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Benefits of Log-Based Change Data Capture
In this video, HVR CTO, Mark Van de Wiel, walks you through log-based change data capture and the benefits of this method for real-time data integration.
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HVR Oracle to MS SQL server data replication
Setup of HVR for replication between Oracle & SQL server. Within minutes, HVR is installed and does an initial ddl and data load from Oracle into MS SQL server, after which a log based change data capture is started, All within a single replication definition.
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HVR for real time BI
This video shows HVR (High Volume Replicator) delivering data real-time from an Oracle database into ActianVector, to speed up reporting with Tableau. Without loosing the real time aspect, reporting is sped up by several orders of magnitude. Setup is quick and easy.
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Data Movement in Complex Environments : HVR Data Replication Topology 101
Learn about the many different ways HVR can move data between systems while keeping the data safe, secure, and accurate. HVR can not only move data from one source system to another but can move data bi-directionally and multi-directionally while maintaining efficiency and accuracy.
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HVR Replication setup from Oracle into Oracle including ASM
Setup of real-time replication between 2 Oracle databases including ASM.
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Real-Time Data Integration for Your Modern Environments
Learn more about how HVR can solve your data integration challenges including data consolidation into a data lake, real-time reporting enablement, database migrations and more. Accelerate your data revolution with HVR.
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HVR Replication into Amazon Webservices Redshift
Setup of HVR replicating to Amazon AWS and Redshift including the use of the HVR image for AWS - enabling setups of replication to AWS in minutes. Replicating between all kinds of on-premises databases like Oracle and MS SQL and AWS resources (Redshift, RDS, Oracle) can be arranged in minutes.
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HVR for Greenplum
This video shows setup and delivery of data into Pivotals Greenplum with HVR, High Volume Replicator from an Oracle source. Within minutes, the Oracle source is cloned into Greenplum and a real time replication setup is operational.
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How HVR Feeds Your Data Lake From Traditional Sources in Real-Time
A Data Lake is a destination for a variety of data types. IoT, Streaming Data, and data from traditional systems are commonly deposited into the data lake for reporting. HVR is a solution for moving data from traditional sources into your data lake for real-time updates. In this video, learn how HVR enables high volume data movement into data lakes. Most of all, HVR includes features that allow you to validate and monitor your data so that you always know that you are sending your teams accurate and reliable reporting data.
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HVR OnPrem SQL Server to Amazon AWS Redshift and Kafka
This is a help hour walk through explaining what HVR is and showing how to use HVR to quickly setup capturing real-time changes from an on-premise SQL Server database and sending them to both Amazon Redshift and Apache Kafka hosted on AWS.
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HVR Database Compare Explained
Video explaining setup and use of HVR Database Compare
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HVR PostgreSQL
Heterogeneous, real-time replication SQL Server to PostgreSQL
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HVR Software Explained
Ensure Data Access with HVR Software
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Data Lakes For a Better Business Future
Get insights on data lake best practices from data integration experts, Mark Van de Wiel, and Matt Aslett of 451 Research. Learn about what defines a data lake, how to build a purposeful data lake and common business use cases for a data lake.
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Data integration for Real time BI into Greenplum and Teradata
This video shows data loading from an Oracle source into Greenplum AND Teradata simultaneously using HVR real time replicator. HVR loads data realtime at high speed into both environments without casuing any load on the Oracle source. HVR supports both Change Data Capture as well as Initial Loading of data.
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Cloud Adoption For Greater Business Agility
Matt Aslett of 451 Research joins our CTO, Mark Van de Wiel, to discuss why organizations are flocking to the cloud, considerations for adopting a cloud strategy and how a cloud strategy can enable better business agility.
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HVR   Active Active
Describes replication setup with HVR ( High Volume Replicator) for active-active data replication between geographically distant locations. Within minutes, 4 active Oracle sources are replicating data to each other, where HVR handles collision detection and prevention of transaction looping.
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Big Data Compare: Ensuring Data Correctness
How do you make sure your data is bit correct in the source and target systems? In this video, learn how the Big Data Compare feature in HVR enables you to make sure your data is correct and in sync. VP of Field Engineering, Joe deBuzna, explains how the Big Data Compare function works in HVR, why it is important for your business, and how it can identify and mitigate errors.
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HVR Replicating into Microsoft Azure SQL
Setup of HVR replicating to Azure including the use of the HVR image for Azure - enabling setups of replication to Azure in minutes. Replicating between all kinds of on-premises databases like Oracle and MS SQL and Azure (MS SQL and Azure SQL) can be arranged in minutes.
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Three Data Lake Deployment Examples using Different Technologies
Learn about technologies that have served as a data lake for some of the largest organizations in the world. These organizations have used different technologies and strategies for managing their data lake. At HVR, we help these organizations integrate their data from multiple sources into their data lake. What you will learn: - Three different technologies used for “data lakes” - Considerations when deploying a data lake in the cloud - How to continuously integrate data into your data lake - How to create a data lake that can be trusted
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HVR in AWS Marketplace
In this video, you will learn how to use the HVR for AWS image that is available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. HVR is an all-in-one box solution to perform efficient, real-time change data capture and continuous data integration between databases and data stores in a heterogeneous environment.
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Transform or Die: Continuous Data Integration for the Modern Enterprise
Director of Research at 451, Matt Aslett, HVR CEO and CTO discuss why a continuous, real-time data integration strategy is imperative for the modern enterprise.
