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Open Toonz magic

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Trying out Open Toonz on my personal project. Thanks computer.art club for the tutorials and follow up help.
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Rodney (10 months ago)
I'm a bit late but... I like it. Nicely done.
animator Destroyer (1 year ago)
am not jugdeing I think it is awesome but the running is a bit odd I don't care though no one is perfect
Vic Demise (2 years ago)
Very nice- and encouraging.
gil florendo (2 years ago)
+Vic Demise Thank you.
JJ Parks (2 years ago)
This is great =) I'm happy to see that you were able to get the import png option to work. I'm still struggling with it myself but feel that it will work its way out soon enough. Good luck!
gil florendo (2 years ago)
+JJ Parks thats good to hear... happy animating.
JJ Parks (2 years ago)
+gil florendo I found out the problem! My number sequence started with "0000.png" and apparently this crashes the app. Increasing the numbers by one and starting with "0001.png" and so on worked! Such an easy solution but one I never would have known without a fellow forum member. Can't wait to start animating now ^_^. Thanks for the tips!
gil florendo (2 years ago)
+JJ Parks thank you! hope you get the hang of Open Toonz soon.
JJ Parks (2 years ago)
+gil florendo Thanks a bunch. I'm going to try this again. I thought I followed the directions properly but I must have missed something or maybe my system is just acting up. Thanks and best of luck with your project!
gil florendo (2 years ago)
+JJ Parks Thank you! just follow the conversation i had with computer.art in importing the images. what i did is i renamed my png in this format (filename.0000.png) then i put them in the extras folder inside the main folder of open toonz. once done, open up open toonz then go to browser tab, then you can drag them to column cells. that will automatically import your sequence.

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