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CAE Cambridge English Exam - All you need to know
Are you thinking of taking the CAE exam? I'll tell you everything you need to know about the exam to decide if it is for you. Did you know that many people can take the CAE instead of the IELTS? If you have decided to take the CAE, I'll give you details on all the different parts of this Cambridge exam, and also tell you about the 2015 changes. Here are some of the questions that I cover in this video: - What is the exam for? - Who takes the exam? - How hard is the test? - How long is the exam? - What are the different sections of the test? - What are the different test questions like? - How is the test changing? Did you understand the lesson? Take the quiz on it here: http://ww.engvid.com/cambridge-english-exam/ TRANSCRIPT Hello, everyone. I'm Jade. What we're talking about today is the CAE test. This is a Cambridge exam, and it tests the advanced level of English. So, we're going to generally look at the parts of the test, and then in the next part of the video, we'll look at the test in more detail, so you'll know exactly what to expect if you're going to take this exam. So, who takes this test? This is a test that people choose to take because they want to go to university in an English-speaking country, or you want to do a course in English at a university. You might also be taking this because you need it as part of your visa requirements. Or you might be doing it because you just want to take the test. Not so many people do that, but I've met some. What's in the test? There are five parts at the moment; a reading part, a writing part, a listening part, a speaking part, and also this use of English, which is a vocabulary and grammar combined test that's seeing where you are with that. Importantly, though, in 2015, the reading test and the use of English will be together in one part. So, that means there'll just be four... There'll be four parts 2015 onwards. This... I should also say about this test that it's a Secure English Language Test. That means that you do it in a test center and you have to prove your identity. It's a formal test, and it's one of the reasons why this test is well-respected, and you can use it to enter university and things like that, because the results that you get are trusted. You can do this test on paper or computer; you have a choice. And it tests from... At the lower end, you could be intermediate, and the top end proficiency which is very, very, very, very high. So, that's a broad survey of what's in the test. Now we're going to look at the parts in more detail. So, we have... Let's start with the reading test. The reading test is one hour and 15 minutes. There are four parts. This will be 20% of your overall mark, and you'll be expected to read 3,000 words. What kinds of text will you be reading? Well, you'll be reading newspapers, fiction, non-fiction, and promotional copy. So it could be a variety of texts that you might just encounter in life in an English-speaking country. The skills that it's looking for is... It will be looking for your ability to read for gist, which is like the general meaning, but also detail. These are different reading skills. When you're reading for detail, you'll have to find a specific part of the text and read very closely for your answer, whereas gist relates to the general meaning. And when you're answering the questions, sometimes it will be multiple choice. So, you know, A), B), C), and sometimes you'll need to fill in a gap. So, you need to go back to the test... To the text, read closely, and find your answer so you can fill in the gap. It's also testing you on your ability to interpret tone in a text. So, perhaps not just the literal words written there on the page, but when we understand tone, we get an extra sense of what it really means. And also opinion, so you're reading something, and then you're making... When you're reading it for opinion, you get a sense of what is actually meant, and you'll need to express what is meant through opinion, through people's opinion. And you'll be expected to understand the main ideas of the text as well. When we come back, we're going to look at the other parts of the test in closer detail. Let's have a look at the writing part of the exam in closer detail-this is a magnifying glass-and the use of English part of the exam. So, the writing part of the test is two questions. It's going to be 20% of your overall mark. And it's one hour, 30 minutes. Now, what you need to do in the writing test is... Question one is compulsory, that means you have to answer it; you don't have a choice. In this question, first of all, you need to read an extract, so there'll be a short text, up to 150 words, that you need to read before you write your own answer.
Listening C1 (CAE) Practice Test with answers and transcripts
English degree. Cambridge Advanced English:(CAE or C1) as proof of high-level achievement in learning English. CAE exam or C1 exam listening test with answer keys helps learners develop the skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.
