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How to Customize Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders and Receipts in Xero
Get Your Xero 30 Day Free Trial: http://fitsmallbusiness.com/goto/xero-course-youtube/ In this lesson, we’re going to cover how to customize invoices, quotes, purchase orders and receipts in Xero. Access this Lesson here: http://fitsmallbusiness.com/customize-invoices-quotes-xero-course/ ====================================================== Access Our Course On How to Set up Customers in Xero: http://fitsmallbusiness.com/set-up-customers-xero-course/ ====================================================== Access Our Course On How to Set up Suppliers in Xero: http://fitsmallbusiness.com/set-up-suppliers-xero-course/ ====================================================== Access Our Course On How to Invoice a Customer in Xero: Coming Soon! ====================================================== Access Our Course On How to Create a Bill in Xero: Coming Soon! ======================================================
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Salesforce in Action - Purchase Order Workflow
This video offers a look at a custom Purchase Order process in Salesforce. The process was made possible with a custom object and an approval process to handle routing of approvals based on amount & other criteria as defined by the business. © Cloud Studio, Inc. 2015.
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How to create SAP Workflow (Using Purchase Order scenario in sdn wiki post)
View quick-summary: http://bit.ly/10NcMA4 The video shows how to implement a SAP workflow. The sample scenario used is that of 'Purchase Order maintenance' as detailed in sap sdn wiki post http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/ABAP/Workflow+Scenario.
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Create Import Purchase Order with Confirmation - SAP MM
Use Tcode: ME21N to Create Import Purchase Order with Confirmation to maintain Inbound Delivery
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How to Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online - QuickBooks Online Tutorial
This is a video showing how to create a purchase order in QuickBooks Online. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. You can also email me at [email protected] . If you found this video helpful, please let me know by clicking the thumbs up button and commenting. Also be sure to subscribe to my channel to receive updates on more related content in the future. For more information on the services we offer and our blog please visit www.FirstClassTaxSolutions.com If you want to book a consulting session, visit www.QuickQuickBooks.com Please like our FaceBook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-Class-Tax-Solutions-LLC/142896595918648
Creating a Purchase Order
This video will show you how to create a purchase order in Design Manager. http://www.designmanager.com/
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Sage BusinessVision 2011 - Upgrading Customized Purchase Order and Purchase Order Details Forms
If you wish to re-use customized forms previously created for Sage BusinessVision 2010, they will need to be updated in order to be compatible with Sage BusinessVision 2011. If you do not use customized forms (i.e. you use the forms supplied with Sage BusinessVision) then you will not need to update your forms. This tutorial will show you how to upgrade your customized Purchase Order and Purchase Order Details forms for use with Sage BusinessVision 2011.
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Custom Quickbooks Purchase Order Report
Do you ever need to get reports and data from your Quickbooks faster? ReportingGuru has developed a connector tool that makes it easier to build reports from your Quickbooks data. Here's an example using a custom Quickbooks Purchase Order Report Built by Reporting Guru. www.ReportingGuru.com develops custom Quickbooks reports.
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Purchase Order Forms
http://ncrcarbonlessforms.com/3-part-forms-1-color-ink-500-sets-legal-size/ Great deals on purchase order forms - po order form printing. When you are ready to purchase contract forms. Get custom purchase order forms printed. Shipped free.
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Create custom templates like Product List|Delivery Report|Sales Indent|Purchase Order and more
Now create custom templates like Product List|Delivery Report, Sales Indent, Purchase Order and more with Quotationer - in 2-3 mouse clicks
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1. Custom ERP: Purchase Request (PR)
Dalam module purchasing ada proses purchase request (PR), yaitu proses untuk mengajukan permohonan pembelian barang. Purchase ini ditujukan ke department purchasing. PR akan menjadi acuan dalam pembuatan Purchase Order (PO).
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Invoice and Purchase Order
http://ncrcarbonlessforms.com/4-part-forms-1-color-ink-2500-sets-letter-size/ Purchase order and invoice forms work together to reconcile your invoices with purchases. Custom invoices and custom purchase orders printed on carbonless paper.
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Purchase Order Request Fulfillment Process
How to request for a PO or place an order via TBC's SharePoint site.
