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Juxtapoz Presents Saber vs Saber

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Wonder what runs, walks, and stumbles through the mind of legendary LA graffiti artist, Saber? Of course you do. Well wonder no more! Check out Saber's solo show at Opera Gallery in New York City called "The American Graffiti Artist." Visit: http://www.operagallery.com/ Opera Gallery 115 Spring Street New York, NY Private Opening: MAY 5 Public Opening: MAY 6 http://saberone.com/
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Text Comments (45)
artsy fartsy shit.
Tacticus_ (10 months ago)
Just found this gem saber is a huge influence on my style
ÆONSONE (1 year ago)
Kashi is gnarly.
Leo Contrino (1 year ago)
Hands down the best graff writer In the world
Adam West (1 year ago)
Ah can control...something I never got down :(
Joey Duran (1 year ago)
Its all about Yoshi
Andrew Nguyen (1 year ago)
Those tags at first be toy
SaTuHsFy. 714 (4 months ago)
Westside writers be the illest ..... √
Leo Contrino (1 year ago)
Andrew Nguyen his hands are cali style and he’s said he isn’t the best but he’s a legend so fuck ur opinion
Adam West (1 year ago)
Andrew Nguyen yea he's said many times he sucks at tagging lol
Fuk Youuu (2 years ago)
he kinda reminds me of my brother in law lmao the whistles especially
Luis Villegas (2 years ago)
zeser style
James Cunningham (2 years ago)
Anthony Charles (3 years ago)
I can RELATE 100%
SIERTWO (4 years ago)
love watching his process, so many tips by just watching this
polaske93 (4 years ago)
glad i came across this video.. its how i feel like 90% of he time, especially when im trying to create something.. my mind races, and i second guess myself, then i just say fuck it and go at it.. sometimes i like the outcome, other times i go inside and play mortal kombat. Makes me feel better to see an artist i look up too go through the same shit
cheapstixxx (4 years ago)
sick ass can control
its okay (4 years ago)
Lou Skunt (4 years ago)
lego (4 years ago)
Haha this nigg juss hops off n goes on some mario kart aha
dropaholic318 (6 years ago)
All great minds go crazy at the end to many ideas your brain can't control it
pablo Mc (6 years ago)
fuck this lets just go play some mario cart
sasisandy (6 years ago)
love it!
jem559er (6 years ago)
lmao "it all about yoshi"
kept169 (6 years ago)
@hoaxhoax2010 how am I hating? I wanted to see his art, not the frickin wii
hoaxhoax2010 (6 years ago)
Hater! lmaoo! XD
hoaxhoax2010 (6 years ago)
Nooo, he gets change into a cup -____-
SIERTWO (6 years ago)
@HUMBLE PHARAOH Same here! An elMac too
skinaone (6 years ago)
lol yeah ? its saber
Rj Hartbeck (6 years ago)
Damn done wth true flare !
kept169 (6 years ago)
Lame, show us the art fucked
mossy1 (6 years ago)
does this guy make a living off his art? just curious.
Fabian MarTime (6 years ago)
hahaha hella random"fuck this,lets just go play mario"
HUMBLE PHARAOH (6 years ago)
Saber and retna all time favorite
Gabe (7 years ago)
wow, hes still at the shit
creer creo (7 years ago)
and G-kae ?
young pharoh (7 years ago)
its wood and he's priming it man saber your a bast mad props
hillcrestG (7 years ago)
whats up with those Kashi cereals? theyre all dry n shit! best line!
3rkie (7 years ago)
FourEyesAnimation (7 years ago)
Lyin ass, he didn't get 1st in mario kart!
nsolcis (7 years ago)
good work
Ms408sFINEST (7 years ago)
5ik61n63r (7 years ago)
so good
Johnny Karlsson (7 years ago)
Shoulda gone with MarioKart64
Hillsdale (7 years ago)
The man

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