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4 Ways For Girls To Join Indian Army - Entry Schemes For Girls In Indian Army (Hindi)
Here are the 4 Ways To Join Indian Army As An Officer For Girls - Women Entries In Indian Army. In 1992, an important landmark in the history of Indian Army was the induction of women into the officer cadre, and the onerous task of training them was undertaken by the Officers Training Academy through various women entries. So far, more than 1200 Lady Cadets have already been commissioned into the various Arms and Services of the Indian Army. For women, it is compulsory for you to be a graduate to apply. The various ways in which women can join the Indian Army in 2018 after graduation can be classified into 3 categories: UPSC, Non-UPSC and Technical Entries. - UPSC Entry/SSCW(NT) - Non-UPSC Entries SSCW NCC (SPL) Entry Women SSCW Judge Advocate General - SSCW(Tech) Entry Apart from the above mainstream entries, there are few other entries like Army Medical Corps, Army Education Corps and Military Nursing Service which inducts women on a direct entry basis depending on the availability and requirement. These entries are non-periodic. However, women are also commissioned into these corps once they complete their training through one of the above entries. Hello Defence Lovers, Defence Gyaan Series ke is episode No. 36 mai humne apko 4 tarike btaye hai jinse ki Girls Indian Army ko As A Officer Join kar sakti hai, Hume Umeed hai ki apko yeh episode pasand ayega. In today's fresh "Defence Gyaan Series" episode No. 36 we have shared 4 Ways For Girls To Join Indian Army As An Officer. Join us as we take a closer look at these Ways To Join Indian Army For Girls - Women Entry In Indian Army. 🔴 Recommended Playlist - Biography Series : https://youtu.be/BCggc5yxb14?list=PLH3cBWh-hVy4o4WH2QBWIBahVmL33YlvV 🔴 Recommended Playlist - Defence Updates Series : https://youtu.be/45ynKgHDt3A?list=PLH3cBWh-hVy4trtrtw6e4Wsh-yUA6F-Kh 🔴 Recommended Playlist - Defence Gyaan Series : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjrnNt8UrDY&list=PLH3cBWh-hVy5kWTci52UvQQBgPHSnEYTy 🔴 Recommended Playlist - Top 10 Series : https://youtu.be/MhyO3ZIwCrA?list=PLH3cBWh-hVy6DgBhzm1QJO4JJ4dizBWgZ ▶Also Watch, 3 Ways To Join Indian Army After 10+2 As An Officer/Soldier : https://youtu.be/QxKdIEcqgWw ▶Also Watch, 7 Ways To Join Indian Army As An Officer : https://youtu.be/s85s3aJCg28 ⭐SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/6K7AJT ⭐ SOCIAL: →Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/defencexp/ →Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/DefenceXP/ →Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Defence_XP/ →Website ► https://www.defencexp.com/ →Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/IndianDefenceSquad/ →Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/defencesquad/ About : Defence Squad is a YouTube Channel where you will find videos related to the Great Indian Defence In Hindi.
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Army Basic Training
Follow these new Soldiers from reception to graduation and hear their stories in their own words.
Beautiful Military Women Shooting hot Girls Guns Army Female soldiers Beauty uniforms weapons fire
♥ Women military Uniforms ♥ Girls With Guns ♥ Girls Sexy Army ♥ Military Women ♥ Beautiful Uniform ♥Wonderful girls ♥Dangerous hot Females ♥ soldiers ♥ Navy♥ Air force ♥ Woman armed Hottest Around the World. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Women's Armed Services Integration Act, a United States law enacted on June 12, 1948, enabled women to serve as permanent, regular members of the armed forces in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and the recently formed Air Force. Prior to this act, women, with the exception of nurses, served in the military only in times of war. During World War II, over 150,000 women had served in the WAVES (the Navy) and the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps and were still serving when the act was enacted. The act limited service of women by excluding them from aircraft and vessels of the Air Force and Navy that might engage in combat. The Navy swore in its first six women enlistees on July 7, 1948, and later that year commissioned as a lieutenant commander Frances Lois Willoughby, who had served in World War II in the Naval Reserve, its first female doctor. Hundreds began basic training in the Army before the end of the year. The Marine Corps launched its program by inducting some of its women reservists and those who served in the Marine Corps Women's Reserve in World War II. The New York Times referred to them as "'Marinettes'". In October 1949 an Army regulation established that mothers with dependent children were ineligible to serve in the military, and female servicewomen with children under the age of 18 were to be discharged.[citation needed] This regulation remained in place until federal legislation in the 1970s established the inclusion of women with children in the armed forces.