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SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: http://bit.ly/2ceCJY0 Olivier Houalet – whose looks are reminiscent of Tarzan - is just 27-years-old and had no specialist training in animal behaviour when he came to live in Namibia. But Olivier has developed an amazing affinity with the Big Cats there. He has developed a unique approach to working with the cheetahs, in particular, by adopting their body language and mannerisms, becoming part of the pack, allowing him to offer amazing insights into how cheetahs behave and the fascinating social rules that operate among them. Now Olivier is about to embark on an emotional journey to release them back into the wild, a journey he is passionate about, even if it leads to their deaths. CREDIT: ITV Global Barcroft TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia/featured Barcroft Animals: https://www.youtube.com/barcroftanimals/featured Barcroft Cars: https://www.youtube.com/user/BarcroftCars/featured Bear Grylls Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzcUNwS7mypzPhW4gsjO7og/featured For more of the amazing side of life: For the full story, visit ANIMALS.BARCROFT.TV: http://animals.barcroft.tv/ Like @BarcroftAnimals on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarcroftAnimals/ Follow @BarcroftAnimals on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarcroftAnimals Check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/barcroftanimals/videos
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Text Comments (4353)
Amadeu Cossa (7 hours ago)
Petbull o meu cao favorito
Red Dela Cruz (15 hours ago)
I think they need food everytime you meet them.
jamal shaik (16 hours ago)
Jamal shark
Jose Rojas (17 hours ago)
7:58 did the lion respond with a shake?🤔
Joaderson Rodrigues (21 hours ago)
MARI (22 hours ago)
Tubfwm Vang (1 day ago)
I thought Tarzan lived in the jungle
Tito Joseph (1 day ago)
Special Talent.
Geread Martin (1 day ago)
How do they get gas ⛽ for these cars and trucks lol
Geread Martin (1 day ago)
Thank you
suleiman jika (1 day ago)
I wonder too
MYLIN MEDINA (1 day ago)
They might thought u will shoot them
MYLIN MEDINA (1 day ago)
They might thought u will shoot them
they think he is the Cheeath King with his long blond hair !
Brandi High (2 days ago)
chinh ka (2 days ago)
Nguy hiểm quá vậy bạn.
leon cat (2 days ago)
No follow up notes. Did they die from the farmers or are they still together, two years later? 😕
Valentino Diaz (2 days ago)
Samuel El. (3 days ago)
Just pet the thingg
Carlos Sawicki (3 days ago)
Hablen en argentino carajo
Nano Luban (3 days ago)
Hiburan itu hobi semua sifatt msing
Lalmalsawm Sawma (3 days ago)
Pa țek țek de
Jean KESSOUNON (3 days ago)
Ayoob abraham bolma (3 days ago)
Tarazan 😂
88kidflash (3 days ago)
What bond? They barely liked the man
Jason Guevara (4 days ago)
“If I have to fight, I will fight”😂😂😂 he thinks he has a chance against a pack of cheetahs.
He doesn't think that
luuis santos (4 days ago)
N.W.A No bullshit (4 days ago)
TANZAN is that you
Malaw Ndiaye (4 days ago)
Malaw Ndiaye (4 days ago)
Gnu Me
Sadiq Ahmed (4 days ago)
If I've to fight I'll fight
Grace (5 days ago)
Your the tree that will be cut down this time
Michael Massaro (5 days ago)
is this fake man?
Eduardus feni (5 days ago)
Owwwww.so nice.i like do it.
Blackn' Proud (5 days ago)
Man leave dem things alone.
Dbirdey Capozzi (5 days ago)
Totally excellent!
Alex Lara (5 days ago)
Mis amores como amo esos felinos toda especie de felino son mi vida😘🐆🐅🐯🦁🐱
roman vysotskyy (6 days ago)
дурачина позастрелював бы левов тигров и завив быков на мясо толк був бы.
Dave Mustaine (6 days ago)
20:00 Man with balls of steel VS 5 Cheetahs.
Moon (6 days ago)
How amazing world... I just imaging...
Ahmad Hamdi (6 days ago)
Please subtitel Indonesia
PonchHKT (6 days ago)
Jermaniel Agustin (6 days ago)
Why dont you try the crocs or hungry anaconda
Ousballa Jobe (6 days ago)
One day, you be their launch
Alltimeboxing (6 days ago)
Sympa mais j'ai les oreilles qui saignent de son accent
Anti Love (7 days ago)
مجنونتي hggbcg (7 days ago)
Rolex Rich (7 days ago)
Im south African and those cheetahs are tamed you can tell by the collars on their knecks besides dude needs to know cheetahs don't attack people they are generally afraid to approach them
Aryan Saha (2 days ago)
Rolex Rich .
David Smadja (7 days ago)
not savage §
Najat 109 (7 days ago)
hornymanonfire (7 days ago)
this guy fucks
Anouar Driouach (7 days ago)
try this with a siberian tiger XD . cheetahs are only defensive , they are absolutely no threat to us as human beings unless they feel very threatens . they will never attack first .
