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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (1978)
Track 2 on 'Yellow Magic Orchestra' (1978) Written by Martin Denny LYRICS: Instrumental -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (Soul Train 1980)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (Soul Train 1980)
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game / Firecracker
"Computer Game / Firecracker" as performed by Yellow Magic Orchestra. A little tribute video to one of my favorite old school Synthpop tunes by none other than the great YMO. These guys are one of the pioneering groups behind Electronic music. Sit back, listen and learn a bit about YMO!
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YMO - Firecracker (Budokan 1980)
music by Martin Denny "Yellow Magic Orchestra World Tour '80 From Tokio To Tokyo" Live at Budokan (Dec.27,1980) a.k.a. "Computer Games" in U.S. Jennifer Lopez "I'm Real"
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firecracker - ymo (07/07/12)
7th July, 2012.
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Yellow Magic Orchestra.  Theme from the invaders, (0.59) Firecracker (4.51)
Part of my coloured vinyl collection. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act 1976 allowance is made for " fair use". as some people were not born when coloured vinyl and picture disc were made. I am showing this for educational use
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra (Full Album)
Artist: Yellow Magic Orchestra. Album: Yellow Magic Orchestra. Year: 1978. Genre: Electronic/Synth Pop. Country: Japan. Track list: 1. Computer Game "Theme From The Circus" (0:00) 2. Firecracker (1:48) 3. Simoon (6:39) 4. Cosmic Surfin' (13:06) 5. Computer Game "Theme From The Invader" (17:58) 6. Tong Poo (18:41) 7. La Femme Chinoise (25:00) 8. Bridge Over Troubled Music (30:56) 9. Mad Pierrot (32:13) 10. Acrobat (36:34)
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YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Live at NHK - BSプレミアム 2011.12.30 坂本龍一,高橋幸宏,細野晴臣 and クリスチャン・フェネス,権藤知彦,小山田圭吾
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YMO 1980 WORLD TOUR "FROM TOKIO TO TOKYO" 7th November, 1980. Live at A&M Chaplin Memorial Studio in L.A.
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Yellow Magic Orchestra  Firecracker
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
Edit of the 1983 BRC Imagination Arts production 'Ballet Robotique'. Made for creative purposes only. Because, you know, ROBOTS.
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イエロー・マジック・オーケストラ - ファイアークラッカー (1978)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (1978)
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YMO Fire cracker Music Clip
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2019 伝説復活 YMO -  Firecracker Feat.星野源
20190102水 NHKBSプレミアム 放送:細野晴臣イエローマジックショー2から Rydeen → https://youtu.be/U_EnF3xN3CA
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Khruangbin - Firecracker (Yellow Magic Orchestra)
Originally by Yellow Magic Orchestra. From 'History Of Flight' EP, four exclusive cover versions recorded at their barn in Burton, TX, released for RSD15. http://khruangbin.com http://khruangbin.bandcamp.com/ http://soundcloud.com/khruangbin http://twitter.com/khruangbin Late Night Tales Webshop: http://goo.gl/hqSYBP Late Night Tales iTunes room: http://itunes.com/nighttimestories Listen to Late Night Tales releases on Spotify: http://goo.gl/Q98T7d Late Night Tales Facebook: http://facebook.com/latenighttales1 Late Night Tales Twitter: http://twitter.com/LateNightTales Late Night Tales Instagram: http://instagram.com/latenighttalesofficial
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tighten Up [+ Interview] Soul Train 1980
Yellow Magic Orchestra (often referred to simply as YMO) is a Japanese electronic music band consisting of principal members Haruomi Hosono (bass and keyboards and vocals), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums and lead vocals) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards and vocals). The band's former "fourth member" was music programmer Hideki Matsutake. They are often considered influential innovators in the field of popular electronic music. They contributed to the development of synthpop, ambient house, electronica, electro, contemporary J-pop, house, techno, and hip hop music. More broadly, their influence is evident across various genres of popular music, including electronic dance, ambient music, chiptune, game music, pop, rock, and melodic music. YMO were pioneers in their use of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, computers, and digital recording technology in popular music, during a time when these technologies were seen as novelties. The band is considered "ahead of their time," for anticipating the global trend towards drum machines and sampling, for having anticipated the "electropop boom" of the 1980s, their "pro-technological viewpoint," their use of video game sounds and bleeps, and for experimenting heavily with computers and electronic instruments. Soul Train is an American musical variety television program, which aired in syndication from 1971 until 2006. In its 35-year history, the show primarily featured performances by R&B, soul, and hip hop artists, although funk, jazz, disco, and gospel artists have also appeared. The series was created by Don Cornelius, who also served as its first host and executive producer. Production was suspended following the 2005--06 season, with a rerun package (known as The Best of Soul Train) airing for two years subsequently. As a nod to Soul Train's longevity, the show's opening sequence (during later seasons) contained a claim that it was the "longest-running first-run, nationally syndicated program in television history," with over 1,100 episodes produced from the show's debut through the 2005-06 season. Despite the production hiatus, Soul Train will continue to hold this honor until at least 2016, if and when its nearest competitor, Entertainment Tonight, completes its 35th season. (If ET does not complete a 35th season, Wheel of Fortune would pass in 2018 if it continues to air.)
