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2018 09 27 Oracle on IBM Power AIX Best Practices
Replay from the Power Systems Virtual User Group webinar on September 27, 2018 covering Best Practices for Oracle running on IBM Power Systems with AIX.
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IBM POWER 9 - Boosting your performance
POWER 8 vs POWER 9 Performance using an oracle DB running on AIX and stressing it with Swingbench, using Live Partition Mobility to migrate the parition between the POWER servers while running.
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Use IBM Cloud Private & Cloud Automation Manager to deploy Oracle on AIX to Enterprise Power Systems
https://developer.ibm.com/videos/deploy-oracle-on-aix-to-enterprise-power-systems/ Joe Cropper demonstrates how to configure IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Automation Manager to create an Oracle database self-service catalog entry within IBM Cloud Private. When the database is deployed, it provisions the underlying resources through IBM PowerVC. This provides enterprise Power Systems users a way to have IBM Cloud Private leverage all of their LPAR-based applications as well as providing a new container platform for tomorrow's innovations. http://ibm.biz/ibmdev-newsletter Get the Developer Webcast Calendar newsletter to learn about new videos and upcoming webcasts from IBM Developer.
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Adobe migrated SAP and Oracle to IBM Power Systems
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NTT Data is Reaching the Full Potential of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems
NTT Data is using SAP HANA - now available on POWER8 - on IBM Power Systems to bridge the gap between technology and business processes. By offering rapid provisioning, standardization, and lower cost of ownership, IBM Power Systems offers a platform that is transforming SAP HANA adoption, allowing NTT Data to run queries up to 40x faster. POWER8 was built from the ground up for big data, and provides faster application access for in-memory databases like SAP HANA. To learn more, visit ibm.com/power.
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Licensing with IBM Processor Pool
Part four in 'The License Advisory Videos' brought to you by Miracle A/S.
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Why is POWER8 a better choice than x86?
This video is a demonstration of how POWER8 can perform twice as fast as the latest x86 server.  Learn more: http://ibm.co/1SOnuA1
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How to install IBM TDP SAP for Oracle in HPUX (UNIX) operating systems - www.tsmtutorials.com
Video demonstrates 1) How to extract and instal/upgradel TDP SAP for Oracle packages 2) Register TDP node on TSM server
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IBM Edge DCS Video
Oracle On IBM POWER: Vendita Database Cloud Server (DCS)
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Webinar: Combined power of IBM Watson, JDE IoT Orchestrator and Oracle IoT Cloud apps
Join the industry leaders from Oracle, IBM and Ephlux to learn why we have integrated IBM Watson with JD Edwards Orchestrator and Oracle IoT Cloud apps to build end-to-end integrated solutions for Digital Facility Management and Digital Manufacturing.
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IBM Cognitive ERP: Oracle Cloud ERP Platform
IBM Cognitive ERP is an Oracle Cloud ERP platform, bringing cloud, social and mobile as standard. The solution is different, in that it's cognitive and continuously learning. About IBM: ►Visit the IBM Consulting website: http://ibm.com/consulting ►Follow IBM Consulting on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IBM_Consulting ►Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=consulting ►Read our blog: http:///ibm.com/blogs/insights-on-business/gbs-strategy/
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Use IBM Cloud Private & Cloud Automation Manager to deploy Oracle on AIX to Enterprise Power Systems
Joe Cropper demonstrates how to configure IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Automation Manager to create an Oracle database self-service catalog entry within IBM Cloud Private. When the database is deployed, it provisions the underlying resources through IBM PowerVC. This provides enterprise Power Systems users a way to have IBM Cloud Private leverage all of their LPAR-based applications as well as providing a new container platform for tomorrow's innovations.
