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Serious Inspiration for Middle Aged Women, How to Stay Thin, Young and Beautiful

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One of the most inspirational videos for women about being fit, fab and super healthy at middle age. TheHealthyLife: http://www.markusworld.com/thehealthylife/inspo Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.markusworld.com/healthycookbook/inspo Facebook: http://www.markusworld.com/facebook/inspo Instagram: http://www.markusworld.com/instagram/inspo Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.markusworld.com/Markus/inspo Online Health Store: http://www.markusworld.com/products/inspo German website: http://www.markusworld.com/german/inspo See what seven amazing women all have in common to stay thin, beautiful and ageless. Age is just a number and this video really makes it apparent you can be hot at any age naturally. A video by Markus Rothkranz for all middle aged women in their 40s or 50 wanting to be thin, beautiful, thin, alive, vibrant with a flat tummy and full of natural hormones with needing HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for energy and a flat stomach. This is proof what a healthy natural gluten free vegetarian vegan diet can do for a thin bikini body, lots of fat loss and a raw food diet. Lots of hormones lead to lots of happiness at 50 or over 50 with balanced estrogen and not fat or cellulite. Let these women inspire you and show you whats possible. You’re middle-aged now and you miss the days when you felt better and looked better. You can be happy and healthy again. It’s not difficult, just follow a few simple principles and with just a little discipline you’ll be amazed at the transformation you will achieve. Start with a healthy diet. Eating a gluten free vegan diet will turn your world around. When you start to lose weight you become happier about yourself and that in turn gives a better outlook. You’ll then be better equipped to let go of the negative in your life. You’ll see that age is just a number and you can be healthy and sexy at any age. Be able to diminish the stress in your life and live longer by eating a plant based diet. https://immunityageing.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1742-4933-9-9 Abstract…There is a huge volume of data on the beneficial effects of plant-derived extracts to retard ageing and age-associated diseases. Many phytochemicals are synthesized to increase the fitness of the plant by allowing it to interact with its environment, including herbivorous pathogens, and insects. Some well-known phytochemicals may induce in humans beneficial stress responses and with low-dose exposures, they can trigger a cellular stress response and subsequently induce adaptive stress resistance, also called hormesis. Stress resistance involves several molecular adaptations and induces many of the nutrient-sensing longevity pathways discussed above. The role of hormesis in ageing has already been examined by Rattan but also its relevance to explain the anti-ageing and life-extending actions of CR in long-lived species. Growing up I had a lot of health challenges; changed my path to the raw food diet…Shakaya Leone, 51 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3662288/ Abstract…..physicians looking for cost-effective interventions to improve health outcomes are becoming more involved in helping their patients adopt healthier lifestyles. Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet, which we define as a regimen that encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy products, and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods. We present a case study as an example of the potential health benefits of such a diet. Research shows that plant-based diets are cost-effective, low-risk interventions that may lower body mass index, blood pressure, HbA1C, and cholesterol levels. They may also reduce the number of medications needed to treat chronic diseases and lower ischemic heart disease mortality rates. Physicians should consider recommending a plant-based diet to all their patients, especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. “What you choose to eat can make a difference for the rest of your life”..Vivian , 54.. http://www.vegetariannutrition.org/2013-abstracts.html Abstract. Among the most consistent findings in nutritional epidemiology is that certain diet patterns are associated with lower chronic disease risk over very long follow-up periods. The favorable patterns are typically called “Prudent”, while the corresponding unfavorable patterns are “Western”. The Prudent patterns are notably plant-centered and focus on favorable preparation methods and minimal preprocessing by industry. http://www.plantbasedresearch.org/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/293329136_Vegetarian_vegan_diets_and_multiple_health_outcomes_A_systematic_review_with_meta-analysis_of_observational_studies http://www.pnas.org/content/113/15/4146.full http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/taking-aim-at-belly-fat
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Toni Bartling (3 hours ago)
Seriously best video ever. EVER. Confused why not millions of views.
Miry Reina (7 days ago)
I was shocked to learn that Shakaya L. left the vegan raw food style for good. We will see what she has to say in a few years...for now she says she is thriving.
