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Boots Collection 2017 - Basic Ankle Boots and Chelsea Boots || theStyleHungry

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An updated boots collection! First up are my basic ankle boots, including my favorite chelsea boots. There are a total of 22 boots shown in this video...it's beyond ridiculous. I've also decided to include links to the exact boots, or something similar if the exact ones cannot be found. Hope you enjoyed this video! Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3. || other videos you should check out || previous boots collection - https://youtu.be/2ddODggBIXs statement boots collection 2017 - https://youtu.be/Ewi1NRAxXEI || items mentioned || (items marked with * are sold out and similar items are linked) 1. Dune London Pandaz in Tan - 2. Dune London Pandaz in Black* - http://bit.ly/2xVmGH3 3. Sam Edelman Petty in Black - (kids) http://amzn.to/2wTfHPI or http://bit.ly/2vZnoqf; (adult) http://bit.ly/2fczEt3 or http://bit.ly/2ePwSt5 4. Sam Edelman Petty in Putty - (kids)http://amzn.to/2wTfHPI or http://bit.ly/2vZnoqf ; (adult) http://bit.ly/2fczEt3 or http://bit.ly/2jfAXMs 5. Topshop Bardot Zip Boot* - http://bit.ly/2wjIQBH 6. Rachel Comey Luna in Cognac* - http://bit.ly/2wRDSAo 7. Tory Burch Bowie in Brown* - http://bit.ly/2gWvupd 8. Melrose and Market Brown Ankle Boot* - http://bit.ly/2gXdICn or http://bit.ly/2wjCbHy or http://bit.ly/2xZNg2E or http://bit.ly/2xp9sGd 9. DV by Dolce Vita Colbie in Tan Suede* - http://bit.ly/2xpTmwf or http://bit.ly/2wUeeKz 10. Dolce Vita Jari in Saddle Suede - http://bit.ly/2wUcu49 or http://bit.ly/2wU7JaG * or http://bit.ly/2vODXRO * 11. 14th & Union Langley in Grey Suede* - http://bit.ly/2jfYg8S or http://bit.ly/2wjPxUj 12. Vince Camuto Celena Boot in Taupe - http://bit.ly/2jhkBTc 13. Forever 21 Lace Up Ankle Boot* - http://bit.ly/2xVfvPb 14. Topshop Klash Sock Boot* - http://bit.ly/2fcO5xj or http://bit.ly/2xfCvLs or http://bit.ly/2fdvGR7 Chelsea Boots 15. 14th & Union Wooster in Putty Suede* - http://bit.ly/2jeU1Ky or http://bit.ly/2xYGrhM 16. 14th & Union Wooster in Black Leather* - http://bit.ly/2jeU1Ky 17.Marc Fisher Yale in Dark Natural Suede - http://amzn.to/2wj9EBW 18. Marc Fisher in Black Leather - http://amzn.to/2wj9EBW or http://bit.ly/2wTI28g 19. Vince. Black Leather Chelsea Boot* - http://bit.ly/2jeU1Ky or http://bit.ly/2gX0zcy 20. H&M Black Faux Leather Chelsea Boot* - http://bit.ly/2gX0zcy or http://bit.ly/2xpySnk or http://bit.ly/2jeU1Ky 21. Treasure&Bond (not Hinge) Studded Chelsea Boot* - http://bit.ly/2gWjnZf or http://bit.ly/2xpqRP0 22. Zara Leather Chelsea Boot* - http://bit.ly/2jeU1Ky *similar items linked instead || lets be friends || instagram @thestyehungry https://instagram.com/thestylehungry/ || music || Jessica Hart - Soul Phazed • Jessica Hart https://soundcloud.com/boxedtreats https://twitter.com/BoxedTweets https://instagram.com/jess_sweet_hart https://facebook.com/jessicahartmusic ** found via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8jNcz30DAE Narrow Skies - A Memory Remains • Narrow Skies http://facebook.com/narrowskiesmusic http://instagram.com/narrowskiesmusic http://twitter.com/narrowskies http://soundcloud.com/narrowskies **found via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq10kBMelxY As always, thank you so much for joining me on this journey! S2
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Text Comments (25)
Dorothy Lewis (9 days ago)
All your boots were on point. Very nice
theStyleHungry (9 days ago)
Dorothy Lewis thank you so much and thanks for watching!
LaciAlysia (14 days ago)
2:23 6:26 7:01 which of these is the most comfortable and looks best with jeans everyday
theStyleHungry (11 days ago)
LaciAlysia Hi and thanks for watching! In order of most comfy - H&M, Topshop, Zara. But the H&M one is a looser fit also. I think they all look great with skinny jeans. The Zara ones have a much pointier toe and therefore a more intentional and dressy look. For everyday, the topshop ones are good because they are a simple, basic ankle zip boot (although I am partial to Chelsea boot styles). Generally I hardly reach for my Zara ones because they aren’t the most comfy (maybe needs more time to be broken in) and the the H&M ones are a bit loose so my feet slide around a bit. Topshop for the win! Hope this helps!
Marium Shahid (4 months ago)
I wish I at least had one you are so lucky
Terraria Futzi (1 month ago)
Owww I almost want to buy you a pair xD
Sarah Garnet (6 months ago)
Nice booties like your style ♡ Do you allways wear your boots barefoot ? Or you did that only for the video ? Tnx 4 the help :)
dzlove (1 month ago)
Sarah Garnet she's probably wearing ankle socks.
Linda Gnaba (7 months ago)
Very class
Linda Gnaba (7 months ago)
theStyleHungry , and I intend to stay😘
theStyleHungry (7 months ago)
Linda Gnaba thanks for stopping by!
bila bong (7 months ago)
Omg..am in love with this collection
Joshua Williford (8 months ago)
Shoe size?😍
Joshua Williford (8 months ago)
theStyleHungry i love your feet in all those boots😍 can u kick me please?
theStyleHungry (8 months ago)
Joshua Williford 6.5 usually
Bhawana Ghimire (8 months ago)
I wish I could have these all....
Bhawana Ghimire (8 months ago)
theStyleHungry I really love your Chanel from Nepal
theStyleHungry (8 months ago)
Bhawana Ghimire slowly but surely you’ll grow your collection. I admit it’s much more than necessary. Thank you for watching and commenting!
Hannah Stevens (10 months ago)
Great boots collection! :) Just curious for reference what size shoe are you in women's and kid's?
theStyleHungry (8 months ago)
Hannah Stevens oh my goodness. I’m just seeing your comment now. In kids sizing, I’m normally a 5/5.5, depending on brand and type of shoe. I think the Sam Edelman ones run quite big though and I may have taken a 4. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
ThisOwl (11 months ago)
Any updates on the Marc Fisher Yale boots? How are they holding up? Are they still comfortable?
Online shoping (6 months ago)
ThisOwl Buy your favourite winter shoes from here With great discount https://youtu.be/h9cFUsLzfq0
theStyleHungry (11 months ago)
ThisOwl They are holding up well! Both have become more comfortable and “loosened” up. However I do notice that my heels kinda slip out the back on occasion. It doesn’t happen often but wearing thicker socks may help. The slippage doesn’t bother me enough that I would not purchase again. In fact, I’m thinking about picking it up in a diff color. If you find it on sale, it’s even better and totally worth it!! Thanks for watching!
salsa379 (1 year ago)
theStyleHungry (1 year ago)
salsa379 thanks for watching!! 😊

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