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Julien Fournie | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Julien Fournié | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by *** | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - Paris/France)
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Charissa Walters (8 days ago)
What planet is this designer from!!!! I'd like to go there and meet his people🔥🔥🔥
Sammy smith (1 month ago)
Give the person who choreographed this show a raise! Allowing the models to play with their clothes and display their own brand of confidence worked to great success. Well done!
Cinzia Tschantret (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️this line...bravo! Would love to have seen a few middle aged models in this collection.
Pablo Gonzalez Perez (1 month ago)
beyond the classic couture love
linda thompson (1 month ago)
In addition to these masterful designs, fabrics, etc....there's this: I remember each one of these models and their 'in the moment' and "OMG" presentation. Since watching this runway collection, I have seen so many others, but I do not remember any of the other models, much less what they wore. I thought about why that is, because there are many beautiful models, and many excellent designs and this is what I came up with for an answer, as follows: Bringing these garments to life, the models are wearing them as if each of them had just stepped out of 'a life in progress' in another dimension, and agreed to allow us just a peek at what we're missing! Memorable and hauntingly interesting...☺
daphwellmag (2 months ago)
I love that the models are not 15 years old. Still too skinny though. The clothes are fabulous.
Jun Zheng (2 months ago)
Classy and elegant. Beautiful materials. Texture and color.
Damonica Jones (2 months ago)
Hauntingly beautiful!
Анаст Тур (2 months ago)
TheDuccky (2 months ago)
I love how dramatic this was
You don't need to book the models of the moment to show a great and amazing collection. Actually the models looks like a real woman, not young models from 14 years old.
Joanna Gawryszewska (2 months ago)
This is the church, it is profanation. West of Europe is lost:(
и навернуться со ступенек в таком свадебном платьице.)))
soo jung (3 months ago)
Love Every cloth. Except the last one. Model, music, all design. Look good.. I wish all in My wardrobe. 😁
Born Blond (3 months ago)
The model wearing the chicken dress is so funny.Thanks I need the laugh:)) I can just see feathers flying everywhere in a girls fight:)) What an ugly bride.It's a man or a woman? She looks like a man.. .
Kristi King (3 months ago)
The long red dress (6:30-7:00) did me in. You can't imagine what it feels like to wear a dress that moves like that. The whole collection is just exquisite.
Puro 中Dezainā (3 months ago)
Amazing, I Felt like I'm in 1921 WOW, I'm in lone with this collection
Анна Матяш (3 months ago)
Потрясающая собрание,я в экстазе.
Azure Blue (3 months ago)
Adarcus (3 months ago)
I love that the girls show just the tiniest bit of personality. So many of these shows the girls just looked dead and like they're trying to run away as fast as possible. It's possible to keep the clothes center stage while still having a tiny bit individualism. The music is also gorgeous the setting amazing and the editing stellar. I love every single piece and would kill to have have the opportunity to wear just a single piece myself.
Lakshmi (3 months ago)
Вот конкретно этак я и желала смотреться всю свою существование....Женственно и хрупко и что бы мне вечно подавали руку...
Natalja Rogalova (3 months ago)
It's my style and I like this show and music and picture and a wonderful colors. I love the way you look and feel that you are a great fit for your style.
Leslie Greiff (3 months ago)
These clothes are gorgeous. YOu can see ordinary people wearing them and looking great. I love the clean flowing lines and lack of frou frou. BRAVO
Joel Orozco (4 months ago)
It reminds me John Galindo for Dior
Gemma Sardà Reina (4 months ago)
Elegance beats the track!
So many colors, so much texture, loved it!
Roger Ibarra (4 months ago)
Jeanette Marie (4 months ago)
That wedding dress was SO Beautiful!!
Jeanette Marie (4 months ago)
Absolutely stunning! Elegant, that 1940s look but in present time with a modern touch, So Impressive! 💖🌺
Peggy Rannick (4 months ago)
Wow! Absolutely gorgeous ...superb fabric and cut. This is what I perfer❤️
Emily Davis (4 months ago)
I swear the music at the end is from The Lion King.
Wafa Ali (4 months ago)
Joey Oliver (4 months ago)
Great show!
MIHAICA SAVA (5 months ago)
Amazing! Love it!
Alyssa Poo (5 months ago)
Where do I sign up the be the person to help them down those two steps.
Andrea Moscoso (5 months ago)
Best show by far held me captivated till the very end.
Sunade thegreat (5 months ago)
linda thompson (5 months ago)
I am in love!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Exquisite! Breathtaking!! Thank you for this.☺
Suzanne Tourtillott (5 months ago)
Beautifully fluid. Styling, color work, the slow-mo turns. Great camera work and editing. Loved the HofG remix, too. Thumbs up.
Shakia couch (5 months ago)
This is SO old Hollywood! I love it!
Good things Out there (5 months ago)
And that small detail how they get a help with the stairs is nice!
Good things Out there (5 months ago)
Wow female elegant clothes instead of russian grandpa and american grandma old closet mixed together, cutted to be short and used with heels or with whatever, fashion we are witnessing lately
JaQuon Baker (5 months ago)
Stunning!!! I loved everything about this #FashionShow, Every look, Every Design, Every Twirl... Absolutely Amazing Julien Fournie
Natascha Walter (5 months ago)
Шикарная собрание,целый экстаз!Браво, виртуоз!
dvdgalutube (5 months ago)
the first red dress is phenomenal! The cutting is so elegant and chic. I would love to have that dress. Love the come back of full skirt!
jonwiley (5 months ago)
Very elegant and retro. I defy a woman to wear these clothes and not feel like a genuine "lady."