Listening C1, CAE Practice 2015, Test 1, Part 1
Listening C1, CAE Practice 2015, Test 1, Part 1 DOWNLOAD FULL EXAM: http://gavitex.com/share/z36yqneyy ANSWERS (below) 1-B 2-C 3-A 4-B 5-A 6-A
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Cambridge English:Advanced 2  Test 5 (CAE Practice Test)
Answers 1.B 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.A 6.B Part 2 7 queen 8 colony 9 wood 10 (enough) feedback 11 staircase 12 sandbags/sand bags/bags of sand 13 intelligence 14 (mathematical) model Part 3 15 B 16 A 17 D 18 B 19 D 20 A Part 4 21 F 22 H 23 B 24 A 25 D 26 B 27 C 28 F 29 H 30 D
Cambridge English: Advanced (from 2015), Raphael and Maude
Read examiner's comments for learners here http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/173976-cambridge-english-advanced-examiners-comments.pdf The Cambridge English: Advanced exam has been revised and the updated exam will start being used for exam sessions in January 2015. See what happens in each part of the exam. Read more at: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-qualifications/advanced/exam-update-for-2015/
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CAE Practice for Certificate in Advanced English Speaking Test (Full Video)
Blogger http://goo.gl/Vq619r Youtube http://goo.gl/hlt8CL Facebook http://goo.gl/YZycZX English tests are worldwide recognised as an effective instrument to proof English language skills, either for educational or immigration purposes. A test evaluates the candidate's abilities to listen, read, write and speak in English in two formats: Academic, tests a person's ability to study in English at undergraduate or postgraduate level; General Training, used for immigration purposes. English, First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English, and more English Exam, English Test, Speaking English Test First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Preliminary English Test, International English Language Testing System, Young Learner English, Key English Test, Certificate of Proficiency English, Teaching Knowledge Test
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CAE Speaking Exam - How to Do Parts 1+2 of the CAE Speaking Test
See the full version of this CAE speaking test preparation lesson here: http://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/cae-speaking-test-part-1-2-advice-video-lesson In this lesson, you can learn how to improve your score in Parts 1 and 2 of the CAE speaking exam. You can learn about parts 1 and 2 of the CAE speaking test, and you'll see some things you can do to perform better and get a higher CAE speaking score. You can learn: - How to develop your ideas in part one of the CAE speaking exam. - How to prepare for part one so that you can use a better range of English vocabulary. - How to compare and speculate in part two of the CAE speaking test. - How to manage your time so that you use your speaking time effectively. - What to do if you don't know what to say! You can see more of our free English lessons on our site: http://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/free-english-lessons
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Cambridge English Proficiency Certificate (CPE) // Results, Experience + Advice!
Because a couple of people requested me to do this video here it is: My experience with the Cambridge English Proficiency Certificate (CPE) exam which tests for level C2 in English, aka native speaker level. I share my own results as well as some thoughts I have on standardized testing in general and on this exam in particular. I also try to give a few tips as to where to find study materials and what the tricky parts of the exam are. If you have anything to add or any further questions, please leave it in the comments! xx BOOKTUBE playlist: http://bit.ly/2m9V0Zo twitter: https://twitter.com/ivymusee instagram: www.instagram.com/ivymusee goodreads: www.goodreads.com/user/show/7254722-theresa
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PET Preliminary English Test | Speaking Full Video
Blogger http://goo.gl/Vq619r Youtube http://goo.gl/hlt8CL Facebook http://goo.gl/YZycZX English tests are worldwide recognised as an effective instrument to proof English language skills, either for educational or immigration purposes. A test evaluates the candidate's abilities to listen, read, write and speak in English in two formats: Academic, tests a person's ability to study in English at undergraduate or postgraduate level; General Training, used for immigration purposes. English, First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Certificate of Proficiency in English, and more English Exam, English Test, Speaking English Test First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English, Preliminary English Test, International English Language Testing System, Young Learner English, Key English Test, Certificate of Proficiency English, Teaching Knowledge Test
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CAE Use of English LESSON 1
A detailed look at a sample Use of English paper for the CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam).