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Deploying SAP HANA with IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Automation Manager on IBM Power Systems
IBM Cloud Private is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications. You can also use it to deploy VM-based enterprise applications, such as DB2 and SAP HANA. This video demonstrates how to use IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Automation Manager to deploy SAP HANA on top of your IBM Power systems. Owner: Joe Cropper
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IBM & Oracle: "I find their arrogance unacceptable"
A video summary of The ITAM Review IBM Cost Optimization Seminar held in London on the 4th November with Origina, Softcorner and HW Fisher. www.itassetmanagement.net/events/
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Migrate to IBM POWER9 - boost performance and your business
This live demo shows an example of performance improvements when migrating a database from an IBM POWER8 to a POWER9 Server. Leverage those benefits with regards to costs savings and business innovation. Contact Details : Francois Martin - [email protected] Frederic Dubois - [email protected] More about IBM Client Center Montpellier here ibm.com/ibm/clientcenter/montpellier/index.shtml And follow us @IBMCCtr
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Seeing is Believing - Power 8 vs. Intel x86 Performance - Extended Version
This demonstration shows a comparison of web application performance on POWER8 vs. x86 processors focusing on bottom-line performance differences with extended demonstrations and a detailed explanation of the performance test. Learn more: http://ibm.co/1SOnuA1
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IBM AIX To Oracle Solaris Migration Fundamentals Training
This training is aimed at technical IT managers, IT architects, and system administrators tasked with moving from IBM AIX to the Oracle Solaris operating environment. For an interactive version of this training, additional training and related information go http://oracle.com/oll/migrate2sparc. This training assumes you are familiar with IBM AIX, and have limited or no familiarity with Oracle Solaris. Starting point in planning your overall migration plan. Since both AIX and Oracle Solaris are based on UNIX System V, the transition to Oracle servers running Oracle Solaris 11 is easy. Training Outline Software installation and management Data and file systems Virtualization infrastructure Availability of systems, applications, and services Security Scripting Next steps Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Opening Up Java EE: Panel Discussion with Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, and the Eclipse Foundation
Mark Little, Update, Red Hat, Inc. Will Lyons, Senior Director WebLogic Server Product Management, Oracle John Clingan, Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat Ian Robinson, WebSphere Foundation Chief Architect, IBM David Blevins, Founder, Tomitribe Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation Oracle, in partnership with IBM and Red Hat, has announced its intention to move Java EE technologies to the Eclipse Foundation, following the delivery and completion of Java EE 8. Attend this session to hear from representatives of Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, and the Eclipse Foundation on the status of the project, what to expect over the next three to six months, and how this will benefit the Java EE community. Come learn how you can participate.
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IBM & Oracle - Solutions for Telecommunications
IBM and Oracle answer the call for innovation Blink and you'll find the telecommunications industry is changed. Competition is increasing and subscriber expectations are growing. Service providers—existing and new—seek new and better ways to differentiate themselves and gain market share. To be successful, today's telecom companies must break down current cost-intensive information silos to increase efficiency and improve responsiveness. IBM and Oracle have an outstanding track record for delivering business value in the telecom industry and providing solutions that offer end-to-end support for the key business processes within telecom companies—from service creation, offer management and order orchestration, through provisioning and service delivery, billing, revenue assurance and reporting. IBM and Oracle share a commitment to open standards that uniquely positions us to offer high-value, market-leading, differentiated telecom solutions. At the apex of this alliance is the IBM Oracle BSS and OSS transformation solution. Providers need to offer attractive services and bundles while reducing complexity and lowering high-cost structures. The BSS and OSS transformation solution can help you roll out services rapidly and flexibly. And that can help you maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and increase average revenue per user while reaching new markets. For more information, visit ibm.com/oracle
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IBM Power Systems TCO
An introduction to how I work out the Total Cost of Ownership for IBM Power Systems against competitive solutions, commonly using Oracle Database software and more. Let me know if you want more details!
