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Model fail || fall compilation 2012-2013

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Model fail fall compilation 2012-2013.. Fail Collection, Fail compilation #Model #lol, Funny Video, Fashion Show Model Fail, I hope you guys enjoy it.. Subscribe my channel for more video. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=failurecollection Like on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FailureCollection. Please Guys Check My Website:- http://www.hdsansar.com
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Text Comments (4929)
Sam Harville (11 hours ago)
Kudos to the girl who actually helped that other girl up at the end instead of just walking away--put a little more humanity in such a cutthroat business haha
MarycP90 (3 days ago)
Who's the model at 0:13?
Zig Zag_46 (4 days ago)
That first model just invented a new move. The best ones falls, gets up, fall again, gets up, you guessed it, falls AGAIN.
Benymm Johanson (4 days ago)
Nice Czech Girs
Wolfy AMV (7 days ago)
models falling compilation.... wonder who masturdates to this
Tomoko Ogawa (7 days ago)
i laughed so harrrdd
Fairose Aurna (8 days ago)
2:04 me: *falls badly* 2:08 my friend: wait,here I come...!! *falls even badly* 😂
Adriana Filipa (11 days ago)
Omg...this is what i call a try not to laugh challenge. But , some people helped eachother ,and others didn't , like, when the girl fell in the pool the boy was like " i don't give a shit" , and also when the lady fell those bitches were only walking.
Mudasir Hussain (13 days ago)
What the hell wrong with their heels if they don't comfortable with their heels then don't wear
Leo ishak (16 days ago)
ahahahahsha😂😂😂😂😂😂ahahahaha omg...im sory
Jordan Pugh (16 days ago)
How do I sunscribe?
vijay bhochiya (18 days ago)
It's ok no body is perfect
Nkosazana Ap (21 days ago)
0:11 I'm deceased 😂😂
孙悟空 (21 days ago)
I can't even stop laughing , so pity to those models, it's really hurt.
Pat Naidoo (22 days ago)
this what happens when walking on toothpicks plus a breakfast incl cocaine
Will Costanza (22 days ago)
Do you know why guys don't fall, cause they don't wear these stupid created things called high heels
Yasmin Mccray (24 days ago)
Lol they put sun scribe I disliked the video :)
Bex Beatrix (24 days ago)
2:27 she fell In a funny way
i am jess (26 days ago)
2:08 be like, i'm just trying to help
JS Kim (26 days ago)
2:40 is that a new tomb raider game?
D Dibakar (27 days ago)
It is toooo funny 😂😂
Aliyah Umra (29 days ago)
We're the girls feet alright 😁
That_Girl_Gracie ,hey (30 days ago)
Boys see what woman have to go through😑😑
Zainab Sandhu (30 days ago)
Why do the models and the people who are watching them doing nothing it doesn't make any sense atleast they could have said, "are you ok?" Or something
zienna Montanez (1 month ago)
Hahahahahaha *LOL*nice model fails good luck next time hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Lololololololoolololo:) :(
do bla (1 month ago)
It's the shoes
Ann-Sophie Kahnau (1 month ago)
4:30 she is so ugly 🤢
• SilentWīsh • (1 month ago)
I love how they just stood up, brushed it off, smiled, and carried on. It's kind of refreshing to see since many models always have a serious face on so it's really nice to see.
Natalie Gonzalez (1 month ago)
2:12 brooo💀💀
eggwasprobablynothere (1 month ago)
...did that one girl pee on the floor?!?
Sis legit just pissed on the runway. Please tell me that was part of the show 😂
Ariana Zoé (1 month ago)
Did she just pee?
fae fae (1 month ago)
Wrong size shoes
Maame Yankah (1 month ago)
1:34 i dyingggg none of them stopped to help her up
Sadies world (1 month ago)
So funny
Memer Meme (1 month ago)
1:52 the drop came when she fell into the pool
JAZZZ (1 month ago)
this must be sooo embarrassing for themselves
Thileigh Kasprzyk (1 month ago)
4:33 are you actually kidding me😂🤢
Jodiann Walker (1 month ago)
When you are a model, you have to do more than just shower well and use lotion! You have to do body scrubs, too! You basically have to live in the spa and a gym! And here you have these advanced rat-penguin sociopaths pretending to be models while shitting on the runway! That's fucking nasty and ridiculous!