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http://www.ielts-toefl-yds.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ieltsvetoefl/
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Passing Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) 2016
CAE preparation materials: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B492gzcyd_aGdUMtdTY1RDNmM1k My results: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byj0QITtWHCeQXc2QWdob0YzZE0
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http://www.realenglish-online.com Here's a video with some tips for both CAE and CPE exams. Watch this if you are a candidate and don't hesitate to get in touch for any questions or to book our online courses!
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CAE Listening 1
This is a listening exercice to practice for the Cambridge certificate in advanced English (CAE). You can try the exercise at: http://englishlistenings.com/archives/666
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How to Write an Essay for CAE
*************************************************************** Did you like this video? Was it helpful? Perhaps think about buying me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/Q5Q2B8Y2 Making videos for YouTube and producing materials for teachers and students alike is a time-consuming and often expensive business. But any little help I can get would make a big difference, so please, think about tipping me a dollar or two so that I can continue making videos for you all. Thank you so much! *************************************************************** Are you preparing for the Cambridge English: Advanced exam? In that case, this video is for you. Here we look at the first part of the Writing Paper, in which you have to write an Essay. In every Essay for the CAE you are given three possible items to discuss connected to a topic - of these, you must write about two, and then make a decision of some kind. To succeed in the exam it's important, first and foremost, that you complete the task, and in this video we consider what that means. Then we look at an example Essay writing task, and discuss the structure you can use - how many paragraphs, what each should contain, and how you can make sure the Target Reader is fully informed. If you would like more practice with CAE material, I recommend these books, available on Amazon: Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced http://amzn.to/2hN1RLJ Past Papers Pack 1 (with audio and answers) http://amzn.to/2zWmUzK I also have a Facebook page, where you can talk about the exam as well as English in general, with me and other students: www.facebook.com/closelyobservedenglish
CAE Speaking Exam Advice - Preparing for the CAE Speaking Test
See the full version of this CAE speaking exam preparation lesson here: http://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/cae-speaking-exam-tips-video-lesson In this lesson, we’re going to give you some simple but important advice for improving your score in the CAE speaking test. Practice and preparation are important, but imagine it’s the day of your CAE speaking exam. What should you do to improve your score? Here are six essential tips. You can get some simple, effective advice on: - How to warm up for the CAE speaking exam. - How to interact with the other candidate during your CAE speaking test. - How to manage your time. - How to communicate clearly and give more interesting answers. See more of our free English lessons on our site: http://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/free-english-lessons
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Cambridge CAE 1 Listening Test 1
This series for Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English. Good for both CAE teacher sand self-study students. All the material are extracted from the real test, therefore the quality is guaranteed. This material iss also very good for CPE test.
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Cambridge English: Proficiency, Derk and Annick
Taking the Cambridge English: Proficiency Speaking exam. See what happens in each part of the exam. Read more at: www.cambridgeenglish.org/proficiency and the examiners notes are available here http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/cambridge-english-proficiency-speaking-test-video.pdf All details correct as of September 2014
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Examiners talking about Speaking Tests
What makes a good Speaking test candidate? In this video three examiners give their advice and tips for the Cambridge English: First and Cambridge English: Advanced Speaking tests. We think you'll find it useful, no matter which exam you teach. All details correct as of August 2013
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IELTS, CAE, or FCE? Which English exam should you take?
