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DSP's Trip Down Memory Lane Ft. A Black Dood [10 Year Retrospective Full Stream]

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Text Comments (191)
KlattAttk (24 days ago)
KlattAttk (25 days ago)
DSP finally becomes the white Jinx
KlattAttk (24 days ago)
Didn't even realize the same joke was made.
Crystal Logik (1 month ago)
The one time Phil tried to be anti-racist and he chose a chicken coupon in the back of the Afro Samurai booklet, which ironically is Phil racistly associating chicken with black people all of his own accord. OOF.
RIPLS (1 month ago)
I'm glad jinx was able to come through and join the stream
RIPLS (1 month ago)
2:01:58 DSP basically calling someone broke. Look at him now
RIPLS (1 month ago)
DSP is the funniest guy Dave knows
ThePoppets (2 months ago)
The way he talks shit about Halo pisses me off holy shit
BlueGreyWolf (2 months ago)
6:03:19 - I love that after WildlifeChris commented that it wasn't funny, the whole chat started to mention how it was really *REALLY* funny. Passive aggressive much DSP Chat?
NaviSky Hunter (2 months ago)
I was the black chick in the blue hoodie in those GTA online videos BTW. I watched the pig roach for 7 years before I realized what a greedy cock sucker he was.
MetalCrow448 (2 months ago)
Are we really going to pretend like neighborhoods don't get worse when a bunch of blacks move in?
Rascal0x0 (3 months ago)
Just overwhelming gout
TheDXJC56 (3 months ago)
9:36:36 I watched this the whole time through Tevin, albeit in two sessions, dw this upload was totally worth it, the video I wish he covered was none of them because I wish he didn't do this at all because I can't get back the near 10 hours I spent listening to this now can I?
TheDXJC56 (3 months ago)
8:21:05 Still got the shirt 7 years later, don't got either of the friends though..feels bad man
TheDXJC56 (3 months ago)
5:44:35 Howard destroys the camera, was the first time I ever saw it legit too funny not to timestamp Tevin's commentary also helps XD
Supreme_VII (3 months ago)
4:04:35 Nobody caught that in chat? 9:02:15 cringe level over 9000! A Seat At The Table is an amazing Album.
The Martial Nerd (3 months ago)
Tevin you should make the Project 7 part its own video,
Kozmikōcēlōtl (3 months ago)
Lmfao the soundboard LTG and wings audio clips holy shit 😹
Kid Fox (3 months ago)
I wish he would have done the SWATing video, that was actually what introduced me to your channel so it would've been super nostalgic.
drewbaby299 (3 months ago)
That MGS racist comment if funny when you're in elementary school. Guess Phil never grew up XD
The Martial Nerd (3 months ago)
I don't get why he'll watch shit with Rambo all day but Panda Lee is off limits.
XGavinWX (3 months ago)
Really? Nearly 10 hours talking about someone you don't like?
serene syder (3 months ago)
His face reveal video is the most down to earth hes ever been
Unknown Hero Richard (3 months ago)
Tevin, you should do a stream and show all of the stuff that Dave didn't want to show. That would be epic!!
Clay Brinker (3 months ago)
What alternate universe is this, that Christmas special was actually decent content by DSP
Freezingred2 (3 months ago)
Nearly 10 hours long? Took me days to get through it. Praise be the almighty. And my gosh, Dave Bennett has had quite a ride. He's lost so much in his life due to his greed and ego. If he would've been smart and non-toxic, he probably would have tens of thousands in the bank plus friends.
Callum Cowan (3 months ago)
You are one sad cunt. Sad he can't get views like that anymore? This from the guy who only gets respectable views when he's talking about Phil or using Phil's content. Obsessed autist calling the kettle black. You kids and your mob mentality eat this shit up though.
Dona Lu (3 months ago)
The Jinx moment was AMAZING.
d2b2009 (3 months ago)
comcast business class internet uses the EXACT same lines that the home internet/tv/voip service uses. there is no dedicated line for business users with comcast. the only difference is you get faster tech support (not really) and you get some business related apps and services offered to u. the speeds r slower and the service is more expensive. hes essentially payin more for less right now.
