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Visit to the Quiet Celebrity Village of Leipers Fork, Tennessee
Every time we visit our dear friends Ric and Kay in their new home in Brentwood (Nashville), we plan a daytrip to the quaint village Leipers Fork to the south and Puckett's Grocery for lunch. Live music and the chance to run into one of the many country music stars that have chosen this town for their home life.
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Confederate Railroad at Mardi Gras Festival St.Marys, Georgia
Southern Rock/country veterans Confederate Railroad performed at the 2017 St.Marys, Georgia Mardi Gras Festival - co-sponsored by Jerry Lee's Music Store
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Day tour from Havana to Pinar del Rio and Viñales
Pedro and Yasset from Havana Rentals and Tours (Paraiso Rojo) invited us for a tour they are planning to offer their guests to Pinar del Rio and the Valle Viñales about 120 miles west of Havana. What a delightful day journey, that showed us so much more of what Cuba is all about.
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A 5 Day Bahama Cruise out of Jacksonville, Florida
After the pressures of helping in the organization of the annual Pétanque America Tournament on Amelia Island, we decided to take a 5 Day November cruise on Carnival's Elation out of Jacksonville. Great and affordable break for anybody needing one.www.boomerbabetravels.com
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Carré Farm House for Sale in the South of the Netherlands
This Carré Farmhouse in the hills of the Southern Dutch Province of Limburg dates partially back to the 18th and 19th century and was completely renovated over the past 28 years into a beautiful piece of modern day living in a quiet countryside village in close driving distance to the excitements of cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Heerlen. Spacious 4,400sf with modern comforts, creatively put together for maximum living enjoyment on a 15,000 sf lot featuring splendid gardens. A Bargain at $575,000!
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Taking the Habana Bus Tour
For 10 bucks a piece the Habana Bus Tour Hop On-Hop Off experience is well worth it. Unique vistas and perspectives of Havana, the famous Malecon waterfront, the Miramar Beach resorts and everyday life in the streets. There is no guide on the bus, but you'll be taking pictures incessantly anyway.
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Matanzas, Cuba In Search of Piet Hein and La Flota de la Plata
Our first day in Cuba is amazing. A Meeting with city historian Dr.Ercilio Vento puts us on the trail of Dutch admiral Piet Hein conquering La Flota de la Plata (Silver Fleet)in 1628. Matanzas (the Athens of Cuba and Birthplace of Danzon and Rhumba) is a city deserving more attention than it is currently getting. Perfect introduction to life in Cuba. The story on www.boomerbabetravels.com
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St. Marys Georgia Mardi Gras 2017
With Country rockers James Otto and Confederate Railroad on the bill, St.Marys Georgia's 2017 Mardi Gras was a blast right on the waterfont from where the ferry leaves for Cumberland Island and it's park.
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Historic Carré Farm House for Sale in the South of the Netherlands
Completely renovated historic carré farmhouse in the countryside of the southern Dutch province of Limburg is for sale at what I would consider a real bargain price. 4,500SF of comfortable living, a two story gallery and a garden room fit for great parties, plus a garden house or guest quarters. Getting too big for owners as they move into their "Golden" years. Original buildings (all in-door connected) date back to 18th and 19th century, but entirely renovated and restored to meet 21st Century comforts. Situated in the heart of the countryside village, the property gives easy accessibility to major cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, Aachen, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Heerlen, Liege, Brussels and Antwerp. (Within 5 minutes to 1 Hour Driving distance) 12 Room house on 15,000 sf lot featuring splendid gardens and a separate garden house. A Bargain at $575,000! Phone NL 31-46-4422350 Phone USA 1 904 775 8684
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Visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame
In my quest to visit all music halls of fame, I finally made it to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville with my friend of 37 years now, Ric. Even though we're both music buffs, we never realized the impact Bob Dylan had on Nashville becoming Music City USA. Quite educational.
