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Any Sharp Knife Sharpener Pro tested review and giveaway

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Unbox Kitchen test and review of the Any Sharp Knife Sharpener. This little sharpener makes a bold statement claiming to be the worlds best knife sharpener so we put it to the test. Any Sharp Pro - USA - http://amzn.to/2mWIPT0 Any Sharp Pro - UK - http://amzn.to/2lXIWi5 Wusthof Knifes - USA - http://amzn.to/2nBwAIS Wusthof Knifes - UK - http://amzn.to/2npK2js
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Text Comments (31)
Malcolm Ratcliffe (1 month ago)
Loved the review.Seems to work well
Nigel Orme (1 month ago)
I have had one of these for two years ,wont be without it
Maciek SlaskPL (2 months ago)
Real quick
Gunzee (3 months ago)
I don't mean to be rude but it's the audio very harsh? The vocal frequency is causing discomfort upon playback. My i phone5 was okay (just about) but a cheap Chinese Droid and Windows 10 tablet, along with a set of mission book shelves caused it. It's comes on at higher volumes, like a higher pressure upon talking. A mix between blocked ears and hearing your own rushing blood. It's very apparent as pause or mute stops it in an instant. I'm sorry to be off topic but similar vocal effects effected relationships with family and an ex. '. Does anyone else notice? PS, thank you for your review, I'm not trying to be rude. I'll be the first to admit my voice is horrid, your review was very watchable hence why I watched it twice. It maybe my sensitive ears or bad equipment. I honestly intend no offence
Delboy Trotter (1 month ago)
No disrespect intended mate but, why haven't you sought the help of an audiologist? I'm pretty sympathetic to anyone with a hearing problem and in your case, it could be (a) something very simple, curable in a few visits or (b) A serious problem developing that could cost you some real severe lifetime problems if not attended to? I mention this because my eldest brother had a *_'silly'_* hearing problem, which he thought was an annoyance and nothing more? Sadly, it was the start of the symptoms which culminated in his early death from a brain tumour? Do the right thing mate, pick-up the phone and call, you know it's for the best?
Tania Xomuni C. (4 months ago)
Bullshit... :-(
john ackroyd (6 months ago)
buying one now .THANKS
Keith Ramsay (6 months ago)
cant beat a good sharp knife
Andrew McFarlane (7 months ago)
I wonder how much slivers of steel this sharpener removes fro your knives?
Griddle Marks (7 months ago)
Andrew McFarlane yes dont use it on expensive knives
Ean Rosencrans (9 months ago)
Ean rosencrans. I want one for are knifes there super dull all of them
Griddle Marks (9 months ago)
Ean Rosencrans if you have very good expensive knives i recomend getting a stone for best results and the knife will stay sharper longer. Ill have a video out soon for this so stay tuned 😊
JadeRoxy86 (11 months ago)
You'd have to be an utter moron to let that thing absolutely massacre your knives. RIP your knife after using that thing
Griddle Marks (7 months ago)
JadeRoxy86 yes dont use it on expensive knives. It will destroy them better use a stone. But for a butcher or a cheep knife ot makes things fast n easy
Alexander Riabokon (1 year ago)
Hello! How is everything going? I will never forget the taste of tanduri and mexican chicken)
Alexander Riabokon (1 year ago)
Good luck on that)
Griddle Marks (1 year ago)
Thank you, i am working on some new videos now and i will be changing the channel name as im going to do more than just product test, i will be doing recipes and skills also. i will be uploading new vids next week.
winkipinky (1 year ago)
3 minutes just to get to the part where you sharpen the knife... and then you DON'T push down on the tomato like the first time FAIL!
Bread (1 year ago)
Hi, great review. I like it because it was short and concise. All the questions people will have in their head when looking for a review on this product, you answered promptly, making it quick and easy to decide for a consumer (like myself) that THIS is the product they are looking for. I hope I win the competition as I would love to have one.
Dàniel Thomas (1 year ago)
You pushed down on the tomato the first time, instead of slicing it. then sliced it properly after sharpening the knife. Does this actually work?
Griddle Marks (1 year ago)
Dàniel Thomas yes it worked very well. Must say it worked better on cheeper knives than it did on my more expensive wustoff knives
Michael Taylor (1 year ago)
I must say, the surprised look on your face when you started cutting with the recently sharpened knife appeared genuine. That puppy must really be the ticket. Terrific video, mate.
Griddle Marks (1 year ago)
Michael Taylor yea all reactions are real, i dont fake it. Thanks for watching mate
Je'anne Mounfield (1 year ago)
Been thinking about buying one of these Any Sharp sharpeners for a while now but have been a bit sceptical about it's claims, I enjoyed your video and was impressed with the sharpener. Many thanks.
Anton Fox (1 year ago)
Great review I subscribed to your channel
Aurelio Medina (1 year ago)
1k likes with just 36 subscribers is too much, mate!
Griddle Marks (1 year ago)
Yea i realised that after. Still new to this and thought with a bit of paid adds it might get there but oh well. Thanks for watching and ill be back in september with more vids
wembley306 (1 year ago)
Nice one mate! Love watching your vids! Keep it up!
Griddle Marks (1 year ago)
Thanks Wembley
meezooy2k (1 year ago)
love your channel all the best.
Griddle Marks (1 year ago)
Thanks meezooy :)

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