IELTS, CAE, or FCE? Are you thinking about taking a formal English exam for work, study or your personal development? Not sure which one to take? Here I talk about two of the most common tests taken by people who wish to work or study in English-speaking countries -- the IELTS and the Cambridge CAE (Certificate of Advanced English). I also talk about Cambridge's FCE test. I compare and contrast the exams in detail to help you decide which test is right for your needs. I will tell you: - Who takes these English exams? - Which test is easier/more difficult? - For what practical purposes do people take these exams? - What are the exams themselves like and how do they compare? TRANSCRIPT: Hi everyone. I'm Jade. What we're going to talk about today is comparing Cambridge exams with the IELTS exam. These are exams that you might be thinking of taking as part of your journey with learning English for various reasons. And we'll look at the different exams; we'll look at the reasons to take Cambridge exams or IELTS exams. And then, we'll generally compare what's in the two exam systems. So the Cambridge exams, we'll be talking about these two. This one is the First Certificate of English, and that's around intermediate level. And this is a harder exam. This is an advanced level exam also from Cambridge. So there are four different levels in this Cambridge exam series. And this compares to just one IELTS test that tests the same -- a much broader span, okay? So what does that mean? If you take the IELTS test, and you're someone with an intermediate or a lower intermediate level, the test will be really hard for you because it covers such a wide level of English whereas if you take the right test for your level in the Cambridge exams, what you're doing in the test is closer to what you already know. So that's a key difference between them. Something else to say about IELTS as well is that there are two kinds of IELTS exams. One is IELTS Academic, and that test is designed for people who want to go to university in an English-speaking country or want to do a course that's going to be in English. And the other IELTS test is IELTS General Training. And that one is different because you don't have to do some of the writing questions which are based on university things. They're not in this test. So it's just a little bit more practical. So why take these tests in the first place? People take these tests for different reasons. One reason, as I mentioned before, is if you want to go to university in England or maybe in Australia. You will need to have a test result that shows your level of English. So in that case, what test do you take? You either need to have the IELTS Academic test or you need to do the CAE test. You can take either exam. This FCE exam is too low -- the level is too low, so it's not useful for you if you want to go to university. In the UK, IELTS is the most popular. But for American universities, a lot of people do a different test, but I'm not talking about it today, which is the TOEFL test. Then, what if your purpose for taking one of these tests is for work? Well, it depends, really, on the job that you're doing. FCE would be okay if your purpose is work. I've known people who come to England with the purpose of learning English and to have a job here -- like a service job or work with an English family and look after their children and things like that. And I've known them to usually choose to do the First Certificate because you can go to a language school; you can learn enough English to get by and enough English for your daily life and things like that. It's useful. So you can do that in those kinds of jobs. You could also do IELTS General. I mean, IELTS General will test you to a higher level. So it really depends on your job whether this will be useful for you. Some people like to have it on their CV and show what score of English they have. So for them, it's useful. And some people say for professions -- for example, lawyers and doctors, things like that. They say the IELTS Academic is better for these people. From my experience of the two tests, what I would say is that IELTS Academic just has a different writing question in it, and that different writing question is academic language. It's comparing graphs and things like that. So it really depends what suits you and what you feel is necessary or needed for your job. To do IELTS Academic but not intend to go to university or be using academic English would be a bit of a waste of effort for you because you would need to learn how to write these graph questions and this kind of extra work for you, which is probably never going to be useful in your life. So yeah. Again, it depends.
Top Tip for Cambridge Exam Reading
Good day everyone! My current online CPE is coming to an end and it's time to start others. And I can promise you: I WILL BE THE TEACHER! So what's in the package? - 3 months of specialized exam prep: using the textbook Expert Proficiency, Proficiency Testbuilder and past papers. - Learning all parts of the exam format inside out using valuable tactics - In depth language practice from various sources. - Valuable mental preparation and support which is vital to possess on the day of the exam. - 24 academic hours per month (2 lesson per week, each lesson 2hrs/15mins) - All for the price of 10800 Rubles for 24 academic hours! Starting 14th January CPE Afternoon Monday/Wednesday 14.00 - 16.15 Moscow Standard Time (MSK), UTC +3 CPE Evening Monday/Wednesday 19.00 - 21.15 Moscow Standard Time (MSK), UTC +3 Also: CAE Online Starting 21st January FCE online Starting 14th January To get information about our online courses and marathons please feel free to text us on WhatsApp or Viber: +7 905-645-30-87 or email: [email protected]
Listening C1 - 1º Examen CAE
👉Solutions: https://goo.gl/KmQur3 👈 Learn English to obtain the C1 Cambridge degree and practice with our Listening exams with all the solutions. You can repeat and see the transcription, and thus practice the ear to pass the C1 CAE English test. ESOL Listening English.