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YMO伝説 (1983 散開コンサート at 武道館) 720p
1. PROPAGANDA 0:00 2. TONG POO 0:57 3. BEHIND THE MASK 6:05 4. ONGAKU 10:38 5. LA FEMME CHINOISE 14:03 6. SHADOWS ON THE GROUND 19:07 7. THE MADMEN 23:29 8. EXPECTING RIVERS 28:40 9. KAI-KOH 33:25 10. SEE-THROUGH 37:27 11. KEY 41:13 12. FIRECRACKER 45:35 13. TECHNOPOLIS 51:24 14. RYDEEN 55:39
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Mass
YMO BGM 1981 -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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Mariah Carey - Loverboy (Firecracker Sample Snippets)
Poor quality attempt of getting a glimpse at what Loverboy could've been, done in two ways. Key transposed
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Mariah Carey - Loverboy (Firecracker Remix)
"Loverboy (Firecracker Remix)" is an unofficial remix of Mariah Carey's "Loverboy" from the album "Glitter". Contains samples from Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker". "Loverboy" © 2001 Sony/ATV Songs, LLC, Rye Songs, Fox Films Music Corporation, All Seeing Eye Music, Better Days Music. "Firecracker" © 1979 Kay Music Publishing, Ltd. No copyright infringements intended.
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game (7" Version)
This remake of the 1959 track Firecracker by Martin Denny was utterly amazing, given new life by the pioneering electronic Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra. The USA and the UK singles both used the title Computer Game, but Theme from The Circus was used for the USA single, while Theme from The Invaders was used for the UK single. Both singles also had different mixes, with the UK single having the samples of the video game Space Invaders during the intro and the firecracker explosion at the end, while the USA single starts right off with Firecracker and fades out slowly at the end. I was a kid when this was first released, and was just getting into video games, so this song was just mesmerizing for me--the combination of synthesizers and lovely electronic sounds with that distinctive Asian melody was pure awesomeness; I really loved it a lot, and ended up buying the album, which had a slightly different mix than the original Japanese release. Computer Game peaked at #17 on the UK pop charts and at #60 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart in 1980; for me though, it deserved to be a much bigger hit. original version on the album Yellow Magic Orchestra written by Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Martin Denny © copyright 1979 A&M Records Inc, Horizon Music, Alpha Music, Almo Music Corp. All rights reserved.
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game "Theme From The Circus" / Firecracker
Yellow Magic Orchestra ‎-- Yellow Magic Orchestra Vinyl - LP - Track: A1 / A2 1978 electronic / disco
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Yellow Magic Orchestra  東風 Firecracker
Tong Poo Firecracker
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
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YMO: Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
No Copyright laws infringement intended. Entertainment purposes only. I do not own anything at all. All the content and credits belongs to the respective owners and artists.
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tighten Up + 1980 Interview
“In case you folks out there in television land are wondering what’s going on…I haven’t the slightest idea.” Ryuchi Sakamoto vs Don Cornelius vs Archie Bell & The Drells this is a video I've had up before, but was taken down due to various legal travails... let's try it again...and be sure stick around for the interview with the Grampire at the end...
