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Sister Axe - Tired Old Man (Fixed audio)
NOTICE: I've re-uploaded it with beter audio. An awesome song made and performed by Sister Axe. This song is also part of SUPER CRAZY GUITAR MANIAC DELUXE 4 ! I do not own, perform or made this song. Sister Axe band site : http://www.myspace.com/sisteraxe Download link(mp3): http://speedy.sh/5Bsqq/Tired-Old-Man.mp3 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 on kongregate : http://www.kongregate.com/games/sigames/scgmd4 Enjoy!
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Kevin Gilbert - A Tired Old Man
Kevin Gilbert - A Tired Old Man
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Tired Old Men "Hooligan" @ mundwerk
Tired Old Men mit "Hooligan" Konzertmitschnitt vom 20. Mai 2010 im Mundwerk Zürich links: www.tiredoldmen.com www.myspace.com/tiredoldmen www.mundwerk.kulturbiotop.ch
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[NG] SCGMD4 - "Tired Old Man" Pro Perfect
This song is the second most difficult song on pro mode imo for a number of reasons. The chaos factor is the highest in this song, the author apparently placed some sequences slightly off-beat, and then the solo is a rapid sequence of notes and holds. Nothing that practice can't solve however =P Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 (aka Rhythm Attack Assault Aerial Ascension Attack 4) is a music flash game made by SecondImpactGames. Tired Old Man is a song by Sister Axe.
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Tired Old Man by Sister Axe (with Lyrics)
Here are the lyrics for Tired Old Man by my band Sister Axe. I'm the lead guitarist / songwriter for this song so feel free to throw any questions or comments my way. We're all extremely happy that people like our song from Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4!
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Ginnungagab "Tired Old Man"
This is the tune "Tired Old Man " composed and played 1999 by the Danish band Ginnungagab feat J.P. krogh. For further information, visit our homepage: www.ginnungagab.com
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NRG - Tired Old Man (Broken Ties)
NRG - Tired Old Man (Broken Ties)
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Tired old men
Yep, no sleep for the wicked.
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Tired Old Men - Trick of The Light 2010-12-29
My band, the Tired Old Men, performing the Who classic "Trick of The Light."
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Residents cover from The Mole Trilogy
Views: 33 Shanen Frost
Tired Old Man
Shifty Gears performs Tired Old Man, a song about his dad, at Across the Street's Original Songwriters Night, 1/13/15.
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Tired Old Men - Won't Get Fooled Again (2012-05-12).mpg
The finale of our 10th annual BBQ/jam session. Mike Selk - bass, vocal Rusty Forman - acoustic guitar, backing vocal Michael Surless - electric guitar, backing vocal Fran Cassella - backing vocal Rob Delli Bovi, John Carlough, Jeff Castellano - electric guitars Ron Schaumburg - keyboards Al Deraney - drums
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Tired Old Man
Views: 24 Chip Shirley
The Brymers: "Tired Old Man"
The Brymers perform a track off of their new album "Never To Old To Rock-N-Roll" (Release Date: 10.1.2009). Visit: www.thebrymers.com and say hello.
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Sister Axe - Tired Old Man
Artist: SisterAxe
Views: 3117 DaAwesomeMusicGuy
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Tired Old Man (by Sister Axe)
If you like this song, you can download it free in this page: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/238760
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Homemade video using a 2008ish cell phone and not much else.
Views: 9416 tezza541
Tired old man
Views: 33 predator 9000
Tired Old Men - The Weight (2011-09-18)
I think this is the best version I've ever been part of... Mike Selk - lead vocal, bass Rusty Forman - acoustic guitar, backing vocal Michael Surless - guitar, backing vocal Fran Cassella - percussion, backing vocal Al Deraney - drums, percussion, backing vocal Lew Levy - lead guitar Rob Delli Bovi - guitar Ron Schaumburg - keyboards
Views: 502 BassPlyr23
I'm Tired Of Middle Aged Men Hitting on My Wife
Sometimes I wonder if these people are actually real. They are. These creepy middle aged men need to be stopped. Come to my tour! http://www.socialreposetour.com Get my new album on iTunes: http://apple.co/1m9HlRm Merch Store http://www.DistrictLines.com/SocialRepose Instagram http://www.Instagram.com/SocialRepose Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/SocialRepose Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/SocialRepose Snapchat username is SocialRepose
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Tired Old Man "r3volv3r"
Tired Old Man mit "r3volv3r" Live Mitschnitt aus dem Atelier vom 06. August 2009 Die Band: Mark Lim - Vocals & Guitar Alex Lim - Vocals & Bass Sonny Seago - Vocals & Guitar Francesco Gasparini - Vocals & Drums
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Tired old man
Bruce's crash while CAT skiing
Views: 92 Ryan Hulslander
Kevin Gilbert - Tired Old Man (Puppet Suite)
The complete version
Views: 2298 Aphearicus
Tired Old Man, The Rant: Environmental Crisis
We are facing an environmental crisis of huge proportions, and we're sitting around debating whether the seas will rise one inch or six inches. The time for action is NOW! And young people must be the ones to take action! Look to November 4, 2007 for a global student event. Get ready!
