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Baby sister tries to wake her big brother
Remi, 8 months old saw that her big brother, drew, 3 years old was asleep on the couch. With a little help from mom, she woke him up. Instead of being upset with her, he just gives her a kiss! Love hi
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A few moments with maggie
Maggie is 14 months old, very dramatic little lady already. Sure loves her sister, who joins in on the video later. Cherished moments!
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counting with maggie
here she is again, doing her most favorite thing, reading a book! I told you I could video them all day... This little gal is 21 months old in this video. Little smarty pants!
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Baby wakes up sister, then sisters wake up brother
Some things never change. These siblings have their moments, but deep down they truly love each other. Their hearts steed filled with compassion and love. And patience. I'm so blessed. Thank you
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3 year old singing along to mumford and sons!
He loves them so much! So stoked to get to see them on tv. Now all we need is to get him to their concert!
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Maggie 4 months old
Just a few minutes with a happy little bug. Maggie was 5 1/2 weeks early and weighed 4.3 lbs. this is her a 4months old now. a rolly polly of a baby. I wish they could stay small.
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The best medicine!
My two kids cracking up...well the three year old making the five month old crack up!
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18 month old likes to share
These are chewable vitamin c tablets. He loves to pass them out to everyone! He's got such a great heart, this little man!
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Maggie's stolen Dance
Milky chance, stolen dance, baby, cute, fun, sweet, love, laugh,
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a Hiding baby!
my 7 month old decided to hide from us! Or take her own little adventure- it was great!
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Happy birthday remi
Drew sings to his sister
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interrogation  before going in the backyard
I love messing with the kids. They think I'm crazy, I just do it to keep sane. I figured I would practice these questions now because one day they will be leaving out the front door and heading to some friends house... and my dog won't be there to protect them.
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Cheese please
My baby girl wants her cheese press
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Going out in style
My daughters... it's just cracking me up. The littlest one. Why not run errands in fully "cool" outfits? I'll just take a deep breathe
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Pirate's Booty
I seriously could record them all day long. Days are whirlwinds of exhaustion, but I wouldn't change a thing. Maggie is 21 months old in the video. Her vocabulary blows me away! Remi is 3 1/2 . These girls have my heart- such great days making memories...
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Kisses from daddy
Baby girl doesn't like daddy's kisses! Maybe he should shave!
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Rocking my kids world
Check out this fun video...a glimpse into what it's like telling your 3 kids you are having another baby.. or 2! The journey of our life is so exciting and we enjoy sharing it with our followers! More videos will surely be coming with the addition of 2 new babies!
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Pool fun in Cabo San Juan
These kids had a blast swimming everyday. Flips and kicks. Great times were had.
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Confused two month old!
My baby can't decide if she should be happy or sad! And the pouty lip...poor daddy has no hope in saying no to this one!
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Ashton is a nerd
This little 18 month old knucklehead was cracking himself up. Hope he's ridiculous giggle makes you smile too!
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Twin love!
There are super cute right now! With all the hugs and learning. I'll hang onto these moments when they are teenagers!
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Maggie in the mud puddle #1
This little lady decided she should be at one with nature. Third kid syndrome, mom realizes that it is OK to play in the mud and get dirty. She had such a blast. Stay tuned for the clean up video!
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Fully clothed baby wants to shower
My sweet 19 month old was just way too excited to wait to shower
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first time feeding the twins
A new adventure in food land awaits these two. They couldn't be more different. I love all the details. Don't mind sir grumpy pants... he couldn't get enough.
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Worming it
Baby, crawling, worm, gets there, cute, funny, chubby, love
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Maggie's great escape
Fast forward version of my 19 month olds escape . Figured I'd ask her to show momma how she gets out. She now has a toddler rail.
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It's like talking to a drunk person
My 2 1/2 year old trying to tell me a story. She's about as confused as i am. Man she cracks me up! And then a full glimpse into the life of 3 kids...ages 6, 4 and 2. Blessed and a little crazy!
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When reading books are funny.
It makes my heart happy that they think I'm funny. Love reading with them, every night and i love their passion for wanting to read. God has blessed me ten fold!
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Hi yah!
Baby Remi copying big brother drew!
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The twins and Maggie
It's been awhile since I've shared a video. Been really busy with these littles and the older 2! Lots of love in this video.
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5 year old talks about manure. ..POOP
My son asked me about manure today. . I suggested he ask his tk teacher. This was the answer he gave me when i asked him what he had learned. Boys sure do love to talk about poop.
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A quick trip to the park
5 kids equals crazy mom 5 kids equals a full heart
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She did it!
Maggie crawls!
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Drew breaks boards!
First time breaking boards in karate! Of course using his head was his favorite part!
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A conversation with drew
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So close. ..
Baby trying to crawl!
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Drews first academic award.
He has no idea what an award for academics is! He's waving at girls in the audience!
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Mommy gets the job done
This kids wiggly tooth is finally out! Great parent team work! His face at the end is priceless! Great job kid
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For the family Chicken Dance
Don't mind drew's Tom cruise look! when all else fails (take a bad video) of your kids doing the chicken dance!
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Maggie is the best!
My little 19 month old has the best personality! She said thank you after i told her i love you. Bless her heart!
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Remi's first steps...a quick one
Baby first steps
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Wake up Remi
So cute..had to share with yo
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A day in my life
My kids, being kids. What doesn't make you crazy. ..i embrace!
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A conversation with Remi
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Drew orioles last game
He made it to second, I stopped recording :(
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Strolling along with remi
Remi takes a few more steps!
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Maggie and the mud puddle #2
Part 2- phone died in the middle of recording. Maggie had so much fun in the mud puddles. I love this little bug so much. New adventures for her everyday!
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Take me out to the ball game
Go angels
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