Hertel Marion (9 days ago)
fantastic video
Victoria Drake (14 days ago)
I loved this video. Loads of new tips. Thank you
Lovely Lana (1 month ago)
Is it okay to eat mostly fruits and veggies, but keep chicken and fish in one's diet? Can't believe yogurt is not the best? Will dropping dairy lead me to osteoporosis?
Markus Rothkranz (1 month ago)
Nutritionfacts.org do search for chicken and dairy :-) Also https://youtu.be/lx3oNrh2b6g
pretty and young (1 month ago)
awww when her son said she's always running from something usually negativity. ..who doesn't want their children to be able to say that about them.
ilovetosew andsew (2 months ago)
Hello, I turned 50 in July, no photoshop, and gave up Sugar a year ago, I eat loads of Healthy Fats and Exercise a few times a week but I am Not a Vegan of a Vegetarian I'm a 100% Carnivore, I eat Liver, Lots of Fish, Beef, Chicken and Eggs, I have Never used any fillers or botox would never and could never afford to anyway, don't count calories, have a 32 year old Daughter and a 30 Year old son, :-) x I am still battling really bad sinus problems which I'm hoping eating more real vitamin c and msm is going to help but apart from that feel great :-) x
Julie Carey-Downes (2 months ago)
Just seen Shakya saying she is no longer vegan, sadly she did no longer look vibrant and healthy as she does in this film, but many anti vegans were congratulating her and being very negative towards veganism. Everyone is entitled to chose their lifestyle and diet, but it was sad to see non vegans attacking veganism as a result of her short film on youtube,
Dario Castaneda (2 months ago)
All women are beautiful. That said you all look great. I think you should share that besides having 2 or 4 kids also work 0900 to 1700
Paula MB (2 months ago)
Who would consider “thumbs downing” this motivational video?? I sure needed this today- I feel old and washed up..:-( going on our 26th year of marriage and for the cery first time in our relationship I am noticing husbands wandering eyes...I feel broken.... Thank you for THIS! I am fit, exercise daily, drink juiced fruits and veggies and eat fairly well, but clearly mot strict enough😳Time to get to work..cant turn back the hands of time but at least we can attempt to slow it down a bit... and btw, this is mostly for ME and for me to feel good if what I do impresses my hisband then thats ok too
Lovely Bouncyball (3 months ago)
Wow, what a video loved it.
James Lambert (3 months ago)
the woman at 6:46 has a deeper voice than Barry White, me thinks she has been injecting arinobal and HGH.
adumelial rothstein (3 months ago)
Epic inspiration! Thankyou ladies, Cara and Markus. 😎⚘❤
Brigitte LM (3 months ago)
Cara this vid you mention not eating after 6pm. Now 2018 you have discovered that waiting until 4 to eat...which is best?
Markus Rothkranz (3 months ago)
Both. We only eat for 2-3 hours. But if you must do only one... wait till 4.
Created by Nathalie (4 months ago)
Thanks for this motivational video
I Am Rayn (4 months ago)
your son is gorgeous Cara. So beautiful :-)
Gigi Gigi (4 months ago)
Eating healthier is also cheaper.....I love this video. Good work girls.
Gigi Gigi (4 months ago)
I cook my on food, I love my cooking and also drink lots of water and I make my juices and smoothies all natural. I do drink beer, I love it and will not stop because relaxes me lol
Gigi Gigi (4 months ago)
I still having my period normally, I love it. That shows that I am doing my dieta right. Most of my friends younger than me already got into menopausa, I want to have my period forever.......lol
Gigi Gigi (4 months ago)
So cute the little boy helping answering his mother on her answers, you can see that he really wants to help...lol
Gigi Gigi (4 months ago)
I am 50 now OMG, I look 32. I have good diet, I never eat fast food, sugar, pop or any artificial drink or food but, I love cheese I really love cheese OMG is so painful when I open the Fridge and I don't see Cheeseeeeeee
n nathan (5 months ago)
Amazing inspiring beautiful womens!