BotchSpecialist (3 months ago)
Thanks for enduring this sheer agony for our amusement, Tevin.
RaineTCG (3 months ago)
Can't believe Dave got Jynx to be in his stream. His channel really is growing.
Armcannon (3 months ago)
His face reveal was the most collected and honest I've ever seen him be. I wish I saw more of that DSP.
Callum Cowan (3 months ago)
+Armcannon You go to a concert then I'm going to assume you like music, maybe you go to a restaurant, then it's safe to assume you enjoy eating out. See what I'm saying? I didn't need to put any words in your mouth, you are the one who brought your ass here. You commented something negative on a video that is targeting DSP negatively, so of course I put two and two together
Armcannon (3 months ago)
I can form my own opinions, thanks, and I never said anything about hating DSP. Don't put words in my mouth.
Callum Cowan (3 months ago)
+Armcannon No you just want someone to hate on, and are easily peer pressured into disliking him for reasons you probably don't even know about. You and your friends will always find something to hate dislike about Phil because it is what defines you. Without it you are pretty much a shell of a human being
dman24492 (3 months ago)
5:23:07 get that idiot out of the chat😂😂
Gilbals (3 months ago)
Hour 1: this is gonna be a train wreck Hour 2: YUP! Hour 3: kill me Hour 4: KILL ME Hour 5: stockholm syndrome Hour 6: Tevin help Hour 7: SNOOOORT Hour 8: Chat baiting Hour 9: Sweet release of death.
michael brandimarte (3 months ago)
Didn’t think that was a picture of jinx in the left corner keep thinking it was a video of him
Good Username (3 months ago)
DSP and Rambo had the humor of two kids in fourth grade, "cock, shit, balls, fuck" its pure comedy gold to them. They talk like they just learned how to curse.
The3rdTurd (3 months ago)
"Act like an ape!" :D this guy is a goldmine, man...
Bakercat (3 months ago)
My grandma actually died last year, dammit Tevin you black asshole!
Magnum BadGuy (3 months ago)
That "NUuuuuUUUhhh" laugh Dave does every 5 minutes is so fucking annoying. It really doesn't help that 90% of this is him laughing at his own unfunny "Improv comedy". Fucking get em outta here dood EDIT : this nigga legitimately sounds like sans from Undertale when he laughs
FailsafeZero (3 months ago)
Shout out to towel curtains
Dcfan200 (3 months ago)
Recording his content so your own channel will be noticed? Disgusting.
The3rdTurd (3 months ago)
haha that Bulk & Skull theme should be his personal theme music in life
tjkage (3 months ago)
If I am watching you watching phil during his 20th year on youtube special stream can we kill each other?
KlassicKrusty (3 months ago)
He should have reacted to this https://youtu.be/qDNKyxc7Pg0 then this ten hour debacle would have one funny sequence
Master Spark! (3 months ago)
9:00:05 'An ack-ccident?' I'm dying Edit: I'd have liked him to watch his Overwatch Tip and Tricks video. Bonus points if Khet was with him.
IgnorantSniper (3 months ago)
🙏 Thank you, no really, thank you 🙏
Yoma (3 months ago)
4:38:51 Finally got some action here.
Rokatsu (3 months ago)
If you made that jinx picture blink every 5 seconds it'd be like watching his actual content lmao
British Tea (3 months ago)
I find it extremely hilarious that he can watch his own videos and say "this isn't funny" or "there isn't anything interesting in this video" HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO OBLIVIOUS!?
SeeingRed (3 months ago)
He's still pleasuring himself in front of kids...
AyZeD (3 months ago)
He needs to sunset himself not hydrate himself
Skoost (3 months ago)
Also, a bit late on the comment (took a while to watch this), but I kinda wished he has watched the "Friday the 13th" video with "is this the guy" quote.
Redskins Lupe11 (3 months ago)
Masterpiece he just finished himself off.....good music skills to # 🙏💎💥B
Thelonicus Gaming (3 months ago)
any entertainment value is immediatly killed off for retarded trivia or excuses
Ritzy,WALLSEND, NUFC,UK (3 months ago)
trys to hide that he's realised how shit his khantent is, does fake goat laugh hopes no 1 notice, he's shit without rambo
autism speaks (3 months ago)
Ken Kaniff from Connecticut is a perverted homosexual pedophile who used to star in the older Eminem albums.
