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Mamil: Middle Aged Men In Lycra - Official Trailer
Own it now: http://mad.mn/mamildvdau MAMILS, Middle-Aged Men in Lycra. During the week, they are white-collar professionals with responsible jobs, families and mortgages. Come the weekend, they transform into Lycra-clad super heroes; road warriors on expensive carbon framed bikes traveling in packs and competing with other males for dominance in the group. MAMIL is a feature length documentary that dares to enter this secret world of middle-aged men to uncover the reasons they take to the road. Narrated by Tour de France and cycling commentator, Phil Liggett. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/madmanfilms Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/madmanfilms
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MAMIL: Middle Aged Men In Lycra Trailer
MAMIL: Middle Aged Men In Lycra Trailer for the book by Ross Davies. Buy online today: https://www.amazon.com/Middle-Aged-Men-Lycra-Ross-Davies/dp/1925046648/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516607376&sr=8-2&keywords=middle+aged+men+in+lycra http://www.boolarongpress.com.au/content/bookstore/bookDetails.asp?bookid=851
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Middle-aged men in Lycra dominating cycling
Short form video I put together for News Breakfast about "Mamils" and what motivates them to jump on their bikes and hit the road.
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Warning, this film contains much, much lycra.
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Hitler finds out....The Truth About Old Men in Lycra
Make your own Hitler video at http://downfall.jfedor.org/
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Middle aged man in lycra
spindel swindle
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Perfect Body in Lycra
handsome athlete
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Nice wet Lycra!
I got wet, very wet while out cycling today! At least, you all get to see me in wet Lycra!! LOL.
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Steve Francis MAMILS - Middle Aged Men In Lycra - Great Expectation Leadership Speaker
www.GreatExpectation.com.au 07 3844 2277 Teamwork and leadership are essential skills. Learn teamwork lessons from cyclists (MAMILs) - Middle Aged Men In Lycra.
Middle Aged Men In Lycra
Sunday Morning Ride. Suddenly, I remember articles written at cyclist.co.uk and cyclingweekly.com about MAMIL - Middle Aged Men in Lycra. The term MAMIL is not one cycling purists like to use very often but a marketing term coined by Mintel analyst Michael Oliver in 2010 – conjures up less than flattering images of riders with all the gear but no idea, which is slightly unfair when you consider that the biggest spenders on bikes at the top end of the market are indeed middle-aged and predominantly male. "These are middle-aged, middle-class men with (various) careers, (some have) families and mortgages. They are never going to win the Tour de France – yet they spend a huge amount of time, money and energy on cycling. Why is it so important to own the best bike and all the right gear? What compels them to choose long hours on the road over time with the family?" Jim Turner, president of Adelaide’s Fat Boys cycling club, have interesting point of view: "We’re not just a bike group. At our age, we’re going through some interesting times in our lives and we support each other through them." Andy Critchlow, former Great Britain junior racer comes up with probably the most articulate justification for what he does when he says: "Cycling’s a bit like how a caveman must have felt when he was hunting deer. The finish line is the quarry after you haven’t eaten for three weeks and you’ll starve if you don’t cross the line first. You’re racing to catch this deer. How do you replace that feeling of the chase?" In Frame: Ciamik Cycling Club (CCC). Have a warm and friendly conversation with Bapak Agus, senior member in CCC this morning.
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Men In Lycra Weekend
Mens Cycling Weekend
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Hurrah for middle-aged men in lycra. They're refusing to talk themselves into premature elderliness
Mamil. It stands for Middle-aged Man in Lycra, and it is the title of a forthcoming documentary film by the Australian director Nickolas Bird. As a distinguished historian plaintively remarked yesterday, “It is not very fashionable to be a man these days”. And to be a middle-aged man in stretchy synthetics on a newly acquired racing bike is as uncool as can be. But followers of fashion know that the nadir of uncoolth invariably presages an imminent return to dazzling modishness. Just as the floral midi dresses of my early adolescence, once risibly dowdy, are now adored by fashion editors, a moment has come for chaps of a certain age. Bird’s film follows the stories of middle-aged men around the...
