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Proper Pant Length | A Guide To Men's Pant Breaks
What is the proper pant length for suit pants or trousers? How long suit pants should be is matter of discussion when it comes to the rules of style. Ultimately, however, the length of one’s pants – or how much or little break one’s pants have – is a personal style choice and very much a matter of personal preference, aesthetics and body type. In this video, I discuss the four of the most common pant breaks - no break, slight break, medium break and full break - and hemlines you’re likely to see as well as some guidance on choosing what pant length is right for you and your personal style. N.B. The "full break" shown in the video isn't a perfect representation of a true full break. Because of my body type, I don't roll with a wide enough trouser for a pure example of this - the back of the pants should be closer to the ground - but it is the best example I have in my own personal wardrobe. — FEATURED SHOES ▪ Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue → http://amzn.to/2FR7G1J ▪ Paul Evans The Cagney II → http://amzn.to/2EUFSrY ▪ Allen Edmonds McAllister → http://amzn.to/2FRaCvl ▪ Allen Edmonds Strand → http://amzn.to/2DrBncc — WHAT I'M WEARING ▪ Michael Andrews Bespoke Jacket → http://bit.ly/2kpjteS ▪ Brunello Cucinelli Denim Shirt → http://bit.ly/2DoHxd2 ▪ More Affordable Denim Shirt → http://bit.ly/2DkvOrV ▪ Breuer Pocket Square → http://bit.ly/2DOCpvP (similar) — RELATED VIDEOS ▪ Double Four-In-Hand Tie Knot → https://youtu.be/GwYHu0pS6Ik ▪ 10 Ways To Tie A Scarf → https://youtu.be/yCl6cnWDjHs — OUR GEAR ▪ Sony a7R III → http://amzn.to/2DkacPM ▪ Sony FE 24-70mm GM Lens → http://amzn.to/2DqVDqs ▪ Sony RX100V (vlog) → http://amzn.to/2DgeVma ▪ Zoom H4n → http://amzn.to/2DFoR5L ▪ Sennheiser Shotgun Mic → http://amzn.to/2D9qEPw ▪ Lightpanels Astra LED Panels → http://amzn.to/2FIISc1 ▪ Impact Stands → http://amzn.to/2DFI2wn ▪ Yongnuo YN600 → http://amzn.to/2Dp1TlF — FOLLOW HE SPOKE STYLE ▪ Website → http://hespokestyle.com ▪ HSS Shop → http://shop.hespokestyle.com ▪ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/hespokestyle ▪ Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/hespokestyle ▪ Twitter → https://twitter.com/hespokestyle — BUSINESS CONTACT ▪ Jane Lim → [email protected] — Contains affiliate links // Stay tailored!
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Snowboard Sizing Calculator - length & width size guide
http://www.snowboardsizing.org - Snowboard size calculator guide for best length and width for snowboarding. How to calculate using your weight, height, snowboarding style, terrain, gender and skill level. It also recommends this seasons best snowboards from the buyers guides based off your snowboard size results.
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Silver Chains Length and Width Comparison
These are a comparison video on different chain sizes. Italian Box Chain: 1.2mm W / 22inch L Franco Chain: 2.65mm W / 26inch L Curb Chain: 6.7mm W / 24inch L Pendant: 21mm L / 15.5mm W Links: Italian Box Chain: http://www.ebay.com/itm/380713961920?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=650136331376&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Franco Chain, Curb Chain, and Pendant: https://www.northjewellery.com/
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How to Select Stitch Length | Sewing Lessons
Top Rated Products for Every Sewing Project: Singer Beginners Sewing Kit: http://amzn.to/1VwUwIN Gingher Dressmaker's Shears: http://amzn.to/1VwW2L3 One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects: http://amzn.to/1Q98Dkz Dritz Deluxe Seam Ripper: http://amzn.to/1N3d2Wd Clover Leather Coin Thimble: http://amzn.to/1Ks5IEV Watch more How to Sew videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/454064-How-to-Select-Stitch-Length-Sewing-Lessons New to sewing? Learn how to select stitch length when using your sewing machine for stitching, with this sewing tutorial. Hi, I'm Cynthia Mann and we're here today at Birch Fabrics in Paso Robles, California. This is also the home of Fabricworm.com. Hi, I'm Melissa Lunden; I'm the resident seamstress here at Birch Fabrics. I teach sewing lessons here, prepare blog tutorials and sew samples of Birch's line of organic cotton. And I am here today to talk to you about sewing. So now we're going to talk about how to select stitch length with tension on your machine. Every machine is a little different but most have a range from 0 to 5 which directs the stitch length. 0 being the smallest stitch, no length at all, five being the longest. You'll use a smaller stitch length when you want very small, strong stitches or when you are adjusting the stitch width as well. Usually you'll use, in a range between 0 to 5, about a 3.5 for your universal stitch. That way, it's nice and tight, but it's also not so small that it will take forever to get through your machine. And then the longest stitch length, which is 4 and a half to 5, is good for non-permanent stitches like basting when you are just sewing 2 pieces together temporarily until you do the permanent stitching. And then you have upper tension and lower tension. The upper tension is what's going to control how easily the thread moves through the machine from the spool up here. Lower tension is for when the bobbin which you don't really mess with that often. When you need to adjust your stitch width, on my machine it's a little button, and that's going to affect whether your machine is sewing a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. And zigzag is great for a lot of different things like using elastic or finishing seams and you'll end up kind of coming up with different combinations of width and length to affect your different zigzag. But a basic zigzag stitch is going to look something like this. And the wider your stitch width, the wider your zigzag. So you can see here kind of a standard zigzag. Here, the zigzag's a little bit wider because it's a longer stitch width. And here, the zigzag is here and there because the width is so small.