Michael Kitchin (3 months ago)
Past and present Phil reacting to the same thing in the same manner. Mrs. Burnell, please pick up your child.
Paulo Hernanndizz (3 months ago)
He's not used to the sun. (sip) :In addition, 43:48 at this moment I just realised that I am listening to a man, watching an older man, watching himself for the sake of "views". What a ridiculous way to start off the weekend.not bad tho
majortom331 (3 months ago)
GorillazGames (3 months ago)
So let me get this straight, I'm watching a guy watch a guy who's watching himself? Perhaps I need to reevaluate my situation
Mr Wednesday (3 months ago)
It's the guy watching the guy!
Prince Khufu (3 months ago)
It's the guy, he's watching himself!
Brian Smith (3 months ago)
Holy. fuckin. shit. Tev. you're taking the 10 hour L's so we don't have to
Gregoryhell (3 months ago)
I won't be the first to notice this, but it was once more a very sad video. At this point, DPS doesn't deserve pity for what he has done and how many chances he had but watching this makes you almost wish for a different outcome in his life. Almost. It happens after he watched videos with Rambo, how he had fun with his friends and he laughed with them playing silly games and all that. It stays with him until the end. It's almost poetic to wonder what he could feel through this and after he ended. At this point, DPS is a Greek tragedy character, punished by whatever gods there are with no good choices to make in his life, left to suffer and relive his past and happiness that will never again be there for him. The only joy he'll have is the quick fix after getting a larger donation, eating whatever Kat prepares or alcohol. Praise be the Almighty.
Daikkenaurora (3 months ago)
Thanks for uploading this. I missed the P7 stuff. Praise be.
brick james (3 months ago)
Yo Kevin chill out on dsp fo a while
jez321 (3 months ago)
I didnt realize he also admitted to complaining about lag when there wasnt any in that face reveal video. If he was lying about it then what are the chances he's lying about it now seeing as no even though he has much faster business internet he still complains about lag the same amount.
JimmyTheLoon (3 months ago)
2:38:35 "Name a content creator that's been around for 10 years, doing it for a living and isn't in a group." Northernlion? Dude's been around since '06 and still gets 1000+ views a video. They're also unedited. He's a successful Dave.
Gerd Müller (3 months ago)
Ok, real talk here. About 570 viewers from start to end. There are about 200 core viewers/paypigs on his twitch. Make that 300 - you tell me honest, that about 600 ppl watched that bullshit for 7 hrs. Sry if i call bullshit.
Mike G (3 months ago)
Another classic
Alberto Roman (3 months ago)
"classic" "legendary" thats why nobody says them, whoops
Alberto Roman (3 months ago)
DSP: "why was i such an asshole?!" but i thought you did nothing wrong, you did everything correct and its all out of khantext hmm...
Black Panther (3 months ago)
I’m going to assume the $3000 lemon video was not played?
Charl1eSheenWIN (3 months ago)
8:13:56 lmfaoo "cause he buff"
Gargantuan Perpetrator (3 months ago)
If he ever makes it to 20 year anniversary, it'll just be a commentary redemption run of the 10 year anniversary commentary.
TheSamuraiGoomba (3 months ago)
10 hours of a pigroach jacking himself off while watching videos of former friends who hate him now.
WesPolly 64 (3 months ago)
Phil needs to give up the "The King of Hate" title at this point. Why does he care about being positive so much? The hate makes him stronger and more motivated...right?
Madboy Meerkat (1 month ago)
Pigroach motivated? He couldn't be motivated for something to save his life.
British Tea (3 months ago)
He needs to pretend to be nice because if he acted like he did back in the day, he'd lose his Twitch channel immediately. No more easy money for him after that.
-_- TalesofCaliber (3 months ago)
Hey Tevin can you upload your DJ pre stream part dude because that shit had me jammin on a Pre pre stream lol much love bro
Almighty Tevin (3 months ago)
that part actually got the original stream blocked worldwide lol
Empty Moon (3 months ago)
this was painful...