[citation needed] In 1998, a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Women's Armed Services Act was held at the Women in Military Service for America (WIMSA) Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. Deputy Secretary of Defense John J. Hamre delivered the keynote address. Women in the military have a history that extends over 400 years into the past, throughout a large number of cultures and nations. Women have played many roles in the military, from ancient warrior women, to the women currently serving in conflicts, even though the vast majority of all combatants have been men in every culture. Even though women serving in the military has often been controversial, relatively few women in history have fought alongside men. In the American Civil War, there were a few women who cross-dressed as men in order to fight. Fighting on the battle front as men was not the only way women involved themselves in war. Some women braved the battlefront as nurses and aides. Despite various, though limited, roles in the armies of past societies, the role of women in the military, particularly in combat, is controversial and it is only recently that women have begun to be given a more prominent role in contemporary armed forces. As increasing numbers of countries begin to expand the role of women in their militaries, the debate continues. Roza Shanina, a Soviet sniper during World War II, credited with 54 confirmed target hits. About 400,000 Soviet women served in front-line duty units, chiefly as medics and nurses. From the beginning of the 1970s, most Western armies began to admit women to serve active duty. Only some of them permit women to fill active combat roles, these are: New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Israel, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan. In 2011 and 2012, the U.S. Defense Department began looking at loosening its near-universal ban on women serving in direct positions of combat, including ground combat, as opposed to other prominent but non-combat positions (for example, two women second lieutenants were allowed to try, but did not successfully complete, the grueling U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course). In 2013, the United States Armed Forces overturned a 1994 rule banning women from serving in certain combat positions, potentially clearing the way for the presence of women in front-line units and elite commando teams. Women in the Russian and Soviet military, as in other nations, have played an important role in their country's military history, in particular during the Great Patriotic War. Despite performing various duties in the armies throughout Russian history, it was in the 20th century that women began to be given a more prominent role. Women of Russia and the Soviet Union played a significant role in World Wars, especially during World War II; arguably a greater role than in other combatant nations, although attitudes towards their contribution was occasionally paternalistic and reluctant. Britain In 1938, the British took the lead worldwide in establishing uniformed services for women, in addition to the small nurses units that had long been in operation. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Music Song - Seven Nation Army Female Cover Xtreme Remix HQ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Norway's Special Forces Girls 1/2
60 women carry out selection for Norway's only special forces unit for women, but only a handful are able to pass the grueling course. Strange English auto generated subtitles. 2/2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dulb_lAh-0&t=331s
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American MILITARY Girl in the GYM - Alysia Magen - Bodybuilding motivation
American MILITARY Girl in the GYM - Alysia Magen Bodybuilding motivation
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Awesome Military Girl - workout by Alysia Magen
Amazing Workout Girls - Alysia Magen Subscribe: #AmazingWG https://www.facebook.com/amazingwg/ https://instagram.com/amazingwg Music: https://goo.gl/1jUL7z
Beautiful army girls - Bella ciao
beautiful girls from around the world.
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(Female Recruits) US Marine Corps Recruit Training - MCRD Parris Island Boot Camp
(Female Recruits) US Marine Corps Recruit Training - MCRD Parris Island Boot Camp Receiving Week (Initial Strength Test) 00:03 Week 1 (Martial Arts Training) 00:38 Week 2 (Conditioning Hike ) 06:48 Week 3 (Confidence Course + Physical Training) 16:09 Week 4 (Swim Week) 22:26 Week 5 (The Rappel Tower + Gas Chamber + Initial Drill) 25:12 Week 6-7 (Grass Week + The Rifle Range) 31:14 Week 8 (Team Week) 37:16 Week 9 (Land Navigation) 37:51 Week 10-11 (The Crucible 38:22 + Emblem Ceremony 44:34) Week 12 (Graduation) 47:07 MCRD Parris Island - Lance Cpl. Daniel Lobo, Cpl. Scott Smolinski, Lance Cpl. Debra Rookus
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Want To Join The Military? Basic Training, Make Up, Female Problems (Period) ?