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IBM AIX administration Video Tutorial by Real Time Expert
Visit Us: http://kerneltraining.com/aix/ IBM AIX administration video tutorial training by real time expert. Our trainer got seven years of Experience. Find the useful details on IBM AIX basics. First of all you need to know about the Unix. Be active and listen to this IBM AIX administration tutorial. People need to know how Unix is come into the market and how AIX is related to Unix. Collect the right details on AIX administration tutorial and proceed. Trainer got good experience, pay attention and note down important points. First start with AIX admin introduction. It is highly recommended to take part till end. Learn basics about this popular AIX course. You have source code (sets of instructions) + app Kernel + software Final output is operating systems. Kernel is considered as heart of operating system. First operating system of World is Unix. Come in the year 1969 in at&t bell labs. Ken Thompson wrote the source code of unix in Pascal language. He combined project with Denis Ritchie. They work together for the environment. At that time Source code was only kept for sale. Various flavours came out: In the year 1982 Hp flavour is called as Hp-Ux In 1982 Apple Mac OS In 1986 IBM AIX In 1991 Sun-Solaris/oracle IBM AIX gives good environment for software. IBM hardware layout: Three types of hardware series. IBM X-series (Intel based cisc cpu) which is now Lenovo X-series for windows, Linux in 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. IBM P-series ( RISC based power CPU) for Aix machines only in 64-bit architecture. IBM Z-series (which is used for Mainframes). Here power stands for P for performance O for optimized W with E enhanced R for RISC IBM AIX basics overview: AIX stands for advanced interactive executive. It is IBM's version of the Unix operating system. AIX IBM's version of UNIX completes with Microsoft windows server Operating systems, and other proprietary Unix operating systems such as, oracle Sun Solaris, Hewett Packard’s HP-Ux and True64 unix. It is used mainly for enterprise business computing. Latest version is AIX 6.1. It is generally was made available by IBM in the year 2007. It comes with an LVM, logical volume manager, integrated into the operating systems by default, it has for years It supports LPARS, logical partitions. It is compliant with system V Unix system standards. It provides advanced system security features, at many levels. AIX has advanced diagnostic applications for hardware and software errors. It supports both hardware (LPARS) and hardware (WPARS). Version release history: First version released in the Year 1986 which is 1.0-2.0 In 1989 1.1 for PS/2 PC In 1989 3.0 for RISC/6000 line of servers. In 1993 3.2 was released In 1994 4.0 In 1995 4.1 In 1996 4.2 In 1997 4.3 In 1999 4.3.3 In 2001 5.1 In 2002 5.2 In 2004 5.3 In 2007 6.1 In 2011 7.1 - tentative. AIX admin need to know about the software and hardware. P5_Lpar req got more number of features. P6_Lpar req was facing high power consumption Power P7 was introduced, it consumes very less power. IBM power line of servers P7-710 express supports 64GB of memory. You can get more IBM AIX admin training videos. In Kernel training we have a great data center. It is equipped with all the latest features. Thanks for watching IBM AIX administration tutorial. For IBM AIX course online training and content please visit: http://kerneltraining.com/aix/ https://www.facebook.com/KernelTraining Kernel training offers this course by real time expert Free AIX admin demo class Live interactive classes. Access to LMS (Learning management system). 24/7 Support Visit our website: www.kerneltraining.com Contact us: Email Us: [email protected] Phone: 91 8099 77 6681
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2.  IBM Maximo Anywhere - Installing the Oracle SE Developement Kit v7 SDK
An overview of a Maximo Anywhere installation using Oracle 12c, Liberty, and Android, from start to finish. IBM Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2 System Requirements page: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/wikis/home?lang=en#!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/Maximo%20Anywhere%207.6.2%20system%20requirements
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Présentation groupe Hisi
Découvrez le Groupe Hisi ! Notre métier, nos compétences et nos expertises. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business Cloud Provider certifié ISO 9001:2015 et 27001:2013 capitalisant un CA de 23 millions d’€ en 2018, nous hébergeons et infogèrons vos applications critiques sur des infrastructures multi-clouds (x86, IBM Power I, SAP, Oracle ...) dans des data centers français. Nos offres s'étendent du IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, à l’infogérance et l'externalisation des sauvegardes ainsi que la continuité de vos services informatique (PCA/PRA). Nous disposons de plusieurs salles privatives dans des datacenters français avec une redondance complète des opérateurs TELECOM. Nos architectures « haute disponibilité » offrent un engagement de disponibilité de 99,99%. Infogérance & Expertise : Nos équipes d'experts déploient, supervisent et administrent en 24/7/365 vos bases de données et applications métier. Notre modèle