Bakercat (3 months ago)
Hey man, only drunk Dave is super racist. He wouldn’t call black people welfare houses and saying them being loud is an, “African nation” when he’s sober. Plus, he’s matured!
iHaveTheGaul (3 months ago)
Bugged sol mechanics dudem nothing i could do dude bloody game, stupid devs nerfing shadow mechanics!
rockguitarist8907 (3 months ago)
Thank you for your service
She said ane
VapeJuice (3 months ago)
I’ve been streaming a good **SNORT** almost nine hours now
ATOMIC ACE PUGG (3 months ago)
This was pretty much dsp agreeing with himself for 9 hours.
kollie79 (3 months ago)
I wish I could find someone who looks at me the way dave looks at himself
Bakercat (3 months ago)
He’s his biggest fan dood!
Hamtastic99 (3 months ago)
Dave should’ve reacted to his “epic rage” at Duck Tales. Wonder what kind of excuse he would’ve used to him being so “angry.” Since he’s not a children’s entertainer, that rage was clearly genuine.
Stoic (3 months ago)
needed more panda tbh
Skoost (3 months ago)
Thanks for posting the 10 year legacy of Rambo. Praise be.
ToxicEmpress (3 months ago)
Laughing at his own terrible jokes. Pathetic...
TheDXJC56 (3 months ago)
36:12 Pre-Streams officially over, if you wanna skip over him telling you how great this stream is gonna be and how he has a 10 years legacy on YouTube, although why would you it's not like you've ever heard any of this before
Samuel Max (3 months ago)
You're doing gods work my friend
Laughing Llama (3 months ago)
1:18:23 "She never showed up" OK that actually made me laugh :)
PsychicAndIce (3 months ago)
Praise be
aguynamedGeoff (3 months ago)
Dave can't hop off Street Fighter's nuts for 2 seconds.
Antipathy Orion (3 months ago)
My fav thing about this is how he didn't understand how people were comparing him to AVGN..then in the same damn stream said he was going for AVGN style. Lord lol. But bless you Tevin for the save/upload
ObiWanJabronE (3 months ago)
Watching videos with ex friends are ok, but watching videos with your ex girlfriend aren't.
autism speaks (3 months ago)
His fault for losing her. The fucking retard made her cook while she was sick instead of making some chicken noodle soup for her.
Magnum BadGuy (3 months ago)
ObiWanJabronE cmahn dood Khets gonna get upset if I talk about my ex daughter *snort* then they'll be big prawblems *snort*
soufian (3 months ago)
tevin a real one for uploading a 10 hour stream
TheDXJC56 (3 months ago)
LMFAO this dude seriously talking about needing trail mix and food to keep him energized like this some kind of 10hr hike and not 10hrs of sitting on his ass in his house watching his own old videos to try and make some money 🙄😂 Edit: Not even like he's burning energy moving his thumbs around a controller, gotta have some food to sit in place or I might keel over and die halfway through the stream
Kozmikōcēlōtl (3 months ago)
Timestamp when he mentions this?
James Ryon (3 months ago)
To be fair I couldn't sit through an entire 10 hours of Dave content without food and massive amount of coffee to stay awake
LPL (3 months ago)
9 hour work shift here I come.
chaffXgrenade (3 months ago)
Glad I got to see this go down live, even though he wasted time explaining every "joke" he made and mostly avoided anything that made him look stupid/bad Can't have any of *that* representing his 10-year legacy, now can we?
TheDXJC56 (3 months ago)
My brain might have just melted out my ears seeing almost 10hours on this video 😬 looks like it's gonna take about 2-3 days to get through this one 😂
Michael Adams (3 months ago)
6:27:57 his face when he finds out 🐼 is in the video
Jesse Pawlusiak (1 month ago)
I've been waiting this whole video. 4 and a half hours in rn
Redskins Lupe11 (3 months ago)
Wow so.eone actually got her i. # CLASSIC
King of Salt (3 months ago)
"Oh gee the light from my window is too bright let me put this tiny pillow on the sill." TEN YEARS' WORTH OF EXPERIENCE

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