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Length & Width for Knitting a Scarf : Knitting a Scarf
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehow Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehow Mastering the length and width for knitting a scarf is something that takes time, practice and a lot of care. Find out about length and width for knitting a scarf with help from a store owner and craft expert in this free video clip. Expert: Kelly Dolan Filmmaker: Roger Whitton Series Description: Knitting a scarf is not just a productive way to pass the time, but it's a creative one as well. Get tips on knitting a scarf with help from a store owner and craft expert in this free video series.
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Width and height units (px, %, vh, vw) - Webflow CSS tutorial
In web design, you can declare an element's width and/or height using either fixed values or relative values. This video covers the most commonly used dimensions (outside of ems): 1. Auto-sizing (auto) 2. Pixels (px) 3. Percentage (%) 4. Viewport height (vh) 5. Viewport width (vw) 6. Minimum (min) and maximum (max) You can adjust an element's width and height in the Styles Panel, under the Layout section. We’ll be covering how each of these units work in the context of setting element dimensions. ---------- Get started with Webflow: https://help.webflow.com/courses/getting-started http://webflow.com http://twitter.com/webflow http://facebook.com/webflow
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4 Rules to Choose The Right Belt
Check out Anson Belts here: https://ansonbelt.com/ I recommend the gift box of 3 straps and 2 buckles, it's the best deal! Subscribe to our Gents Tech here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC28f... Thank you to Massdrop for partnering with us! Check out our app in the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teach... Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: Teaching Men's Fashion Music by: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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Proper & Correct Tie Length Explained - How To Tutorial For Stylish Men
Discover the proper tie length, here: https://gentl.mn/correct-tie-length-explained #tielength #neckties #notsponsored Fancy the accessories I'm wearing? SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Knit Tie in Solid Red Silk - https://gentl.mn/2mIXgdY 2. Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Dark Blue, Light Blue, Off White Stripe - https://gentl.mn/2m5cd6l 3. Light Lavender Geranium Silk Boutonniere -https://gentl.mn/2mlISFP - Back in the day, ties were purely decorative and served no functional purpose; the only goal of it was to make you look good. - Today, ties have definitely gotten longer but the overall length of the tie is hugely impacted by the balance between your front wide blade and back slim blade. 1. Front blade is as long as the back blade 2. Front blade be much longer than the back blade 3. Back blade much longer than the front Because a tie has a fixed length, this balance really impacts how long your tie will be when it's tied. But it's not all, other factors that affect the length are what knot you choose, what kind of tie you have, does it have a thick interlining? It's very thick if so, it creates a thick knot. For a thinner tie, it creates a thinner knot and therefore the tie is longer. When your tie is overall very short, it provides you a vintage look or in the worst case, it can make you look like a child. So keep that in mind if you like very short ties. So when the wide front blade is much longer than the back blade, chances are that it extends past your waistband and it peeks out underneath of your jacket, that's visually distracting because people look down and the triangular shape of the tie highlights your crotch which is very disadvantageous. Personally, I don't use a keeper but I also prefer to tie my tie so both blades have about the same length. That way, it looks a little more casual, a little more nonchalant and it's a look that I personally enjoy. So should you use a keeper or not? Well, traditionally it was something that was used by people but if you look at elegant men today, they oftentimes want the more sprezzatura feel with their tie and they intentionally do not use that keeper loop in the back. Again, the way you wear your tie is an expression of your individual style and there's absolute no right or wrong. What matters is that you do it consciously and that you can repeat it every single time. Another important element of the tie beside the length is the tie dimple. So what's the proper and correct tie length for you? Personally, I think it's best when the front blade and back blade tips are roughly the same length and just reach the waistband of your pants. Now, think about that for a second, every pair of pants is different, it has a slightly different rise and in combination with every tie being different, there are lots of variations. Some others argue the tips should be slightly longer and reach the buttonhole. Others shorter, some like it longer and past the waistband. I like the waistband idea because that way, the tie does not peek out from underneath your jacket and it focus the viewer's attention to your face because of the V-shape of your jacket and the tie on top. Unfortunately, most ties don't come in a general length and so you actually have to try things out until you find out what works for you and what doesn't. It takes a lot of trial and error and you have to practice but once you know what length your tie is and how long it has to be with a particular knot, it's going to be much easier for you to get the tie length right. So what does that mean for a proper tie length? No one will win this argument because there's no absolute right or wrong, what matters is what you personally like. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Popular videos: How to accept a compliment - https://youtu.be/_EKXNmM1PUo 101 things that change when you dress up - https://youtu.be/JyGDd_iYaCI How to tie a Bow Tie - https://youtu.be/2I3cfa0BOOc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2mnZj6h Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2n8Gm5F https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2mnZj6h
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Shoulder Length Haircuts & Hairstyles Medium Hairstyles
