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Freehand knife sharpening using Smith's 4 inch diamond combination stone
Hey everyone. Just a quick video showing how I freehand sharpen using the Smith's 4 inch diamond combination bench stone. Excellent product, and very affordable! Hasn't let me down and have been using it for over a year! Thanks for stopping by and watching! You can get this product here - http://www.amazon.com/Smiths-DCS4-4-Inch-Diamond-Sharpening/dp/B00009YV6L/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&keywords=smiths%20combination%20sharpener&qid=1461444403&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1&linkCode=ll1&tag=michigedge-20&linkId=5cb6c8222674f8fbae18d8d1fa1a32e9
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Smith and Wesson 686 - Best all around revolver?
A look at the Smith and Wesson 686 revolver. Double action, chambered for 357 magnum. In my opinion one of the best all around revolvers ever made! Made in the USA, and built like a tank! Thanks for watching!
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Buck 301 Stockman knife review (USA made!)
I don't like this knife I love it! Get one! You won't regret it! get this product here....http://amzn.to/1pQI3EK
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Schrade old timer bowie knife
Quick look at the schrade old timer bowie knife ( model 1870t ) get this bowie knife here....http://amzn.to/1YWO9zg
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Forcing a Patina (Carbon Steel Knife Maintenance)
Forcing a Patina (Carbon Steel Knife Maintenance)
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Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto vs. coconut...
Just got a Recon 1 clip point and I liked it so much I decided to get another one in Tanto for my birthday. No one does a better Tanto then Cold Steel! I always use a fixed blade and rubber mallet to split open my coconuts. Let's see how the Recon holds up!
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Freehand knife sharpening on a budget!!!
Sharpening my mora knife on a 4 way diamond hone sold at Harbor Freight tools. Item #92867 by diamond life. Currently listed at 12.99 . used this product a few times, and it works good! This method of sharpening with a 6-10 inch diamond stone works great for sharpening larger knives! Thanks everyone for watching!
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Case Peanut knife - an iconic classic
A true classic beauty! I absolutely love the Case peanut knife pattern! American made with pride by a great company! My grandfather carried Case knives and I am proud to do the same! My knife is model # 6220 Amber bone scales In tru sharp surgical steel This knife being so small and offered in so many variations makes it a great knife pattern to collect!
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Rough Rider peanut knife
The Rough Rider peanut knife with imitation tortoise shell scales. Love this knife! get this fine product here...http://amzn.to/1SE08y7
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Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie knife ( unboxing)
Quick look at the Timber Rattler Western Outlaw bowie knife. Massive knife! Made in pakistan , stainless steel. Model #TR65 available on amazon, and budk. get this bowie knife here....http://amzn.to/1roIwzx
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Spyderco Byrd Finch 2 knife review
This is a very well made micro size knife! At 1.1 oz's and under $20 it is hard to beat! Just enough blade to open packages and things. Excellent Quality and I give the Byrd Finch 5 out of 5 stars!
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Sharpening knife with 3 inch pocket diamond stone
Not the best choice of a sharpener, but a great choice for touching up your knife in the field or on the go! Thanks for watching! Diamond and Arkansas stone are both made by smiths can be found at many hardware stores!
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Case slimline trapper knife  (rough black jigged synthetic scales)
Quick look at the beautifully made case slimline trapper. USA made and excellent slim carry knife.
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Potato knife patina
Quick video on forcing a patina. Tried the potato method with my case sod buster Jr in chrome vanadium. Check out Bob Kelly here https://youtu.be/u4CDd8V3fcU. Thanks for watching!
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Schrade  Old Timer Middleman Knife
Classic American made Knife, Schrade 340T.
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Spyderco Native 5 lightweight - my current EDC
This don't happen to often but I love this knife! I like its simplicity, ergos, and steel. Just a simple lockback that is ultra light, strong, and feels great in the hand. Highly recommended makes for a great utility / EDC knife. 5 star perfection! Made in the USA
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Rough Rider knives ?
A look at some rough rider knives from my personal collection. Many knife patterns to choose from, and many different handle scale options. Best of all very affordable! My favorite on a budget slipjoint company! Happy new years everyone, and thanks for stopping by!
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Harbor freight survival knife review
My thoughts on the harbor freight survival knife. ( 8 inch blade )
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Throwing the Glock 78 Field Knife
What a great knife! This knife has split wood, cut food, chopped wood, and been thrown. Think I even used it as a pry bar! Very affordable sells for around 25-30 us dollars currently
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Buck Bantam Knives - great value!
The USA made bantam knives are a great light weight, and affordable edc option. Priced at around 20 dollars and under, they are hard to beat! Thanks for stopping by!
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Buck mini Spitfire first impressions
Surprisingly great little edc knife. Great USA made value buck.
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Cold Steel - Canadian Belt Knife review
My new favorite knife pattern! This thing just feels great to use! At $15 its a must have! Make sure to check out theosteotter's channel and his video on his beautiful custom made Canadian Belt Knife here... https://youtu.be/-OL54NuFTvQ
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Case slimline trapper knife
Review and comparison on the USA made case slimline trapper! Older model was my grandfathers, passed down to me from my father! Sorry for the droid! Model=31048cv
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MTech neck knife (MT-20-30 )
My opinions on the mtech 20-30 neck knife. Great knife, great value! 4.75 inches overall - 2.0. Inch blade - g10 scales - stone wash finish - 440 stainless - 2.8mm thick
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Spyderco Byrd Robin knife
Very impressive knife for the money!