Robert. (7 days ago)
Try doing this with a cheetah and record it for us.
Sam Ovic (8 days ago)
My favorite animal ..
Miller Travis (8 days ago)
If I were I him surrounded by cheetahs I'll pee in my pant😊
Prasan Badla (4 days ago)
Miller Travis pick in pub
Tony Montana (8 days ago)
This dickhead has nothing on the lion whisper
wesley santos maia (8 days ago)
Home louco coragem nunca ia fazer isso
Faisal Cyber (8 days ago)
Andai aja ada terjemahannya bahasa Indonesia nya
Iam tara (7 days ago)
nobre du (8 days ago)
can't be free with a name like that Oliver Wallet!!doing that for is poket!
Lord Rake (8 days ago)
6:29 "It was here that he discovered his hidden talents for Interacting with big cats"... Listen, here's the true story... Dude was suicidal, figured serving himself to a majestic dangerously oversized cat for lunch was the ideal method. But soon his expectations were thwarted when a Leopard was like "Hey man, you need to talk?"... He discovered a bond. It was then that the hardcore depression that plagued him with desires for "fin" has banished into obscurity. He was reborn... It's not that serious
نورافيت واعر عن تجربة
RAHMAN MOHAMMED (8 days ago)
I feel Olivier the new Tarzan ,How much salary you think he get (+hazard eaten by cheetah)?
شلة عبدالله (8 days ago)
وش هذا
OsmXbal (7 days ago)
Guía Kon (9 days ago)
Very interesting to see all of animals.
Jeannette Diwok (9 days ago)
Tired of life???
Родственники чтоли они не кусают.
Nikko Phases (9 days ago)
Amazing people with this majestic animals....
Muzamil Ahmed S (10 days ago)
should have shown them hunting
get rid of the humans the virus and cancer of this earth
Naif Alharbi (10 days ago)
هل يوجد مستغفر ؟ استغفرالله العظيم واتوب اليه
this guy is happier than 99% of people wauuu.this guy is special has a calling not all people don't have that.
Anton Krogh-Vennemo (10 days ago)
He should do ASMR
jeremy smith (11 days ago)
thats strange that they rush you right away every time, maybe they dont recognize you in different clothing?
Fabiana Fabiana (11 days ago)
faulk ray (11 days ago)
You dead! Go back to civilization!
Happy Day (11 days ago)
I’ll bet he’s dead now
Jag Is key (9 days ago)
Sean Kennedy (11 days ago)
Shady Ghalab (11 days ago)
Has he been eaten yet?
Yansah Aldi (11 days ago)
Kerad juga nih orang
lnvadimm (11 days ago)
а позже пришли негры и всех съели...and then came the negros and all ate ...
Cindy (11 days ago)
Love cheetahs!
marshmallowbudgie (12 days ago)
0:41 rationalizing: "so you're like damn huge, tell us if you see anything juicy and slow-looking"
jamban rusak (12 days ago)
Adriana Cecília (12 days ago)
tem de tudo 99 (12 days ago)
dublado seria bom !!!
Vanessa Botecelly (7 days ago)
Vanessa Botecelly (7 days ago)
Treeman (13 days ago)
Could the radio collar antenna possibly make the cheetahs more visible to potential prey?
Sneaky44 (13 days ago)
Cheetahs must have small brains or little memory to not even remember who raised them as cubs.
OsmXbal (7 days ago)
Normal cat behaviour
titan sage (14 days ago)
All the dislikes are from Tseries
Grim Lock (14 days ago)
Where did the other two go
Pablito Robert (14 days ago)
Can anyone blame him? He loves pussy.
John Wilson (16 days ago)
Doesn't even compare not even close to Kevin Richardson. Cheetahs are not even threatening to human life anyway
Danny Benhur (17 days ago)
Lucy McDonald (17 days ago)
Oliviae needs a hair-tie
ItsVenedict YT (17 days ago)
Hey Can Someone Hunt my Ex?
Henry Hudson (18 days ago)
if they are wild tigers then yoes 1 have a collar on
Agent Ina (19 days ago)
I want to live like this! My dream, to be a leader of Lions or leopards, (I love leopards) Or maybe even cheetahs! This is my dream!
Erik johnson (20 days ago)
First off wow to comment below, grow a pair... Second who needs coffee when you can go brawl a few cheetahs in the morning.
Lucas YouTuber (19 days ago)
Amit sirsiya Sirsiya (20 days ago)
CrookedShorts (20 days ago)
That's like watching "The Notebook" and the end is just a screen that says, "Nurses brought them both back to life, and they totally forgot each other."
Tran Tuan (21 days ago)
Nhận thức thế giới quanh ta
Jake Nolven (22 days ago)
where he is now?
Operation Agatha (22 days ago)
"I really think they are ready now, ready to go free." Thanks to good ole me! Pat myself on the back! If it weren't for me these Cheetahs would have never figured it out! One day they will eat this idiot!
Heva hayuva Majid (22 days ago)
He look like Tarzan from jungle!

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