Cloud héberge vos applications Business "As a Service"​ via souscription d'abonnement intégrant en option des services d'infogérance. Nos Clouds spécifiques sont optimisés pour accueillir vos environnements : SAP et SAP HANA, IBM Power i, Oracle. Nos experts certifiés SAP BC vous accompagnent dans vos projets techniques autour de SAP et Hana. Face à un marché en constante évolution nous hybridons les Clouds publiques majeurs (AWS, Azure, Office 365) tout en garantissant la sécurité et l'efficacité de vos systèmes d'informations. Notre accompagnement couvre le conseil, l'audit de systèmes, la proposition et fournitures d'architectures virtualisée, la mise en œuvre de sauvegardes sécurisées et PRA/PCA. Nous menons également des missions autour de la gestion, administration et optimisation des bases de données Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres. Notre niveau de certification et d’expertise sur les différents acteurs majeurs de la sécurité, du réseau (switching et wifi) et de la messagerie, nous permet de mettre en œuvre des solutions complètes et de proposer des offres de support ou de Maintien en Condition Opérationnelle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pour en savoir plus sur les offres du Groupe Hisi : https://www.groupehisi.fr
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A quick introduction to the IBM Power System S822LC from the IBM Client Center Montpellier
On October 5th 2015, IBM Power Systems announced the strategic expansion of Power Systems into a broader scale-out server market and delivering a new way for clients to experience Power Systems. The IBM Power System S822LC is designed to deliver superior performance and throughput for high-value Linux workloads, such as industry applications, big data and LAMP. With greater reliability, serviceability and availability than competitive platforms, the Power System S822LC incorporates OpenPOWER Foundation community innovation for clients that need to run big data, Java, open source and industry applications. The Power® S822LC (8335-GCA and 8335-GTA) server is a powerful two-socket server that offers 16 or 20 fully activated cores and I/O configuration flexibility to meet today's growth and tomorrow's processing needs. The optional two nVidia K80 GPUs and Mellanox 100Gbps EDR Infiniband Adapters makes in a perfect fit for next generation of HPC clusters. The IBM Power System S822LC is the building block of the cluster hosted by the IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox POWER Accelerator and Deisgn Center. Come and discover this new server here at the IBM Client Center Montpellier: http://www.ibm.com/ibm/clientcenter/montpellier/b-hpc.shtml @IBMCCMPL
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Welcome to Honest News Network, a Bible based broadcast Ministry, reconciling the World unto Christ, one soul at a time. Brother Skinner is an Ambassador for Christ, called by God not by man and given the ministry of reconciliation in these last days. Anointed and sent for the purpose of the gathering together and equipping of the Saints. Brother Skinner's love for the Truth is clearly demonstrated by his passion in his service to God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Lifting his voice like a trumpet and sounding the alarm in hopes of awakening those that have fallen asleep. Thank you for your interest supporting a worthy cause * Please choose friends and family when sending support via Paypal. One Time support - Please copy and paste url below into your browser. paypal.me/overcomingthedragon Monthly support bit.ly/honestnews Our website: honestnewsnetwork.com Honest News Network PO Box 1086 FARMINGTON, MI 48332 THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT OF HNN
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Power BI direct connect to SQL database (7-3)
This video is part of the Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI course available on EdX. To sign up for the course, visit: http://aka.ms/pbicourse. To read more: Power BI service https://aka.ms/pbis_gs Power BI Desktop https://aka.ms/pbid_gs Power BI basic concepts tutorial: https://aka.ms/power-bi-tutorial To submit questions and comments about Power BI, please visit community.powerbi.com.
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IBM Linux on Power and POWER8
Presented by Mandie Quartly, Linux on Power Technical Lead, IBM at the MariaDB Roadshow in London at 19. May 2015.
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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Oracle Backup & Restore - Demo
This demo shows how to backup Oracle databases using IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. The Oracle databases can reside on virtual or physical machines. SPP does agentless, application consistent backups and restores. It supports Linux and Power Platforms. It has multiple channel support. It allows pre- and post-scripting. It provides role-based access control RBAC. It integrates with RMAN. It supports RAC,ASM and LVM-Based deployments. It supports instant database refresh and resets. It provides instant restores and a self-service portal. This demo was recorded in SPP version 10.1.2.
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What do the new IBM Power 7+ servers bring to the table for IBM Power Systems users?
