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Lesson 9 - Query Filtering & Operator Precedence (Oracle SQL Certification)

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Take the Complete Course at: www.jobreadyprogrammer.com Achieve the Master Programmer Certification! In this lesson we cover query filtering conditions & operator precedence
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Text Comments (7)
SlyPanther (2 months ago)
Turner need to level up lmao
Angelina Nguyen (5 months ago)
I got the same result set by using this query - this is ok to satisfy your query requirements right? SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE COMM IS NULL AND SAL BETWEEN 1101 AND 4999 AND SAL != 3000;
SlyPanther (2 months ago)
We think the same LOL
tyylyyp (7 months ago)
on 10:42 the results show the 2 analysts Scott and Ford with salaries equal to 3000$, how come? if i run the following query i get the correct results: select * from emp where (comm is null or comm = 0) and sal > 1100 and sal < 5000 and sal !=3000;
tyylyyp (7 months ago)
ok, so i just needed to watch till a bit later to find out that you were leading to the fact that the query wasn't written correctly. but you should still update the video with some text insert on 10:28 when you say that the query gives us the correct data when in fact it's showing the results with salary = 3000 which actually doesn't fit our criteria
Nie Frank (9 months ago)
Already got the answer in video, Great!
Nie Frank (9 months ago)
What will be the query if the item (comm=0)'s salary is 900? It will still show on the result

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