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The Prayer- KiD CuDi (w/ Lyrics)
Be sure to check out my new KiD CuDi video, "Pursuit of Happiness" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvPSkQzZm7I (Copy and Paste that for the Video) Whenever I listen to Cudi's songs, theyh always have powerful meanings and thats why I enjoy his songs. All of my KiD CuDi videos will bc with the red backround and the white writing, so if you see a video that looks like this in the picture by KiD CuDi its probably mine...if you guys comment telling me to make more Cudi videos I will. Enjoy!
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Take A Minute- K'naan (Lyrics)
Enjoy the song take a minute by k'naan
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Pursuit of Happiness- KiD CuDi (w/ Lyrics)
This is my new video that I said would be made in my "The Prayer Video". Read and watch "The Prayer" for a better description of my KiD CuDi videos. Enjoy!
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Asher Roth- Be By Myself (w Lyrics)
The song Be By Myself By Asher Roth with Lyrics. I hope you like the video and the song because I do! Enjoy
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Dynamite- Taio Cruz (Lyrics)
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Billionaire- Travis McCoy ft. Bruno Mars (w/ Lyrics)
My fav part ... "So fuckin' bad"! This is not the radio edit!
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Rich Girl-Down with Webster Lyrics
Listen and find out. I fuckin hate writing these stupid descriptions. Just fuckin watch the fuckin fuck video and maybe u will like it or maybe u wont. ur decision. and if u dont u can "lik my butt"!
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The Best Running Gear
I am telling you what running gear you should likely use
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Ghetto Gospel- 2pac ft. Akon Remix
No Lyrics, just a pic and the song, enjoy!
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Top 10 NHL Draft Picks of 2010
Taylor or Tyler....Taylor went first, look at the draft list
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Fast Motion-The Prayer Kid Cudi w/ Lyrics
Sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks singing but its actually just the Fast Motion. (Btw thx for telling me this shit marc...:))
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Nike Commercial- Destiny
The Nike Commercial about Destiny.
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NBA Commercial- Step Up
You've seen it on tv..for those basketball lovers! The NBA Commercial about stepping up (personally my favorite)
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History Will Be Made- Steve Yzerman
Steve Yzerman scores in the playoffs in the commercial, from the NHL. This is a copyright video...copyrighted from the NHL
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Down- Jay Sean (w/ Lyrics)
Lime wire the song jay sean played for you and you can listen and sing to it with the lyrics and kno exacactly what the words are.
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Wavin' Flag-K'naan lyrics
I heard this song from a me to we video. i thouught it was pretty cool so i decided to make a video. my frend peter is a joke and he made some gay lyrics to it. w.e comment plz
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Tim Hortons- Sidney Crosby Commercial
Tim Hortons commercial about hockey and Sidney Crosby
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Ovechkin vs. Crosby
alexander ovechkin vs sidney crosby, vote for who you think is better.
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Justin Bieber-One Time Lyrics
listen and find out
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Beat It- Michael Jackson
Lyrics to Beat It by Michael Jackson
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The Official Outsiders Video
Julian, Marc, Bailey (Billy Bob), Peter Eric (Even though I didn't add Eric in the video because he is gay) Just watch the video! Especially the peoples names that I mentioned. And the whole thing. Julian you need to wait for Ponyboy's part, Marc for Two-Bit's part, Bailey for Johnny's part, Peter for Darry's part and Eric just watch the video. Its sick. ( Nvm I ended up adding Eric when I was done make the video in the Annotations, so Still, Fuck you Eric)!!.
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My Starting Lineup- NHL
Parise, Crosby, Iginla, Subban, Doughty, Luongo are my starting lineup and it shows clips of them in action. Enjoy!
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Top 7 NHL Forwards
NHL Toronto Maple Leafs MapleLeafs Best Best NHL Players Best Nhl Goalies Best Nhl Defencemen
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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song
fresh prince of belair theme song
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Toronto Maple Leafs Roster 09/10
The Toronto Maple Leafs Roster! Comment what you think the Toronto Maple Leafs starting lineup should be!
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Top 10 Rookie Draft Picks of 2009
the top 10 rookie draft picks of 2009
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NBA Commercial- Where Determination Happens.
An NBA commercial, I have no idea which one.
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Stereo Love- Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina
Srry for no lyrics this time but you can still listen to the song. I really like the beat in this song, its sick...and I will be coming out with the lyrics soon!!! So keep in touch!!
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