Shoulder Length Haircuts & Hairstyles | Medium Hairstyles 🔹 Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2FKQgTi 🔹 LIKE and SHARE our video and if you have something to say, just drop us a COMMENT! 🔹 All rights belong to their respective owners. If you are the owner of a vid used in this compilation and you are unhappy in any way with the way it’s used, please contact us via email at [email protected] to work it out or to request the removal of your video. Have a great time! Thanks for watching and hope you have enjoyed it. Remember to subscribe for more videos ❤️ 🔹 Follow us: • Youtube: fashionistas - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWIwBH_wgzRYJx7k7cjdexA • Facebook: fashionistas - https://www.facebook.com/fashionistaschic/ • Pinterest: highpe https://www.pinterest.com/highpe/ • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chic.fashionistas/ • Website: http://www.highpe.com/
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Blind Knife Review Round 1: Knife Beater Style
Blind Knife Review Round 1: Knife Beater Style Myself and a few other channels are tasked with reviewing a knife chosen by David at Blade Banter without being able to see it. That's right, touch only my friends. Though I must admit, I did use my sense of smell to aid in this process as well. Be sure to checkout the blind reviews from all the other channels involved: Blade Banter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj10flmBcLg Jack FarmBoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnr_y6MBrbg EDC with Aaron https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJD-C-AcY6g Shortcut Reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLooAg0pHeE JT's Knife Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3oxRk_MFXE Blue Collar Survival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6cAZNv_tQA Thank you for watching my Blind Knife Review. Short on time? Want videos that get right to the point? https://www.youtube.com/c/TheKnifeBeatersub_confirmation=1 Real Steel G5 Metamorph knife specs Knife: Real Steel Metamorph G5 Blade Steel: 14c28n Blade Length: 3.5" or 8.8 cm Action: manual Lock Type: nested liner Deployment: front flipper Pivot Material: ball-bearing Blade Style: drop point Blade Finish: satin Edge: plain Grind: flat Pivot Screws: t8 Blade Thickness: 3.05 mm Blade Width: 0.68" or 1.7 cm Handle Length: 4.6" or 11.6 cm Handle Thickness: 0.44" or 1.1 cm Handle Scales: aluminum Open Length: 8.1" or 20.5 cm Lanyard Hole: yes Weight: 2.62 oz or 74.2 g Price: $60 or 52.7 euro
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3 Reasons You're Wearing The WRONG Sunglasses & Frames! (NOT Your Face Shape)
Sign up at GlassesUSA.com for 50% off + free shipping: http://bit.ly/AlphaMGlassesCollection__GlassesUSA (Free basic lenses, premium and marked down frames excluded) Special alpha m. thank you to GlassesUSA.com for helping me see in style and not having to spend a ton of money for great prescription frames and shades and for sponsoring this awesome video! Pete & Pedro RIGHTPRODUCT25 for 25% Off ENTIRE Order! http://peteandpedro.com P&P Salt: https://peteandpedro.com/product/salt/ P&P Putty: https://peteandpedro.com/product/putty/ Invest in YOUR FACE, start using Tiege Hanley http://tiege.com Enter the code PROJECT25 for 25% off your first system All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Check out my NEW website: http://www.alpham.com The BEST Hair Styling Products http://www.peteandpedro.com Check Out My Favorite Product The Fashion Anchor http://www.fashionanchor.com All Things Alpha M. http://www.alpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com Best Grooming Tool: http://bit.ly/2tiyTXO Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ My Businesses: http://www.alpham.com Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com For the Best Glasses, Three Numbers Are Key The 1st number is the temple length which can vary. Why is this number important? You don't want your glasses fall down, and you don't want a long piece sticking out of the back. The 2nd number is the bridge which is the gap between the lenses. You don't want your glasses laying on your cheeks or fall down your nose. The 3rd measurement refers to the lens width. It's important that you wear a pair of glasses that fit your face. If you understand what you're looking for (these three numbers) or have a pair of glasses that fit you perfectly (refer to those three numbers), you know what you need to buy because they fit your face. Where to Get Some Great Fitting Glasses? Sign up at GlassesUSA.com for 50% off + free shipping: http://bit.ly/AlphaMGlassesCollection__GlassesUSA GlassesUSA have over 2,500 frames from which to chose -- Alpha thinks they're the best place to shop for glasses online. They sell designer brands as well as their house brands, and their glasses start at $48 for frames, lenses, and shipping. You'll save 70% off of going to a mall outlet. Alpha loves their virtual mirror where you upload a picture of yourself and then 'try' frames on. They offer a 100% money back guarantee! Because the price is so good, you can get a few pairs and use the glasses as an accessory.
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Measuring Your Windows For Curtain Length & Width Made Simple
Half Price Drapes is in a business of Ready Made Curtains & Custom Draperies operating in the Bay Area since 2004. Over this time we have built a clientele of over 50,000 extremely satisfied customers from all over the country and overseas. Our clientele ranges from designers in Washington DC to restaurants in the Bay Area to individual home owners all over the nation. What makes us unique is that we weave our own fabric, create our own embroidery patterns, and manufacture our own curtains & drapes. We have a 15,000 sq. ft. workshop where a dedicated staff of seamstresses manufacture quality standardized and custom curtains & drapes. Hence, we can eliminate all mark-ups and provide high-end luxurious customized curtains & drapes at a cost that is unmatched. That is why we are proud to call ourselves Half Price Drapes.
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Ask the Shaper - More on Board Width & Length
http://www.proctorsurf.com Rocker is normally associated with turning, and length with paddling speed, right?
How-to: Measuring Sleeve Width and Length on Button Down Shirts
This video will help you understand how to measure your button-down shirts sleeve width and length. These measurements can be used for men's and women's clothing. If you have any questions or need help please feel free to contact us. Our website is www.Clinchthat.com. Hope this Helps!
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Video How to use a pashmina scarf width and length
Let's see Video How to use a pashmina scarf width and length.