Jodiann Walker (1 month ago)
One of those penguins with the 50 million flippers was wearing wooden platform shoes, and bent the back before taking them off and carrying them in its flippers. And these wooden platform, wedge-heeled shoes are bigger than its feet! That's the type of penguin that hates water. That's an hydrophobic penguin! That's a vermin penguin! A rat-penguin! A penguin that's an advanced rat! That thing hasn't seen a shower in its sad, pathetic excuse for a life! That thing cannot model. Models have to have advanced hygiene. That's just the ordinary model. The super model has to have very advanced hygiene. While the very good super model has to have super advanced hygiene. This is fucking ridiculous!
Mámdrzat Hubu (1 month ago)
Jodiann Walker (1 month ago)
No! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! STOP IT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW! Is anybody listening to my pleas that these things don't know where to shit and pee?! Somebody listen to my cries so that they can finally shut down that fucking mad house called the States of Emergency, formerly known as the United States of America! What did that thing from the States or Britain do on the runway?! Pee on the runway! Pee on the fucking runway! Somebody should have thrown some shoes at it, and told it to piss off! They don't only pee everywhere, they shit everywhere! That's how Ebola got spread everywhere in the States in the first place. These are mad fucking cunts! They pretend to be models, and think they can get away with it! They can't even walk in wooden wedge heels. They can't even walk in ordinary platforms shoes. One of them took off their low-heeled black shoes and carried it in its flippers! You want to flip it off! Even the male thing slipped and fell down and was wearing slippers. They're not even showering well, or at all, to wear those! That thing carried the slippers in its flippers. I said flippers, and I'm not correcting it. They have about 50 million of them to stabilize it because it doesn't have anything in its head to stabilize it. You want to flip that off, too! You have to when they disrespect the profession like that! And here these things are calling themselves models! And not only do they pretend to be models, but they also pretend to be runway coaches! This madness has to stop... and stop right now! They shouldn't be modeling ever! They shouldn't be in front of a camera ever! They have better things to do, such as learning how to use the toilet, and cleaning up all the shit that's causing Ebola to be in (and on) the land, in the sea, and in the air!
Jodiann Walker (1 month ago)
And when I say flippers, I'm not referring to dolphins, orcas, porpoises and whales! That's because they're more graceful than that! I'm referring to penguins, and penguins of the very unusual kind. These are penguins with 500 flippers. These breed of penguins need that many to stabilize themselves so that they keep their asses on the ground and don't fall over. They need all of that stability because the stability is not in the head! They're just flipping mad!
a a (1 month ago)
1:39 i can't stop looking a laughing .
Breezy Sweets (1 month ago)
lakshmi shaji (1 month ago)
Why the hell did she pee there?
HomeTown Honey (1 month ago)
I’m confused!! Did one of them really pee on the floor??
Nazhar Almamari (1 month ago)
It hurts when u fall n they r having a hard time to get back their balance ..
kara max (1 month ago)
Yeah I fell on the road today.. In public.. In front of ppl! .. I just wanted to feel a little bit less embarrassed 😑 That's why I'm here 💁
Heather Pines (1 month ago)
5:05 got me. It's like a plot twist of the video🤣
Heather Pines (1 month ago)
2:09 When you want to help your friend but destiny has other plans 😅
stillnessintime (1 month ago)
1:12 me on the way home from a night out 😂😂
Sanraf S. (2 months ago)
1:34 LOLLLLLLL the models aint heelpin
Saqib Anser (2 months ago)
EasyFolkDude (2 months ago)
good thing aliens don't have access to this youtube thing, otherwise instant diarrhea would overwhelm their one thousand fingers and by accident would launch some mass murder nuke toward the planet earth.
