urgent need to have the welding table. I made this one with rotary function. I'm so surprised of it's function. Anyway that is designed for time to time use. If you like it than share/like/surscribe
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Ratchet lever car jack restoration
Thank you HOLZKERN for sponsoring this episode. Take your cool watches at http://www.holzkern.com/en/kadlk001 Use the voucher - CODE: kadlk001 to get your 10 EUR discount. Today the restoration story about one old ratchet lever car jack rescue. This was amazing project and I enjoyed it so much. Hope you enjoy my work as well. If you like it, than LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE.
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Sharpening japanese knife to be scary sharp
In this episode I'm testing my new sharpening jig on japanese knife. I'm realy surprised of the edge quality after sharpening. The stones are 2000, 5000, 8000, leather polishing. Yes I used leather strop as a final step. The jig offers fully controled sharpening proces and the result is delicate sharp edge.
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Tow ball mounted WORKBENCH build
Hi my Friends, this is my new episode where I'making the tow ball mounted workbench I plan to use for some on road projects, or in cases I'm outside my workshop for some job. This is also my BIG thank you for 50K subs. my channel reached - Thank you!!! Also many of my previous projects presented in this video! Can you find all of them? You can write the number in the comment section. Enjoy new episode and if you like than please share/like/subscribe.
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How to make the big steel dice
Hi my Friends, in this episode I make the steel fidget cube. Using welding machine and different grinders. I hope you enjoy this video and if you like it, than please share/like/subscribe!
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Is it world's smallest blacksmith vise? 100 years old vise restoration
Hi my Friends, here is my new episode where I'm restoring this tiny 100 years old vise I found on the second hand market. This perfectly fits my new tow ball mounted portable workbench. If you like it than please like/share/subscribe.
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Peening a scythe to be perfect sharp
In this episode I'm peening my scythe to be perfect sharp.
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Unique axe restoration
Hi my Friends, here is a new project, the axe restoration. Just only with hand tools. Enjoy the video and if you like it than like/share/subscribe
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Broušení nástrojů - Poříz / Draw knife sharpening
Poříz je velmi užitečný dřevoobráběcí nástroj s širokým rozsahem použití. Ač jednoduchý, tak velmi náročný na kvalitu použité oceli a kvalitu nabroušení. Ve videu prezentovaný nástroj je kvalitní kousek po dědovi, na který nenechám dopustit. Zejména ho používám k odkornění kulatiny a nesámovaného řeziva.
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Make the chisel sharpening station
Hi, my friends. My new DIY episode is about chisels. I decided to make the sharpening jig which alows to me the precision sharpening of my chisels. Hope you enjoy this vide and do not forgot to share/like/subscribe. Thanky YOU.
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MF 70 lištová sekačka v akci
krátká ukázka použití lištové sekačky MF 70 při sekání louky.
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Půdní fréza PF 62 - řádkování políčka pro brambory
zde je ukázka použití půdní frézy PF 62 při přípravě políčka pro sázení brambor. Řádkovací radlice mají systém výškového nastavení, což je velmi výhodné při otáčení a přejíždění mimo pole. Toto úžasné příslušenství jsem zachránil v místním kovošrotu a bylo přímo připokjitelné k mojí fréze PF 62.
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Broušení nožů - ruční broušení nože na kameni / whetstone sharpening
Kvalitního ostří lze dosáhnout i cestou ručního broušení na kameni (kamenech), v závěru je zároveň ukázka dosažených výsledků na praktickém příkladu při krájení. Sortiment kamenů zakoupíte na www.kvalitnidilna.cz Here I'm sharpening japanese kitchen knife on wet sharpening stones. On the first diamonnd block 400/1000 grit, next Taidea 2000/5000 grit and the last one is Rozsutec natural stone which is about 8000 grit.
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půdní fréza PF 62 - odvoz klády
použití ručního naviáku k odvozu klády.
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Making smartphone wooden case
In this episode I'm making wooden case for my smartphone to be safe in my pocket. It's thin only 11 mm.
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Making leather strop for knife honing
In this episode I'm making the leather block which I will use for knife honing. There is a thin rubber layer under the leather so it is flexible a bit.
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Jak se plete pomlázka
Blíží se Velikonoce, tak si najděte poblíž nějakou vrbu a a hurá na pletení pomlázky. Zde se podívejte na nejběžnější typ z 8 prutů.
Views: 148535 Michal Kadlec
Make a GIANT sandstone sharpening machine
Hi, in my new DIY episode I'm making the giant sandstone sharpening machine. Just need to know how the sandstone is sharpening hand tools.
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Can A Sheet Metal Knife Be Too Sharp Mr. Wranglerstar?
I know that shoud be possible to sharpen common sheet metal to shaving sharp. I used 180, 600, 1000, 3000, 6000 grit sharpening and polishing stones and 15 degree angle setting for each side. If you like it than share/like/subscribe.
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Making ARVIKA 5 star axe leather sheath
Hi my Friends, as I have some leather scrap from my leather polishing sets production I decided to make the leather sheath for my scary sharp swedish ARVIKA 5 star axe to make it more safe when carying it. So this is the step by step video how to make it. Enjoy my new episode and if you like it, than share/like/subscribe.
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Great Kazak UBR knife sharpener
Hi my Friends, as I'm more and more in the knife sharpening business I decided to look through the market and find some other interesting knife sharpening systems to be introduced to my customers and viewers. KAZAK Poland, is interesting knife sharpeners producer whit great potential. To know more just visit http://kazak.com.pl/en/knife-sharpening/ where you find all the informations you wish to know. Enjoy this vido and if you like it than share/like/subscribe.
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Incredible cutting skill - splitting paper into two halves
As I was asked several times to splitt paper into two halves I decided to prove that and here is the result. The thickness of the paper is 0,1 mm. Have to say very sharp knife was used to make this.
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Make the portable compressed AIR tank
Hi my Friends, new episode right here! Do you know the situation when you need a bit of compressed air and your compressor is far away. I made a little compressed air tank our of scrap. The rest of stell tube and some steel sheet were used in this project. I bought high pressure hose connector and tire valve in local store. The visit of local motorcycle museum at the end. Enjouy this video and if you like it than share/like/subscribe
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Extremely sharp saber
In this episode I'll show you my saber, which I sharpened to pefect sharpness.
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Hand powered circular saw rescue
Hi my Friends, in new episode I'm just restoring old hand powered circular saw. As there was no table I made new one from scrap steel sheet. What a surprise the device can cut wood :-), I didn't belive it. Enjoy this episode and if you like it than please share/like/subscribe.
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