Want To Join The Military? THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW. If any of you guys have any further questions about the military, follow me on IG @missangelmae and shoot me a DM :) (i reply faster on instagram) Watch my video about my military branch transfer (army to airforce): https://youtu.be/JChHMOsNogM Basic Training Tips Military Wife Besides being a woman in the military, I am also a military wife! It's tough sometimes but not too bad since we are both National Guard. Alot of girls with military boyfriend/ husband asks me about how to cope with their significant other being away, will be making a video of that soon! :) Army PT test: 2min push ups 2min sit ups 2mile run Airforce PT test: 1min push ups 1min sit ups 1 1/2 mile run. WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME: Instagram: ♡ @missangelmae https://www.instagram.com/missangelmae/ Twitter: ♡ @missangelmae_ https://twitter.com/missangelmae_ Snapchat: ♡ @missangelmae BPI Sports : Use the code “ANGELNG” at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase http://goo.gl/U288yN
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Pakistan Army girls training
Army girl Soldiers training ladies army training Pakistan Army girls training
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Russia: Knife-throwing girls impress at Amazonki military youth games
The Amazonki military club took part in military-patriotic youth games that were held at the territory of the Podkova firing ground in Moscow region on Saturday. The young girls demonstrated their skills in knife throwing and shooting. Video ID: 20151024-055 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Vine: https://vine.co/Ruptly Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly
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Awesome Military Girls
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Nightcore - One Woman Army
Music: One Woman Army - Porcelain Black Picture: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/wallpapers/1861/1861305-1100x778-caitlyn-lol.jpg?st=ZRWE2DHOIvLe2idZg_xCbQ&e=1431380008
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Ukrainian Army Girls
Краса Українського Війська Beauty of the Ukrainian Army
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If girls were the ones who serve army - a Butterworks short film
Ah boys to men hmmm. Girls are always the ones waiting at home for their boyfriends to bookout from army or call them. What if... it's the other way round? Hope you find this funny! A Singapore army comedy short film by Butterworks Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/butterworksTV Follow us on Insta: https://instagram.com/butterworks Business enquiries: [email protected] ------------------------------------------- Starring: Chyna (commander) https://instagram.com/chyikes Mabel https://instagram.com/mabbyyap Recia https://instagram.com/recialee Rachel https://instagram.com/rachelkellyoh Naomi https://instagram.com/naomiyhs Noel https://instagram.com/noelsebastian13/ Yichao https://instagram.com/ichichao https://www.facebook.com/TEOHCHAOCHAO Lun https://instagram.com/butterlun
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Sexy Army ♥ Russian Military Women ♥ Beautiful Uniform Wonderful  girls Dangerous hot Females
Women in the Russian and Soviet military, as in other nations, have played an important role in their country's military history, in particular during the Great Patriotic War. Despite performing various duties in the armies throughout Russian history, it was in the 20th century that women began to be given a more prominent role. Women of Russia and the Soviet Union played a significant role in World Wars, especially during World War II; arguably a greater role than in other combatant nations, although attitudes towards their contribution was occasionally paternalistic and reluctant Women served in the Russian armed forces in small numbers in the early stages of the war, but their numbers increased after heavy Russian losses such as at the Battle of Tannenberg and Masurian Lakes and a need for increased manpower. One such recruit was Maria Bochkareva who served with the 25th Reserve Battalion of the Russian Army. After the abdication of Nicholas II of Russia in March 1917, she convinced interim prime minister Alexander Kerensky to let her form a women's battalion. The Women's Battalion of Death recruited women between the ages of 13 and 25 and appealed for support in a series of public meetings, enlisting approximately 2,000 soldiers. The Battalion fought during the June Offensive against German forces in 1917. Three months of fighting dwindled their numbers to around two-hundred and fifty.The Women's Battalion was disbanded after a failed political revolution known as the Kornilov Affair. Its leader, General Lavr Kornilov, had been strongly supported by Bachkarova, and the Women's Battalion were identified as potential sympathizers. The majority of the battalion's members were reformed as the First Petrograd Women's Battalion. This group was at the Winter Palace on the night of the Bolshevik Revolution, along with an untrained cadet detachment and a bicycle regiment. They mounted a stiff resistance but ultimately fell, although there were only 5 deaths in the storming of the Winter Palace. The triumphant Bolsheviks officially disbanded the group.Several women pilots are known from the First World War. Princess Eugenie Shakovskaya was assigned