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Middle aged men in Lycra grrrr
And this drives me insane. They have their own lane, why do they have to take up the only one the cars can use as well?n
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Boris'  "Wet Dream" Pathetic Old Men in Lycra
Boris' "Wet Dream" Pathetic Old Men in Lycra
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MAMILS - Middle Aged Men In Lycra - RTCC 2013
Team MAMILS raise $45,000 in 2013 for the Ride To Conquer Cancer! Why not help us raise a bit more cash and purchase one of our MAMILS T -Shirts at www.mamils.com.au
Documentary: Men In Spandex - by - Trinity Munden
Just a 15min about Tydeman Newman! Hope you Enjoy
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The Ho! 2014 aka Men in Lycra
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Old Men In Lycra,  New Baltimore, NY - Catskills, NY
I really enjoy when my friends invite me for a ride. It so rarely happens these days but, when they do, it's pure joy. Thank you Stephen K Chang for a great weekend this past August. All shot off my motox phone..
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You Don't Have to Wear Lycra to Ride a Bike
This clip is about a month old, but I thought that it was still worth uploading. We often hear of lycra louts and MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) but you don't have to dress up as if you're in the Tour De France just to ride a bike. I leapfrogged this cyclist for about three miles along CS7. It's hard enough riding a single speed but to do so in a suit with a rucksack on your back and 'normal' shoes takes a bit of doing.
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MAMIL sighting
MAMIL is short for Middle Aged Men In Lycra... In this episode, I take you out with me to a little 33 mile ride I did early morning. I have been lazy over the holidays and totally out of shape, but getting back into swing of things....
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Normandy MAMILs 2012
Middle Aged Men In Lycra (MAMILs) in Normandy - May 2012
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Meminhood: Men in Lycra
Indigo Maximus has stolen Meminhood's Pim's! Meminhood seeks revenge.
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27. Bike City - Why building bike infrastructure for grandmas and families just makes sense
There is a snappy acronym out there for the most visible bike commuter out there, they're called MAMILs, middle-aged-men-in-lycra. And Vancouver got to its place as one of the most friendly cities in Canada not by focusing on them but by focusing on people who weren't nearly as proficient as riding in traffic. By making it more comfortable for them they've seen bike trips grow by 180 per cent over the past 15 years. In fact, 12 out out of every 100 trips is done on a bike in Vancouver This week we examine how Vancouver became bike city and why this is important for cities who want to reduce their carbon emissions and become more efficient. Check out the rest of the episode at http://www.greenenergyfutures.ca/episode/26-bike-city-what-rest-canada-can-learn-vancouver
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2014 04 The Lycra Men
Wiggle Ups and Downs April 2014 cycling Sportive - Anil's video of the harder-than-expected ride...
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Close Pass In Lycra 52
I was so cheered by the lovely ride in the sunshine on the first day of the school Easter holiday - so lots of wobbly cyclists on the path - so, one hopes, everyone will realise that and act accordingly - hence my lack of swearing. At the start of the video you see me waiting behind someone who was wobbling a bit - but she might have picked up speed - so I wait until I'm certain she isn't before passing carefully - then another two cyclists - I tuck in behind so I don't crowd them. Wasn't it abundantly clear that I would follow them in passing the pedestrian ? It illustrates the key problem with the Bristol To Bath Railway Path - too many overly-eager young men - and increasingly, women, who see slower cyclists and pedestrians as an inconvenience. I doubt it was ever the intention of the charity Cyclebag who created this path for it to be used for race training at the expense of everyone else. I'm not a "slow cyclist. I'm a middling cyclist, and I like to work up a sweat, but as often happens this guy just saw a somewhat chubby, balding, middle-aged man on a mountain bike with panniers and ASSUMED I was slow - but slower than a pedestrian ?. Luckily I've learned to look behind before I move to overtake ... Sometimes when this happens it seems they assume I'm going to scrape past the people I overtake - instead of using the full width of the path - thus leaving them room to get past at speed. Thankfully the second roadie took more care in waiting to pass me.