An excellent over view on the new Power7+ servers announced by IBM on February 5th. Nigel Griffiths from IBM UK explains what the new Power7+ processors bring to the table for the Power 710, Power 720, Power 730, Power740, Power 750 and the Power 760 models. Is your platform secure? Really? This report explores how the vulnerabilities in today's virtualized, internet-connected, cloud-oriented environment can affect your businesses and gives you an overview of the business differentiators among IBM and other vendor security technologies. Download the report by Solitaire Interglobal @ http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/migratetoibm/assets/security.html?LNK=wf Learn more on the new Power Systems [email protected] http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/
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IBM Power System: Dynamic, Resilient and Efficient for the Entire Stack
This video describes how Oracle customers can get benefit of the IBM Power Systems infrastructure and meet their requirements for both applications and database. IBM Power systems offers a robust foundation compare to the competition as it is design as a unique and single stack from the processor up to the Operating system. The video explains how IBM Power Systems, the leader in UNIX servers, are dynamic as your business, provide trusted reliability, and are optimised for efficiency.
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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.1  -  Oracle backup and restore – Demo
This demo shows how to backup and restore Oracle databases using SPP 10.1.1 with its agentless, application consistent protection. This incudes support for Linux and Power platforms and multiple channels. It allows for pre and post scripting as well as Role-based access control. The demo will cover the RMAN integration and the support for RAC, ASM and LVM-based deployments. It also supports instant database refreshes and resets as well as instant restores and a self-service portal.
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Cognitive Solutions Powered by IBM Watson and Oracle HCM Cloud
IBM Digital Transformation brings cognitive, advanced analytics, internet of things, mobile, cloud and other digital enablers to Oracle Cloud and on-premise solutions. About IBM: ►Visit the IBM Consulting website: http://ibm.com/consulting ►Follow IBM Consulting on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IBM_Consulting ►Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=consulting ►Read our blog: http:///ibm.com/blogs/insights-on-business/gbs-strategy/
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Seeing is Believing - Power 8 vs. Intel x86 Performance
This demonstration shows a comparison of web application performance on POWER8 vs. x86 processors. Learn more: http://ibm.co/1SOnuA1 For full demo: http://bit.ly/1pCXbW2
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Daily Tech Briefing: Oracle, Intel Aim to Take On IBM in the Data Center
See more at http://www.eweek.com/video/oracle-intel-aim-to-take-on-ibm-in-the-data-center.html Oracle, Intel target IBM Power with migration program; Cisco exposes, helps patch multiple NTP vulnerabilities; IBM launches data insight services with Twitter, The Weather Company; and there's more.
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IBM - Power Systems - Big Data
Conoce IBM Power 8
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IBM and Oracle - High availability and scalable solutions
This 5 minute video reviews the unique technology that IBM has developed to help enable the highest level of performance from Intel's processors. Clips from executives from IBM, Oracle and Intel bring home key points.
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A journey through the open innovation of POWER8 and IBM Power Systems
If you're in business you're in the business of data. What could you do with a system truly designed for Big Data? Take a journey through IBM Power Systems, built with the open innovation of POWER8, to see blazingly fast processing power, massive memory and data bandwidth that puts data to work. Experience a new world of open innovation with CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) and technology from OpenPOWER Foundation members that will forever transform the data center and business as we know it. For more information on open innovation to put data to work please visit our web site at www.ibm.com/power.
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IBM Power 710 and 730 Technical Overview and Introduction
This video is a look under the covers of the latest IBM Power Systems Server, the Power 710. Major components and their purpose are discussed. Read the accompanying IBM Redbooks publication here: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/redp4983.html?Open
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FreeBSD/POWER8 running on IBM Power System S821LC
Semihalf is pleased to officially announce support for FreeBSD/POWER8 architecture that we have developed recently! This video demonstrates booting of the system into multi user stage on IBM Power System S821LC, running all 128 cores in SMP mode. All major peripherals are supported: PCIe bridge, 20GbE network (Chelsio Terminator 6) and storage (NVMe Intel P3600 series and USB3). Enjoy in public FreeBSD SVN tree as of revision r330240 right now (load line 12-CURRENT, to be part of upcoming 12.0-RELEASE).