duty as an artillery and reconnaissance pilot, having volunteered for the Imperial Russian Air Service in 1914 (one of the world's first female military aviators) and flew missions with the 26th Corps Air Squadron in 1917 for nine months. Because of her connections to the Imperial family she was demobilized after the October Revolution. Lyubov A. Golanchikova was a test pilot who contributed her airplane to the Czarist armies; Helen P. Samsonova was assigned to the 5th Corps Air Squadron as a reconnaissance pilot. And in 1915, Nedeshda Degtereva had the distinction of being the first woman pilot to be wounded in combat while on a reconnaissance mission over the Austrian front in Galicia.Women played a large part in most of the armed forces of the Second World War. In most countries though, women tended to serve mostly in administrative, medical and in auxiliary roles. But in the Soviet Union women fought in larger numbers in front line roles. Over 800,000 women served in the Soviet armed forces in World War II; nearly 200,000 of them were decorated and 89 of them eventually received the Soviet Union's highest award, the Hero of the Soviet Union. They served as pilots, snipers, machine gunners, tank crew members and partisans, as well as in auxiliary roles. Very few of these women, however, were ever promoted to officers.For Soviet women aviators, instrumental to this change was Marina Raskova, a famous Russian aviator, often referred to[by whom?] as the 'Russian Amelia Earhart'. Raskova became a famous aviator as both a pilot and a navigator in the 1930s. She was the first woman to become a navigator in the Soviet Air Force in 1933. Raskova is credited with using her personal connections with Joseph Stalin to convince the military to form three combat regiments for women. The Soviet Union was the first nation to allow women pilots to fly combat missions. These regiments flew a combined total of more than 30,000 combat sorties, produced at least thirty Heroes of the Soviet Union, and included at least two fighter aces. This military unit was initially called Aviation Group 122 while the three regiments received training. After their training, the three regiments received their formal designations as the 586th Fighter Aviation Regiment, the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment and the 125th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment.The Soviet Union also used women for sniping duties extensively, and to great effect, including Nina Alexeyevna Lobkovskaya and Ukrainian Lyudmila Pavlichenko (who killed over 300 enemy soldiers). The Soviets found that sniper duties fit women well, since good snipers are patient, careful, deliberate, can avoid hand-to-hand combat, and need higher levels of aerobic conditioning than other troops. Music Sasha Dith Russian Girls
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Bikini Devil :the hottest curve army girls
Bikini Devil :the hottest curve army girls
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How to Join Indian Army After 12th | For Girls | NDA Exam | Defence Jobs after 12th | 2018
How to Join Indian Army After 12th | For Girls | NDA Exam | Defence Jobs after 12th | 2018 In this video you will know how a female candidate can join indian army . #NDA Exam Complete Details - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuL587oE-C0&t=37s So Do Like it Share it and Subscribe the channel for more such updates related to Education, Opinions and Interesting Facts. NDA Exam Complete Syllabus pdf - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rlfxPqKogMuj6uEkvzpkZcIq04_4XzzF/view?usp=sharing Watch :- ►Top 10 New Courses after 12th Arts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-a_turokEU&t=25s ✔ ►Top 10 New Courses after 12th Commerce - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yweu9MH9ajI ✔ ►Top 10 New Courses after 12th Science - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nn2QlnAlPI ✔ ►Best Traditional & Professional Courses after 12th Commerce - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um_vcw4bhpc&t=25s ✔ ►Best Traditional & Professional Courses after 12th Science - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um_vcw4bhpc&t=25s ✔ ► Best Traditional & Professional Courses after 12th Arts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39fKWmnw_L4 ✔ ►Career in Hotel Management Hindi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgQFcV_myvg ✔ ►BCA Course Detail in Hindi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLFpsMcrWug ►Financial Certification such as CFP, CFA, CMA etc - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZDpJlybwPQ5VrFN-QjWKpap- H7NOop6C ✔ ►Interior Designing Courses in Hindi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQOKYFTvNVM&t=59s ✔ Best Online Earning Options ►Top Online Website for Learning - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcm1iPiUJxo ✔ ►Top 5 Online Way for make money - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5GAvYltNgo ✔ WATCH OUR BEST VIDEOS RELATED TO EDUCATION ►After 12th Best Courses for Science, Commerce and Arts - https://goo.gl/rVMcTR ✔ ►Everything About MBA in India - https://goo.gl/wGD8NM ✔ ►Top College Rankings - https://goo.gl/LEFzun ✔ ►All about Investment Banking - https://goo.gl/Hk1rix ✔ ►Financial Certification in Hindi - https://goo.gl/sKPqod ✔ ►Internship and Apprenticeship Video in Hindi - https://goo.gl/RCBqBY ✔ ►MCA Course Detail Hindi - https://goo.gl/bxntn3 ✔ ►BCA Course Related Video in Hindi - https://goo.gl/wsCM2G ✔ ►BTech Course Related Video in Hindi - https://goo.gl/DqvfGF ✔ ►Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn English - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF5OHAZcW0k ✔ ► How to Get Education LOAN in INDIA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoluUHBZ1zw ✔ ► MBA INDIA VS MBA ABROAD - WHICH IS BEST ? