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YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 Yoyo Review
http://www.yoyoplay.com/yoyojam-dark-magic-2-yoyo/ The YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 has a silicone pad response system and includes two bearing sizes. The Dark Magic 2 yo-yo comes with a narrow standard bearing installed, which is the perfect setup for intermediate yoyo players who want a yoyo that wakes up when you tug on the string. "Responsive" means that the yoyo will wake up when it is sleeping and spinning at the end of the string. It also comes with a large bearing for non-responsive (also called un-responsive) yoyoing. With the large bearing you need to use a bind to get the yoyo to return to your hand. A bind is when you wind string into the gap of a spinning yoyo, forcing it to grab the string and come back up toward your hand. The Weighs is 67 grams and measurements Width: 43.7mm / Diameter: 56mm / Gap Width: 3.24mm. The Dark Magic 2 yoyo features a Solid Spin Axle system and includes a silicone pad response system.
Views: 44975 Lars / Yoyoplay.com
Dark Magic yoyo unboxing
This is a unboxing video on the YYJ Dark Magic Version 1. I will be making a review on this yoyo soon so be ready for that. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them on my blog (yoyodiscussion.blogspot.com) or you can leave them in a comment on this video or on my channel. Please subscribe and feel free to send a friend request. Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy.
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Operation Dark Magic - Featuring Yo-Yo Tricks by André Boulay
YoYoJam and André Boulay proudly present the Dark Magic. The yo-yo featured in this video has been used to win four National titles and is still one of the leading yo-yos used in contests today. For more information visit www.YoYoExpert.com and www.MasterMagic.NET
Views: 150007 YoYoExpert
Yoyojams Dark Magic II Yoyo Review
The Dark Magic II is great for all levels of players. From beginner to professional, the Dark Magic II has the performance to take you were you want to be! I hope you enjoy this video! Yoyo presented: Dark Magic II by Yoyojam- http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic Manufacturer: Yoyojam- https://www.yoyojam.com/
Views: 2283 YoyoEpicness
Dark Magic yoyo review
Hey everyone, this is the review on the YYJ Dark Magic Version 1. This is a semi-responsive yo-yo so it wasn't the best yo-yo for me because I am so use to unresponsive play. It is still a good yo-yo, but anyway I hope you like the review and feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns. Thanks.
Views: 11167 yoyodiscussion
Dark Magic Yoyojam Product Demo. Yoyo tricks! Video.
http://www.yoyoplay.com/yoyojam-dark-magic-2-yoyo/ Buy the new and improved Dark Magic 2 yoyo at Yoyoplay.com! This video demonstrates the Yoyojam Dark Magic yo-yo.
Views: 260747 Lars / Yoyoplay.com
Dark Magic Yoyo Review
Views: 61 jack pat
Oldschool YoYoJam Round up with Seejay
This video is a discussion and review of all the old school yoyojam yo-yos that I currently have in my collection. We talk about the company as a whole and talk about the Hitman, Speeder, Dark Magic, Night Moves, Mini Motu, Kos, x-con / x-convixt, and the Black Knight yoyos. Gyms Website https://www.mmaunderground.info snapchat- hotdiggidy facebook-https://www.facebook.com/HotDoggidy instagram - hotdiggity86 psn- hotdiggidy For a free ride on UBER use code. Dylank2537ue
Views: 5286 Dylan Kowalski
YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 Yoyo demo / review
http://www.yoyoplay.com/yoyojam-dark-magic-2-yoyo/ The Dark Magic 2 yoyo by YoyoJam is one of the more popular yoyos on the market. The Dark Magic yoyo includes 2 bearings one slightly larger than the other and used for those who know how to bind. The dark magic 2 follows on the heels of its predecessor the dark magic yoyo also made by YoyoJam. Check out our full selection of YoyoJam yoyos at: http://www.yoyoplay.com/dark-magic-ii.html
Views: 23522 Lars / Yoyoplay.com
Dark Magic Yoyo & Snow. Day 37.
Hi guys! Just had a nice day doing different things and stuff :) Thanks for watching and please subscribe
Views: 911 iZilly
Yo-Yo stage performance with dark magic yo-yo
Me doing a yo-yo performance at a school. I am using the dark magic and fast 201 yoyo. The tricks displayed include: forward pass, around the world, Eiffel tower, the Jamaican flag, the world tour, the pop the clutch, trapeze, brain twister, stop and go, double or nothing, the side winder, the atomic bomb (modified), and the matrix done twice. This video can be very helpful to anyone, whether it be to decide an in order in which to do tricks, or just seeing someone in a similar position to them.
Views: 25103 GameGlitching101
dark magic yoyo review
this is a yoyo review onn the dark magic yoyo. this is a 2 person review with the yoyomaster12 and the yoyoman101. please rate comment and subscribe.