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (45RPM 45Toeren).wmv
....from my personal collection... No, this one's not for sale... ;)
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Khruangbin - Firecracker (Yellow Magic Orchestra Cover)
Originally by Yellow Magic Orchestra. From 'History Of Flight' EP, four exclusive cover versions recorded at their barn in Burton, TX, released for RSD15. http://khruangbin.com http://facebook.com/khruangbin http://twitter.com/khruangbin https://www.instagram.com/khruangbin http://nighttimestories.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/nighttimestorieslabel https://twitter.com/NTSlabel https://www.instagram.com/nighttimestorieslabel https://soundcloud.com/nighttimestorieslabel
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (DMC Remix)
Remixed By Ben Liebrand
REISSUE:  “Computer Game” – Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix – Yellow Magic Orchestra
REISSUE: “Computer Game” – Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix – Yellow Magic Orchestra Yellow Magic Orchestra is Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi – a Japanese electro-pop band who began recording in 1978. Their 12” single “Computer Game” from 1979 is one of the innovative dance tracks with an early electro/techno feel. The track utilized sound effects from the video games, Circus and Space Invaders then blending an Asian melody. It is one of the releases which stood out for the progressive electronics started earlier by artists like Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk – soon to become an identity of its own in pop, hip-hop, electronic and techno music. I have taken the 12” of “Computer Game” and edited a new ReStructure Mix adding a few more beat and synth-effect elements to display more of the bass sequencer patterns and a few more surprises. This one always had the place in my mind as one of the stand-out pieces where a transformation of mood and movement was affected on dance floors. It is presented here in respect and appreciation. http://www.glennrivera.com/multiply/yellowmagicorchestra_computergame_restructuremix.jpg
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra (1978 Full Album) (Japanese mix)
0:00 - Computer Game (Theme from 'The Circus') 1:48 - Firecracker 6:39 - Simoon 13:06 - Cosmic Surfin' 17:58 - Computer Game "Theme From The Invader" 18:41 - Tong Poo 24:56 - La Femme Chinoise 30:56 - Bridge Over Troubled Music 32:06 - Mad Pierrot 36:27 - Acrobat This is an original, japanese mix from 1978. The other version that you can currently find on YouTube was remixed for american market by Al Schmitt and released in 1979. It was also missing "Acrobat" in its original form. The difference is quite subtle, but definitely audible.
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YMO - Firecracker(Tokyo Dome Live)
YMO - Firecracker TECHNODON in Tokyo Dome '93
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (The Shamen Remix)
Internal Records (1992) taken from 'Hi-Tech, No Crime'
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker 1978
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technopolis (1979)
Track 1 on 'Solid State Survivor' (1979) Written by Ryuichi Sakamoto LYRICS: Instrumental
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Theme From The Space Invaders / Firecracker
As featured on Ronco's Space Invasion. Released in November 1980.
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Yellow Magic Orchestra (US version) - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yellow Magic Orchestra (米国版) side A 1. 00:00 Computer Game "Theme From The Circus" 2. 01:51 Firecracker 3. 06:41 Simoon 4. 13:09 Cosmic Surfin' 5. 17:36 Computer Game "Theme From The Invader" side B 1. 18:47 Tong Poo 東風 2. 24:26 La Femme Chinoise 中国女 3. 31:00 Bridge Over Troubled Music 4. 32:18 Mad Pierrot
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YMO - Firecracker (SHNABUBULA Live From New York Jazz Piano Cover)
Excerpt from SHNABUBULA'S VGMCAST, a weekly live stream featuring wildly inventive and equally intricate jazz piano improvisation, with video game music - yes, video. game. music - as source material. Special song requests are taken from fans during a live session every Friday. Then, with only a single day's practice, the results are brilliantly showcased (depending only on your Internet connection speed) on the following SUNDAY @ 4PM (EST). Watch the live stream here: http://www.twitch.tv/shnabubula You can also listen/watch/stay hip to all the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring and all sorts of fancy Thesaurus-y words for 'pretty. fucking. cool' performances here: https://shnabubula.bandcamp.com https://www.youtube.com/shnabubulaVEVO https://www.facebook.com/Shnabubula https://www.twitter.com/Shnabubula Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker" was released as a single in Japan in 1978 and in the United States and UK in 1979, becoming a major R&B hit. The same year, the song was released as the "Computer Game" single, selling over 400,000 copies in the US and entering the top 20 of the UK Single Charts. The song's use of video game sounds and bleeps has been described as "ahead of their time". The spark which led to YMO member Haruomi Hosono’s use of a computer during the recording of “Firecracker” was his discovery of Kraftwerk. Hosono was drawn to the German group’s method of recreating a perfected