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Illuminescent Design - Measuring the Arm Length and Width
The 3rd Measurement Video: How to measure the Arm Length and Width Contact us at: www.illuminescentdesign.com
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Filipino/Tagalog Lesson 110-A: Measurements: Length Height Depth Weight Etc. (Overview)
This Filipino language tutorial series is presented in two styles: OVERVIEW and INTERACTIVE. The OVERVIEW style is faster; it's purpose is to introduce the student to the cultural context, the sound, and pattern of expressions. The INTERACTIVE style is slower because the translations are displayed longer, spoken twice by narrator, and the longer pauses allow students to repeat the Filipino sentences. Playlist of lessons in OVERVIEW style https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTZRYlSuUXtE8RcwyS7GkOEzbeJmFBv9N Playlist of lessons in INTERACTIVE style https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTZRYlSuUXtEfGarKOf664DSFhMEWOurT Playlist of lessons OVERVIEW and INTERACTIVE combined https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTZRYlSuUXtFFn6ltru6w9caRhEa8JJ4a We added 24 new tutorial videos in October 2015 to provide the INTERACTIVE style for the serious students. We are in the process of creating new videos at the 200 level so students can learn to compose their own Filipino sentences. Please subscribe. Ray Colorado, author and narrator Learn to Speak Tagalog The rise of Taglish, a new Filipino language based on combining Tagalog and English words, is impacting the Filipino society. Because it is neither English or Tagalog, it makes formal communication difficult. The purpose of this video series is to contribute toward strengthening the teaching of the formal and decent contemporary Tagalog language by presenting it in the context of respected Filipino custom and tradition. About the author: Ray Colorado was born in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. He lived in different parts of the Philippines for 28 years and learned to speak three Filipino languages: Tagalog, Ilocano and Bicol. He studied Educational Communication in the University of the Philippines at Los Banios, Laguna, and information technology at Eastfield College and El Centro College in Dallas, Texas. He worked for Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Centex, and AT&T as computer programmer, systems analyst, and instructional media consultant. He permanently moved to United States in 1984 and now lives in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information write to [email protected] Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PinoyDirectory
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Proper Pants Break & Length How To Hem Suit Trousers, Dress Slacks & Chinos: Full, Half or No Break?
For the Written Guide on Proper Pants Break and Length, visit the link below: https://gentl.mn/proper-pants-break #pantsbreak #pantslength #notsponsored Interested in the accessory I'm wearing? SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Dark Magenta Purple Lotus Flower Silk Boutonniere Lapel Pin Flower - https://gentl.mn/2nDeKYR What's a break? The break is when the front of your pants or trousers hits your shoe and creates a little dent that is elegant and not too extreme. No break is when the hem of your pants just hang straight and doesn't even touch the shoe at all. Half break is if you see a slight dent in the front and full break if you have a noticeable dent in the front of the pants but none in the back. If you see pants that have dents in the front and in the back they are simply too long and it looks extremely sloppy. Why should you care about the break in your pants? It really has an impact on the overall neatness of your outfit. If you wear a nice robe stripe double-breasted suit and your pants are either too long or too short, it makes you look goofy or sloppy. Also if you're a tall man and you have very short pants it exaggerates your height and you look even taller and sometimes like a clown. Also if you have a certain pair of socks that you want to show off maybe a half break is exactly what you want because with a full break your socks will be invisible. To determine what break is right for you, first look at your pant hem. Is it cuffed or is it uncuffed? If it's cuffed that means you need less of a break. If you have an uncuffed pants and you go with no break it simply looks too short and the lack of the weight means that your pants will probably get stuck to your socks and stay further up. If you wear cuffed pants you already have an advantage because you have more weight which pulls down your trousers more and it just creates a cleaner line and therefore you can have a shorter pants length and less of a break. If you prefer uncuffed trousers you could talk to an alterations tailor and add little lead weights to the size of your pants that way you have the same effect as with a cuffed trouser and you can get a very neat look. Now with a tight pair of pants they touch your shoe a lot earlier than with a wider cut pair of pants where they touch it at the bottom of your laces. The wider the pants are, the longer you can hem them. The slimmer and tighter they are the shorter you have to hem them. If you have uncuffed trousers in a wide full cut style you have to cut them a little wider but keep in mind even with a full break you just want a nice dent in the front and none in the back. One thing I'm personally extremely fond of is a angled hem. This is something you usually only find in bespoke garments especially when it's a cuffed angle hem. When you angle a pair of pants with cuffs you actually have to create a faux cuff that is separately cut from something but it has the advantage that it's always long in the back and it probably can even touch almost the heel of your shoe but in the front it's cut higher so you get that slight break. It looks elegant with a black tie or white tie outfit because you get that slight break but that long line in the back. Having angled pant hems is definitely one of the little tricks of the trade and if your alterations tailor doesn't know how to do an angle hem with cuffs you probably have to seek out the tailor or someone who is really experienced with custom clothing. Of course you can only do that if you have a lot of extra width or an unfinished pair of pants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Popular videos: How to accept a compliment - https://youtu.be/_EKXNmM1PUo 101 things that change when you dress up - https://youtu.be/JyGDd_iYaCI How to tie a Bow Tie - https://youtu.be/2I3cfa0BOOc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2mSuYyn Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2nP2pBj https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2mSuYyn
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5 Rules To Buy The Right Size Watch For Your Wrist Proportions - Wristwatch Case & Band Size
http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/watch-size/ - Click here to read the article 5 Tips To Buying The Right Size Watch For Your Proportions - Wristwatch Sizes & Why Matters http://mvmtwatch.co/RealMenRealStyle - Click here to visit MVMT Watches MVMT watches start at $95 USD http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mvmtwatches-video Use code RealMenRealStyle to get 10% discount from your purchases. Video Summary: 1:10 - "Movement Watches" 1:14 - "Find A Particular Watch Style" 2:34 - "Case Diameter" 3:03 - "Case Thickness" 4:06 - "Band Width" 5:05 - "Material" 5:16 - "Components" Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://www.thestylesystem.com
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Showing you how to assess the correct extension length for the client Online shop and Training/Mentoring: www.eyelashexcellence.com Find us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/frankiewiddows/
How To Measure Your Shirt: Shirt Length
If you’re ordering a custom dress shirt, one way to create your custom size is to measure an existing shirt that fits you well. The following explanations and videos will show how to measure for a dress shirt and create your custom size. Visit http://propercloth.com/reference/how-to-measure-a-dress-shirt/ for more info.