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Breaking News  - Cycling holds back the 'male menopause', reveals study
Older male cyclists may come in for some teasing as 'middle-aged men in lycra'.But Mamils have the last laugh, as evidence shows they avoid the male menopause and age more slowly.A study has found men up to the age of 79 have the testosterone levels of much younger men, and the muscle and body fat levels of men in their twenties if they are lifelong cyclists.Those who can cycle 100km (62 miles) in under six and a half hours appear to avoid the 'male menopause' – the drop in testosterone blamed for fatigue, low libido and depression.They have half the body fat of men their age who do not cycle, at 20 per cent rather than 30 per cent fat.Better still, a British study found, their immune systems are stronger, which makes them less vulnerable to seasonal infections such as flu, norovirus and pneumonia.Researchers at the University of Birmingham and King's College London have found signs of ageing thought to be inevitable can be avoided in men and women who are fit.They compared 125 middle-aged to elderly amateur cyclists, who had cycled for an average of 26 years, with people of the same age who did not regularly exercise.Professor Janet Lord, Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham, said: 'Hippocrates in 400 BC said that exercise is man's best medicine, but his message has been lost over time and we are an increasingly sedentary society.'However, importantly, our findings debunk the assumption that ageing automatically makes us more frail.'Our research means we now have strong evidence that encouraging people to commit to regular exercise throughout their lives is a viable solution to the problem that we are living longer but not healthier.'The researchers recruited 125 amateur cyclists aged 55 to 79. The men had to be able to cycle 100km (62 miles) in under six and a half hours, while the women had to be able to cycle 60km (37 miles) in five and a half hours.The cyclists were compared to 75 healthy people aged 57 to 80 and 55 healthy young adults aged 20 to 36.The testosterone levels seen in male pensioners who cycled were the same as those in middle age, suggesting they had avoided the 'male menopause'.Older people lose roughly two per cent of their muscle mass a year, meaning a third of their muscle is gone by the age of 70. But the muscle levels of older cyclists were the same as people in their twenties.Cycling also wards off middle-aged spread, with female cyclists having roughly 28 per cent body fat compared to nearer 40 per cent for non-cyclists.The most surprising finding came from the cyclists' immune systems, which did not appear to age either.An organ called the thymus, which makes immune cells called T-cells, starts to shrink from the age of 20, but not in cyclists. This means middle-aged people who exercise will see the flu vaccine work better, are less likely to get infections and will be less unwell if they do.The researchers say the benefits are likely to come from all forms of exercise.P AutoNews- Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5478347/Cycling-holds-male-menopause-reveals-study.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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Halfords Tour de Britain
Halfords latest TV ad by Mother (Tour de Britain) shows Britain's cycling tribes racing each other including MAMIL's (middle aged men in lycra).
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Men in Lycra Black
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Brisbane's picturesque river loop by bike
Self-confessed Mamil (middle-aged man in lycra) Graeme Wilson temporarily racked his aerodynamically amazing carbon road bike and swapped it for a more sturdy CityCycle for a ride around one of Brisbane’s picturesque river loops. Read about it here: www.visitbrisbane.com.au/information/articles/nature/first-time-citycycle Song: 'My Jumper' by Joe Mungovan www.facebook.com/joemungovanmusic instagram.com/joemungovan Tag your videos and photos #brisbaneanyday
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MAMIL Vs. BEAR- 4 Charity
Middle Aged Man in Lycra takes on Bear in 100k road ride! IF THIS CHALLENGE IS SELECTED ALL $10,000 WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY. The Smith Family - Learning for Life program, to keep disadvantaged children in the education system and break the poverty cycle. Come on and help us take on Bear for the kids!
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In appreciation of Sustrans
Eight middle aged men in Lycra cycle from Chorley to Dumfries. To help raise money for Sustrans, please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/nigelloadwick. Thank you.
