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A035 Purchase Invoice - SQL Accounting Software

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This video shows you how to do Purchase Invoice In Purchase Module. Email : [email protected] Product Details :www.syntech.com.my Interaction :www.facebook.com/syntaxtechnologies Full Video Listing :www.youtube.com/syntaxtechnologies
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Text Comments (10)
rlshTR (7 months ago)
how to type overhead expenses (cost of goods sold) under the purchases criterial while make the DR account debit into this overhead expenses instead of PUrchases account?
Bryan Cheong (1 year ago)
Just click delete to delete Purchase Invoice, but make sure it have not knock off, and have not process GST-03
syntaxtechnologies (3 years ago)
No need, direct change the Tax Amount
Jennie Ngui (3 years ago)
how to rounding adj?
Jennie Ngui (3 years ago)
how to rounding adj ?
Jennie Ngui (3 years ago)
how to rounding adj ?
syntaxtechnologies (3 years ago)
Can, just don't key Item Code
jen ong (3 years ago)
can I use this for non-trade purchases? and I have no idea for the item code for non trade
Bryan Cheong (4 years ago)
No need.
Toofat Chong (4 years ago)
If already enter a purchase invoice, still need to enter the same thing in goods receive?

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