Bliss WKC (5 months ago)
Thank You dearest sweetie💐 Stay Blissful Eternally 🙏😇🕉💖
Viv - (5 months ago)
Amazing video
nathaliebalesi (6 months ago)
Lovely video I eat everything and a lot ! just unrefined unprocessed local as much as possible and organic
Richh Cheech (6 months ago)
Cari Ratliff (6 months ago)
Great video
Sharon Money (6 months ago)
Vivian are you in California? I wish one of you guys are near me. I’m in Southern California. I need to hire a good coach to get me in shape.
Markus Rothkranz (6 months ago)
Australia. Just a little swim from SoCal
Bites on the Brink (8 months ago)
Thank you to all you beautiful people! This video is truly inspirational. I'm 47 and I'm on my way!
Dr. Knock (8 months ago)
This is one of my favorite videos you've done (although I enjoy them all). But seeing other women my age group looking & feeling beautiful is so inspiring. What great ladies. Wonderful listening to their stories.
Lejea Lagrande (8 months ago)
43 been raw vegan since 6 mths. About to give birth to child #3. This video is confirmation enough. I love my body!!
Dezeri Smith (9 months ago)
Elaine is Beautiful, they all look fabulous.
CJMendoza804 (9 months ago)
Another youthful beauty is Annette Larkins. She has a youtube channel as well.
AnastasiaRaw (9 months ago)
I love long inspiring videos
Mr T (9 months ago)
Most women are kaput at 25 just at the time that men are starting to care bout their bodies.
Mara A (9 months ago)
Soil is not depleted. Soil needs amendments 1-2 times a year SOME farmers don’t replenish the nutrients in the soil. ..... taste, aroma, nutrition tells you if they have it or not........ that is why I grow my food back to eden style!!!! I eat non Gmo pasta that my farmer grows back in italy...... don’t need to be extreme if you know the quality of food. I cannot buy anything in U.S. supermarket
cateye38 (10 months ago)
this really inspired me thanks
Jacqueline Oscvirk (10 months ago)
This video really made a difference for me!!! seeing the testimonials and hearing women stories truly has inspired me and given me some support. The raw vegan pass can be very lonely and you can face a lot of opposition. it’s really great to hear other people stories and their successes and how it works for them. Thank you so much!!!💕❤️💕😘👍❤️🙏🙏
Markus Rothkranz (10 months ago)
As the others just get sicker and older, they will look at you and wish they didn't make fun of you :-)
Mike Cola (10 months ago)
One way to lose weight fast is with intermittent fasting. Not only can you lose weight quickly but it is a very easy diet to follow. Most people have a lot of misconception about fasting and think that it is an extreme thing to do to lose weight but in actuality it is safe and possesses a number of health benefits.
Markus Rothkranz (10 months ago)
Yes we've done a number of videos on that https://youtu.be/usf4ECBHiyQ, https://youtu.be/qW6HnbifSAA, https://youtu.be/dR1FCJS8DoM , https://youtu.be/XyTOQMpDCNs , https://youtu.be/KAR4CYRXfTE,
Reyna (11 months ago)
BLACK LILITH (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this video!! May the UNiverse Bless You All the Days of Your Life!!
NeverMind (1 year ago)
Love this video! What an inspiration!
The L.Z Show (1 year ago)
what's wrong with rice
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/4aFxzAZdv7Y China has same diabetes rates as the unhealthy United States
tisland (1 year ago)
That son of hers just gives me life! He looks positive, rejuvenated, refreshing... just can tell he is well balanced by the guide of his beautiful young mom.
Capelli Bella (1 year ago)
Michelle c (1 year ago)
wow great video!
Anna Smart (1 year ago)
Cara's son is a cutie! If I was 15 years younger!!! Lol!
S Lane (1 year ago)
Its not about numbers! Its about attitude <3
Diane Doud (1 year ago)
my skin is looking ugly now that i eat only fruit and veggies. HELP!
Diane Doud (1 year ago)
Thank you! within 2 weeks i see a nice change!