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Welcome to Digital Purchase Order Software
Get the 30 days free trial for this Purchase Order Software here: https://shop.digitalpurchaseorder.com/get-trial.php For more information, please visit: https://www.digitalpurchaseorder.com ------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Digital Purchase Order. This is a quick guide to how to get started with the purchase order software and get the system running within a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is to customize your Purchase Order Settings. Please go to your project and the purchase order system will direct you to an initial setup guide. You can change your email settings in there, create your department names, and change or select expenditure types and currencies. If you would like to automate your approval process, you can configure your approval chain immediately. In here, you can decide how many approval steps are needed. You can add as many as you want and add filters with certain conditions. In the next step, you can edit your profile or invite new users. You can also decide which Purchase Orders should be visible to other people and whether this person is an approver or not. Once you are finished here, you are ready to go to create your first Purchase Order. If you would like to make more adjustments, simply click on the administration button here and explore more than 200 further customization options. Please also check our other video tutorials on the main page. If you would like to import your vendor or supplier list to the system or change the layout of your Purchase Order report, you can contact [email protected] and we will take care of the rest. Enjoy your new Purchase Order experience.
C# Application - Invoicing and Billing Software with Purchase Order  for mechanical company
Purchase Orders for your Business Create and Send Purchase Orders Customize your Purchase Orders Convert Purchase Orders to Bills Track Open Purchase Orders with Reports Purchase Items Powerful Reports & Analytics Transport Entry Database Backup & Restore GST
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QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Purchase Orders and Partial Receiving
Hector Garcia, CPA shows you how purchase orders work in QuickBooks Online Plus and how to do NEW partial receiving
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Apogee StoreFront - How to customize purchase order codes
During checkout a print buyer can enter a purchase order code in a web store created using the Apogee StoreFront web-to-print solution of Agfa Graphics. Such a code can be an internal reference number, a department code or some kind of tracking number. This video shows how shoppers can be informed which type of reference code is expected.
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Facebook Pixel Purchase and Conversion Tracking with GTM | Part 3
In the last videos we have set up our Facebook Base Tracking Pixel and Custom Event Tracking. Now we need to tell Facebook what to optimize for. That’s why we need to setup Conversion Tracking or also called Purchase Tracking in Facebook Ads. In this final part of our GTM series, we will set up Conversion Tracking and transfer the Value of our Conversion to Facebook Further Links: Conversion Value Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFNe3RSYZjU How to setup your Base Tracking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri67jetlL6I How to setup event Tracking for FB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwBV0MNcQM8 #FacebookAds #FacebookPixel #GoogleTagManager 🎓 Learn more from Measureschool: http://measureschool.com/products GTM Copy Paste https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gtm-copy-paste/mhhidgiahbopjapanmbflpkcecpciffa 🚀Looking to kick-start your data journey? Hire us: https://measureschool.com/services/ 📚 Recommended Measure Books: https://kit.com/Measureschool/recommended-measure-books 📷 Gear we used to produce this video: https://kit.com/Measureschool/measureschool-youtube-gear 👍 FOLLOW US Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/measureschool Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/measureschool
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Xero Tutorial: Purchase Order Setup - Episode 16
Creating a purchase order within Xero is easy, please follow this walk-through to learn how. http://www.smithbrownaccountants.co.uk/ --- Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is listed on both the New Zealand Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange. Its products are based on the software as a service (SaaS) model and sold by subscription, based on the type and number of company entities managed by the subscriber. Xero was founded by Rod Drury and his personal accountant after they found that traditional desktop accounting software had become outdated and decided to create a modern cloud-based product. Xero Limited was officially formed in 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand where its global headquarters are still located. The company entered the Australian market in 2011, and the United Kingdom and United States in 2012. --- Script - From the Accounts tab, select purchases. Choose Purchase Order from the dropdown menu on the New button. Then fill in the fields on the screen; Attach any digital documents to the icon of the sheet of paper. Enter the supplier name, the date and delivery date. Select an item from the inventory items by clicking in the items field or free type into the description, quantity, unit price and account code for each line. Further down the screen, the delivery address has been taken from the details entered under the organization settings. This can be changed by clicking on the blue delivery address link. Select Add new address to enter an address I want this supplier to always use. Xero will save this address. Select Add one-off address to enter an address just to be used for this order. Xero won’t save this. Select Search from contacts to enter an address held in the Contacts eg if the items are to be delivered directly to a customer. Enter any delivery instructions. Save as a draft using the blue Save button or save as an approved purchase order by using the green approve button.
How to create a purchase order in Shiphero.