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FCE Cambridge Test - Practice Test 1 - Use of English Part 1
Resolução comentada do FCE Practice Test 1 Use of English Part 1
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Listening B2, Cambridge English First (FCE) Test - Part 1 (with Answer Keys & Transcript)
FCE examination, B2 level - Listening section - Part 1. TRANSCRIPTS Question 1. Jenny, hi, it’s me. I’m on the train and it’s stuck somewhere just outside the station - signalling problems or something ...Yes, I know, sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Anyway, listen, could you check my diary and see when I'm supposed to be with those marketing people? ... It’s on my desk ... ... Oh, isn’t it? Oh, that’s strange. And it’s not in the drawer? I wonder... Oh, I know, I must have left it in Jimmie’s office after yesterday’s meeting. You couldn’t get it and then ring me back, could you? Sorry to be a nuisance. Thanks a lot. Question 2. Eggs are delicious food and parents have to make sure they are laid in spots well hidden from hungry thieves. One such careful parent braves the rushing waters of the Iguagu waterfalls in South America to lay its eggs in a damp crack in the rock face behind the falling water. Accidents are frequent, but evidently the risk is considered worthwhile. In any case, there are no eggs on the menu in this particular part of South America, which is bad news for some! Question 3. - There’s something wrong with my watch. It's running slow. - Oh, a Lexor. It's a common problem with the older Lexor watches. The latest ones are much better! - That’s no help to me. - No, I suppose not. Anyway, it’s not easy to get them fixed, either. Not many people are up to it. - Right. So ,..? - And the problem is that by the time you’ve got it to pieces and put in the new parts and reassembled it, you might as well have replaced it. It’s always the same, and it’s just as likely to go wrong again in a couple of months. Question 4. I must say, it surprised me when I saw how many there were in the family. I don’t see how they’re all going to fit in that small house. And they're obviously quite well-off - you should have seen the amounts of electronic equipment that was carried in, and they’ve got three large cars between them - so why would a wealthy family like that want to live here? It makes you wonder how they earn their living. Not that I’ve got anything to complain about - they’ve been perfectly pleasant whenever I’ve spoken to any of them, though so far they haven’t found time to come in for a coffee. Question 5. I love deep-sea diving. I go at least once every summer. The deeper you go, the quieter everything becomes, until finally all you can hear is the sound of your own heartbeat. It's my way of getting away from it all, finding some peace for once. I spent my honeymoon diving, although my wife’s not so keen, and it’s not something we always do together. I don't need company necessarily, and I’m not looking for some incredible adventure. I did, however, once join some guys in a cage off Florida, searching for the great white shark. If sharks stop moving, they die. That sounds like me back home! Question 6. Interviewer: It’s difficult to talk about the beauty of a sound, but our great musicians today still clearly feel that these sixteenth-century Italian violins are the best. Do you agree with them? Scientist: Well, if you look closely at a violin, um ... it may be a beautiful-looking instrument, but it is basically just a wooden box, whose function is to take a little energy out of the string that the musician plays and to turn it into sound that is then heard by the listener. The function of an individual violin is to provide suitable playing and sound qualities for the musician to express all of his or her emotions. Question 7. If, like me, you’re about to set off for Australia and you haven't yet bought a guidebook, how about trying a CD-ROM instead? Be careful though, the majority of interactive CDs turn out to be a let-down. Many publishers convert printed material to digital format, add a few flashy linkages and expect the buying public to be impressed. I wasn’t. In this context, Wilson’s multimedia package is a refreshing contrast. It’s got all the information, readily accessed from a single¬page pictorial index covering states, cities, wildlife, famous people, etc., and the data is accompanied by good still pictures and ninety-two video clips. Question 8. If you have to deal with a customer who keeps ringing your office about a problem you think you’ve already dealt with, it’s important to be forceful. Make them understand that you really sympathise with their problem, but decide on a course of action early in the conversation and try to keep it moving quickly to avoid any difficult areas. If you can, it might be worth your while trying to discover if there is another reason for their persistence, to try to do something about it before they call again. ======= CORRECT ANSWERS 1A - 2A - 3B - 4C - 5B - 6A - 7A - 8C
