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Women's Fashion Rules : How Should a Woman in Her 40s Dress?

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A woman in her 40s should put some thought into the quality of her wardrobe. Create an age appropriate fashion with the help of a professional model in this free video. Expert: Wendi Braswell Contact: www.wendibraswell.com Bio: Wendi Braswell is a former model and actress, with more than 25 years of experience working in the fashion industry. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Women's fashion changes rapidly, but these timeless rules still endure. Learn the secrets of women's fashion rules with the help of a former model in this free video series.
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Text Comments (35)
Ann White (5 months ago)
'How should a woman in her 40's dress?' However the fuck she likes.
Aria Jam (7 months ago)
I know this is an old video but why in the world would you tell a woman that after age 40 "no one wants to look at her bum or her bust"???? That is incredibly rude, and inaccurate.
Trendy Women's Fashion (7 months ago)
The shoes are really awesome.
Lorraine (8 months ago)
Age appropriate? Code for "don't try to look young or good". I wear anything i want. When i am forced to wear old peoples clothing i can safely say i am dead. Age is attitude...its not a number. I have seen older women better dressed than the young people around. Yeah dont dress like a clown AT ANY AGE.
M N (1 year ago)
Why is model she using not in her 40's?
Naughty Hotdog (1 year ago)
Professional and polished. I have been buying a lot of more mature clothes lately. Women who dress in the junior section look like a hot mess.
JJ All (1 year ago)
Love the wrap dress. Women our age who dress too young look older, haggard and desperate.
Kelly marsden (1 year ago)
OMG!!!! Ewww!!! Defo a Granny dress!!! I'm so glad I can wear kids clothes and not old Granny clothes!!! WTF! I would rather shoot myself in the foot then be seen in that! Anyway WHATEVA!!
michelle Anderson (2 years ago)
40's or 70's... I'm confused!
Wendi is right. The ladies getting offended in the comments clearly don't understand that what works on a teenager makes a mature woman look trashy.
Anna Borngen (2 years ago)
Nobody wants to look at a woman's body in her 40s? Nice.
L Wiggins (3 years ago)
I don't like the dress,just not my taste,I do believe that style is an expression of you. I agree somethings are not appropriate but clothes don't make you, you make you!!!!!!!! I'm very casual and 39years old and I try to keep it simple,
Cheeky Lass (3 years ago)
This woman is not forty damn it
NaturalCurls (3 years ago)
I think your audience wants to see a model in their 40's
NaturalCurls (3 years ago)
I think your audience wants to see a model in their 40's
Ashleigh Echeverria (3 years ago)
but..but...your model is what - 25, maybe?  How can take this advice?
WazThaDifference (3 years ago)
Should've used a 40 year old model!!!! Ugh
Lady Dawn Carabas (3 years ago)
I am turning 40 next soon. So I should throw away all my comfy jeans and dress up like my grandmother did decades years ago? Fluff it...I'm keeping my jeans and t-shirts!
Erin Taylor (9 months ago)
Your grandmother cared. Dresses for me, forever.
MENCADO (1 year ago)
I don't know about other grandmothers, but my grandmother has always been a style icon to me .One of the things that always impressed me about her is that she was not just impeccably stylish in how she dressed, but that she was also always classy in terms of her manner. For as long as I can recall , she always had a great sense of personal style - rather than her having merely been an addict to whatever were the latest fashion trends, or to whatever was popular among other women of her same age bracket. As for the style advice given in this video, it strikes me as being not unreasonable to ask.... ''Should any of us really being taking any "fashion" advice from anyone who is wearing/ looks like that?????
BassPlayerSusan (2 years ago)
+Lady Dawn van Carabas I'm turning the big 4-0 next year too. I'm keeping my jeans and T-shirts too.
Kelly Honda (3 years ago)
I wear what I want!!! I wouldn't wear those clothes ever!! More style for a granny I say!! I still fit into kids clothes age 12/13! And I don't give a flying fuck as I look really young for my age and they look good on me! People should wear what they're comfortable in. Lol.
BassPlayerSusan (2 years ago)
+Kelly Honda Agreed.
Brielle (3 years ago)
This dress is horrid!  Definitely a granny dress.
juan cisterne (3 years ago)
Hey, just like that. You think I could do to you the same as you do to me on Easter weekend? You think I give a fuck about my junk email? Did you ever thought you get yourself in this predicament? Are you trying to find a soft spot in my heart? Your tall curly hair buddy was looking a bit under the weather the last time I seen her. Is she feeling and looking better now? How much have you and that old Jew have taken from me? What have I taken from you? Certainly not groceries, it was scavengers that took that. You along with that old Jew have been sent my way for a reason. On a lighter note, one of the middle aged bitches that wears the same uniform as you and your gang, asked me if I was leaving my parking space while I was finishing my sandwich. I said nothing, just raised my index finger and she must have waited in her car for at least 5 minutes. I closed the door and walked in the building while raising my index finger again, she did get a little pissy. I can't stop thinking about you, and I'm going to be looking for you. You better think about what you keep doing to me rationally.
Girl Wednesday (4 years ago)
Beautiful dress, love wrap dresses. But Hate the jewelry. Looks cheap
Arolyn Rias (4 years ago)
Love the dress
tjoebatjoep (4 years ago)
WHOOAAH it IS my grandmothers dress!!
Michelle Montiel (4 years ago)
Tell the model to come back in 20 years.
Beaut QT (4 years ago)
I like the dress and shoes but the model she looks younger than 40...which is nice for her but I have a fuller figure and I smile but not like that...why don't you look for a model that is average size and not soooo smiley...creeped me out!!!
Donna Magrath (4 years ago)
40's. That's all we want to see. Not a teenager with a teenager's body, wearing a dress that cannot possibly look anything but amazing. 40's!!!
Ting Liliy (4 years ago)
i like your video.and i want to cooperate witn you. how about you?
Inspirational word (5 years ago)
thank you si much...
OvertonMania (6 years ago)
Why does she have a young model if she is demonstrating how women in their 40s should dress? Not in the least credible.
pandaKrusher (7 years ago)
She drank so she wouldn't be nervous, but now she's just drunk and nervous.

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