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Cold Steel large Voyager clip point - CTS BD1 steel
Love this knife. Best all around knife in my opinion. I have owned many voyagers and they never let me down
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Old Hickory knives sharpness update
If you recall in my unboxing video both of these knives came pretty dull. Spent about 5 minutes per knife working on my diamond stones. Pretty happy with my results. Gotta love 1095 carbon! Check out my freehand sharpening video using my smiths 4 inch combo stone here.... https://youtu.be/_4P6KhI7P6A
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Cold Steel Counter Point 2
Quick look at an awesome self defence edc blade. The cold steel counter point 2. Light as a feather and tough as nails! Prices I referenced are current amazon prices. Thanks for watching!
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Kershaw Corral Creek Sheepsfoot utility knife ( unboxing )
Model #3115bt 2.5 inch 8cr13mov blade 2.2 oz's. I like it! My new work / utility knife. Great fit and finish for under $20
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Classic knife Sunday -  Grandpa's Case slimline trapper knife
Episode 4! Over 50 years old! My grandfathers knife has been through a lot! Gotta love case knives. Fun to collect and great to use! If you are looking to add one of these knives to your collection the model # is 31048 in chrome vanadium. Made in the USA and will last you a couple lifetimes!
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Byrd Meadowlark 2 knife - junk or treasure?
Spydercos budget line. I find the Byrd Meadowlark 2 perfect in every way! Just feels great in my hand! Light, strong, and great ergos. Hard not to like it. Also only about $20! get this fine product here.... http://amzn.to/1pQFgLJ
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Case Hammerhead lock back knife
Model 59L SS USA MADE!
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Joker knife - why so serious ?
Quick look at a cool cheap blade by tac-force. Speedster spring assisted model. The Joker knife pick it up here..... http://amzn.to/23fsELi
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Rough Rider miniature knife review
Cool little blade! pick it up here..... http://amzn.to/1SV6zSC
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Walmart deals! $17 Buck 110?!?!
Happy New year everyone! Just wanted to share my Walmart deals. Great prices on the Buck 110 , and Crkt Drifter. They had much more. Stop in and get you some while they have them!
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Filleting fish with electric knife
My favorite way of filleting fish! Fast and easy. You dont have to spend big money on an electric fillet knife. This is just a cheap 20 dollar meat carving knife. I have been using it for years!
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How to sharpen a fillet knife
The key to keeping your fillet knife sharp is to never let it dull! This is a great way to maintain your edge! Ceramic sharpeners work great for maintaining a razor edge. Want to give a shout out to a great new channel. Massachusetts Prepper. Excellent videos everyone! Please give him a sub, and let him know I sent ya! Here's a link to his most recent videoMaking Beef Jerky: http://youtu.be/osQgrPrPVx4
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Ganzo G722 frame lock knife - Defective!
Absolutely love this knife. Has a great feel to it. My knife tho I will not be carrying. The detent that holds the blade in on mine is super weak. Maybe I got a bad one it's possible but in my opinion not safe to carry
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CRKT Buku knife - almost perfect
Beautiful knife and design that shouldn't of left the factory. The pocket clip placement and sharp edges on the relief cut under it is a bummer. Very heavy and well designed tactical gentleman's knife with a couple QC issues
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Cold Steel Ti-Lite 4 knife review
Not the most practical edc knife but probably one of my favorite knife design's. I absolutely just love the classic lines on this stiletto knife. With all of the quick deployment methods you can not go wrong carrying this knife for self defense! Stay tuned for the ti lite 6 ! get this fine product here.... http://amzn.to/1NHp8Y9
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LANSKY Two Rod Turn Box Knife Sharpener Review
LANSKY Two Rod Turn Box Knife Sharpener Review
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BUDK tanto neck knife
Quick look at the Tac-Warrior tanto neck knife available at BUDK. At its current price it is hard to beat! Thanks for stopping by
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Remington Airmaster 77
Review, and my thoughts on the Remington air master 77
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The best cutting knife is..?
What can I say I love knives, and I love to use them. Did a little test and out of 8 Knives my Case Sod Buster Jr in chrome vanadium is the winner! Cheapest knife out of the bunch and USA made! I will be getting a larger one in the near future
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Kershaw Link 1776 unboxing
Unboxing the affordable American made Kershaw Link knife. I went with the grey aluminum scale version and blackwash finish in drop point. First impressions... I like it a lot! Very smooth and comfortable in hand. Excellent out of box sharpness and fit and finish.
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Milwaukee fastback knife review
Review on a couple Milwaukee fastback knives. Spring assisted tanto is model 48-22-1995. Drop point is model 48-22-1990. Both great affordable knives!
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CRKT Squid knife - great value folder
Another budget friendly knife that impressed me. 8cr13mov steel. Made in China. Coming in at under $20 Street price this thing is great
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Kissing Crane Stiletto knife
Quick look at a 9 inch classic stiletto knife by Kissing Crane. Imitation mother of pearl scales, and nice mirror polish finish 4 inch blade. Best of all very affordable! Check out my friend dirtrider169's review and channel on a kriegar stiletto. Here Kriegar stiletto: http://youtu.be/ZYi5Iy6mCQA
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Redhead two blade pen knife (Bass Pro Shop)
Quick look at bass pro shops redhead two blade pen knife. Rosewood scales, brass liners, 420hc shaving sharp steel. And best of all very affordable! Thanks everyone for stopping by!
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What I use to sharpen my knives
Just showing the products I use to sharpen my knives. All of these products are excellent value for your money and work great. With the diamond stones I just use water and no oil. The lansky turn boxes are in my opinion the way to go for blade maintenance. I will be doing more sharpening videos in the future but check out my freehand knife sharpening vide using smiths combo diamond stone here..... https://youtu.be/_4P6KhI7P6A. Thanks everyone for watching!
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