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23-Year-Old Completes Trip Across Country on Rollerblades

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The young woman who traveled coast to coast on Rollerblades has completed her nearly 4,000-mile journey. At times, 23-year-old Yanise Ho battled severe heat, heavy rains and fierce winds, but nothing could stop her. She kicked off her adventure in Miami, documenting the seven-month trip with a makeshift selfie stick. Most impressively, she traveled with no money, relying instead on the kindness of others to give her a place to sleep and eat.
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Ron sales (1 day ago)
go bro. go bro. js know I believe in you bad yo..believe in me k
Bianca Ybarra (2 days ago)
Isaac Martinez Chavez (4 days ago)
She does have courage.
Homer Simpson (7 days ago)
I wonder if she shaves her pussy or if she's like typical Asian women with a forest down there. I've lived in Thailand, Japan, and Korea an rampant public hair is the norm.
Daemon Skycloak (8 days ago)
If you’re young, attractive, and female you can always find at least one male to buy you stuff.
Supersnackbros (8 days ago)
Ana Kraus (10 days ago)
How does she get back 😂
Dmg Control (12 days ago)
The world is not kind. Strangers truck may kidnap her at night rape her or her body won't be found or recover for months. Even a man would be vulnerable.
Casul OrNah (13 days ago)
If she wore cat ears, not only could she have gotten food and shelter, but probably come out with a size able bank account. Do it all over again.
Xander Barreto (14 days ago)
Okay how will she get back tho???
ORCAS ARE BEST (17 days ago)
Car broke down a few days ago. I go back to work tomorrow on a bike. Was nervous but seeing this makes it seem easy. Thanks
Artemis Scout (18 days ago)
And she gained all the calaries she burned by eating at a buffay
MoneyandLove Mane (18 days ago)
For some reason I feel like this isnt real
Nicolas Goldring (21 days ago)
She is, quite literally, on a roll.
VQ Nation (24 days ago)
Fake news she obviously didn't actually roller blade that distance she probably took a bus alot and then got off or had a car following her and she just made small fake video clips you ever see the desert it's long roads of nothingness and it would of taken says to roller blade it
Suhel Pa (24 days ago)
I would host her too :)
Ray Bato (24 days ago)
Tetrapharmakos ' (24 days ago)
Why isn’t she skating to the kitchen ?
shinto666 (24 days ago)
Lesson is, don't be a moron like her.
James Cailie (24 days ago)
So, she travelled across the country and expected others to feed and shelter her? Sounds like the modern American way
I am milan (24 days ago)
Amazing she wasn't kidnapped and sold into sex slavery
How tho. What did she eat?
Tip Tig (24 days ago)
god bless her
LAN Evo (24 days ago)
Lucky she was light skin... or else story wouldn’t have had a happy ending...
Bran The Builder (24 days ago)
I want to see how far a man gets lmao
PantiesGoneWild (24 days ago)
who wouldnt want to help a cute little Asian girl
DragonCry48 (24 days ago)
Weird flex but ok
Edward Valentino (24 days ago)
No cash. Relying on the kindness of strangers for a meal and a place to sleep? Can you say, It puts the lotion in the basket?
Mathew Angelo (24 days ago)
She’s skating through the country, while I’m stuck in LA traffic..... 😫
AAquaticAApe (24 days ago)
CMu N (24 days ago)
How she convinced ppl she was telling the truth about her intentions? And not someone trying to set me up to rob them or something?! I dunno how ppl trusted HER
Crimson Hawk (24 days ago)
That wouldnt happen if she had a man or if she was a man.
Dan Rodriguez (25 days ago)
One in a million
Dan Rodriguez (25 days ago)
OMG females rock
Top Silver (25 days ago)
I wonder how many wheels she had to replace along the way.
Mark V (25 days ago)
I got a blister just watching this
Adriana ospina (25 days ago)
What! ?????Friggin amazing ., my respect to this young lady . Guts of steel
Life Hack Cards (25 days ago)
Seen it. Google 'Peace Pilgrim'
Flying Filipino (25 days ago)
So all I have to do to get well toned legs is to rollerblade across America? Got it!!
NPC 010048920101837620 (24 days ago)
That's one way to get that ass in shape! Look at face at start and then end. Got hotter on the way. Get off your asses and get in shape.
Arthur Carvalho (25 days ago)
Crystallyzer t (25 days ago)
This made me think of Forrest Gump... LOL
asianspec (25 days ago)
I wonder if she cheated and hitchhiked some of those miles?
Kool. _Kid (25 days ago)
What if something happened and she couldn’t rely on others she had no money so how would she had survived
Mich Ches (25 days ago)
WOW cool good for her.