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Contact Form 7 CSS to Style CF7 Submit Button, Inputs, Fields and Dropdown | CF7 Tuts Part 2
Contact Form 7 CSS to Style CF7 Submit Button, Inputs https://youtu.be/bKarC0QO5og Check out https://happyforms.me/, it's a cool new form builder that you may like better than CF7 (and it's free!): HappyForms.me CF7 CSS styles part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e-JbYgYBSs&t=0s&list=PLlgSvQqMfii5Q05RFNFaZhTbPomLfZssV&index=3 Download your exclusive 10-Point WP Security Checklist: http://bit.ly/10point-wordpress-hardening-checklist Styling contact form 7 forms isn't that had once you know the right contact form 7 css. In this tutorial I show you how to style the contact form submit button, various input fields, text area fields, URL fields, telephone fields, number fields and dropdown selection fields. I have created a blog post will sample CSS and sample CSS selectors that you can copy and paste. Here's the link: https://wplearninglab.com/contact-form-7-css-style-almost-anything/ I'll also paste the styles below: /* Submit Button CSS Styles */ .wpcf7 input[type=submit] { padding:15px 45px; background:#FF0000; color:#fff; font-size:30px; font-weight:bold; border:0 none; cursor:pointer; -webkit-border-radius: 5px; border-radius: 5px; } /* Label Text Styles */ .wpcf7 label { padding: 0 0 10px 0; font-size: 20px; } /* Text Input Field Styles */ .wpcf7 input[type=text], .wpcf7 input[type=email], .wpcf7 input[type=url], .wpcf7 input[type=tel], .wpcf7 input[type=number], .wpcf7 .wpcf7-select{ font-size:30px; border: 1px solid red; } /* Textarea Field Styles */ .wpcf7 textarea { width: 100%; color: red; font-size: 20px; border-color:red; } /* Overall form styles */ .wpcf7 { background-color:gray; } Remember that these styles need to go into your CSS stylesheet or if you are putting them right into the header of your site they need to be between style tags. If you are lucky enough to have a theme that allows custom CSS, you can copy and paste them into there. If you're not sure where to find a place where you can enter CSS, this tutorial may help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLSUWT9MNlA CSS is a very forgiving language, so if you make a change that makes something look really bad just undo your change, save and everything is back to normal. I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter. -------------- If you want more excellent WordPress information check out our website where we post WordPress tutorials daily. https://wplearninglab.com/ Connect with us: WP Learning Lab Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wplearninglab Twitter: https://twitter.com/WPLearningLab Google Plus: http://google.com/+Wplearninglab Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wplearninglab/
250x73-250  width x height x length split structure aluminum enclosure
this style aluminum enclosure is widely use for electronics
Views: 44 Zeng Jessie
SINGER® FASHION MATE™ 5500 Sewing Machine Stitch Length & Width
When you choose a stitch on this SINGER sewing machine, the optimum stitch length and width is set for you.
Views: 6095 Singer Sewing Company
Bootstrap form controls height and width
Tags how to set width of textbox in bootstrap bootstrap input width bootstrap 3 select width bootstrap default input height bootstrap select height bootstrap 3 text field height bootstrap textbox height bootstrap form group height bootstrap input group height In this video we will discuss how to control the height and width of Bootstrap form controls Link for slides, code samples and text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2016/06/bootstrap-form-controls-height-and-width.html Link for all dot net and sql server video tutorial playlists https://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists?sort=dd&view=1
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CSS Units (CSS Lengths: rems, ems, pixels, percents, and more)
What is the difference between ems and rems? When should I use pixels or percentages? How does vmin and vh work? How long is a piece of string? All these questions and more, Let's talk about CSS units. Patrons get the files here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/css-units-css-3563073 - - - Percent - 0:57 Viewport Width & height - 3:01 Viewport Min & Max - 4:15 EX & CH - 6:08 EM's & REM's - 8:44 Absolute lengths: 13:28 Pixels! - 14:52 - - - This video was sponsored by the DevTips Patron Community - https://www.patreon.com/DevTips Listen to Travis' Podcast - http://www.travandlos.com/ Get awesomeness emailed to you every thursday - http://travisneilson.com/notes You should follow DevTips on Twitter - https://twitter.com/DevTipsShow
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Using the measure width to calculate type size and determine line length.