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Introduction to the Cambridge English Scale
The Cambridge English Scale is a range of scores used to report results for Cambridge English exams from 2015. This video provides an overview of the scale, what it is, how it works and the benefits it brings to candidates, teachers, institutions and other users of our exams. Exam results will be reported on the Cambridge English Scale for sessions held after the following dates: From January 2015 Cambridge English: First, First for Schools, Advanced and Proficiency From August 2015 Cambridge English: Key, Key for Schools, Preliminary and Preliminary for Schools From September 2015 Cambridge English: Business Certificates More information about the Cambridge English Scale can be found on our website: www.cambridgeenglish.org/cambridgeenglishscale All details correct as of November 2014
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Proficiency in English Listening Sample
Part 1 1-C 2-B 3-A 4-B 5-A 6-C Part 2 7 olive 8 harden 9 (simple) pins 10 (silver) tears 11 (local) co-operative OR (local) cooperative OR (local) co-op 12 (a) chewing gum 13 ice(-)cream 14 (clay) pots 15 stomach Part 3 16B 17A 18B 19 D 20 D Part 4 21-F 22-E 23-H 24-B 25-G 26-E 27-H 28-A 29-C 30-B Subcribe channel: https://goo.gl/zzEkPo ========================================­=========== Series Cambridge IELTS 1-10: http://bit.ly/Cambridge_IELTS_Full_Se... Basic Tactics for Listening Test Booklet 2nd edition : http://bit.ly/Basic-Tactics-Enlish-pdf Listen Carefully PDF: http://bit.ly/listen_carefully_Jack_R... Ielts Testbuilder 1 One of the best books for Practice IELTS Test Builder 2 : http://bit.ly/1K3Yjcw
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Take your Cambridge English exam on the computer!
Cambridge English computer-based exams: find out about the benefits for students to take the exam on the computer and learn how to prepare well for the exam. More flexibility and choice with computer-based exams: http://www.cambridge-exams.ch/exams/CB_exams.php
Cambridge English:Advanced 2 Test 6 (CAE Practice Test)
*NEW* VERSION (My previous video had a mistake. This is the correct version) PLEASE CHANGE THE QUALITY OF THE VIDEO TO THE MAXIMUM SETTING. OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE QUESTION PAPER. PART 1 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. A PART 2 7. POPULAR 8. INSECT 9. GREEN GOLD 10. (THE) STORMS 11. NETS/NETTING 12. (SMALL) HOLES 13. BOILED 14. BLANKETS PART 3 15. D 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. C 20. D PART 4 21. H 22. A 23. F 24. E 25. C 26. D 27. B 28. G 29. A 30. H
FCE Speaking Exam Part One - Cambridge FCE Speaking Test Advice
In this lesson, you can learn about how to do the Cambridge FCE speaking exam, part 1. Even if you have a good level of English, the FCE speaking test can be challenging. In this lesson, you can see what to expect in part one of the speaking test and how to improve your score. You can see the full version of this free English lesson here: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/fce-speaking-exam-part-one. In this lesson, you will learn: - What to expect in part one of the FCE speaking exam. - How to improve your score in the FCE speaking test. - How to appear more confident. You’ll see what kind of questions you’ll be asked, how you can answer them well, and also some useful advice on how to feel more confident during your exam. You will also see sample FCE speaking questions and answers, so you can see the advice in action! See more of our free English lessons on this page: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/free-english-lessons
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39 Minutes of Advanced English Listening Comprehension
This is the best video to get started with Advanced English listening comprehension! Don’t forget to create your free account here https://goo.gl/sSha9N to access personalized lessons, tons of video series, wordlists and more! ↓Check how below↓ Step 1: Go to https://goo.gl/sSha9N Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account - No money, No credit card required Step 3: Achieve Your Learning Goal and master English the fast, fun and easy way! In this video, you’ll challenge your English listening comprehension skills. You will listen to small dialogues for Advanced Level by English native speakers. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning English, and improve both your listening and speaking skills. Follow and write to us using hashtag #EnglishClass101 - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EnglishClass101 - Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/+EnglishClass101 - Twitter : https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101
Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools, Victoria and Chiara
Read examiner's comments here http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/149446-pet-for-schools-examiner-s-comments.pdf This includes comments on the student performances in this video, and information on the format of the Speaking test and how it is assessed. A sample Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools Speaking test