Odoo Add Custom Fields to Purchase Order Form by BrowseInfo
This module is an answer to all those people/firms who need very extensive Purchase Order form. Those who need to add custom fields from the GUI will find it extremely easy to add custom fields and that too without depending on any technical guys. Practically telling you are just 3 clicks away from creating and putting a custom field in the Purchase Order form. For module, click here https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/11.0/bi_add_custom_field_purchase/ Contact us: [email protected]
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SAP MM - Create Import Purchase Order
Create Import Purchase Order For SAP freelancing & Online SAP MM training contact on https://www.linkedin.com/in/hrushikesh-kaule-05b15a60/ or [email protected]
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Purchase Order Types in SalesPad Cloud
In this video, we discuss Purchase Order Types within SalesPad Cloud. There are usually only two Purchase Order Types: a Standard PO (inventory that comes into the warehouse), and a Dropship PO (inventory goes directly from the vendor to the customer). In this tutorial, we show you how to create and customize your Purchase Order Types to fit the needs of your business. If you have any questions, check out our Support page at http://docs.salespad.net/support/desktop-support. Subscribe to the SalesPad YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SalesPadChannel Subscribe to our Blog, and get updates: http://blog.salespad.net/ CONNECT WITH US! Google+ || https://plus.google.com/+SalesPadChannel Facebook || https://www.facebook.com/salespad Twitter || https://twitter.com/salespad LinkedIn || https://www.linkedin.com/company/salespad Official Website || http://www.salespad.net
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Edifecs SpecBuilder Working with X12 EDI 850 Transaction (Purchase Order)
Edifecs SpecBuilder is one of the only leading X12/EDI authoring tools that support the full range of tasks required by an EDI analyst - from creating the X12 specification out of a pre-built database to changing the structure, adding custom notes and publishing the specification in a customizable form into all major industry standards such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML and more. This video demonstrates the end-to-end use case of how an organization can use SpecBuilder to work with X12 transactions based on the example of 850 (Purchase Order). The video covers the following topics: creating a new guideline, customization, adding custom notes, changing code lists, publishing the specification in the implementation guide format
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Treasure Coast FileMaker Consulting - Purchase Order Module
Custom Purchase Order Module SeedCode Complete Add-On
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Excel Tips (How to Create PO / Purchase Order)
In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to create purchase order in microsoft excel. Company send purchase order to the supplier / vendor for purchase items then supplier / vendor send items with invoice to the company. Excel Tips (How to Create PO / Purchase Order) Excel Topics: ---------------------- Excel Tips (Formula Auditing in Excel) Excel Tips (Remove Duplicates in Excel) Excel Tips (Subtotal Option in Excel) Excel Tips (Sumif Function in Excel) Excel Tips (Sort & Filter Options in Excel) Excel Tips (Alignment Techniques in Excel) Excel Tips (Countif Function in Excel) Excel Tips (Filter Option in Excel) Excel Tips (Conditional Formatting in Excel) Excel Tips (Freeze Panes in Excel) Excel Tips (Transpose Data Row to Column in Excel) Excel tips (Create a Hyperlink in Excel) Excel Tips (Create a chart in Excel) Excel Tips (Convert Text into Columns in Excel) Excel Tips (Quickly Insert Formula in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Calculate Running Total in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create PO / Purchase Order in Excel) Excel Tips (Top 10 Excel Shortcuts (You Might Be Don't Know)) Excel Tips (How to Create Hyperlink in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Drop Down List and Dependent Drop Down List in Excel) Excel Tips (How to use PV (Present Value Function) in Excel) Excel Tips (How to use FV (Future Value Function Part2) in Excel) Excel Tips (How to use FV (Future Value Function Part1) in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use PMT Function in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Drop Down List and Dependent Drop Down List in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use Advanced Filter in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Pivot Chart in Excel) Excel Tips (How to create Pivot Table in Excel) Excel Tips (TOP 5 Quick Excel Tips and Tricks (You Might Be Don't Know)) Excel Tips (Top 10 Excel Tips and Tricks (You Might Be Don't Know)) Excel Tips (How to Create Check Register in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create INVOICE in Excel) Excel Tips (VLOOKUP WITH MATCH in Microsoft Excel [Part 4]) Excel Tips (VLOOKUP WITH MATCH in Microsoft Excel [Part 3]) Excel Tips (VLOOKUP WITH COLUMNS in Microsoft Excel [Part 2]) Excel Tips (Simple VLOOKUP Function in Microsoft Excel [Part 1]) Excel Tips (How to use SUMIFS Function in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to use COUNTIFS Function in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (Create INVENTORY SYSTEM in Microsoft Excel (Using Vlookup and Sumif) in Excel) Excel Tips (Join Columns with & in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Change Case of Text (Upper, Lower and Proper Case) in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create SPARKLINES in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create SO (Sales Order) in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create PO (Purchase Order) in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Balance Sheet in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Income Statement / Profit and Loss Account in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (Marksheet (Use of Sort and Filter) in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use Text To Columns in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (Attendance Sheet (Use of Countif Function in Microsoft #Excel)) Excel Tips (Attendance Sheet (Use of Conditional Formatting) in Microsoft #Excel)) Excel Tips (Attendance Sheet (Alignment Techniques in #Microsoft Excel)) Excel Tips (How to Use Freeze Panes in Microsoft #Excel) Excel Tips (How to Transpose Data From Rows to Columns in Microsoft #Excel) Excel Tips (How to Insert Quick Formula in Microsoft #Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Payroll System / Salary Sheet in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to use SUMPRODUCT in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Marksheet with Calculation in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (How to Create Invoice in Microsoft Excel) Excel Tips (Difference Between COUNT & COUNTIF in Excel) Excel Tips (Difference Between SUM and SUMIF in MS Excel) Excel Tips (How to Make a Home Budget in Excel) Excel Tips (How to use Column Charts in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use Line Charts in Excel) Excel Tips (How to use Built in Functions in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Calculate Running Total in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use VLOOKUP Function in Excel) Excel Tips (How to Use Data Filter in Excel) Virtual Office Training Virtual Office Training provides basic and advanced level computer, internet, commerce, mobile technology related education for free. For More Interesting updates like Facebook Page And Subscribe My Channel on YouTube. Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Virtual-Office-Training-267325770007332/ YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/virtualofficetrain Don't Forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to My Channel
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Purchase Order Report
Here is an example of how to create a custom Purchase Order report with a few fields.
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Dynamics 365 Custom SSRS Purchase Order Form registering and printing
In this video we show you how to create your custom PurchPurchaseOrder.Report If you are watching it, likely you tried to reshape Microsoft sample X++ code for Sales Confirmation Letter to handle Purchase Order SSRS customized form Insted we look at the record for PurchPurchaseOrder form in PRINTMGMTREPORTFORMAT table, where we see that DocumentType field is 11, not 80 as PrintMgmtDocumentType::PurchaseOrderConfirmationRequest would do. As in the Microsoft example, we add a delegate handler method to use custom report. It extends getDefaultReportFormatDelegate method in the PrintMgtDocTypeHandlerExt So you can try to update DocumentType for your form to be 11 and see that now it shows up as alternative in Print management setup - Purchase Order Original Default Report Format drop down list And the fix is to catch the event 11 in getDefaultReportFormatDelegate method Our example is for D365/AX7 7.2 update 12, Visual Studio 2015
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Banggood se product kaise purchase karein without Custom Duties | INDIA
Hello guys, In this video i have given demo for how to buy on banggood.com to india. Shipping method and Custom duties discussed. According to new policy of shipping methods like india direct mail and others they ask for pan card and adhaar card number. so if you have these dicuments give it or use PayPal payment method, link your debit or credit card with pay pal. #techsmarttindia #banggood #banggoodindia link to buy dbeif d2017- http://bit.ly/2Ljd4jV Dbeif D2016- http://bit.ly/2uX6llx Like on https://m.facebook.com/techsmarttindia/?ref=bookmarks Follow on https://mobile.twitter.com/home Follow on https://www.instagram.com Subscribe- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dKF9PiGC7H7DZkL-gaFuQ Music Credits: https://www.bensound.com/
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Purchase Order Processing
This video will show you how purchase order processing works in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Topics covered in this video include: - Enter a purchase quote or start from a order - Post the receipt - Post the invoice - Issue payment to vendor To find out more information about Dynamics 365, visit our website: http://www.websan.com/solutions/cloud-microsoft-dynamics-365
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vtiger How to create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order
This video explains how to create a purchase order from a sales order.
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Creating purchase orders | Xero
Manage your supply chain with purchase orders in Xero. Learn to create purchase orders, copy them to bills, sales invoices, or new purchase orders to you save time. Xero is beautiful accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. See your cashflow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, payroll, billing & banking. Just login and see the difference. Sign up for a free trial at https://www.xero.com/signup Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xero.accounting/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xero/ Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/xero Follow us on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/xero Subscribe to our Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/XeroOnlineAccounting For Xero product support please visit: https://www.xero.com/support
Custom Vantage Office Purchase Orders
How to create and receive purchase orders in Stamp Shop Manager
QuickBooks Online Plus 2017 Tutorial Enabling Custom Fields in Purchase Orders Intuit Training
Learn about Enabling Custom Fields in Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Online Plus 2017 at www.teachUcomp.com. A clip from Mastering QuickBooks Online Made Easy. Get the complete tutorial for free at https://www.teachucomp.com/free - the most comprehensive QuickBooks Online tutorial available. Visit us today!