Ольга Теслюк (5 months ago)
Лучшее в сезоне. И в конце концов я вижу моделей с весьма женственной подходкой
Damonica Jones (5 months ago)
Pure Couture⭐❤
Definitely a great designer
Susana Pereira (5 months ago)
Excelente colección 👌
Jahnaa Hepburn (5 months ago)
Perfectly Filmed, perfect music, the right dramatic flare from the models,.... PERFECT .....
stvh B (5 months ago)
Julien Fournier wearing Dior skirts hahaha
Nancy Dugan (5 months ago)
I’m new to watching these fashion shows on line, but from what little I’ve seen, these are the best models I’ve seen. So elegant and confident. It really brings a lot to the clothing and the entire show. You can really tell the pros from,the rookies.
Anuksonamun (5 months ago)
Absolutley brilliant. I wish women today would dress more feminin.
Soheila zibakalaam (5 months ago)
Very classic perfect👌
JOK (5 months ago)
안수빈 (5 months ago)
Someone who find this music link me plz
Cherries Jubilee (5 months ago)
This show uses the silhouettes of the late forties and early 50's combined with new fabrics and an exquisitely tailored designs to great effect. and the mohair jackets at the beginning were a welcome surprise.I haven't seen anything on the runway in this interesting fabric since the 1960's. I didn't see a single misstep. Simply gorgeous, wearable clothes that could translate to almost any body type. Stunning.
Elizangela Neli (5 months ago)
Jijo Mathew (5 months ago)
All the dresses made me smile. It was like being in a ballroom
Anna Vajda (5 months ago)
Stunning. I love it.
Phuong Tran THANH (5 months ago)
meier Hannah (5 months ago)
Julien, he understand women, body and mind. he's so proud, he should be.
six Angela (6 months ago)
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cardella elena (6 months ago)
MakeMoreMusicOk (6 months ago)
Feminine, stunning
cesar monsieur (6 months ago)
Tell me please what kind of music is playing?
Loda (6 months ago)
exceptional detail in sewing - exquisite accessories and blending fabrics - i love how the ladies show drama in their style and give a twirl and tiny bit of attitude
Jane W (6 months ago)
astaria rex (6 months ago)
If my dreams were translated into a fashion show....... everything was absolutely perfect. My new closet is calling, I have to go!
Wau! Искусство!
До слёз!
R Kraus (6 months ago)
Predictable clothing. Traditional. Not challenging boundaries. No new technique in sewing, choice of fabric or construction. One thing I give to it is the ingenuity on expressing life and death. Mostly death.
Good things Out there (5 months ago)
R Kraus fashion means clothes and clothes means to be wear .. it is not every time about new tactics and pushed boundaries.. we need clothes .. for modern useless art we can visit some galleries
אפריל גביש (6 months ago)
Gorgeous bridal dress❤️
אפריל גביש (6 months ago)
Astonishing practical stuff 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jay Msv (6 months ago)
Wow omg very very beautiful 😍😍😍 good job 👍🏻👏🏻 amazing great super fantastic ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
magalator (6 months ago)
WOW !! From start to finish - WOW !! How magical. Finally a designer that understands elegance.
J F (6 months ago)
@2:20 that JACKET. that SKIRT. UGH! 🤩😍
RocciGirl (6 months ago)
Everything....Wow! Just Beautiful! Love the color combinations and flow. And the models displayed then Beautiully.
Nabilah Audah (6 months ago)
This is the first time i love the entire collection.
Ricardo Guerrero (6 months ago)
exquisite .... vraiment belle collection
Renee Soteropolus (6 months ago)
_amusingmyself (6 months ago)
Feathers, smh.
عهود سرور (6 months ago)
Maria Grate (6 months ago)
Impressed by having the male in black available to lend the ladies a hand going down the steps. Safe and classy.
Good things Out there (5 months ago)
Maria Grate agree!
anna Gravier (6 months ago)
Vera Salpeter (6 months ago)
Awesome, very elegant, classy
Félicitations Julien Fournie !!!
tter t (6 months ago)
Beautiful couture. and the music and atmosphere are amazing. feel like the one fall day of elegant old early 1900's. love it
PattyHP (6 months ago)
Macbasil (6 months ago)
This is the kind of clothing i would wear no matter what the occasion is! From dropping in your knees to spending $500,000. Nice perceptions towards designing every garment! Love the drama of the models to sell out the clothing! Work!
Fancy Pants (6 months ago)
Seemed very inspired by the Hitchcock female, loved the drama and quiet sexiness of this show. The models look like they love to wear his work and show it off, that's wonderful
schrap72 (6 months ago)
Love, love the first dress. She looked like a raven. Love the wedding gown! So often you only get to see it once but at least the let her walk with at the end of the show. I especially liked that. Loved everything!
Dabney Fountain (7 months ago)
Breathtaking! Luxe. Womanly. Bravissimo!
Aslans Angel (7 months ago)
GORGEOUS fashions. 4:40 TDF!
juzi Tan (7 months ago)
I have no idea, Why the designer just design the clothes for models only. how many ladies in the world will tall like models and skinny like models?
juzi Tan (5 months ago)
Thank you from your suggestions. If I have this chance I will trying to watch fashion shows as well.
meier Hannah (5 months ago)
just a suggestion, maybe you should watch more fashion shows like Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons, then argue with me.
meier Hannah (5 months ago)
at some point, yes you are right. But not just to watch, and also to feel. If you can feel the beauty of the fabric, the lines, the colours, the music, the light, and inspire you to apply some of those elements into your personal life, then i'd say its pretty successful.
juzi Tan (5 months ago)
So, Means Art design not for plain folks? and doing this for why? just watching?????
meier Hannah (5 months ago)
art has to be beyond the reality, its art, accept it
Apple Juice (7 months ago)
Back to the 19s
G C (7 months ago)
Gold pantsuit. Glorious
Misspam Bethea (7 months ago)

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