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Cambridge English: Key for Schools, Sharissa and Jannis
Read examiner's comments here http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/149448-ket-for-schools-examiner-s-comments.pdf This includes comments on the student performances in this video, and information on the format of the Speaking test and how it is assessed. A sample Cambridge English: Key for Schools Speaking test
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Cambridge website: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/proficiency/ Handbook and sample test: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/Images/168194-cambridge-english-proficiency-teachers-handbook.pdf Score converter: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/Images/225856-converting-cambridge-english-proficiency-practice-test-scores.pdf Practice tests and exercises on Flo-Joe: https://www.flo-joe.co.uk/cpe/students/tests/ More practice online: https://www.englishrevealed.co.uk/cpe.php You can also find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chiaramarte19/?hl=it or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006746476765
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A1 Movers speaking test – Sole
Read more about the A1 Movers test at https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/movers/ You can download the examiner's comments on this test from https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/502607-sole-a1-movers.pdf
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Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use Advanced App Review
Want to improve your vocabulary before your Cambridge exam? Check out my awesome new online course! https://efl.academy More exam tips on https://www.caeexamtips.com/ In this video I review the Cambridge Advanced Vocabulary in Use iPhone app. There are some good things and some terrible things about this app - take a look and make up your own mind.
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Listening A2, KET 1, Test 1, Part 1
DOWNLOAD FULL EXAM: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9dy11dxza7aefnd/KET_1.pdf/file ANSWERS (below) 1-B 2-A 3-B 4-A 5-C
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A2 Flyers speaking test – Michaela
Read more about the A2 Flyers test at https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/flyers/ You can download the examiner's comments on this test from https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/502605-michaela-a2-flyers.pdf
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Entry 1 Cambridge Writing Exam Practice
A video showing how to tackle an Entry 1 Cambridge Writing Exam with and an example of a note writing task.
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http://www.realenglish-online.com/ This video is perfect for you if you are preparing for CAE by Cambridge and you would like to know about the speaking and what is expected of you.
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FCE/CAE Writing:  Getting  Started
People fear the FCE/CAE written exam. But actually it's not all that bad when you know how... and I WILL show you how. This is the first video in a series for FCE and CAE: getting started - "know the written exam." A good pass mark chiefly comes down to being prepared and after watching this video, you'll be in a much stronger position. https://youtu.be/hw9BrHz5dtQ
FCE Cambridge Test 1 - Listening Part 1
Practice doing the listening test part 1 listen and write down the answers on a piece of paper. The answers are at the end of the video.
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CAE Speaking Part 1 Must Watch
Apologies for the small writing - this was my first youtube video ;) Here is what I wrote on the whiteboard: 3 tips for part 1 of the CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced) speaking exam. 1. Think what questions you might be asked. 2. Think of lengthy answers to these questions. 3. Practice with a friend/family member/teacher. Get an FCE B2 level English course for free using the code: STULANG.FRIENDS at the checkout: https://www.udemy.com/english-first-certificate-use-of-english-b2/ LESSONS Book group/individual lessons with me: http://studentlanguages.com/book-lessons/ CAE (C1) course: http://studentlanguages.com/cae-course/ FCE (B2) course: http://studentlanguages.com/fce-exam-practice/ SUPPORT/FOLLOW Support my work with a donation: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BKWVXBXKW9LDG Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Student-Languages-1644437332477963/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/StuLang B2 QUALIFICATION RESOURCES FCE coursebook (b2 qualification) - http://amzn.to/2mjjHny - (includes grammar reference BUT no cds) FCE workbook (b2 qualification) - http://amzn.to/2GrWMQv - (includes a cd BUT no grammar reference) Grammar books: http://amzn.to/2D1aLhP http://amzn.to/2D1aKJX Practice test book: http://amzn.to/2DNaOhW C1 QUALIFICATION RESOURCES CAE coursebook (C1 qualification) - http://amzn.to/2zlsBp0 - (includes a grammar reference BUT no cds) CAE workbook (C1 qualification) - http://amzn.to/2o7bPaz - (includes a cd BUT no grammar reference) Grammar books: http://amzn.to/2DzYvS5 http://amzn.to/2Eyr8TS Practice test book: http://amzn.to/2C3p2Kb Do you like my work? Make a monthly donation: https://www.patreon.com/CambridgeEnglishTeacherRory cae pass cae prepare cae learn english online cambridge english: advanced cambridge english exams pass cambridge english exams
