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Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

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Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Green River Lyrics: I see the bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin'. I see bad times today. CHORUS: Don't go around tonight, Well, it's bound to take your life, There's a bad moon on the rise. I hear hurricanes ablowing. I know the end is coming soon. I fear rivers over flowing. I hear the voice of rage and ruin. CHORUS All right! Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like we're in for nasty weather. One eye is taken for an eye. CHORUS CHORUS
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Text Comments (12343)
XPXD SadTown6ix (5 hours ago)
Can't stop drinking to this 😍😍🤑😇🤣😃😄😆😇
TheGreat Fox (8 hours ago)
Turn your volume up to 11 for this one.
Luca Balestrieri (18 hours ago)
brasil decime que se siente...
Gannfan (2 days ago)
"Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman"..
Abraham Ramirez (2 days ago)
That is an original sound!!!!
Jan Bushey (2 days ago)
Love this Jam!
Tony Killen (3 days ago)
Juliette Mor (4 days ago)
I’m literally on here bc of supernatural
ignacio DEITA (4 days ago)
is that a monkey?? :v
Gerda Baldung (4 days ago)
Ich liebe diese musik
haesy wirz (4 days ago)
immer wieder der Hammer Cool :-)
Clement Augustine (4 days ago)
Why does everybody come here because they listened to this on some TV show or game? Can't people come here because CCR is actually one of the best American bands of all time!?! This coming from an Anglophile who thinks most best bands come from England (which is in my reality - mine since reality is not objective but subjective, Plato talked about it and I don't want to enter a philosophical debate that has being going on for at least 4000 years, so I'll just shut up about this! - that's what happens!).
Valeria C (4 days ago)
Escuché esta canción cuando Macri asumió como presidente
Sally Wilson (6 days ago)
An American werewolf in London, wasn't Jenny Agutter something special.
Kalam Abrasapuentes (6 days ago)
Every full moon i urge to.
timi posl (7 days ago)
this is the fucking shit...not now when you have some shitty ass music video that no one gives a shit and the stupid singing... 70's are the best
Joey Boombatz (7 days ago)
I wanna thank my Parents for passing this music down to me. They are amazing. Literally just think how many of CCW songs have aged timeless in 2018. Ill pass this to my kids along with the Gonorrhea!
Godzilla Mike (7 days ago)
Is anybody here because Kong skull island?...... in 2018?..
sylvie evin (7 days ago)
Ma jeunesse quand j'étais à Rouen au lycée Corneille :)
Pat Brim (8 days ago)
One of my best memories of this song is when the first Gulf War started, when they first announced they were going into Iraq. I was listening to the radio, and a lot of people were requesting patriotic songs. Someone called in and asked to dedicate a song to Saddam Hussein. The DJ said, "Ooooookay, what song?" "CCR, Bad Moon Rising." "Oh yeah, we can do that."
Mincepies (8 days ago)
Trevor Jacob brought me here, yep pretty cool....
Jae-ang Moon (8 days ago)
shadow Be (8 days ago)
ho i capelli blu
abEm (9 days ago)
River, decime que se siente!!
Mike Cool (9 days ago)
There's a bathroom on the right...
Dr. B (9 days ago)
Posers of ccr incoming because sabrina
Dirk Evans (9 days ago)
Always think of "An American Werewolf in London "when I hear this. Good movie. Great tune!
LALI 1080 (9 days ago)
My good taste in music brought me here.
Jaime Ramirez lazo (10 days ago)
This is the best band ever, the best combination of many generes of music!
Jesse Plumley (10 days ago)
There’s a bathroom On the right
YeOldFart (10 days ago)
Bad moon rising = Something bad is about to happen
Smoking Arthur (10 days ago)
I was born in the wrong decade
Nancy Prevost (10 days ago)
Master: kind of thought you'd care about the current lunatic. Why publish a personality with "bad moon rising" if you can't see the moon?
Hunter André (10 days ago)
Good road trip music
A G (10 days ago)
응팔이 (11 days ago)
Bad Moon rising on Korea. ㅠㅠ
Rondas Face (11 days ago)
Legend. Nuff said.
Earth-1467 Speed (11 days ago)
An American Werewolf In London 1981 brought me here
Xtre4mKiLLer (12 days ago)
Is anyone here from The chilling adventures of Sabrina???
Music Lover (2 hours ago)
Nothing brought me here! I only came here because CCR is one of the best bands ever!!!
Xtre4mKiLLer (7 days ago)
+Pre Programmed Remoaner NPC#6,000,000 again... okay, thank you!
We don't watch modern garbage.
Xtre4mKiLLer (10 days ago)
+Jesse Plumley okay, thank you 😂
Jesse Plumley (10 days ago)
Xtre4mKiLLer No. I’m here cuz I enjoy music
Young Choi (12 days ago)
Korean president moon song
Chopin 9 (12 days ago)
Perfect song for South Korea's FAKE president. MOONIE THE COMMIE! If South Korean don't get rid of a bad MOON, NOKO will take over the country.
ThunderKat405 (12 days ago)
This was the song that played on an american werewolf in london when he was transforming on VHS before they changed the song to blue moon
Gisela Deubler (12 days ago)
Carine Maria Borges (12 days ago)
Chilling adventures of sabrina brought me here
Lidija Tumara (12 days ago)
Good song!! 😊😊😊
Moongill Jean (13 days ago)
Is the bad moon from South Korea?
HackTastic N00B (13 days ago)
Bad moon = South Korea President
Jokerstic (13 days ago)
Who came here after Sabrina's first episode on Netflix?