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufgd8pkvtjE ✔ ► Highest Paying Careers in India - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF5OHAZcW0k ✔ WATCH OUR BEST VIDEOS RELATED TO INTERESTING FACTS & OPINIONS [HINDI] ►Padmavati controversy in 5 minutes :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar_orIiwQqU&t=2s ✔ ►North Korea vs USA Nuclear War :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrJkIqc3lB8&t=1s ✔ ►Kamlesh Viral Video Truth :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-t0u81Tpt0&t=2s ✔ ►Dangal Girl Zaira Wasim Issue :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9z7MHSKG14&t=28s ✔ ►Countries where Education is free for Indians - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDNG6H5qRA0&t=2s ✔ BUY OUR RECORDING GEAR AT DISCOUNTED PRICES:- External Recording Blue Mic -http://amzn.to/2ynJOSn My Nikon Dslr d5600 - http://amzn.to/2ynN7sV My Collar Mic- http://amzn.to/2x3LAEf ABOUT US :- Praveen Dilliwala is a youth oriented Review Channel Where you will get Videos related to Education,Opinions, Jobs, Motivational, Interesting Facts and also I will share my experience about these things. Our Motto is to provide unbiased and right information so that you make informed decision. Follow us on : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PraveenDilliwala Twitter - https://twitter.com/praveendiliwala Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/praveendilliwala Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/u/0/113602971119506935594
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Ultimate Girls Fails of the Year 2013 || FailArmy
Subscribe for new compilations every Friday! ► http://bit.ly/failarmy The ULTIMATE girls fails compilation of the year! You didn't think we'd leave the girls out did you? Well not to disappoint we've compiled the best girls fails in one yearly compilation. Enjoy! Submit a Video ► http://bit.ly/SubmitToFailArmy Like us on Facebook! ► http://facebook.com/failarmy Follow us on Twitter! ► http://twitter.com/RealFailArmy To see all the individual clips featured in this compilation check out ► http://bit.ly/JukinVideoDotComFA As usual, no one was seriously hurt in the making of this compilation. Bikini girl workout (1st Clip)- http://youtu.be/2-FfQED2puA Thanks for watching! http://bit.ly/FailArmyStore
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Crazy Military girls - best workout compilation
U.S. Army Reception Battalion
Reception Battalion (RECBN) is the period that begins when the recruit arrives at the Army post where he or she is to undergo Basic Training. Instead of spending a full day processing each individual, the US Army likes to spread out the processing to offer each soldier plenty of waiting time each day for the one to three weeks that it can take to finish the entry processing.
On Duty VS off Duty Ladies, sexy army girls, sexy army ladies, sexy pictures army girls, hot girls
Please watch: "Driving the bagged Z lady driven" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbG8lP1nuEg --~--
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North Korean Army Girls March
Recent footage of the North Korean military with appropriate music - depending on your point of view of course. Feel free to comment. This video the earlier version that was removed.
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HEY HEY y'all asked for you , you got it Have Questions ask away follow me IG Osonarcissistic_ Twitter Osonarcissitc SnapChat Tiaa_Biaaaa
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Ultimate Girls Fails of the Year  FailArmy
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Army girls training before job.
Army girls training before job.
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Girl/Female Army Soldier Training - 2017 | মহিলা সেনাবাহিনী ট্রেনিং - ২০১৭
In this video, Girl/Female Army Soldier Training - 2017 | মহিলা সেনাবাহিনী ট্রেনিং - ২০১৭ we know! Military Force is most important & special matter for every country. So, Army, Navy, Air Force ; like Military Force are very intelligence in the world. That Special force can help for every people in own country ; even with experienced about on United Mission in the world for Every Country. By the way, not only Men can not success from challenging life as army but also girl/ladies/female army can success from any challenging life as military forces! Ladies/female/Hot girl army can take any security & any risks for peoples of the world. Even, Ladies army will be achieved successfull life from own country of the military forces like Army. My Previously Video: Army Special : https://youtu.be/rhVdUz-vl2I Air Force special : https://youtu.be/Lsyv6Xv6Xus Bangladesh Army Power Display : https://youtu.be/xSpLl--t66k Army Funny Video : https://youtu.be/FHz2HyNdDPQ Proud soldiers of Army : https://youtu.be/ZR5R6Fq3HRg Army Dancing : https://youtu.be/feqEr9zNN3M Thank You! You can click to Subscribe for get more videos about that. Definitely the video will be help to us about life security and training improve.