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June 10, 2016   A Bus Tour Through former East Berlin
The Eastern section of Berlin only started catching up on Western Prosperity after the wall came down in 1989. We were very interested in seeing how well the area has done for itself.
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Vienna Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world June 28, 2016
Visiting the oldest zoo in the world creates unclear expectations. Are animals treated with current standards; how big is their living space, are they well fed? Vienna's Zoo may date back to the Habsburg Era, but treatment and display is magnificent. Well worth the visit.
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Vacation on Texel Island- Netherlands
Texel is the largest of the Dutch Wadden eilanden. 180 Square mile of pure eco joy just an hour north of Amsterdam. Great homegrown food, fascinating museums that show life of fishing villages long before computers and cellphones. We had a great time during our 2016 Three months in Europe.
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Hallein, where Salzburg Made Its Money
The beauty of the city of Salzburg literally came from salt mining. The saltmine in nearby Hallein tells the fascinating story.
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This is not a Goodbye as we leave from Varadero Airport
Flying back to Ft.Lauderdale from Varadero Airport, we realize how much we are going to miss this wonderful place called Cuba. 10 Days have turned us smitten with the island nation and its people. We'll be back often and hopefully soon.
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Genoa Italy - Birthplace of Doria and Columbus
On our 3 months trip through Europe we decided to take the bus from Cannes France to Genoa Italy. Genoa is the largest port city in Italy and birthplace of Columbus. With lots of North African Mediterranean influences the city is gritty, but honest.
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Varadero, the other Cuba
Canadians and Europeans have long enjoyed the beaches of Varadero, Cuba. The resort peninsula, only a short 20 miles to the east of the city of Matanzas, opens a world of Caribbean Beach vacations, much different from the rest of Cuba. The village has one long center street with 64 cross over side streets with shops, stalls, restaurants, bars and parks. Beyond the town there are many first class resorts, mostly offering all inclusive accommodation packages. Varadero is the other Cuba.
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Afro-Cuban Heritage in Matanzas, Cuba
The northern Port town of Cuba, Matanzas has a fascinating display of African Heritage as the area was (and is) the largest cane sugar producer in Cuba. We went out to find Callejon de las Tradiciones, tucked away deep into the neighborhoods visitors usually stay away from. Go and be wowed by this display of symbolism that dates back to God knows when. The people are friendly and helpful.
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Revisiting Jim Morrison in Paris in 2016
It was a bucketlist item to read from Jim's Book of Poems at his gravesite in Pere La Chaise cemetery in Paris France. RIP Jim, you're still greatly admired.
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Jerry Lee's Music Jam Room Outtakes March 11
Like so many years ago when we were all learning to play, on Saturday's we went to the music store and played to learn from the advanced players or showed them our chops. No more fun for a real musician than playing and learning when jamming with other musicians. That's what Outtakes from Jerry's Jam Room is all about.
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Frontier Town Natchez, Mississippi
Natchez Mississippi once was the major trading post on the frontier of the Mississippi River, with huge ties to the Caribbean traders including Cuba.
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Cannes, Pearl of the Cote d'Azur
Famous for its Film Festival, Cannes has so much more to offer. At once opulently wealthy and ritzy, it is surprisingly affordable, well kept and worth discovering
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Havana - Art, Life, Parks and People
Our first full day in Havana included a 3 Hour Walking Tour of Old Havana, by cousin Jorge, who knows a lot about history and backgrounds and speaks great English. We had such a great time that 8 hours later we made it finally back to the AirBNB of our hosts Pedro, Vivian and Yasset. The slideshow is divided in two parts. Next one is about Vintage Cars and Building, Raw and Renovated.
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Boomerbabe Travels Prague June 12, 2016
TJ gets to the city of Prague for the first time in her life and is blown away by the architectural treasures the city has to offer
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March 25, 2017 Jerry's Jam Room Outtakes
Slowly developing into a Saturday afternoon jam meet for musicians in the area, Jerry's Jam Room at Jerry Lee's Music Store in St.Marys, Georgia is becoming a fun attraction for beginners, advanced players and masters.
