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Central heating pump diagnosis
A run through of central heating pump repair and diagnosis - a follow up to www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/heatingpump.html
Views: 254606 Sebastian Hibbert
Port valve diagnosis and repair
Run through of port valve repair, a follow up to my guide at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/portvalve.html
Views: 390181 Sebastian Hibbert
Vauxhall dual mass flywheel and M32 gearbox problems
A quick rundown of how to tell if the DMF or gearbox is suffering from the common problems in these vehicles - M32 six speed box and usually CDTI engine - also SRI diesel
Views: 136365 Sebastian Hibbert
Narrowboat thermal store underfloor heating with a difference
How to keep the heat in your boat - the old fashioned way...
Views: 10045 Sebastian Hibbert
Stuart turner pump repair
Followup to my guide at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/stuart.html
Views: 49733 Sebastian Hibbert
How to remove an airlock from a radiator on microbore pipework
how to make a radiator work again
Views: 13497 Sebastian Hibbert
How to unblock / repair a Saniflo macerator
Full guide on how to fix your own saniflo using very simple tools, this is a followup to my guide at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/sanifloguide.html
Views: 312770 Sebastian Hibbert
Checking a landlord gas safety certificate
How to check a gas safety certificate
Views: 21760 Sebastian Hibbert
Gatevalve repair
A followup to my guide on gate valve repair at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/gatevalve.html
Views: 125922 Sebastian Hibbert
Air arms S200 power tuning and anti tamper removal
A quick demo on how to strip the rifle and remove the anti tamper and adjust / change hammer spring. This is so you can adjust your rifle to keep it under the 12ftlbs legal limit
Views: 40893 Sebastian Hibbert
Worcester heat cell internal view - problem solving
Look inside the Worcester bosch round heat cell
Views: 9891 Sebastian Hibbert
Testing Hull potential on steel hull boat( galvanic and electrolytic corrosion ) test
A simple test to check for hull errrosion / corrosion and galvanic issues - also stray current checks
Views: 9965 Sebastian Hibbert
How to unstick a thermostatic radiator valve
A guide to unsticking a jammed TRV - badly filmed but you may find it useful
Views: 386922 Sebastian Hibbert
How to remove anti tamper / adjust power on Weihrauch HW100, fix air leaks and convert to 177
A strip and demo of how to remove the anti tamper on a MK3 weihrauch HW100, how to adjust, how to fix air leaks, how to remove valve block and convert to 177...... a fairly rough video, as they always are!
Views: 114849 Sebastian Hibbert
Alternative hot water system for a narrowboat
via YouTube Capture
Views: 2893 Sebastian Hibbert
How to add chemicals to a central heating system easily
Another guide - how to add chemical to a system
Views: 19368 Sebastian Hibbert
Diagnosing a broken immersion element - how to repair / fix guide to part -1
How to diagnose a broken immersion element
Views: 3028 Sebastian Hibbert
How to correctly change heater plugs on 1500 / 1800  1.5 / 1.8 BMC diesel marine engine
The correct method for changing the heater plugs on a 1.5 / 1500 / 1.8 / 1800 bmc diesel engine
Views: 11026 Sebastian Hibbert
Guide to buying a used mini digger
A quick run down on waht to look for in a used mini digger
Views: 24767 Sebastian Hibbert
Plumbers grips reviewed - knipex , rothenberger and bahco slip joint pliers
Its a bit sad, but here's a review of plumbers pliers!
Views: 10529 Sebastian Hibbert
How to check fault codes on Subaru Legacy forester, Impreza  or outback WITHOUT scanner
These cars can self check fault codes - this is how to read them - no ODB scanner needed You
Views: 45204 Sebastian Hibbert
How to repair a leaking radiator valve
A quick guide to repairing a rad valve leak - badly filmed but should help
Views: 33215 Sebastian Hibbert
How to time a 1500 bmc diesel engine
a guide to the static timing of a 1500 bmc diesel engine
Views: 17519 Sebastian Hibbert
Stopcock repair
Followup to my guide on stopcock repair at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/stopcock.html
Views: 37497 Sebastian Hibbert
How to check a used turbo is ok to fit
A quick guide on how to check a turbo for faults . Badly filmed, but maybe helpful
Views: 517672 Sebastian Hibbert
How to repair a diesel injector - 1500 bmc shown as example
Guide to fixing an injector - the pintle type
Views: 57173 Sebastian Hibbert
Tap repair
A followup to my guide on tap repair at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/tap.html
Views: 208632 Sebastian Hibbert
Leatherman charge , wave and sidekick review
Review of three of leatherman's range
Views: 3521 Sebastian Hibbert
Easy way to start a hand crank dumper
One way to start a reluctant dumper
Views: 1593 Sebastian Hibbert
How to bleed the fuel system on a 1.5 / 1500 BMC diesel engine
Video guide on how to refill and bleed fuel system on 1500 bmc diesel engine. Spare Parts for this engine can be found from ASAP supplies or sometimes from ebay.
Views: 46605 Sebastian Hibbert
Flintlock repair part 4
via YouTube Capture
Views: 3255 Sebastian Hibbert
Alpecin shampoo review - a success story
Didn't think it would work. To my surprise, it did.
Views: 53411 Sebastian Hibbert
Servicing a vaporising or pot burner for an oil Aga
A quick visual to show the steps to servicing / decoking an oil pot or vaporising burner - a follow up to my guide at www.plumbteamltd.co.uk/vaporisingburnerservice.html
Views: 20830 Sebastian Hibbert
Thwaites alldig digger review
A quick look at my thwaites alldig digger - based on a dumper
Views: 3846 Sebastian Hibbert
Stihl MS181 chainsaw review - 3 years in
Review of the stihl ms181
Views: 12252 Sebastian Hibbert
Expansion vessel fix and problems on Worcester greenstar
Worcester bosch expansion vessel issues
Views: 115851 Sebastian Hibbert
How to clear a secondary heat exchanger yourself
A quick guide on how to clear a secondary heat exchanger yourself
Views: 108167 Sebastian Hibbert
Repairing vw doors that won't unlock
Clearing comfort module fault that stops multiple doors unlocking
Views: 2175 Sebastian Hibbert
Fixing / repairing a leaking auto air vent AAV
Guide to repairing an auto air vent AAV
Views: 20629 Sebastian Hibbert

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