Views: 346 voicesunderground
Tired Old Men - Barbara Ann (2012-05-12).mpg
Live in Ramsey, New Jersey Fran Cassella - vocals Rusty Forman - acoustic guitar, backing vocals Mike Selk - bass, backing vocals Reenie Lennon - backing vocals John Carlough, Jeff Castellano, Rob Delli Bovi - electric guitars Al Deraney - drums
Views: 420 BassPlyr23
SISTER AXE: Tired Old Man
Views: 2790 PETETRUENT
Giraffe   "A Tired Old Man" live at Puma's - Kevin Gilbert - NRG - Toy Matinee
Giraffe: Kevin Gilbert Stan Cotey Chris Beveridge J. Scott Smith Michael Abowd www.KevinGilbert.com
Tired Old Men - Staring at the Sky.wmv
Tired Old Men rockt mit ihrer noch unverfälschten Musik die Bühnen und begeistern die Zuhörer. Von selbst geschriebenen Songs über Coverversionen bietet diese Band alles was das Musiker- Herz begehrt.
Views: 1247 Sandro Götz
Tired Old Man
As I was walking through the ruins of Pompeii, I took a few minutes to break away from the tour group and went to stand up against the wall of a building to perform a short session. When I started the recorder, I captured this lost soul letting me know he wasn't a ghost and he thought he was still alive! Spirit: I'm not a ghost . . . I'm a tired old man!
Views: 50 Stanley Wroblewski
Views: 2 Teddy Parham
Tired old man
An instrumental piece I wrote several years ago for my grandfather who was sick at the time. I recorded it just after he died after being ill for over 2 years.
Views: 209 Kimifreak18
STEVE HAYES: Tired Old Queen at the Movies - THE TALL MEN
THE TALL MEN (1955} Clark Gable, Jane Russell, Robert Ryan and Cameron Mitchell battle Indians, stampeding cattle, the elements and each other in Raoul Walsh's tale of a cattle drive to Montana, THE TALL MEN ( 1955). Shot on location in Technicolor and Cinemascope, the action never stops and neither does the chemistry of Gable and Russell in two of their best roles. It's a rowdy, rip snortin', hell-u-vah time taking you on a long and arduous journey through countless obstacles and revealing what the Old West was really like. It'll keep you fascinated and on the edge of your seat from beginning to end and grateful to be sitting on a couch and not on a saddle. OUCH! See Steve Hayes in Person! "Steve Hayes' Hollywood Reunion" • Red House, Syracuse, NY February 9 -- 11, 8:00 pm • $20 Tickets: https://secure.vertiglo.com/831/redhouse/29HAYES.html Follow Steve On: Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/SteveHayesTOQ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/stevehayestoq with John "Johnny" Bixler and Steve Hayes
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Tired old man
Me, tired, testing the video editing feature of YouTube
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SCGMD4 - Tired Old Man By Sister Axe [ Pro - Perfect ]
SCGMD4 - Tired Old Man By Sister Axe [ Pro - Perfect ]
Views: 1400 jujuss29
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 FGFC + Tired Old Man FC + Guitar vs. Piano FC (FSFC)
Wow, SCGMD4 is much harder to FGFC than SCGMD2 or SCGMD3; not just because of Guitar vs. Piano, but Tired Old Man is by far harder than any other song in the previous games. It took me ten days to FC all the 17 normal songs on both difficulties. Tired Old Man took me three days to FC it, whereas Guitar vs. Piano took me over fifteen days. Considering every FC, the bosses, the stars, achievements and every kind of unlockable (having the game at 100% complete, that is), overall it took me a whole month - yeah, the game is actually huge; there are tons of things to do. The reason why I've recorded Tired Old Man is because that at the time I thought it could be the final song (it took me a while until I could figure it out how to find the 4th boss). The solo is very complicated since it consists of arrows and short sustains mixed up. The rhythm of the chart is also kind of inherent, which makes you have to deal very carefully with not just the notes, but the timing as well. And, to make things worse, by capturing the gameplay, it lags even more. This song is also the hardest to FC on Amateur and was kind of tricky to FC it. I'd rate this FC at about the level of I Wanna Rock in GH80s. Guitar vs. Piano is tough overall and there are not many breaks. Plus, learning the note patterns is just the first step. The timing and stamina aspects are also fundamental in this song. I had been playing the song for fourteen days and then I stopped playing the game for about five days. Then, in the fifteenth day, I FCed it with a few tries. I was simply calmer so my timing was a lot better. I consider this FC to be slightly harder than Holiday in Cambodia to say the least, although it's just hard to compare FCs of different games. I also liked the fact the creator considered this a special song and didn't demand this FC. I