Polish Hammer (25 days ago)
See the movie Shred America 😁
Alexandre Simard (25 days ago)
I feel like I saw you on a Danny Duncan video
Xiko Emerald (25 days ago)
*Big deal she beat the odds of not being killed, kidnapped, rapped, and all the many other things that could have happened.*
Random frog (25 days ago)
good job, do you want a cookie? now you get to go home. bad time to go to california. (because it's on fire)
l3arrett82 (25 days ago)
how many wheels did she go through?
Dragoon TV (25 days ago)
if it was a average man it would be a different story
Halby G (25 days ago)
23? Or like 15?
K-moon snaps YT (25 days ago)
She traveled across the country, yet I can’t make a proper bowl of cereal.
Shoto (25 days ago)
Her legs must be jacked.
cняιѕтιηє (25 days ago)
She looks like Ryan Higa
Jules L (25 days ago)
blizzard icy (25 days ago)
Where you at yes theory
Dominiqua Cole (25 days ago)
She is cute
Scotty (25 days ago)
I wonder how many pairs of rollerblades she went through during this trip...
Nunchukfury 8743 (25 days ago)
u guys remember terry fox?
Shaun White (25 days ago)
She does realize its 2018 and she could fly coast to coast?
Jaklyn Grevel (25 days ago)
yeah well an 11 year old cartwheeled across the country *AnD yOu JuSt wAtChEd A tTi, On DiSnEy ChaNnEl*
mlamanna1 (25 days ago)
Amazing great story
NICE LOVE LIFE (25 days ago)
I love this story.. We could all deal with a lot more helping each other out definitely
Aplus_Nerd (25 days ago)
What is this technology called rollerblades?
[Last_Stand] (25 days ago)
But could she do it while doing the Default Dance the whole time?
wahoo strike (25 days ago)
she is a cutie
Alan Shaw (25 days ago)
Why must there be so many comments about race ? ... haven't we had enough ? .... celebrate an achievement that most wouldn't do and move on people!!!
Marcus Baldwin (25 days ago)
0:33 I'm pretty sure that is Playa Del Rey just north of Dockweiler beach in LA. Why? Because I skate there too! So I'm not so sure about that line drawn on the map. At least on how it was drawn on the west coast side.
Ethan Wood (25 days ago)
Bet her pussy stunk like raw fish afterwards
LiAngelo Ball (25 days ago)
I really thought she was like 12
jennovy plays (25 days ago)
Why is this not a a world record?
Incredibly Lucky
Hersheyy Kiss (25 days ago)
How tf? Something about the story seem odd...
Miguel Negron (25 days ago)
I bet Ms. Ho has really bad funky feet after the 4,000 miles cross country trip.
DoNtFuCc WiT'mEe (25 days ago)
Forest gumps daughter on rollerskates and a few stops 👌💯✔
Attack Helicopter (25 days ago)
Dat ass
drane1210 (25 days ago)
Glad she safe and didn't end up at a serial killer house
PestsOutWest (25 days ago)
Surprise surprise the attractive asian girl gets a free place to stay and food.... as an unattractive white man in my late 30's i wouldnt have a chance at strangers being that nice.... they would suspect me of doing something nefarious. in the first week i would be sleeping on the street most nights by the second week i would smell and be no different than a random homeless man with rollerblades.... see plenty of them on the road with no one willing to help.
Valor Bluez (25 days ago)
Bruh wasn’t she on Danny Duncan’s video
James Goodwin (25 days ago)
Her name sounds like “Yo niece, ho”
Papa Smurf (25 days ago)
Just skate across Ohio if you wanna experience all different types of weather
vegjeezy17 (25 days ago)
How can she suck dick if she’s busy rollerblading across America?
Sky Traveler (25 days ago)
I would have gone with her, if I knew her... I love traveling but I didn't have who to travel with.. besides, she is so cute!
Spectre Voices (25 days ago)
Your niece hoe?
Vegeta (25 days ago)
*Weird flex but ok*
KingDaeDae (25 days ago)
3111 ward (25 days ago)
Wadu hek.
Peaceful Positive (25 days ago)
Thank god... she didn’t go to Delhi or bombay
xDemonicぇ (25 days ago)
Such an inspiration
Joel Monroy (25 days ago)
I’m sure it would have been a different story if she was a guy
Chris Nickle (25 days ago)
Damn girl!!! I love it! I just wish ya would have measured your legs before and after
Dj SpNYCe (25 days ago)
No one would ever House a dude if they did that! So, yea; you need a Pussy for this...!
Edwin Rafael Merida (25 days ago)
Like what did she do after? Did she have like a job waiting or some rich parents lol this litaraly like Pokemon
Reimaged Media (25 days ago)
The inside of those roller skates have got to STANK 😂😂
SxG Infinity (25 days ago)
If a male did this no one would let him sleep in their house...
Gustavo Alvarez (25 days ago)
Its because she was Asian I bet if lequisha rolled down the road they wouldn’t help her
TeeTee LouKy (25 days ago)
What she really running away? Where is her mother?
Gauldron Sage (25 days ago)
God I wish I was a cute girl :(

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