Views: 4115 TheYoyomaster12
Dark Magic yoyo
Me and my dark magic
Views: 602 convicter1127
Dark Magic yoyo sleep time
the time was 2:43. my friend joesph challenged me(mudfkd on youtube) the dark magic yoyo belongs to YoYoJam
Views: 23993 bajitos34
Learn the "Wormhole" Yoyo trick - YoYoExpert Tutorials
Learn the Wormhole Yo-Yo Trick and many more at http://yoyoexpert.com/ Get the Dark Magic 2 yo-yo used in this video here: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yyj-dark-magic-ii-yoyo
Views: 20914 YoYoExpert
dark magic 2 yoyo review
dark magic 2 yoyo review
Views: 111 MrTheYoyo1
Dark magic yoyo tricks
This is a video of me doing a simple couple of tricks with my Dark Magic yoyo.
Views: 3407 Chris Wills
Dark magic yoyo tricks
Views: 13 Manatee Man
Our Yoyo`s (Dark Magic 2)
These are our yoyo`s we will be using throughout our videos. Please rate and comment.
Views: 147 YoyoBoss12345
Dark magic 2 yoyo
Enjoy! I meant 8 ball bearing, sorry.
Views: 404 snowpro1997
YOYO LEEO 0.4 dark magic yoyo tricks
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 146 Liam Walker
dark magic yoyo tricks
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 29 Manatee Man
Boingy Boing yoyo trick - dark magic
yoyo used - dark magic by yoyojam, great yoyo, £30 and has an amzing spin time! learnt this trick online just like all the others
Views: 874 joeymorgans
dark magic yoyo play
at home yoyo play
Views: 104 6701101
dark magic yoyo
just got it and i love it skip the part with the music i know its gay
Views: 36 riverrunswild
Learn the "The Matrix" Yoyo trick - YoYoExpert Tutorials
Learn the The Matrix Yo-Yo Trick and many more at http://yoyoexpert.com/ Get the Dark Magic 2 yo-yo used in this video here: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/yyj-dark-magic-ii-yoyo
Views: 67598 YoYoExpert
Some of my Yoyo Tricks using the Dark Magic by yoy
This is a short video of a few tricks i have learned using my new yoyojamdark magic. It's great, spins forever (not literally that would be impossible) and ive put a new KonKave bearing in and lubbed
Views: 27704 plotagainstjohn
Dark magic yoyo
Best yoyo
Views: 39 darren dang
dark magic 2 yoyo review
my review and oppinions of the yoyojam dark magic 2 sorry guys i stuttered a couple of times
Views: 1219 Marco Bertoluzzi
Jackson's YoYo Tricks with Dark Magic YoYo
Jackson is an eight year old who has just discovered the world of yoyo's. He has been watching a few tricks on YouTube for a few days and has caught on very quickly. Enjoy.
Views: 252 JacksonYoYoBoy
YOYO LEEO  0.1 dark magic yoyo proformance
click this link to see my next video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1-6ygBLtaw&feature=relmfu 2.55 length video of me liam walker doing a fue yoyo tricks with a white dark magic the music is "with a spirit" by 009 sound system.
Views: 241 Liam Walker
dark magic yoyo
Views: 36 domdom735
My New Dark Magic yoyo opening
Me opening my new DM that i got from http://yoyoexpert.com/
Views: 44071 YoyoDude2112
yoyoJam Dark Magic 2 yoyo review
via YouTube Capture
Views: 1647 MontyPizzle
The DarkMagic : yoyo video
Views: 2268 yoyotoxom
dark magic yoyo
Views: 127 Michael McAleenan
dark magic yoyo demo
via YouTube Capture
Views: 35 max Anderton
Dark Magic Yoyo Tricks
Here are some yo-yo tricks that I can do with my new Dark Magic that I got for my birthday. Enjoy!
Views: 13036 Arthur Foley
dark magic yoyo review
just a review
Views: 88 Scott James
YoYo tricks YoYoJam Dark Magic II Demo
A short demo of this awesome yoyo Subscribe!!!
Views: 2590 Nicholas Jones
new DARK MAGIC yoyo order
Got a new yoyonation order yayyyyy!!!
Views: 8304 Eric Chaves
What not to do with a Dark Magic yoyo
title says it all
Views: 23065 Jonathan Joestar
dark magic yoyo reveiw
via YouTube Capture
Views: 53 max Anderton
Dark Magic yoyo Advanced Tricks
Tricks used: matrix, cold fusion, pitfall, laceraton, and kwijibo tricks from yoyoexpert.com enjoy
Views: 2011 Paqiparkbidencilinc
Dark Magic 2 Yoyo Review
hope you get this yoyo
Views: 132 yoyoperson12
dark magic yoyo review
review of dark magic also if anyone has a genesis frantic or grind machine that they want to sell please leave a comment
Views: 80 YOYOmagicMAN
Yoyojam's Dark Magic yoyo unboxing
eddie84505's webcam video October 31, 2010, 01:36 AM
Views: 6023 Sean Wayne

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