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5 Cute Ways I Style My Vans + A Chance to Shop My Closet!

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Download Poshmark: https://pshmrk.app.link/j8J0fHufMK Shop my closet: @diamondcandytv Buy or sell Fashion! 💎💎💎 Where can I find your 'Curly Girl' hoodies? CurlyGirlMerch.com *Get 15% OFF with code XOSubbies 🍬🍬🍬 Follow me on Social Media!!! IG: @diamondcandytv Twitter: @diamondcandytv SC: diamondcandy_1 💎💎💎 Tech: Canon t6i Rebel Adobe Premiere Pro Diva Ring Light 🍬🍬🍬 FTC: This video is sponsored, in part, by Poshmark.
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Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
All the clothes with a 🔥 emoji next to it (and so much more) are now up on my Poshmark so make sure you download the app FOR FREE using the link in my description box!! Also, leave me a comment if you liked these cute casual outfits or if we have similar style👇🏽👀
Rochelaune Altidort (7 days ago)
wigmaker extensions (3 months ago)
So pretty
rofllol255 (3 months ago)
I recently bought the pink old skools for the school season this year and I’m in love with them!
Daisy sunset (4 months ago)
*Ouuu yes girl i have those shoes on that dumbnail 😍❤*
Berlin M. De Lion (4 months ago)
Damn you talk a lot of shit only go to The fucking point girl
Candice D. Jones (4 months ago)
you big mad😂 god bless you sis
997,879,657 views (4 months ago)
I love the second one
Candice D. Jones (4 months ago)
Chaylen Patricia (4 months ago)
Can you do a video on how you lace your old Skool vans? I bought some yesterday and the shoe strings long asf
Niha Gurung (4 months ago)
I love outfit 3😍😍
jalisa weird things (4 months ago)
That lip gloss though
Miauribe (5 months ago)
My mom always yells at me cause I wear vans with dresses🙃
Candice D. Jones (4 months ago)
lol she not hip!
Chia (6 months ago)
Video starts at 1:55 your welcome
Juice Planet (8 days ago)
Phew thank you
FalconsZone6 (6 months ago)
3:28 That ass tho 👀
Daisy Domingos (6 months ago)
Arielle Coleman (8 months ago)
Just discovered your channel and I’m in love! ❤️🔥
Jessica Chanell (9 months ago)
I just bought my daughter the exact pair of shoes last week & their so cute. I have to get a pair now..
Taylorgang34 (9 months ago)
Super cute!
dereck emmanuel (9 months ago)
did u get braces??
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Yes! https://youtu.be/CRoQM-fHXTM
Bri Leshae (9 months ago)
I love your style! Plz do more videos like this!!! More fashion videos plz!!!!!😍😍😍
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
I got you!!!
BeSpiffyBeYou (9 months ago)
Yaaas. I been wearing my vans a lot lately too 😍 you’re gorg.
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
I'm honestly obsessed😭 Thank you mama!
Destiny Love (9 months ago)
crazy because i was gonna do an outfit like #4 tomorrow 😭
Jalyn Arrion (9 months ago)
bun tutorial?!
Nedra Mills (9 months ago)
You just so stinkin cute..Lol Heyyy Sis!
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Heyyyyyy😍 thank you!!!
xoAngelicaF (9 months ago)
I just bought those recently & wore them last night🖤
Sarri Hampton (9 months ago)
Amess that lil uzi dance u need to 🛑 ✋🏾
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Shay Blossom17 (9 months ago)
Are vans comfy?
xoAngelicaF (9 months ago)
Baic babe (9 months ago)
DiamondCandyTV do they run true to size or are they small ?
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Shay Blossom17 yes especially after you wear them a few times!
younger lil uzi (9 months ago)
Her vans fake
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Vans Ward vs Vans Old Skool. Both authentic Vans just comes down to preference and what the retailer carries love.
younger lil uzi (9 months ago)
DiamondCandyTV real old school vans don't have that thing at the toe old school vans are flat with white stitching
xoAngelicaF (9 months ago)
No the hell they aren’t‼️
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
😂 take your trolling somewhere else boo
quaadira robinson (9 months ago)
Rejected Doll ?
Alicia Baker (9 months ago)
Love it 😍
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Alicia Baker 😘😘😘
Ashley _ Dalusma (9 months ago)
Thank you so much boo !! Yes honey work it !! I'm definitely going to try postmark thank you so much definalty the green sweeter and hoodie dress!! 💖 what remix is this love ?
Gen Waves (9 months ago)
you should post it the hair dye packing and color
Gen Waves (9 months ago)
what hair dye color do you use  ?
xoAngelicaF (9 months ago)
G Awesome I think she has video on it
PaigeyPop (9 months ago)
I literally just bought these last night @ DSW. They have a $10 off coupon on all shoes. Btw cute outfits girl.
Our New Flipping Lives (2 months ago)
PaigeyPop I’m going there rn LMaO
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
PaigeyPop oooo thank you!❤️
Janae Knott (9 months ago)
Love ittttt 😍😍 Btw who is this remix by ?
Elexxus Brown (3 months ago)
Did anyone ever find out who the remix is by?
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Can't remember😭 email me and I will send you the link [email protected]
Abia-kyarna (9 months ago)
wonderful video 🌹👑🍍
Jackiee Nicole (9 months ago)
I looove it, so raw!!
Brittany Mo (9 months ago)
Love this type of video ! Thanks ❤️❤️❤️
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
Brittany Mo you’re welcome!!
NaturallyTheresa (9 months ago)
venice enoch (9 months ago)
Cute outfits..can you do one with the high top vans
Candice D. Jones (9 months ago)
venice enoch I don’t have them yet but I want them😩

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