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Outdoor Edge Folding Knives: Surgical Steel Sharp, Budget EDC - Shot Show 2016

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I checked out Outdoor Edge to see their survival knives, but these Razor Lite knives got my attention. If you want something REALLY sharp as a part of your everyday carry, you might want to look into these. The Conquer is also a pretty nice looking knife, but to be honest, once I saw the replaceable blade option on the Razor Lite EDC - that's what I wanted to see. Check it out. Here are links to the Razor Lite Knives: Razor Lite EDC: http://tinyurl.com/OutEdge-RazorLite-EDC-ETV Onyx EDC: (Not yet available)
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theleoj91 (3 years ago)
this type of convention people think is for the "outdoor tactical survivalist mall ninja cop" it is REALLY nice to see this man in a suit to break the stereotype the world has about the prepper and the outdoor community
Dubious (3 years ago)
6 identical blades or different types? If identical its useless
Dubious (3 years ago)
+TheGame already knives for that, much cheaper knives
Dale Reynolds (3 years ago)
+Ronny Finseth 6 of the same blade. They are basically disposable blades. That's the point of it. You can replace it once it gets dull. I believe I read somewhere it was made for hunters who didn't want to take time to sharpen a dull knife in the middle of cleaning a deer.
Yooper Digger57 (3 years ago)
Nice Blades

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