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I CAN MAKE SHOES - Pattern Making - Ankle boots with a zip.

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In this video we will show you how to make a super simple pattern for an ankle boot with a zip. This is a fantastic non-technical method of pattern making, that can be easily repeated from home.
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Farhan Siddiqui (1 year ago)
thnx for d information.. please tell me some good books of all types of designing.. where all the details are... pls
Hello , i have a question. I love design and i think shoe making are very interesting .I would like to know where i can have a guide or a book that could give me the information about supplies .
Johnny UrbanWoodsmen (2 years ago)
Your welcome.  Hope you find your supplies.
thats amazing ! i would love to visit united states one day . thanks alot !
Johnny UrbanWoodsmen (2 years ago)
Hey Gyau, just wanted to put what knowledge I have about shoe making, Right now I am taking a course from a great teacher name Olivier Rabbath from www.howtomakebootsfromyourgarage.com he gives classes at his studio in New York City and on skype, he also sells a book on shoe/boot making great book may I add. But for supplies there is a website call shoedo.com they have some supplies that are very hard to find also look in ebay. I buy mine here in Brooklyn New York, they are called Kaufman shoe supply they may ship online not sure. Hope this helps. Johnny

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