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Too much sugar, fruit juice etc. Download the SKIN ebook at MarkusEbooks.com
Nikki Bell (1 year ago)
interesting i realise what you eat is important but i wonder how many of these women have had some form of cosmetic intervention and possibly don't lead a life Having to work to live, paying bills , family health problems , low income - i'd love to avoid stress . I do have a healthy life but I actually live in reality an my face is animated and i'm all natural I'm 53 an do not look my age naturally ! !
Jackie Umphrey (1 year ago)
Cara and her son are so cute! Love their interaction. Wish I had done this path years ago.
Sarah Indigo (1 year ago)
Clean Living in Crete (1 year ago)
Insanely fantabulous!!!! have sub'd to this channel and saved the video to watch it again..I am planning to make a fit over 50 video so was curious to see what else is out there. I consider myself still fab at 50 but these ladies...OMG they are amazing...I feel so inspired. thank you so much. If anyone wants to take a look at me please do so...and tell me am I fit over50?
Meme Mey (1 year ago)
I watch this everyday..especially when i'll food junk food..this really inspiring me to eat healhty...i'm 39 years old..i want to age gracefully like this beautifull ladies...stay young and healthy...
Vero W (1 year ago)
Absolutely true my way of living
Liliya Khusainova (1 year ago)
They are adorable women !!! They are a role model for me now. I want to live and be like them. Thank you again !!! :)
Liliya Khusainova (1 year ago)
Thank you SO MUCH !!! :)
ganas dti (1 year ago)
I respect all the advice they are giving about nutrition but that does not necessarily apply to everyone cause we are all made different therefore our individual bodies have different needs, what works for some may not work for others and vice versa, you have to be your own scientist and experiment with your own body and figure out what works for you, I speak from experience, I am 48 years old myself, I'm 5'1 and weigh between 110 and 115 And look like im in my late 20s or early 30s, being a vegan or vegetarian MAY help you LOOK younger and HEALTHIER but it's not a guarantee cause I know women that are younger than me and are vegans and vegetarians, exercise and live stress free lives and I still look younger and am healthier than them and I'm not even vegan or vegetarian, LOOKING YOUNG has alot to do with many things but mainly genetics, everything else helps but if you don't have good genes you can't do too much, unless you aesthetically go under the knife, also not everyone can live healthy as a vegan or a vegetarian, some people actually hurt their health with that lifestyle, I known this young woman that lives that lifestyle and had 4 miscarriages because of that, she has low iron and very little folic acid, the doctor has told her that, she also has anemia, he told her she needs to change her lifestyle of eating and she refuses to do it because she's obsessed and brainwashed into believing that one can only be healthy with that lifestyle and that is not true cause I am an example of that, I eat healthy and exercise but I do eat meat, I don't indulge in it but I do eat it cause I know my body does well with it, you have to listen to YOUR body people, it's not about what is healthier in general, it's about what is healthy for you.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
We have been saying this over and over- "Vegan" and "Vegetarian" does not necessarily mean healthy https://youtu.be/kj9oBcC7zHM
sirena delfaro (1 year ago)
Raw vegan Pam (1 year ago)
I would love to see another video similar to this- testimonials
Marilyn (1 year ago)
I can't stop eating bread and pasta. Are there any alternatives? The women in their 50s look great!
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
The alternative is aging :-)
shantae johnson (1 year ago)
Cara is hilarious 😂😹everyone's body looks great!
Jules Mpc (1 year ago)
food and work out is great...but they dont talk about all their obvious cosmetic interventions. No problems with cosmetic interventions...just mention them please
Cara Bee (1 year ago)
I think he got defensive because you missed the point of the video. ANY and practically MOST woman over 40 today do get some sort of injections in their face. It may smooth out a line or 2, but it does nothing to flatten and tone the tummy after these woman gave birth multiple times. No surgery can do that (without risks and scaring). No surgery can give these woman the glow they carry in their face because it's a glow only attainable from clean eating. The stamina these women have also cannot be purchased. Their positive outlooks on life cannot be bought. The great health all these women possess sadly, can't be purchased either.
