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Breathtaking Magic street trick in India - levitating man!

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A street magician delights the crowd with his breathing-taking tricks and sleight of hand such as lifting a man four feet from the ground, at the Dilli Haat Magic Fest. Classic levitation act! Magic comes your way as Delhi Tourism is organizing its 3rd International Magic Festival at Dilli Haat, Pitampura. This much awaited yearly extravaganza, surely promises to be a superlative affair in Delhi's calendar of events. International Magicians and Indian Magicians from around the country will come together at Dilli Haat, Pitampura and bewitch one and all with their legerdemain skills. This International Magic Festival will offer various shows, where you can visualize sophisticated sleight of hand, hypnotism and ventriloquism. The Magic Festival will see international Magicians from Malaysia, Poland, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. They are -- Jakub from Poland, Magician Rajah and Natalie from Mauritius, Emil Eranga from Sri Lanka and Quest Group from Malaysia. Famous Indian magicians like Kharbanda Brothers from Delhi, David from Kolkata, Rajesh Kumar from Punjab and Magician Suraj from West Bengal etc. will also take part in this year's magic festival. The three day Magic Festival will surely be a grand event which is jam packed with various programs. The programs are designed in a very unique way, which will attract one and all. There will be Grand Gala Shows by National and International Magicians every evening, presentations on History of Indian Magic, Street Magic shows, Stand Up magic shows etc. Source :- India News Calling This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of HD imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of tens of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM / SR 1080i High Definition, Alexa, SR, HDV and XDCAM. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Reach us at rupindang @ gmail . com and [email protected]
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Text Comments (285)
Au3 Geronimoiii (21 days ago)
Mirdoddi Ravi (29 days ago)
great indian magic show.
setia sianturi (1 month ago)
amazing trick....
David Boyd (1 month ago)
The guy stood up under the sheet
Chris Smith (1 month ago)
The trick is to get as many people to watch this by saying it's breath taking magic
Any way you watched it for free .Poor magician
Simon Robson (2 months ago)
worst trick I have ever seen you scruffy bastard
SRIKANTH D (2 months ago)
This only happens in Pakistan
Samir Cintra (3 months ago)
There are two people raising the boy under the sheet.
RAHUL P (3 months ago)
MarkJoseph Baldesco (3 months ago)
dont imagine the feet...focus on what hands can do.
MdAdil Firoz (4 months ago)
Very nice
MdAdil Firoz (4 months ago)
Very nice
overlycreative1 (4 months ago)
I think some comments are funny, this trick is done by camera work on so many horror movies and no one says, "fake", these people do it and it's a crime. Of course its fake, all magic is, but that's the fun of it. To be fooled on some level by clever use of props, angles, lighting. If you have something better to add, leave a link to your video showing your "trick" or real magic.
Christian A (5 months ago)
Funny how at 5:19 the guy is starting to levitate without the magic words from the magician and the assistant tells him something like "not yet, you fool".
edmar delos reyes (6 months ago)
tanga,!! "bkt kaylanga mo pang takpan kung talagang lumilipad!!!" bobo nyo
Arjun Tamang (6 months ago)
fucking bull shit
Bryan Roderick (6 months ago)
This is funny as fuck.
Ed (7 months ago)
They all dream of one day owning a convenience store in america..
motibag funny (7 months ago)
O ura nahi bas khara ho gaya chutiya bana raha h
Kevin Pimentel (7 months ago)
LOL Indians have the worst magic
R Fulano (7 months ago)
Danny Biad (7 months ago)
Gus Scott (7 months ago)
The amazing magic of a guy standing up
shahid khan (7 months ago)
MR. smith (7 months ago)
That guy stood up looks like he levitate but that's still awesome..
a.a a.a (7 months ago)
It made the kids happy 😂
mukhtar h (8 months ago)
This is the oldest trick in the shittest trick
MAGICIAN33 (8 months ago)
Am I the only one or was that really obvious
Somanath Behera (8 months ago)
Thanks man
Bill Jonz (8 months ago)
What a waste of time
sketch arts (8 months ago)
LMartinCervantesT (9 months ago)
ese mismo se levantaba primero sus rodillas y luego se apollaba con las manos jajaja
Nitish Chaurasiya (9 months ago)
is game
master mind69 (9 months ago)
kermiki pdang (9 months ago)
The beginning three sticks r parrellel . Then the middle one was made transversal to the other two.. Hold the transversal stick and stand up
Quinniscrying (9 months ago)
Stratos Bakirtzoglou (10 months ago)
low budget obvious trick lol...
Mr Awara (10 months ago)
Mr Awara (10 months ago)
hassan حسن (11 months ago)
easy to do . not magic
Naresh Natali (11 months ago)
Vaibhav Arora (11 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of the magician. I from an NPO where we are trying to uplift street magicians. It would be great help if someone can provide me with the name and no. of this magician.
Eric Eric (11 months ago)
As good as anything jesus did.. let's worship this guy too..