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Entry Schemes for Girls In Indian Army |  सेना में लडकियों के लिए कौनसी  posts है
Doston Maine Esme Share kiya hai Agar Girls Indian Army Mein join karna chahti hain to Unke Liye Konse Posts Hoti Hai Indian Army mein Keep Watching Full Video And dont forget to Share Thanks for watching our Video. Subscribe to us for More updates. If you feel this Video is helpful so don't waste the Time and be first to share this video. You can Also Subscribe our YouTube Channel and All Social Sites for Next Update Enjoy and Stay Connect with Samaj Aya Kya Website http://www.samajayakya.in/ Twitter https://twitter.com/SajanKumr Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Samajayakya/ Google plus Page https://plus.google.com/+SamajAyaKya YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/samajayakya
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Pak army female training - Pakistan army girl training
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INDIAN ARMY Girls training Period
अगर आपके दिल में भारतीय आर्मी के लिए प्यार है तो दोस्तों Plz भारतीय आर्मी के लिए एक COMMENT जरूर करे। हो सके तो SUBSCRIBE भी करें मेरा भारत महान है जिसने ऐसी वीरो को जन्म दिया है हम इन वीरों को करोड़ों सलाम करते हैं भारत माता की जय I pray that all your friends will be successful
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Pakistan Army Girls vs Indian Army Girls
Video of Pakistani Army grils vs Indian Army Girls
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Standing Easy is Hard | British Army Girls
Balling totally helps them stand easy | Thursday | 9pm | Channel 4 Find out more: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/british-army-girls
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Pakistan Army Boys and Pakistan Army Girls TikToks #Latest #Trending 2018 #TikTocksStops
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Drill by Indian Army Girls / Drill by BSF girls
Drill by Indian Army Girls / Drill by BSF girls
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Funny Female Marine Gas Training
Funny Military Training Playlist Here.
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Female Packing List for Army Basic Training!!!
THIS is what I'm taking to ARMY Basic Training!! I'm literally buying everything at the PX. If you need to take more or less I can make another video once I make it through BCT! I hope this video helps you guys getting ready to leave!! Like and Subscribeeee :)
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#Girls #Medical #Training
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Indian women vs Pakistani women in army bravery and fitness comparrison 2019
Indian women vs Pakistani women in army bravery and fitness comparrison 2018; https://youtu.be/aeDjuUnoym8 All wings of the Indian Armed Forces allow women in combat roles (junior ranks) and combat supervisory roles (officers), except Indian Army (support roles only) and Special Forces of India (trainer role only) (c. 2017). Indian Air Force had 8.5%, Indian Army 3% and Indian Navy 2.8% women (c. 2014). Women in the Pakistan Armed Forces are the female soldiers who serve in the Pakistan Armed Forces.Women have been taking part in Pakistani military since 1947, after the establishment of Pakistan. As of 13 June 2013 around 4,000 women are serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces. In 2006, the first women fighter pilot batch joined the combat aerial mission command of PAF. The Pakistan Navy prohibits women from serving in the combat missions, especially in the submarine force command. Rather they are appointed and serve in operations involving military logistics, staff development and senior administrative offices, particularly in the regional and central headquarters.There has been a rise in the numbers of women joining the combat PAF in recent years. Plz like our facebook page "Pak Matters": https://m.facebook.com/Pak-Matters-304962293243748/ Follow us on twitter; @pak_matters
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10 Types of Female Soldiers in the Army!
Females in the Army are a special kind of breed. LOL! And you'll find quite a few that fill the ranks where need be. Today, I've selected the most common female Soldiers you'll see in the Army! Don't worry ladies, I still love you. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acombatveteran Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acombatveteran Website: https://www.acombatveteran.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/acombatveteran
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Pakistan Army Girls vs Indian Army Girls -Who is Most Brave & Beautiful?
Pakistan Army Girls vs Indian Army Girls -Who is Most Brave & Beautiful?
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