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Nick Petta Retirement Party at Jerry Lee's Jam room
Nick Petta, luthier and studio engineer at Jerry Lee's Music Emporium decided that at 75, it was time to hang up his daily work routine and retire to the Tampa area in Florida to play music with old friends. Here are some impressions from the farewell party
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Our Last Day In Havana
On our last day in Havana, we started out early on our walking tour. Since we already knew the "lay-out of the land" we walked the neighborhood in a general direction of Old Havana, in search of the huge warehouse somewhere in the port of Havana, where locals sell their arts and crafts. Once again it became a very interesting journey. The story is posted on www.boomerbabetravels.com
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A Day of Many Faces
Sometimes there are days that pack more action and situations than 24 hours were created for. This was one of those. On the Ferry off the island, smack in the middle of a Road accidient, making a new friend in St.Maarten, Noord Holland, visiting dear friends from our times on the Caribbean St.Maarten and having little calves suckle your fingers. This day was one for the books.
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June 8 , 2016   Three Days in Berlin
Berlin is transforming itself into a new age Melting Pot for the 21st century. In a mini New York style it has welcomed every culture from across the globe in a new experiment of diversity in human endeavors.
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Life in Cuba es tranquilo
The fascination of Cuban life keeps playing with us with a strong attraction for Caribbean life on this third day. Our hosts are fabulous, the city is lowkey excellent with lots of Afro-Cuban, Portuguese, Canary Islands influences and we're meeting several Dutch and Belgian people who decided to come and live here. La Vida es tranquilo en Cuba.
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WooHoo on A Float in Mardi Grass 2016
Incredible friends Brian and Nancie made us experience Mardi Gras from a float, rather than from the street. Most fun TJ had in years she said and the pictures prove it.
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Leaving Matanzas for Havana; Exciting but also Bittersweet
After 5 nights with Acela and Julio at Casa Couret in Matanzas, we're moving on to Havana. Exciting but also bittersweet, as we have become family with our AirBNB hosts. We'll be back soon. The 65 miles to Havana brings beautiful vistas and once in Havana, our eyes get real busy. So much to see. We booked a Paraiso Rojo in Central Havana with hosts Yasset, Jorge, Vivian and Pedro and the welcome is overwhelming. What a great bunch of people. The first impressions lead to only one conclusion: We're home!
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Havana, Cuba -  Vintage Cars and Buildings, Raw and Renovated
Havana is much admired for its vintage cars and ornamental neo-classical architecture. Here is a photo report taken during our first 8 hour Old Havana Walking Tour by Jorge.
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2016 Three Day Whirlwind Tour of Paris
For TJ it was the first time to the city of Light. I partly grew up there in the 60s. Lots changed and yet remained the same. Still love the city of Piaf, Aznavour, Moustaki and now Jim Morrison with an eternal passion. Glad I saw it all again after many years, also through TJ's eyes.
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June 25, 2016 -  The Road to Salzburg, Mozart and More
Almost 300 km west of Vienna lies Salzburg. It takes less than 3 hrs to get there via the Austrian Autobahn and it is very much worth the trip. The castle, the town, the Getreide Gasse, the food and the historical treasures, even though it feels a little snobby, the city gives a marvelous impression of preferred living.
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June 13, 2016 A Magnificent Prague City Tour
It was a 6 hour WALKING tour. The only motorized parts were the boat trip and the transfer from the hotel to the starting point. But oh so well worth it. Jirzi (George) our tourguide is history professor in his regular life and new very interesting details. The tour came with a boat ride with a glass of your choice and a lunch.
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Jerry's Jam Room Outtakes March 18, 2017
Every Saturday afternoon musicians gather at Jerry's Jam Room in St.Marys, Georgia to jam, watch or learn. It's a pure fun jam that everyone enjoys. Bring your favorite instrument and a drink and join us whether you're a beginner, intermediary, advanced or masterplayer. It's all about making music.
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