*Rav Singh* (11 months ago)
jitan kumar (11 months ago)
Vikas Kumar (11 months ago)
Ee Villa for sale nhi h upload kariye isko
Blubb Blubb (1 year ago)
Hamza Nadeem (1 year ago)
Dol Berambus (1 year ago)
this is a good show. very funny. do not tell me it's a fake because you don't have a sense of humor.
Godwin Bongani (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they good
MannaOnFire (1 year ago)
Anil Khajuria (1 year ago)
saala khud khada ho ke bol.rha hai udgya
Facke facke facke
Christmas MMXV (7 months ago)
thats y it says magic ''trick''
abbeydudeuk (1 year ago)
if this guy comes to US he will make millions
Khalid Md (1 year ago)
mohamed monem (1 year ago)
wow real shit
nabadeep rabha (1 year ago)
Bakwash sabko ullo banaya dekhana hain to kapre nekal ke dikha dey khara ho gaya upar ur gaya cheeee
So Cute Studio (1 year ago)
real magic videos see my channel
junior hulk (1 year ago)
Faker then my Jordan's
Warren Jay Deocades (1 year ago)
junior hulk
Never Stop Learning (1 year ago)
lol.. btw, poor ppl entertained well
jaspalsinghmann (1 year ago)
he balanced the all sticks . some how he pick the three sticks at same time . thats why sticks are light weighted . just imagine when he pretend to be elevated but actually he fold legs and rise his body . at end see his flow of sitting back . i like simple street Magician which is so realistic than this .
YOU TUBE INDIA (1 year ago)
i have to seen many time with my eyes its a amazing and i dont know how to do this but i thought every magician connecting with unnatural power like a daemons or saatan
wiseman 1965 (1 year ago)
Wow.. I think
Afrojali Ali (1 year ago)
PISTOL SINGH (1 year ago)
ser upr ko krke hahaha chlo koi ni hath ki syafi our dimag ka khel 🤗👌👌👌
jimmy rock (1 year ago)
desi yabo ji any explanation for this jadooo? ye kaisay hova
Ali (1 year ago)
I think Indian Madariwalas are the best magicians in the world.
Ali (1 year ago)
I think he has 3 drones beneath him.
PM OF INDIA2022 was [email protected] MAHARAJ [email protected] MUGHAL EMPEROR
Vilbawe Senavi bj nuuyt
Butta Rai (1 year ago)
koei jado ni ga
Butta Rai (1 year ago)
bai eh kara ho gea c
Deep Patel (1 year ago)
totally fake
Butters Stotch (1 year ago)
why do every magician have to cover everything with a blanket? it makes it less believable when I can't see what they do lol
sonia singh (2 years ago)
lol..we have been dupped... that man have been biting some something under the black cloth.. just see how his head moves up
Akash Sharma (2 years ago)
IJK tv (2 years ago)
Hahahahhh nice trick but I want to say you it's just a Normal trick... I'm also a magician you can ask me any trick's secret
prakash singh rana (2 years ago)
Good show
WildFilmsIndia (2 years ago)
Thanks for viewing, Prakash! Do subscribe to our wildfilmsindia on Youtube at www.youtube.com/wildfilmsindia  for a steady stream of videos from across India, as part of our 'Visual mapping of the Indian subcontinent' project. Also view our 'Best of India' video playlist on Youtube, and enjoy your journey across India at clipahoy.com , India's first video-based social networking experience! Team WFIL
Qadaafi Mohamed (2 years ago)
wooow what afuny magic
Qadaafi Mohamed (2 years ago)
wooow what afuny magic
vicente mañaga (2 years ago)
Niyamat Hussain (2 years ago)
niyamat Hussain
Niyamat Hussain (2 years ago)
niyamat Hussain
Azad Ahmed CHOWDHURY (2 years ago)
food (2 years ago)
he should get publish lashings since that it what they do in India against people esp this dummy
Kapil Sood (2 years ago)
hahaha. funny.. no magic.. just a trick of keeping two sticks vertically in hands and then getting up
m.s fans (2 years ago)
わたなべまりや (2 years ago)
simple trick
balázs szabó (2 years ago)
hulye cigányok
TopCatMehdi (2 years ago)
Simple: someone else underneath him when he lies down, nice try but shit
Offshoreorganbuilder (2 years ago)
Artur H (2 years ago)
This is a very simple trick.  That is not his feet.  He is in the position when someone goes under the limbo stick. When time to levitate he simply stands up.  At the end you can see how he is not coming straight down.
Antoine gebara
Antoine gebara
Bobo Bobo (2 years ago)
Bobo Bobo (2 years ago)
bla bla bla bla bla
iGoDz.Gamerz (2 years ago)
lol that trick his use his leg to pushing up just look like are fly but not.. that are clearly fake.only dumb people can say this performance real.
Chacha Dalpa (2 years ago)
ha ha vr..y funny
british eye's (2 years ago)
they are better then rapist honestly
jyoti budhathoki (2 years ago)

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