Jules Mpc (1 year ago)
Markus Rothkranz dont get me wrong man, I think you and Cara do a great work and inspire a lot of people to do the right thing: eat well and work out. Wish success and great things to you both.
Jules Mpc (1 year ago)
Markus Rothkranz I said "no problem" having cosmetic help...why did you get so defensive about it? Strange attitute no? Lipo, fillings, dermatologysts..all the help is welcomed...just mentioning they are part of the results is fair play. Yes eating right and exercicing is a must to get and keep healthy and maintaining the look, achieved also with cosmetic help. Right?
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
We did. And what do you mean by "ALL" their obvious interventions LOL. Cara had her breasts augmented 20 years ago after having her child because she had no body fat, but the assumptions she's had facial work is hilarious. She was born with beautiful full lips. Look at her Facebook page showing pics all the way back to childhood. We'll be making a video soon showing how to naturally fill out the face. As for the body- well, its called eating right and exercising. And eating right does not include cooked food, bread, cereal, dairy, cheese, sugar, soy milk, soy burgers, and other processed crap.
Cheryl Henninger (1 year ago)
This is all great and encouraging but what do you do if 1) you can't afford to eat this way and 2) no one else in your household wants to do it, and revert back to question 1.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Endjola Abdiu (1 year ago)
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xantosh Rupakheti (1 year ago)
Appreciate video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered - Taparton Impetuous Relations Takeover (just google it)? It is a smashing one off product for increasing your intimacy minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.
MegF (1 year ago)
If you stop eating after 6PM, then what are the sleep hours that go along with this plan? Too little information to say "after 6PM".
MegF (1 year ago)
+Markus Rothkranz Okay... thanks.
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Most people go to sleep between 10 and 12. There are also chemical changes that happen in the body when the sun goes down, which averages out around 6 pm roughly. Ok, then for you just don't eat for 3 hours before bed.
Martina Seitz (1 year ago)
Thank you.....
Martina Seitz (1 year ago)
Are healthy fats Ok?
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
some yes
Martina Seitz (1 year ago)
Thank you,
Martina Seitz (1 year ago)
What about diabeties, with all these fruits...
Markus Rothkranz (1 year ago)
Eating fruit whole is ok because of the fiber. Juicing fruit is a no no. While on the subject- get rid of diabetes within 30 days by getting off the cooked food and animal products which clog insulin receptors. Thttps://youtu.be/off5_30wNL0 here's a diabetes ebook at www.MarkusEbooks.com explaining how to do it. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/09/these-people-reversed-their-diabetes-in-30-days-with-this-one-change/
Bananas n’ Apples (1 year ago)
Thank you Cara and Markus. There are days I need to hear that it's not too late. 🤗
RockVegan (1 year ago)
I love the way Cara's son looks at her. He loves his mom :) I'm 50 this year, 3 years vegan but heading towards totally raw. My son is impressed with my vegan recipes (he's 18) and I'm working on him (he's omni) :) I know the raw vegan lifestyle is key for true health and happiness. Beautiful women & a very true message. Thank you.
Val Mel (2 years ago)
Great Video! I feel so inspired. Want to start tomorrow.
Nicola G (2 years ago)
wow well done ladies
Melissa Elliott (2 years ago)
sooooo wonderful!!! Thank you Markus and a big thanks to all these beautiful ladies for sharing their stories and the inspiration! I'm approaching my 2 year anniversary for vegan, 35 next month and I truly feel better and love my body more than when I was 15!!