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PMS Information Systems - IBM Power 7 Processor .mp4
PMS Information Systems is a leading Application Development, Maintenance & Training provider of IBM i (aka AS/400, iSeries eServer, System i, i5) & IBM Mainframe technologies with its headquarters in Chennai, India. Managed by a veteran with more than 18 years experience in IBM i technology, the PMS team consists of highly qualified consultants having experience in this technology. Professionalism and high performance combined with innovative and creative IT solutions and development is what PMS offers.
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Karen Sigman & Mike Revitt - Oracle OpenWorld 2015 - #OOW15 - #theCUBE
01. Karen Sigman, Oracle, Visits #theCUBE!. (00:20) 02. Mike Revitt, CSC, Visits #theCUBE!. (00:35) 03. What Is The Big News For Oracle. (00:51) 04. How Is Intel Involved. (01:41) 05. Why Would A Customer Move Over From Other Systems. (01:52) 06. What Customer Examples Can You Share. (02:20) 07. How Does CSC Migrate Customers Over. (02:53) 08. Talk About The Major Operational Advantages. (03:50) 09. Take Me Through The Life Of A POC. (04:44) 10. Who Qualifies For Migration. (05:55) 11. How Much Is Intel Involved. (06:29) 12. What's The Biggest Thing You've Learned With This Program. (07:12) 13. Are Engineered Systems In Demand. (07:30) 14. Do You See That Customers Want An Engineered System. (08:41) 15. What Have You Learned Around Offering Agility And Not Breaking Things. (10:35) 16. What Is The Current State Of The Customer. (11:27) 17. What Is The Primary Motivation. (13:24) 18. What Do You Think Of This Engineered Box Solution In The Era Of Open Source. (14:07) 19. What Is Getting You Excited Under The Hood. (16:01) 20. What Does A Lot Of In Memory Mean. (17:32) 21. How Powerful Is The Momentum Of Exadata. (18:56) Track List created with http://www.vinjavideo.com. --- --- Exa Your Power offers free proof of concept for migrating from IBM | #oow15 by Marlene Den Bleyker | Oct 26, 2015 In a joint venture between Intel and Oracle, Exa Your Power is a program developed to offer IBM Power customers a free Proof-of-Concept (POC) database migration to Oracle Engineered Systems. Karen Sigman, VP of the Platform Business Group at Oracle, and Mike Revitt, associate partner and global head of engineered systems for Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), joined John Furrier, cohost of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 to discuss the program and its benefits for customers. Power program According to Sigman, Oracle has migrated many customers to the Exadata platform from the IBM Power platform through the program, and customers are lining up to be the next to experience the free Proof of Concept. The company is seeing great results in performance and agility. Sigman said, “The typical process for the POC starts with an interested customer, who then meets with the salesforce to see if the program makes sense for the business.” She went on to explain that Oracle creates a timeline and then performs a sample either on premise or in an Oracle solution center. Additionally, a partner like CSC can also perform the POC. Once the results are in, the customer receives a roadmap to migrate over to Oracle. Migration motivation Revitt discussed the timeline for the migrations. He said, “Currently we are on a project we started in September, and we anticipate finishing in December, so it will take about three months.” He continued, “We do all migrations within 12 months, but on average, depending on the customer, it takes three to six months.” What compels a customer to make the move? Sigman said, “Number one reason is that they are having issues.” Generally, the customer is looking into other alternatives. The results are in The program is improving agility and showing customers that they can do things they never imagined. Additionally, with built-in security and compliance, customers have the ability to work on premise or in the cloud with confidence, Sigman said. @theCUBE #oow15
Smarter License Management with IBM Power Systems - Basics
More and more clients are looking to optimize their software license stack and potentially save cost here. IBM's Power platform offers specific features that support an intelligent license management and a better utilization of modern data centers. In this 1st of 2 videos, Annika Blank, IT Architect from IBM, explains how Power 7+ accelerators and PowerVM can address those challenges and how pooling of real and virtual Server resources is working. The 2nd video will show an example how to implement intelligent license management to optimize IT cost. Please subscribe to receive information about all new videos.