Michael uses the measure width in picas to calculate appropriate type size for large and small page copy. ======================== To learn more about TypeEd, visit our site: http://type-ed.com/ Enroll in our FREE course to learn how to Design for the Reader: http://bit.ly/designreader
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How to Determine the Length of a Bow Tie for Neck Size : Classy Style
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowbeauty A bow tie is gonna be about 14 to 15 inches longer than your actual neck size. Determine the length of a bow tie for neck size with help from a freelance artist in this free video clip. Expert: Aaron Tucker Filmmaker: Victor Varnado Series Description: If you want to look classy and have style, you're going to need to keep a few key things in mind. Find out about having a classy style in men's fashion with help from a freelance artist in this free video series.
Views: 12531 ehowbeauty
Papyrus Customization: Line styles with CSS
This video presents how to customize the look of the connectors with CSS stylesheets, including the line style (solid, dashed, dotted), the length and spacing of the dashes, the coloring and the width.
Views: 2337 Papyrus Eclipse
Loc Bun Headwrap Tutorial For Any Length: Quick & Easy
This is a tutorial for my go to headwrap for my 9 year old locs. But you can do this look on shorter locs, box braids, twists and faux locs. I used a long scarf that I folded in half width wise. Let me know what other looks you would like to see. Thanks again for watching, learn more about my life as a nurse on my second channel : yourfavnurseb https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1fmbIsztZUgBp3UO-Og7iQ Let's stay in touch on instagram: stayforevertrue1 snapchat: yourfavnurseb Go watch these other loc videos for more inspiration and tips: Popular Videos: 8 Years of Loc Growth: https://youtu.be/DSjOaYSQJzQ FAQ about my Locs: https://youtu.be/ieFc6ULpkSY How to Retwist Locs Yourself: https://youtu.be/chlYsKSaT2E How to Properly Clean Locs: https://youtu.be/_rMThle1rjI Motivation for starting Locs: https://youtu.be/l31ClFQAicw Loc Maintenance: Deep Cleanse Loc Routine: https://youtu.be/AlUxa8T2Rzo How to Perserve Curls: https://youtu.be/MTDsjznjZm8 Watch this before you Loc: https://youtu.be/WjqzUe49weA Products I use in my Locs: https://youtu.be/Mr8LbXK_pl4 9 Year Loc Update: https://youtu.be/ZF741WiPgw8 Loc Styling Videos: How to use Jewelry in Loc Styles: https://youtu.be/RcbgfJHzpMs Best Braid Out on Locs!: https://youtu.be/r3Icwd1uRMo 2 minute Unisex Style: https://youtu.be/MzBjq1sTA2M Quick Style for Work and Play: https://youtu.be/pTkQ43HPUNQ Best Bantu Knot Out/ Big Sexy Curls: https://youtu.be/tr9GTteCPug Medium Length Loc Style: https://youtu.be/JWD3GgRpwcU How to do Bantu Knots: https://youtu.be/7zsGwmv0qwQ Quick Loc Styles: https://youtu.be/u30eDJGHAU0 Professional Loc Style: https://youtu.be/2LNhJ-elkgc Messy Loc Updo: https://youtu.be/vVXZbzCbQGg Easy Unisex Style: https://youtu.be/uphbLArZvIg
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Class 33 - How to alter your Jeans length keeping the original hem - DIY
This is an easy project. In this class, will show how to alter the length of your denim pants keeping the original hem as it is. For more sewing tutorials visit our website www.savisfashionstudio.com. There are lots of free tutorials and also full fledged paid classes. This class has 5 parts as shown below. In this part 1 of the class, learn what measurements are needed for making churidar pants and how to take measurements. Learn in a professional and step by step way how to make this churidar/gathering/push up pants. Part 1 How to take measurements - https://youtu.be/iYhLxHvN_Dk Part 2 Theory explanation - https://youtu.be/pQWOxWhlgc4 Part 3 Cutting the fabric - https://youtu.be/k7wmZzyZTLI Part 4 Sewing the pant - https://youtu.be/p3lrd6F9hQI Part 5 Completion - https://youtu.be/ehEwNA4tzzA Hi, I am Savitha, sewing and teaching is my passion and profession. For more detailed and full fledged classes in pattern making and sewing you may visit www.savisfashionstudio.com which has free tutorials and paid professional sewing classes. Our Hindi Channel : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgIWvTIgBXeTpl2i9P9yoVb5xj-Oq1zgw Our other classes for beginners in sewing: 1] Sewing your first kurti/dress/top, drafting body pattern and sleeves pattern, laying and cutting the fabric, sewing your first garment with professional finish - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBcBU_WV3EWdwFfeeow7XvHLgu-e_woMf 2] Different kinds of sleeves - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBcBU_WV3EWf-MWQ6vfq0-Vn0gw0dFxX5 3] Churidar pants - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBcBU_WV3EWcBo_6NgFasmxT3xhVG2YUz 4] Using the sewing machines [Brother, Jack, Juki] - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBcBU_WV3EWdWSmYClx69WPSWbbdclL5E You can buy the tools that we use in our class, at the link below: https://www.savisfashionstudio.com/supplies FB: https://www.facebook.com/savisfashionstudio/ https://www.savisfashionstudio.com/online-classes/sewing-classes
Views: 121836 Savi's Fashion Studio
Jones #71566009 - Multipack #70684001
Used- Jones CMV5 Semi Automatic Continuous Motion Vertical Tuck Cartoner. Capable of speeds up to 120 cpm. Has 5" centers for a carton size range: length 1"-4.25"; width 0.75"-4.25"; depth/height 2.5"-8". Extended frame with 8' long load area each side. Set up for tuck style using belt style tucker closers. 11.65 amps. 3/60/208V. Serial # S4036. Used- Multipack Model F-40 Carton Multi-Pack Stretch Bander/Shrink Bundler. Bundled package size range of: length 30mm-350mm; width 12mm-200; height 50mm-300. Cartons are received on infeed belt wide side leading, with upstacker for collation, in an inline direction. Speeds up to 30 bundles per minute subject to package. Utilizes polyethylene shrink or stretch film approximately 10" web widths. Lexan interlocked guarding. 3/60/208V, 80 psi compressed air. Has Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC and Lauer PC5009 Topline Mirco. See video of machine cycling.