Lejla (2 years ago)
This is such inspiring video, I am feeling really high on mostly raw food diet, and it really shows results. To see other exemples, to see it really works universally as it IS the universal truth is so inspiring and makes me feel to be on right path. Love your message, love you both, keep posting as it is necessary for so many people out there who are needing that push, a saving light from your little light house on this immense life ocean throwing us in all directions...and it is not only about OUR health, it is also about OUR only planet Earth and living of so many other living creatures that we cannot event be aware of at the beginning of our journey...
tracie sheppard (2 years ago)
How do you eat a plant based diet in the winter time? I live in Canada.
jaylynn444 (2 years ago)
Haha! A plant based diet is MUCH, MUCH cheaper in the long run! For one thing, I never get sick, so I don't miss work, don't go to the doctor, and don't have to buy medicine! Initially, some of the staple ingredients are pricey (Raw cacao, nutritional yeast, cashew butter, etc), but most of them last a LONG time, so then, you're only purchasing the produce, which is WAY cheaper than chicken, beef, milk, cheese, etc. The cashews & pinenuts are pricey (I wait till they go on sale & buy 3-4 lbs of cashews) still cheaper than meat, and they last longer.The raw cacao lasts me about 2-3 months - and I use it A LOT!! I make Markus freezer chocolate, and chocolate ice cream (from his & Cara's un-Cookbook "Love on a Plate") - although I add coconut milk & a small handful of kale & make it as a smoothie most mornings - adding different supplements I have on hand, like Maca powder, or green formula. I don't know if they ship to Canada, but there are a few online markets that can save you $$ - one is called Jet.com, & one: thrivemarket.com HOPE THIS HELPS!
tracie sheppard (2 years ago)
+Markus Rothkranz hahah ok Mr smarty pants. Having a family of four that can get expensive eating all raw and the produce I do get isn't the freshest it could be because it comes from other countries. If I where to eat seasonal I would eat pumpkins, squashes, leeks, potatoes and apples. Can you eat these raw without a dehydrator?
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
Grocery store
vegasjill21 (2 years ago)
At around 9:31 , I'm sitting here in so much pain from a bad fibro flare and I'm hearing Cara talking about all the aches and pains she would have from eating crappy foods. I need to make some changes. Now I'm going to bed~ Thank you ladies.
mrspanchavilla (2 years ago)
I appreciate the inspiration! Thank you. I'm 47 and was thinking it's too late for me to recapture my health.
Moroccan baby101 (2 years ago)
I'm currently vegan but I want to go raw. Don't know if I can give up dehydrated fruits..
Christopher Moncrieffe (2 years ago)
I believe all foods that are heated under 118 degrees are considered raw. Maybe get died fruit that meets that criteria?
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
Its ok to have some, this isn't a prison :-)
Goddess ByNature (2 years ago)
Amazing!!  Look up Annette Larkins
Goddess ByNature (2 years ago)
I just looked it up....Got your Heal yourself book, too...Found it online....Looking forward to reading it...Thanks:)
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
I recommended her ten years ago. I think she's still on my original website Markushealth.com
danilingua life (2 years ago)
this is one of THE most inspiring presentations EVER. Thank you.
QibuckCoins (2 years ago)
All I can say is...Wow!!
GOH BOMBA (2 years ago)
Thank for the video
Andie Brit (2 years ago)
I just ordered Markus's greens....I can't wait! And my husband and I are going raw. I can't wait for the results. I'm 51! However, I do look 10 years younger, but I feel 80 lol.
diana harper (2 years ago)
NesWooki (2 years ago)
middle age is 60 and up though not 40 something...
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
50 is not middle age for Cara and me, we just speak to people in a language they understand
NesWooki (2 years ago)
+Markus Rothkranz the reason I said 60 is because we humans are suppose to live up to at least 120 year, yes most don't  make it, but most people are also not raw vegan.   :-)
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
Cara is almost 49 and I am 54. That means we are 50, not 40. Only a few people make it to 100, which means middle age is 50, not 60, unless most people live to 120. Negativity ages people even faster
Sooooo inspiring! Love these strong, beautiful women.
Circe1 (2 years ago)
Not eating after 6:0--I presume it means 6:00 pm--is an old folk tale. Studies have been done showing that when you eat holds no relevance to your weight and/or aging.