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Five Key Questions About Data Lakes
Many organizations have a serious interest in data lakes, at the moment, because of the business analytics and new data-driven practices that lakes promise. Yet, these organizations still aren’t quite ready to take a dive into a data lake. Whether they are unable to define standard structures, align and maintain business meanings, or create a governance strategy, these companies struggle to anticipate what truly lies beneath the surface of the data lake. If this sounds familiar, join us and Philip Russom, Ph.D. of TDWI in our webinar about data lakes. Here we will explore five key questions we typically hear about data lakes as well as common myths. Discover how to move forward with confidence, avoid common pitfalls, and build a data lake that provides real business value across the enterprise. What you will learn: --What a data lake is and what it isn't --What technology platforms, tools, designs, and architectures are involved --Why you may need a lake, and what business value you can expect to get from it --How to get started in a safe and value-adding way --What the critical success factors are --Get a real world example of how a large organization consolidated their IoT Data and Operational Data into a Data Lake for real-time analytics Webinar Hosts: Philip Russom, Ph.D. Senior Research Director, TDWI Mark Van de Wiel, CTO, HVR Less
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Predictive Analytics for Operational Efficiency
Analytics have evolved from "what HAS happened" to "what WILL happen" to "what SHOULD happen." Having the ability to predict the future relies on the orchestration of systems in order to have the ability to provide the right information at the right time. In this video, HVR CTO Mark Van de Wiel discusses how predictive analytics can allow for a more efficient business future. He shares a scenario in which a data lake, HVR and data can be used for predictive analytics.
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Bi-Directional Data Movement Need Not Be Feared
Bi-directional data movement need not be feared when using HVR for real-time data integration. In this video, Glenn Goodrich, Director of Enablement, explains how bi-directional data movement can be accomplished efficiently, accurately, and in real-time with HVR. Chapter 1: What is Bi-Directional? 1:13 Chapter 2-1: How to Implement Bi-Directional 3:32 Chapter 2-2: Bi-Directional Considerations 5:03 Chapter 3: Why Implement Bi-Directional? 11:46 Additional Areas of Interest: Collisions: 5:36 Triggers: 6:34 DDL Operations and Truncates: 7:15 Loop Avoidance: 8:15 Conflict Detection Resolution (CDR): 10:06
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HVR in AWS Marketplace
In this video, you will learn how to use the HVR for AWS image that is available in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. HVR is an all-in-one box solution to perform efficient, real-time change data capture and continuous data integration between databases and data stores in a heterogeneous environment.
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Best Practices for Data Integration into AWS
Integrating data into the cloud for real-time analytics require some considerations as to how to do it successfully. In this webinar, HVR CTO, Mark Van de Wiel talks about best practices HVR customer have employed in order to ensure successful ongoing data integration into the AWS cloud.
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Building and Maintaining a Data Lake for Big Data Analytics
Many data-driven organizations are adopting data lakes to support data discovery, data science and real-time operational analytics capabilities. In fact, one third of DBTA readers are planning projects for 2017. The ability to inexpensively store large volumes of data from diverse sources and make that data readily accessible to workers and applications across the enterprise is a huge advantage for companies pursuing new types of analytics, especially those involving the Internet of Things and cognitive computing use cases. However, building and maintaining a data lake to support new analytics applications involves a number of technical challenges, from data architecture and integration, to data security and governance. In this webinar, your hosts, Joe McKendrick, lead analyst at Unisphere Research, and Mark Van de Wiel, CTO at HVR, highlight common pitfalls, key best practices, and success stories in building and maintaining a data lake for big data analytics that you can trust.
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Deploying a Data Lake in the Cloud
Is your organization adopting the Cloud? Are you involved in any discussions about implementing a Data Lake? HVR experts Joe deBuzna and Mark Van de Wiel provide practical, real-world knowledge about how to integrate data successfully into your cloud-based data lake. They address common cloud and data lake deployment concerns such as: integrating data from multiple sources, moving data securely, validating data and more. This webinar also features a live demo of HVR's latest Data Lake release to continuously move on-prem data into a Data Lake on S3, and programmatically validate data correctness. What you will learn: - Evolution of data integration that led to Data Lakes - Common challenges when integrating data into a Data Lake and how to overcome them - Best practices for integration into, out of and between Clouds.
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Modernizing Your Application Architecture with Microservices
Organizations are quickly adopting microservice architectures to achieve better customer service and improve user experience while limiting downtime and data loss. However, transitioning from a monolithic architecture based on stateful databases to truly stateless microservices can be challenging and requires the right set of solutions. In this webinar, learn from field experts as they discuss how to convert the data locked in traditional databases into event streams using HVR and Apache Kafka®. They will show you how to implement these solutions through a real-world demo use case of microservice adoption. You will learn: How log-based change data capture (CDC) converts database tables into event streams How Kafka serves as the central nervous system for microservices How the transition to microservices can be realized without throwing away your legacy infrastructure
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Building a Data Lake for Maximum Flexibility in Complex Environments
In this webinar, learn how even the most complex environments can be addressed when it comes to building a data lake—successfully. Data lakes are created across industries and to support many use cases and often combine data from multiple sources. Sensor-generated data, logs, and social media sources may plan an important role in many data lakes, but also ERP, SCM, CRM and other (packaged and home-grown) applications are important sources. With many different sources and data types, and a sheer infinite number of use cases to use the data in the data lake, how do you make sure your data lake can service the business needs? How would you build a data lake for maximum flexibility? In this webinar, Mark Van de Wiel, CTO HVR, will talk about strategies customers adopt to continuously feed data lakes. He also will discuss security and the ability to easily leverage multiple analytics services. Sam Khidhir, AWS Solutions Architect, will discuss why S3 is a common Data Lake destination for complex scenarios such as this and why it allows for maximum flexibility. What you will learn: • How to enable continuous data feeds from operational systems for business agility • The importance of data quality — what is required so that you and your teams can trust the data and why this is imperative? • How to leverage several AWS technologies to support multiple use cases with continuous, real-time, data Register today.
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