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Ludwig Von 88 - HLM - Bass cover
Nice finger exercice for beginner ... tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-ludwig-von-88-hlm-bass-79280255.html Started playing bass : Jan 2011 Cover date : Jul 2011
Views: 1392 Olivier Galand
Indica - Ikuinen Virtaa - Bass cover
Tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-indica-ikuinen-virta-bass-tab-75886615.html As expected, screwed the fast part, need to train more my finger speed. Started playing bass : Jan 2011 Cover date : Jul 2011
Views: 365 Olivier Galand
Public Enemy - Give it up - Bass Cover
I won't give up :) tabs are here http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-public-enemy-give-it-up-bass-77492335.html Love hip hop :) 5 min to learn the song, 5 min to record cover. Started : Jan 2011 Cover : Jun 2011
Views: 779 Olivier Galand
Therion - Lemuria - Bass cover
Tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-therion-lemuria-bass-tab-111135599.html
Views: 496 Olivier Galand
Martin Solveig - Boys and Girls (feat Dragonette) - Bass cover
Like this song, tabs are here http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-martin-solveig-boys-and-girls-feat-dragonette-bass-77630496.html Effect used : Chorus + Reverb Started bass : Jan 2011 Cover : Jun 2011
Views: 332 Olivier Galand
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army - Bass Cover
Very first cover, lots of things to improve ;) tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-the-white-stripes-seven-nation-army-74297797.html Started : Jan 2011, Cover : May 2011
Views: 53 Olivier Galand
Gorillaz - Stylo - Bass cover
Not very happy with this one, tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-gorillaz-stylo-bass-69123948.html Thought it will be an easy one, but I was completly out of timing on some parts ... Started : Jan 2011 Cover : Jun 2011
Views: 391 Olivier Galand
Public Enemy - Sophisticated bitch - Bass Cover
Third cover. tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-public-enemy-sophisticated-bitch-bass-tab-75540392.html Easy one except for a beginer with a migraine strike, lost my marvellous 2 finger playing, missed some hits and awful timing, but that's the game :) will do better next time. Started : Jan 2011, Cover : Jun 2011
Views: 951 Olivier Galand
The Offspring - Pretty fly (for a white guy) - Bass cover
Tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-the-offspring-pretty-fly-for-a-white-guy-bass-73581539.html Here come a new cover, I had not practiced a lot during the 4 last monthes, but the result is not so bad as i was expecting. Started playing bass : Jan 2011 Cover : Dec 2011
Views: 92 Olivier Galand
Indica - Vuorien taa - Bass cover
Tabs are here http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-indica-vuorien-taa-bass-tab-79137442.html Started playing bass : Jan 2011 Cover date : Apr 2012
Views: 160 Olivier Galand
Gorillaz - Feel good - Bass Cover
Discovering a lightweight bass (curbow) ... tabs are here http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-gorillaz-feel-good-clint-eastwood-bass-66686084.html Came back to this easy song, was not really hard to decently play (for a beginner). Need more practise ... lets see in a few monthes if it goes better. Funny detail, didn't noticed while playing how i grip bass body with right hand during E-slide ... to be corrected :) Started : Jan 2011 Cover : Jun 2011
Views: 182 Olivier Galand
Ice cube & Dr Dre - Natural born killaz - Bass cover
Bass cover of natural born killaz (ice cube & dr dre), tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-ice-cube-dr-dre-natural-born-killaz-bass-tab-75178678.html Need to improve timing, and try to shut that buzzing on the B string. Started bass : 01/11, cover done on 05/11
Views: 1320 Olivier Galand
Bloodhound Gang - Hell yeah - Bass Cover
First serious cover for me beginner. Tabs are here : http://galand.olivier.over-blog.com/article-bloodhound-gang-hell-yeah-bass-tab-75601938.html Still lots of mistake, but not so bad, several misses, and need to have more strenght in my little finger to stop that chord buzzing. This song is nice for timing training as it is not hard to remember, not so fast, need some nice finger movements (35 24 52) without hand moving and with pauses (same note hit) Started : Jan 2011 Cover : Jun 2011
Views: 496 Olivier Galand

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