Circe1 (2 years ago)
Thank you for your reply. Well said.I think that we are talking about "eating" without defining what do we mean by that term. Also a term after 6:00 pm is very loose. From your response, I feel that you are against eating very close to the bed time. And that makes a perfect sense. However, from the same perspective, a term "not eating after 6:00 pm" doesn't if my bed time is at 1:00 am. If I eat at 8:00 pm, for example, I have a plenty of time to digest the food and to use that energy by late evening physical activities. Now, what does eating mean? I am referring to a well balanced food such as a cup of 0% plain yogurt with a banana or a half of avocado. We should appreciate that we can eat and have food to eat as many people in the world does not have this privilege. There is not much wrong with many types of food. However, how much we consume of if is a different matter. I love food because food is a fuel my body needs. On the other hand, I eat wisely and am very active person thus I do not perceive food as something I need to be afraid off. I do not know your program, I only commented on one sentence in one of the videos. I believe that people need to learn how to live better, the notion your channel supports.
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
Aaah someone who loves to eat late lol. Yes there are many things much more damaging to health than eating late, I even do it once in a while, it's just not optimal. Curious what studies you are referring to. I'd love to see them, There are countless studies to the contrary and it's pretty common knowledge in the scientific community. It's also common sense. It takes 3-5 hours to digest food. 70 percent of the body's energy goes to digestion. if you eat late and then go to bed, 70% of your body's energy is still working overtime to digest that food. There is no way your body can totally rest if it is working all night. That's why people who eat late wake up tired. What does the body do with all that food when someone sleeps? What purpose does it serve? Well it can do one of two things- create energy or create fat. So now you have all this energy while you are sleeping. Where does the energy go? A lot of it goes to intense brain activity (wild dreams, tossing and turning, restlessness), some of the food creates mucus (especially if it included cooked food, wheat, dairy, sugar etc) which is evidenced by snoring and gagging, while the rest gets turned into glycogen and fat. There are a zillion articles and studies on intermittent fasting. The body needs to REST. If someone eats from the moment you get up until the moment they go to sleep and then the body has to continue digesting for half the night- that is not restful sleep and is not really conducive to a long healthy life if done repeatedly. There are endless studies on this. But you are free to eat all you want if it makes you happy. That's part of health also :-)
Stefanie Weiß (2 years ago)
Ladies, you are suuuuch an amazing inspiration. How is the situation with my teeth? I have a small problem there. Can you give advice?
Stefanie Weiß (2 years ago)
haha, yeah a classic, healer heal yourself, I also cant really manage from 10pm to 6, but I feel best, when I do it
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
Yes I need more sleep. I need to follow my own advice :-)
Stefanie Weiß (2 years ago)
wow ehm Im stunned, you have been so diligent (fleißig ;-) ) It seems there is an answer for nearly every common thing there. Thank you!!!! <3
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
Theres a teeth ebook at MarkusEbooks.com
Maxima Plane (2 years ago)
Can we have more like these please
Yvette P (2 years ago)
I like Cara's message to stay away from negativity. I'm 42 and felt inadequate because guys my age just want 20 year olds... But, this video makes me feel so empowered! I feel like I really should love me...fall in love with me and do something special for me! Me for me! :). Thanks Markus!
OliviaDaughter (2 years ago)
Excellent motivation. ...on my way out for a walk ......TFS
heather newbury (2 years ago)
what beautiful women- inside and out! I'm inspired!!!
ZenVeganKitchen (2 years ago)
All Goddesses!!!
Rhonda D (2 years ago)
Thank for such insperation.
Timothy Antosy Jr (2 years ago)
All the ladies look great and it proves looking good is not impossible exercise and eat right and have a healthy lifestyle awesome!!!!👍
Sheeda78 (2 years ago)
these women look great ! :)
downbntout (2 years ago)
Hello Markus, thank you for this beautiful vid. Do you have a similar one for men? My 23 yr old godson is a mess, feels hopeless, has about 25 health problems causing him to miss school. I'm vegan doing green smoothies. How can he get inspired? He lives with his Mom, a nutritionally disastrous home. Help?
downbntout (2 years ago)
+Markus Rothkranz Thank you, that and see Fed Up
Markus Rothkranz (2 years ago)
+downbntout Have him read Heal Yourself 101 http://www.HealYourselfbok.com

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