mean, all you get by FCing it are two more stars, but you don't need it perfected to get all achievements. I've noticed it would be nearly impossible for me to FC Guitar vs. Piano while recording with the software. It lags worse than normal and I miss the section at 7:43 90% of the time with this condition. It lags so bad you can't really tell where the notes are when they approach the keys, therefore it was camera recorded. At least it runs smoother than the Tired Old Man FC. Some other songs I find worth mentioning are Time Wasters, Stormfield, Presumed Dead and Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3 - I'd say they're the 6th , 5th, 4th and 3rd hardest FCs in that order. Here's my FC order: Amateur: 1. Swallow Your Soul 2. Fairest One of All 3. In Love With Myself 4. Battle Song Loop 5. Race It! 6. Ska Hymn 7. Hole In The Ground 8. Time Wasters 9. Stormfield 10. Dinosaur Dance Floor 11. Momentum 12. Swear By The Hilt 13. I Just Wanna Burn 14. Presumed Dead 15. Toys And Us 16. Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3 17. Tired Old Man Pro: 18. Swallow Your Soul 19. Fairest One of All 20. In Love With Myself 21. Battle Song Loop 22. Race It! 23. Ska Hymn 24. Time Wasters 25. Dinosaur Dance Floor 26. Momentum 27. Swear By The Hilt 28. I Just Wanna Burn 29. Stormfield 30. Hole In The Ground 31. Toys And Us 32. Switch vs. Evil-Dog Round 3 33. Presumed Dead 34. Tired Old Man 35. Guitar vs. Piano By the way, on the 11th day I was trying the Guitar vs. Piano FC, I actually started playing the PC version and ended up re-FCing every song on Pro within 3 hours. lol I was getting tired of playing only Guitar vs. Piano. You may find the Boss scores in Pro kind of low (except for maybe the brothers and the god of time in GvsP). That's because I didn't pay much attention to the tutorial and didn't know you could hit the bosses by hitting any command. LOL Overkilling every boss in Amateur was the last thing I did. It would've been better if you had the same star system for bosses, like when you earn a star in Pro, you also get it in Amateur without having a score. That would go to defeats and overkills, although I made sure to FC every song in Amateur as well. One important thing I'd like to add: to get the "Let the Rivers Run Red!" achievement, I actually had to overkill all the bosses in Pro on "18" songs; not "17" as the game says. I wonder if that happened just to me.
Views: 11480 RocksterLMS
Tired Old Man, The Rant: Opening
Tired Old Man gets you ready for a global student event on November 4, 2007. Tired Old Man is tired of the state of the world... tired of the environmental crisis... tired of the state of the human condition. He reaches out to young people, students, to use their power to move our world towards PEACE and SUSTAINABILITY....
Views: 379 voicesunderground
Tired Old Man-Sister Axe (Bass Cover)
También se tocar bajo, este es un cover de Tired Old Man de Sister Axe, espero les guste
Views: 77 Jared Cruz
Tired old man gone WILD!!! Competition call anyone?
Tired old man gone WILD!!! Competition call anyone?
Views: 63 Snugglez7246
Tired Old Men-Cinder (Kinetic Remix).wmv
Remix by myself Enjoy ^^
Views: 115 KS19931991
Tired Old Man "Everybody Knows"
Tired Old Man mit "Everybody Knows" Live Mitschnitt aus dem Atelier vom 06. August 2009 Die Band: Mark Lim - Vocals & Guitar Alex Lim - Vocals & Bass Sonny Seago - Vocals & Guitar Francesco Gasparini - Vocals & Drums
Views: 2252 heigerlens
Pearl Thusi is tired of old men
The news you never knew you knew
Views: 721 MTV Base Africa
Tired Old Man
sleepless in suffern
Views: 3133 Gino Arnold
Tired Old Man, The Rant: Why Youth?
Tired Old Man gets you ready for a global student event on November 4, 2007. Tired Old Man is tired of the state of the world... tired of the environmental crisis... tired of the state of the human condition. He reaches out to young people, students, to use their power to move our world towards PEACE and SUSTAINABILITY....
Views: 100 voicesunderground
Tired Old man By sister Axe Pro Perfect
La cancion Tired old man por The sister axe La cancion en perfect
Views: 69 Francisco Aguirre
Lost Patience : Album : Sick & Tired : Song Title : Old Man.
This is one of my favorite songs off our Album : Sick & Tired - called ( OLD MAN.) Enjoy ! {Lost Patience}. I sure miss playing (Old Man) on my Kit ! The song was our Stairway to Heaven.
Views: 326 Kevin Fairchild
SCGMD4 - Tired Old Man By Sister Axe [PRO] - Perfect
for all songs use this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ele_xMmCKmA&list=PLD91BA015143FA109&feature=plcp&context=C3386dbePDOEgsToPDskKP_BKsx_wevAB27UkzHiOR play the game here: http://www.notdoppler.com/supercrazyguitarmaniacdeluxe4.php
Views: 1238 nick666101

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