Cambridge Placement Test Practice for Kulaijaya 1
Part 1 of 3 videos helping you get ready for the Cambridge Placement Test next week
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Cambridge English: First (from 2015), Victoria and Edward
Read examiner's comments here http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/173977-cambridge-english-first-speaking-test-examiner-comments.pdf This includes comments on the student performances in this video, and information on the format of the Speaking test and how it is assessed. All details correct as of July 2014
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Cambridge CAE 6 Listening Test 2
This series for Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English. Good for both CAE teacher sand self-study students. All the material are extracted from the real test, therefore the quality is guaranteed. This material iss also very good for CPE test.
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Listening CPE C2 Test 1, Part 1
Exam Listening CPE C2 Test 1, Part 1 DOWNLOAD FULL EXAM: http://gavitex.com/share/tgud2sfji ANSWERS (below) 1-C 2-B 3-A 4-B 5-A 6-C Test 1, Part 2 http://youtu.be/hJA09PRNdKk Test 1, Part 3 http://youtu.be/pTr0JNmhhM8 Test 1, Part 4 http://youtu.be/i_7GGMhVC3c
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Exam skills: 6 tips to help you with reading exams
Time isn't always on your side! Reading English is often OK if you’ve got plenty of time to do it, but in a reading exam, it can seem as if time isn’t on your side! Watch this video to see our six top tips to help you with your reading exam - then afterwards test your understanding in our quiz. [Images: Getty Images] For more, visit our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/english-you-need/unit-13/session-1 Transcript Rob Reading English is often OK if you’ve got plenty of time to do it, but in a reading exam, it can seem as if time isn’t on your side! Here's examiner Mark Shea… Mark Shea, Examiner The way most reading exams work is that you have a lot of reading to do and very little time to do it. Time is more important perhaps in reading than in any other paper. Rob So there's no time to waste in a reading exam but hopefully our top tips will not make your next exam feel like a sprint! The first thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the structure of the exam. Remember to do plenty of reading practice tests – preferably in timed conditions. And get feedback either from your teacher or by checking your answers with answer keys where possible. When you do the real exam, begin by reading the instructions carefully so you know exactly what you're required to do. One suggestion is to start with the reading section that you found easiest in the practice test - then you'll have time to focus on the sections you find most difficult. Other people suggest the opposite. You choose which way works for you. Just don't spend too much time on any one section – the clock is ticking! This is how one student approaches a reading exam… Student When the paper come, I read first the questions. I try to read the whole thing and try to construct how I answer those questions. Rob So it’s a good idea to read the questions before you read the texts, so you know what to look for. You could skim to find the main idea of a section of text or scan to find specific details such as key words, details, phrases or synonyms from the questions. Attempt to answer all the questions as long as there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. And make sure you leave some time at the end to check your answers. Good luck!
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Introduction to Testbank - Official exam practice online
Find out about online preparation for Cambridge English exams: http://bit.ly/1PoU2yv Cambridge English Practice Testbank, developed by Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment, offers flexible, realistic exam practice, whenever and wherever you want it. Choose Cambridge English Practice Testbank for official practice materials and flexible exam preparation for the following exams: Cambridge English: Key for Schools; Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools; Cambridge English: First for Schools; Cambridge English: First; and Cambridge English: Advanced. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest English Language Teaching videos, tips and advice: http://bit.ly/CUPELTYouTube