Views: 26 AEKPackaging
SINGER® TALENT™ 3321 Sewing Machine Stitch Length & Width
When using this SINGER sewing machine, all you have to do after selecting a stitch, is choose the stitch's length and width.
Views: 13607 Singer Sewing Company
Shirt Measurements: How to Find Bust Size and Length
SHOP HERE: http://www.skatewarehouse.com/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=YouTube%20Commerce%20Link&utm_campaign=Skate%20Warehouse%20Home Angelena and Buster demonstrate How To Find Shirt Measurements when shopping for T-shirts at Skate Warehouse. Determine your Bust Size and your ideal Length and then browse through our wide selection of quality skate tees to find your next perfect purchase! Had your Daily Dose? Get yours HERE: http://bit.ly/1y49Ync Want to see more Skate Warehouse videos on the regular? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay plugged in. Go skate! http://www.youtube.com/wwwskatewarehousecom Go Skate Blog: http://blog.skatewarehouse.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkateWarehouse Twitter: https://twitter.com/skate_warehouse Instagram: http://instagram.com/skatewarehouse Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/skatewarehouse/ Tumblr: http://skate-warehouse.tumblr.com/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+SkateWarehouse/
Views: 22253 Skate Warehouse
What length watch strap is right for me? Watch and Learn #20
In today's video, we cover an often overlooked topic of watch strap length. How do we measure them, and what does it mean? How do you correlate your wrist size to a strap size? We'll cover these questions in the video, and help you better understand how straps are sold, and what size you require whether it be a leather strap, or metal bracelet. To see some of the straps featured here, please visit: https://www.longislandwatch.com/Watch_Bands_and_Watch_Straps_s/1852.htm To see our selection of watch bracelets, please visit: https://www.longislandwatch.com/Watch_Bracelets_s/1865.htm
Views: 54804 Long Island Watch
BeTheme - Increasing Logo Size + Menu Height
BeTheme WordPress How to: 1. How to Increase the size of the logo and menu / navigation height in BeTheme. www.danielskaftouros.co.za
Views: 37901 Daniel Skaftouros
Alexander McQueen Double Wrap Bracelet SKU: 9184180
Alexander McQueen Accessories Size Guide Enamor the crowd wearing the Alexander McQueen® Double Wrap Bracelet. Leather wrap style bracelet. Adjustable buckle closure. Silver-tone skull charm. Presentation box included. Imported. Measurements: Width: 2⁄5 in Diameter/Length: 17 1⁄4 in Charm Length: 7⁄9 in Charm Width: 7⁄16 in Weight: 1 oz Check out these new styles and more from Zappos.com! http://zps.to/ShopZappos Subscribe & see more! http://zps.to/SubscribeShopZappos Connect with Zappos: Check out our other channel! https://www.youtube.com/ZapposGear Follow Zappos on Twitter & Instagram! @zappos Pin with us! https://www.pinterest.com/zappos Be our friend on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/zappos Go Beyond the Box! https://www.zappos.com/blogs
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Winter Fashion Haul + Try On
Hey ghouls!! I did a little shopping around Black Friday and beyond, and I thought I'd show you some of the items I picked up!! Hope you dig it! P.S. Everything mentioned in the video is listed/linked below. Social Media Stuffs: https://twitter.com/JadeTheLibra http://instagram.com/jadethelibra http://jadethelibra.tumblr.com Killstar.com Sweet Six Knit Sweater http://bit.ly/2ADwcT2 ** I’m wearing a small in the try on - This sweater is more of a tunic length and already a more relaxed oversized fit, so I wouldn’t size up too much unless you prefer an overly baggy fit. Callista Boot (I got a size 9 ) http://bit.ly/2RjLZ3I Chalice Dress http://bit.ly/2VKUdQQ ** Wearing size small - has lots of stretch in the dress portion and no stretch in the vest part, but the vest has a wider fit so should still be fine if you’re on the busty side New Moon Choker http://bit.ly/2M4iXiJ Ari Crescent Tin http://bit.ly/2QDgLiE PrettyLittleThing.com Plaid/Check Leggings https://go.magik.ly/ml/jirv/ ** I’m wearing a US size 2. I usually wear a 4 from PLT but I found these to be slightly baggy in the crotch/hip area in my usual size. However, I also don’t have booty/hips, so this area tends to be a problem sometimes since I’m an apple shape. If you are more pear shaped or hourglass and have some hips and booty you may be okay in your usual size. Leopard Leggings https://go.magik.ly/ml/jirt/ ** I’m wearing a US 2 but I could have ordered my usual size 4 in these since they did feel a tad snug although they were not pinching. Check Cropped Sweater https://go.magik.ly/ml/hytv/ ** wearing size S/M fits oversized width wise but I think fits shorter than it looks in the picture. I am 5’10 though so that could be a factor, either way the fit is epic and perfect worn over other tops. Shein.com Floral Blouse https://go.magik.ly/ml/izp8/ ** I’m wearing a size S which fits like a US 4. It is more of a draped look and not too tight in the bust. Shein has exact sizing on each item available if you hover your cursor over each size. Black & Snakeskin Babydoll Dress https://go.magik.ly/ml/jis6/ ** Burgundy Velvet Dress https://go.magik.ly/ml/jis9/ Queen of Hearts/Witchy Dress https://go.magik.ly/ml/jirx/ ** I’m wearing a size small. The dress is slightly snug in the bust area (I’m a 32DD-DDD for reference) but since it does have buttons and the tie drapes over the area it’s not noticeable. Worth mentioning through just in case you run into problems in the bust area. Also, Shein has exact sizing on each item available if you hover your cursor over each size. Striped Mock Neck Top https://go.magik.ly/ml/jisa/ ** I’m wearing a size small. This top is ribbed and has a lot of stretch, so no need to size up if you are busty. Also, the top is a good length not too short on my 5’10 frame. Plaid Cape https://go.magik.ly/ml/jisb/ ** I’m wearing a size Small. The fit is oversized, so no need to size up. Also, it fits more like a tunic for tall people, but may be able to pass as a mini dress cape thing (would need a slip under due to arm slits) for those on the petite side. **This video is not sponsored. Killstar did gift some pieces from their site, but I did pick out all the pieces myself. Also, some of the links may be affiliate links in which I make a small commission.