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The 3 Cities Challenge - Epic Trailer
Four middle-aged men in lycra set out to cycle from London to Brussels via Amsterdam, 300 miles in just 4 days, raising over £13,500 for Dementia UK. A Dream Challenges joint starring Paul Isaacs, Jamie Barnes, Barry Saunders and Nic Ward.
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Mere Mortals of the Tucson Shootout
On Saturday mornings, while normal people sleep, a herd of middle aged men (and a couple sweet chicks) in lycra embark on a quest for cycling glory through the desert roads of Tucson. We call it "The Shootout."
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Équipe MAMIL goes e-biking - part 1
Two Middle-Aged Men In Lycra decide to go for a spin in the vegetation. Featuring Rapid Rob and Racing Ralph. And now with a new chest harness camera angle, aka Bra View™. ;) This one's an uneven match since the "camera bike" sports the familiar 48V/750W Bafang mid-drive, whereas the guest star's bike has but a 36V/250W front hub motor. However, with his 13.6Ah battery, the guest will still have half a "tank" left when our camera bike's 9Ah battery is already running on fumes... But let's head for the adventure! Stay tuned for the next parts.
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Interview - Mark Hadlow
Kiwi funny man Mark Hadlow has a new one-man show opening in Auckland 25th August and in Wellington on 5th September. MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) tells the story of a man coming to terms with getting older. In this interview with Andrew Whiteside, Hadlow explains all about the play, and his role in the upcoming final hobbit movie: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. www.entertainmentnewzealand.com
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Lycra with a little something else!
Wearing Lycra with a little something else! You don't want me running off now, do you?
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Baz's hobbies - 19Z - Acid Tea - PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART - Ukuleles - Fremantle Workers Club
Up and coming Acid Tea from Fremantle, Western Australia Acid Tea play covers of well known bands acoustically and write their own songs. "Toughen up Princess, Middle Aged Men in Lycra and The Pom's Song." They will be one of the feature bands at this year's 5th Melbourne Ukulele Festival, 7th - 9th March, and have also been invited to play at the Cairns Ukulele Festival later in the year. Most of my Acid Tea friends swim daily at The Port Beach Polar Bears. Fremantle.
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Mamil tour 2017
Silly Lycra Clad men riding from Plettenberg Bay to Stellenbosch
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Spider-Man VS The Sinister Six
Will Spiderman be able to defeat Otto and his gang of middle aged men in spandex? Or will he be crushed into a... Well let's not get into the details.
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Men of Marathon in Spandex 2017
Compilation of men running in spandex from a marathon in December, 2017.
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Port Fairy Olympic bobsled team NYE 2014 - impressing the judges
Port Fairy's finest MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men in Lycra) appear before the judges of the 2014-15 New Year's Parade and impress them enough to emerge as prize-winners.
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Team GLC in the Wine Country during Levi's Grand Fondo 2011
MAMIL"s: Middle Aged Men In Lycra.
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'De lente komt eraan, pas op voor de MAMIL' - DUNK
Het zonnetje breekt weer door, dus daar zijn ze weer: De Mamil, oftewel 'middle aged men in lycra'. Lekker genieten van de natuur, maar intussen nemen ze wel de hele weg in beslag. Dat mag wel wat minder, vindt recreant Bart Kuipers. Abonneer je GRATIS voor meer video’s: http://bit.ly/1muG0of Volg nu live het nieuws op http://www.rtlz.nl. Website : http://www.rtlz.nl Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rtlz Twitter : https://twitter.com/rtlz
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How to repair a flat mountain Bike Tyre
Warning contains harsh language and middle aged men in Lycra
Views: 97 Will Ferguson
Porter in Lycra.
Views: 199 MIchael Botelho
Actor Mark Hadlow Joined Us
Possibly best known as the bushy browed dwarf Dori in the Hobbit and Harry in King Kong. As one of our most popular and respected performers he’s now reprising the role of Middle Aged Men in Lycra in the show MAMIL for short. To tell us all about this contentious breed that ride the streets of suburbia, we were joined by Mark Hadlow.
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