Rob Let (13 days ago)
I just waiting on the voice saying” I’m still not hungry”. 🕛🌔🌗🌘🌑🐺🐗
Ramakrishnan Ts (14 days ago)
Vicki Scott (14 days ago)
Love the some CCR.....great song!
Mr Puggy OMG (14 days ago)
American werewolf in London
Theres a badmoon rising ,its covered in blood,watch out for the men that met the devil and still stood ,watch out for the badmoon rising its collored in blood ,its the darkest time of year ,while the devilish spirits huant me down with no good ,why ami riding a steel steed in the high way to hell ,escaped hotels california ,now they after my soul escaping hell,no wonder why i became a natural born renaged renegadedcuz god our gather created ,someones chosen a son whos elevated,cains decendent doesent choose a life perpose cuz its destinated,its curse thats marks his flesh doesent reacieve a shot knocking on heavens door,and leavated,guess my dance with the devil,doesent huant itself judt by hounds that came froma a home where the rising sun dont see what hell made ,guess how i ever see the rain while its coming down on a sunny day caid ! , welcome to the jungles war where my ancesters stayed guess ille join them where my garves body layed,
Its misspelled deal with it ✊
Brandon Lewis (14 days ago)
Lol sounds like there's a bathroom on the right
Jim Bob (14 days ago)
When i was a little kid i always thought they were singing"There's a bathroom on the right".
smilebackifyourugly (14 days ago)
Folk on here saying The Chilling Adventures of Sabirna. Fuck off this is American Werewolf in Londons song. Btw who else is listening to this on Halloween eve?
Jimmy Page 2001 (14 days ago)
"Hey this is the song from American werewolf in London!"
A2 the JDM fan boy (15 days ago)
Mafia 3 made me hooked up on 60,70s songs XD
NEWTON NUMPTIES (15 days ago)
"Beware the moon lads. Stick to the road"
Joaquin Baca (15 days ago)
The good parts of the 60s are comeing back
Rachie (16 days ago)
Brazil, 2018
rocio mata (16 days ago)
es me preferida para bahilarla
I like me (17 days ago)
Wonder of original versions of this were preserved on the internet
Rucya Yogi (18 days ago)
Ive always thought it was "I see the full moon rising" been singing it that way since I was a kid 🤣
Michael Gallant (18 days ago)
I Know The End Is Coming Soon...
MystikMunk 420 (18 days ago)
4.9k people have terrible taste in music! And I'm ashamed at a measly 180k likes! I expect better LoL
Edgar Camargo (18 days ago)
In chapter 2, this song sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juR5-On2UYg
Fabio Lino (18 days ago)
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 👍
dugongo arancione (18 days ago)
Mario Geis (19 days ago)
Lehrers chéz les
Music Lover (19 days ago)
One of the best songs EVER!!!
Mădălina Ilieş (19 days ago)
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Ryan G (19 days ago)
Sabrina anyone?
Music Lover (2 hours ago)
I came here for good music only! :)
scott booth (3 days ago)
Here cus of american werewolf in London
Starground LP (6 days ago)
Yes 😁 i am hypte for Season two
ammu honey (6 days ago)
Me too & I I've heard it in kongs skull island too
Nexxo Bomber (16 days ago)
Right 😂
the almighty souvlaki (20 days ago)
Mafia 3 anyone?
Ribnaa Hanaa (20 days ago)
fliegeroh (21 days ago)
"There's a bathroom on the right."
Jarvis 96 (21 days ago)
Mafia 3
David Kidd (21 days ago)
Great stuff. If we could get 56,258,643 people to watch The Ron Paul Liberty Report we would be on our way (America) to unraveling this mess.
spook15 xd (21 days ago)
I thought it said it's bound to take your dad
CjR (21 days ago)
I'm not hungry.
CjR (21 days ago)
......................I'm still not hungry................
Mafia 3 :))
The Good Mudkip (22 days ago)
Damn Werewolves...
Greeman Otak (22 days ago)
Como me haces falta viejoooo
marcelo yida (22 days ago)
why this is so good
Joni Ab (22 days ago)
temazo mejor grupo del mundo
Aaron Burns (22 days ago)
Andre "Bad Moon" Rison
aurelien pomard (23 days ago)
Favorite song of werewolves
jake andrews (23 days ago)
“There’s a bathroom on the right”
Music Lover (23 days ago)
This song reminds me of my younger years! :D
Carl Smith (23 days ago)
Wish I was in the 60s n 70z
bill johnson (23 days ago)
when I was a kid and lived in Cleveland they did something on wuab 43 that was called fright night fever they played a bunch of horror movies in a row and played ccr while showing the previews miss those good  old days man
Evelyn Noble (23 days ago)
I love this song, I have it as my ringtone
Ariel Ch (23 days ago)
the shining
Spokelse (24 days ago)
Welcome home Brothers.
F B (24 days ago)
The dude brought me here
Glen's Gaming (25 days ago)
This is real music .....
HolustuKrahvl (25 days ago)
Holy shit! Vietnam flashback :"(
Wolf10media (25 days ago)
Is that a monkey? -Tree crashes into helicopter-
mr Knight (20 days ago)
No .......its..... P.A.T.R.I.C.K!!!!
Cosme Fulanito (25 days ago)
...Quiero jugar Mafia3
Bruno BRF3 (25 days ago)
Ouvindo música 👍 na máquina de jukebox, no Bar de Rock 🎸, na Rua Francisco Marengo !
Ben van der linden (25 days ago)
max toch da est gewune thats music amigo's

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