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QuickBooks for Contractors: Sales Orders & Purchase Orders
Hector Garcia, CPA shows a typical workflow for contractors that create estimates (or sales orders) and convert them to Purchase Orders to be given to subcontractors. Also shows how to create service items for vendors.
Views: 12616 Hector Garcia CPA
Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway Plugin - Quick Overview
This WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway supports Uploading of PO, Limiting by User Role, Payment Term and many other useful features for your business. - Add PO Number and PO File to Order details - Drag-and-drop - Custom notifications - Limit by User Role - Payment terms - Autocomplete orders - Free installation and configuration Get it right now https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-advanced-purchase-order-gateway/20743713
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Zoho CRM Creating Purchase Orders from a Sales Order
Using a custom button script, Cloud Solutions has designed an automated way to speed up issuing a PO from a confirmed Sales Order. If you would like this function contact us at [email protected]
Views: 231 André Meyer
QuickBooks Pro 2017 Tutorial Creating a Purchase Order Intuit Training
Learn about Creating a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Pro 2017 at www.teachUcomp.com. A clip from Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy. Get the complete tutorial for free at http://www.teachucomp.com/free - the most comprehensive QuickBooks tutorial available. Visit us today!
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Purchase Order Overview - Fishbowl Inventory for QuickBooks
http://www.fishbowlinventory.com/learn-more/?utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=purchase-order-overview-video&utm_campaign=youtube Learn to use the Purchase Order Overview in Fishbowl Inventory 2011. Fishbowl is the #1 selling QuickBooks Inventory management software. Fishbowl makes it easy to create and send purchase orders so you always have optimal inventory levels!
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Extending a Fiori-Like App: Purchase Order Approval
In this demo, Marc Anderegg shows us how to extend a Fiori-Like Application.
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Purchase Order Processing in Tally ERP in Hindi
Now learn how to use and place purchase order processing in tally erp 9 in hindi/Urdu language by Computer Learning Channel on youtube.
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Create Purchase Order and Approve in Oracle R12 Apps
In this video tutorial, we can see how to create Purchase Order and Approve that purchase order in Oracle R12 Applications
QuickBooks Pro 2018 Tutorial Creating a Purchase Order Intuit Training
Learn about Creating a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Pro 2018 at www.teachUcomp.com. A clip from Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy. Get the complete tutorial for free at https://www.teachucomp.com/free - the most comprehensive QuickBooks tutorial available. Visit us today!
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ADVENTURE TIME CHARMS + Custom Order+read description box for trade/purchase
please OPEN for trade rules/wishlist: ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ hi guys! heres my trade rules & wishlist: im currently looking for some old ds games right now, sorry but i can't trade for crafts and charms as of now because i already got tons of those thats why im trying to trade some of my charms lol. so if u have an old ds games thats just sitting at home and you are not using just pm me a trade video offer. i can also list some of my charms on this video on my storenvy if u r interested in buying. here are the couple of games im looking for: - harvest moon -rune factory -professor layton -a witchs tale -rhapsody -others ds game, just pm me wat u got rules: *must make a trade video offer *US only *must send first thanks!!! storenvy: http://hotpinkcola.storenvy.com/
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Adding purchase order details to another Zoho CRM module via
Want to be able to display quote/purchase order line items in another module? You can do so with a custom related list. Code for this video is here: https://gist.github.com/jeznag/536c64ac94f762f8057633113b0a79ae
Views: 89 Nuanced IT
How to create multiple Purchase Order from one Sale Order in Odoo 9? v.1
This Video will demo of my custom module. Odoo standard flow, Purchase order create from Sale Order based on Product's configuration as Make to Order. This module more flexible with creating Purchase Order from Sale Order. We can assign multiple products to multiple Supplier at once. Based on Sale Order line's supplier given, it will create Purchase Order. Following condition will be check during this video. Product's Vendor minimum quantity less then or equal to Sale order line's order quantity
Views: 1182 Bhavesh Odedra
Business Central: Create a Purchase Order
Learn how to create a Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Johannes Gudmundsson in this coffee mug tutorial. demo/trial/purchase: http://www.inecta.com/businesscentral Follow us Website: http://www.inecta.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iNECTA/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/inecta_llc?lang=es LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company/inecta-llc. Contact us for ERP Software Email: [email protected] Contact us for more information and for a free demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have several industry-specific solutions that we can show you.
Views: 612 iNECTA University

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