Eminem MNM (2 months ago)
2:09😂😂😂😂😂their faces may get broked
fatima shirazi (2 months ago)
2:49 who tf designed that stage and what in fuck were they thinking💀
Diễm Hạ Dương (2 months ago)
1:45 is legend lol
animaxdiasuki pkalex (2 months ago)
What's with the their heels...😓 and the super slippery stage .....real tough job 👍👍👍
Adnanshah Adnanshah (2 months ago)
Srilankan Tourist (2 months ago)
These whores have just one task .. to walk ... How retarded and coccaine addled these bitches are to fuck up something as simple as walking ???
einah srb (2 months ago)
i shouldn't laugh but i just cant im sorry 😂😂😂😂
Wind April (2 months ago)
Did they try to prove that those design are not practical in real life?
Gamer XD Pro (2 months ago)
1:37 lol
mistyangel501 (2 months ago)
Feet don't fail me now
Fiza pathan (2 months ago)
4:32 ....why. wtf???
Fiza pathan (2 months ago)
most of the failures are due to heels
Dacia Smith (2 months ago)
I'm so embarrassed and it's not me on stage
Grace Zashi (2 months ago)
It hurts to break ankle and thats what usually happens when you wear super high heels and thats what commonly happens to these models and its not something to laugh about
Anya Mamgain (2 months ago)
6:04 "sunscribe" lol
Sasha Kov (2 months ago)
The hell is this stupid shit they are wearing what the absolute fuck?! Is this fashion more like anorexic bitch clothes
Sergio Armas (2 months ago)
Hayyyyyy dolor jajaja
Zena Sibai (3 months ago)
4:35 pee😂😂! like for real
Bendy The Devil Darling (3 months ago)
4:30 Wtf!?
Kamran S.Khan (3 months ago)
music made me more laugh at these moments 1:36 to 1:53 best video hahahaha XD
Can't Think Of A Name (3 months ago)
replay of the dinky peeing woman 4:31
kelly d3 (3 months ago)
1:53 he just continues walking like nothing happened...and the same thing happened at 5:04 . Like is it that hard to help someone??. I know that they are told to walk no matter what, but personally I would help them. Congrats to that girl at 5:36
Mogroo T (3 months ago)
1:39 Go help mother fuck.....ers
ItsChelsea (3 months ago)
Dang the one that fell in the pool... I felt sorry for her. Walking in heals must be difficult
kyra manpula (3 months ago)
This is proof that even beautiful looking people are not perfect
Always a yak (3 months ago)
the pendulum is worse when u realise she already fell before and this time she was going to retrieve her souls
CJ vibes by the ocean (3 months ago)
I didn't make it to the second one because I was still laughing about the first😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😥 Her😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ankles😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😥
Apex Predator (3 months ago)
They’ can actually break their ankles
Apex Predator (3 months ago)
judy valencia (3 months ago)
That one with the long dress, who just keeps falling and getting up and falling and getting up, so funny!
BHAD. PRINCESS Previlon (3 months ago)
Did she fucking pee in the floor
Sammy de la Garza (3 months ago)
*insert joke about models spending time on their knees here*
Lord Voldemort (3 months ago)
And the rest of those dopey cunts just sit there instead of giving them a hand. No. Useless bastards just stay put.And as if for the wankstain at 1:52. Useless prick.
Nekar Nuestro (4 months ago)
4:30 loool she peed😂😂😂😂😂😂
isabella prince (4 months ago)
Will they wearing these skinny hills in the back so they keep falling lol
ROBZTA M (4 months ago)
Pfft amateurs, I've seen strippers performing cart wheels in higher heels than those.
Kamran S.Khan (4 months ago)
What fashion design stupid shoe creations.the designers should b sued.these girls MST b,so stressed havnt to walk in these freak shoes.they aren't even sexy.
Klarka Ševčíková (4 months ago)
4:30 She urinates?
Nome Sayn (4 months ago)
Reminders that they're only human.. sometimes they seem like machines..
Annalee Grace (4 months ago)
Douglas McDaniel (4 months ago)
Why did that woman pee on the runway ?
PoppinNugget (4 months ago)
She really sat there and peed, right
Michael Kos (4 months ago)
Emma (4 months ago)
I don't understand how some of them could just walk past another model falling. If it were me I'd to my best to help them up and regain their dignity :( EDIT: okay apparently they are supposed to just keep going. Sad.
Watch Desk (4 months ago)

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