groove, expressed through a machine, which eliminated the subtle variations in timing that occurs when an instrument is performed by a human being. The swingy funk element present throughout their first album "Yellow Magic Orchestra" was expressed by programming through subtle variations of the input (if a quarter note = “48” they used inputs such as “45” and “47” to produce swing). "Firecracker" was popular with the emerging hip hop community, which appreciated the new electronic sounds, and in the Bronx, where it was later sampled by pioneering hip hop artist Afrika Bambaataa in his famous 1983 debut album "Death Mix". "Firecracker" was also sampled in a number of other songs, including Teddy Riley's hip hop single "Wong" (1986) by Al B. & Just Two MC's, 2 Live Crew's "Mega-Mixx II" (1987), and De La Soul's "Funky Towel" (1996). In 2000, Mariah Carey had sampled the melody and hook from "Firecracker" for the original version of "Loverboy". As Carey had ended her contract with Columbia Records, Jennifer Lopez was signed by Tommy Mottola, and had begun recording material for her album, J.Lo (2001). Mottola, head of Columbia and Carey's ex-husband, knew of Carey's usage of the "Firecracker" sample, and attempted to have Lopez use the same sample in her song "I'm Real". Carey became increasingly paranoid following news of Lopez's "theft" of the song and was not able to use the original sample, as Lopez's album was to be released far earlier. The remix of Mariah's "Loverboy" featured rapper Da Brat singing a pointed message about "bitches emulating [her] daily", to the melody from "Firecracker". pretty. fucking. cool
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (Yamaha QY100 cover)
A cover version of YMO's "Firecracker" song, reworked inside the Yamaha QY100 portable sequencer / tone generator. Made by Alex Retsis. Mp3 download link: https://db.tt/QLEbulPr
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Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real Samples YMO - Firecracker
The track was subject to controversy, following reports that Jennifer Lopez and Tommy Mottola stole the idea of sampling Mariah Carey's original planned sample, Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker", over a month after Carey had signed for it. Since Carey's Glitter was to be released over a month after Lopez's album, she changed the song's melody to sample from "Candy" instead. Controversy ensued following its release; Carey was hospitalized for severe mental and physical exhaustion, following poorly received television appearances involving the song and album.
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YMO computer games
Yellow Magic Orchestra "Computer games" electronic music
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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Simoon (1978)
Track 3 on 'Yellow Magic Orchestra' (1978) Written by Haruomi Hosono/Chris Mosdell Featuring Shunichi Hashimoto on vocoded vocals LYRICS: Hot starlight Where a blue moon dreams On the sheik and she Steal a night kiss Baby's a belly dance Mirage romancer in Casablanca Frankincense in the Tressles of her hair They ride the night On his white mare Her perfume drifts On the Arabian air From the heart of the harem He carries her off Down to palm-breeze oasis Behind a sand-dune croons She with her Eastern promise And secrets in the sand Oh, she's only a desert song He carries her off Down to palm-breeze oasis Behind a sand-dune croons She with her Eastern promise And secrets in the sand Oh, she's only a desert song.
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YMO "Firecracker" Live in San Francisco 6/27/11
Still can't believe I got to see them in concert! Apologies for any shakiness.
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KORG DS-10  YMO "Firecracker"
Views: 61157 NATT021
Firecracker / Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yellow Magic Orchestra (US Remix Ver.) -Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Yellow Magic Orchestra (Y M O) - Firecracker (Special DJ Copy)
感謝の気持ちでは、ショーの映像中にポップアップ広告をクリックしてください YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA L-R Trax - Live & Rare Tracks (2005 Japanese limited edition 93-track 8-CD box set. Includes recordings from the 1978-1980 World Tour and Other selected Non-album Live Tracks & rare recordings all Digitally Remastered by Mitsuo Koike. The CD's are housed in four different coloured long digipak style booklets with fold-out pages of photographs and has the full track listings for the CD's on the front of each booklet. Also includes a 73-page lyric/discography booklet, all housed in a glossy card slipcase. Still in protective stickered PVC sleeve! MHCL501~8). Presented Disc 8 - Rare Tracks And More(Ful Version) 1. Tong Poo - Special D.J.Copy 1978 2. Firecracker - Special D.J.Copy 1978 3. Hirake Kokoro - Jiseiki- - Original Mono Version 4. Tighten Up - Us 12inch Version 5. Behind The Mask - [email protected] 1980 6. The Madmen - Live After Service Out Take 7. Chinese Whispers - Live After Service Out Take 8. Shadows On The Ground - Live After Service Out Take 9. Perspective - Live After Service Out Take 10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? - Acoustic Version 11. La Femme Chinoise - Acoustic Version 12. Pocketful Of Rainbows - English Version 13. Cosmic Surfin - Pacific Version 14. Y.M.O. Mega Mix

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