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Final - Miss African Beauty Curve 2014 (official video)
The first and biggest African Election Miss Curve has been held in London Sat. 20th December. . The finest city of all European cities London hosted this event of glamour and romance. Formerly the Grand Hotel Royal, it has been restored to the highest standards of contemporary luxury, while retaining glorious glimpses of a bygone age, such as marble floors. The original Royal Spa has been given a new lease of life, remodelled as a luxurious and contemporary spa. From inspiring culture and relaxing thermal spas, to eclectic cuisine and buzzing nightlife, London has so much to offer. Many visitors to our vibrant city find they don’t have enough time to experience all that they wanted, that’s why this event shows what hidden treasures Africa has to offer. When you come to London, you will notice that architects have created design cocoons, for instance the boutique hotel is a passionate dialogue of glass and black marble. Dive into the fascinating interior of luxury hotel accommodations, combining contemporary design and elegance with personal care and service provided by attentive staff. This event was a big hit.
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Crass - Christ The Movie pt7 - by Mick Duffield
Christ The Movie - by Mick Duffield with punk rock band Crass.
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