Views: 11802 Jade The Libra
What is the length and width of that beach towel.mp4
Solution to Testive SAT question 387
Views: 326 Tom Rose
Flag Style Labeling Machine
Flag Style Labeling Machine This machine iis Fold Labeling . 1.Label width: 10-100mm 2.Label length: 60-220mm 3.Diameter: φ1mm-φ15mm 4.Max Labeling speed: 2000-3000pcs/hr 5.Max Outside diameter of label roll: φ240mm 6.Inside diameter of label roll: φ76mm 7.Accuracy of labeling:±0.3 -0.5mm 8.Machine Dimension: 1100mm x1100mm x 1300 mm 9.Power: 110V/220V 50/60Hz  Details : http://www.ecpnp.com/Newest-Wire-Labeling-Machine-657.htm Company: EC Printing Machine Factory Limited Website : www.ecpnp.com Email :   [email protected] [email protected] Whatsapp : 86-13530467734 Wechat: zy389859620 Skype: printer-manufacture
How to put Length Unit in a Parts List/BOM | Autodesk Inventor
Are you that guy? Do you manually override values in a parts list to type in different units? LISTEN, STOP! This is how you do it. Use a proper length unit parameter instead of quantity the proper way, it will show up correctly in both your drawing parts list and Bill of Materials. Have I helped you out? Help TFI by supporting through Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/tficadtips ►Need more help? Visit and post on the Autodesk Inventor official forum, http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/inventor/ct-p/70 #Autodesk #Inventor #Tutorial #3DCAD #Design #Engineering #CAD
DIY | How To Slim & Shorten Suit Trousers | Josh Barnett
All info down below! Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ In this tutorial I have shown the techniques that I use to slim and shorten my suit trousers. These trousers I actually got for £1 from a charity shop in Cardiff. ✓ SUPPLIES USED: ☺︎ Scissors ☺︎ Rotary Cutter ☺︎ Ruler ☺︎ Seam Ripper ☺︎ Sewing Machine ☺︎ Iron ☺︎ Ironing Board ✌︎ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ✌︎ ◆✂︎ Twitter ✂︎◆ https://twitter.com/ThatGuySews ◆✂︎ Instargram ✂︎◆ https://www.instagram.com/thatguysews/ I do not own the rights to this music ✌︎
Body Length
How To Measure: Body Length
Views: 2194 Ellis Dixon
Stitch length, width, zigzag seam finish
Stitch length, width, zigzag seam finish
Views: 12 Rachel Jorgensen
Drawer Slide Tutorial: Weight Rating, Length, and Finish Options
In this video, a Rockler associate explains variations in drawer slides available ranging in weight rating, ideal slide length to fit your application, and color options. For a wide variety of drawer slide options, visit http://www.rockler.com/hardware/drawer-slides
Wakiki 1
San Juan Fiberglass Pools Wiakiki I The Wiakiki I offers the contemporary polyheidren swimming pool style adds width at the center for more swimming space. Wiakiki I Width 12' 2" / 3.71M Length 26' 9" / 8.15M Depth 5' 6" / 1.68M Area 266ft2 / 25M2 Volume 8000G / 30283L
Views: 2066 San Juan Pools
The Proper Length for Men's Suit Pants : Suits
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowbeauty The proper length for men's suit pants depends entirely on the person wearing them. Find out about the proper length for men's suit pants with help from the owner of Davidson's Clothing for Men in this free video clip. Expert: Larry Davidson Bio: Larry Davidson is the owner of Davidson's Clothing for Men in Roanoke, Virginia. Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson Series Description: Many different types of events may require you to wear a suit, but its important to remember that different occasions call for different styles and suits altogether. Learn when to wear a suit and most importantly how to wear it with help from the owner of Davidson's Clothing for Men in this free video series.
Views: 108075 ehowbeauty
Cloth of turban (length and texture) for Different age and weight groups
8th LIVE about Cloth of turban (length and texture) for Different age and weight groups International turban Coach Sukhvir Singh turban King +91 9041433994 Join us : www.fb.com/sukhvirz order Tutorial DVDs and Cloth of turban of any kind: +91 9041307071 Song Download Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeYSwGKTxMg

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