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Skills Needed For Data Scientist and Data Analyst
In this Video, We will be discussing about the skills needed for data analyst and data scientist roles. The reason for making one video to discuss both data analyst and data scientist roles is because there are a lot things in common between both these two role. Data Analyst does a lot of descriptive analytics. On the other hand, Data Scientist also does descriptive analytics. But also data scientists do something called predictive analytics. So let's try to understand what Descriptive and Predictive analytics mean. Descriptive Analytics is all about analyzing the historical data to answer this particular question which is "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TILL NOW??". Predictive Analytics also involves analysis of historical data but, predictive analytics is mainly all about answering the question which is.. "WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE??" Let's understand this with a simple example. I have sales data of XYZ company in a table format. As part of descriptive analytics, we can simply create a scatter chart so that we can quickly understand how the company has been performing in terms of sales in the previous years. Now let's look at predictive analytics. So now that we know how the company has been performing in the previous years, can we predict what's gonna happen to the sales in the coming years?.. Will the sales increase, or decrease or does it remain the same??.. If we are able to answer these questions, then it is called as predictive analytics. So coming back to the comparison of Data Analyst and Data Scientist roles, Now that we have some idea about the differences between the two roles, lets now look at skills needed for each of these two roles. Data Analysts should be good with Math and Statistics. They should be good with handling the data. -- This includes knowledge of ETL (or Extract Transform and Load) operations on data and experience working with popular ETL tools such as Informatica – PowerCenter,IBM – Infosphere Information Server, alteryx, Microsoft – SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS), Talend Open Studio, SAS – Data Integration Studio ,SAP – BusinessObjects Data Integrator, QlikView Expressor or any other popular ETL tool. -- They should be comfortable in handling data from different sources and in different formats such as text, csv, tsv, excel, json, rdbms and others popular formats. -- They should have excellent knowledge of SQL (or Structured Query Language). Its a Bonus to have -- The knowledge of Big data tools and technologies to handle large data sets. -- NoSQL databases such as HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB. They should be expert in Analysing and Visualizing the data. -- They Should have experience working with popular data analysis and visualization packages in python and R such as numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, ggplot and others. -- Experience with popular data analysis and visualization BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, SAP BI, SAS BI, Oracle BI, QlikView or any other popular BI tool They should have good communication and storytelling skills. Lets now look at the skills needed for data scientist role. Data scientist also does descriptive analytics just like data analysts. Apart from that, they also do predictive analytics. So as part of Descriptive analytics: Data Scientists should be excellent with Math and Statistics. Data scientists should be good with handling data -- So yes, they should have experience working with popular ETL frameworks. -- They should have excellent knowledge of SQL. -- Many companies expect data scientists to have mandatory knowledge of big data tools and technologies to work with large datasets and also to work with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. -- Its good to have the knowledge of NoSQL databases such as HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB. They should be expert in Analysing and Visualizing the data. -- Experience working with popular data analysis and visualization packages in python and R. -- Experience with popular data analysis and visualization BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, SAP BI, SAS BI, Oracle BI, QlikView or any other popular BI tool. They should also have excellent communication and storytelling skills. And as part of predictive analytics, They should be good in using the techniques in artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, and statistical modeling to make future predictions using the historical data. Exposure to popular predictive analytics tools such as SAP Predictive analytics, Minitab, SAS Predictive Analytics, Alteryx Analytics, IBM predictive analytics or any other popular predictive analytics tool. They should have very good exposure to popular machine learning and deep learning packages available for Python and R such as scikit learn, tensorflow, theano,rpart, caret, randomForest, nnet, and other popular libraries.
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Delta Marketing Group Inc for Oracle - Sun Microsystems, Dell, HP and IBM
Founded in 1986, Delta Marketing Group, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-tech computer products. DMGI.net has everything you need from the smallest bracket, motherboard, or power supply to the largest completely configured Enterprise Server or Workstation. You can instantly and securely purchase thousands of Spare Parts manufactured by IBM, Sun Microsystems, Brocade, QLogic, JNI, Emulex, Fore Systems, and other manufacturers. We do business with most Fortune 500 companies and every branch of the military. Even if we have not sold you equipment before, chances are we have sold equipment to someone within your organization. We welcome the opportunity to do business with you. Your satisfaction is our primary objective. Please let us know what we can do to help you.
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