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Battle of the Fragrance: Lacoste Blanc vs Versace Pour Homme

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I hit the beautiful island of Abaco Bahamas to see which of the two fragrances was rated over the other. Take the trip with with me as I seek to get my answer
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Benjamin Symes (1 month ago)
Wow nice video man
Osei Alleyne- Forte (1 month ago)
Thank you brother
Anthony J (9 months ago)
I prefer lacoste I feel like versace pour homme is just a bit too generic smelling.
Osei Alleyne- Forte (9 months ago)
Anthony J true! It does belong to class of very similar scents. A lot of people gravitate to the Lacoste. Both great scents none the less
hear nah man! wais this... i wanted to be there.. looking like vybzz. big up
Alexis Vincent (1 year ago)
I love the 2 but I prefer the verse over that lacoste
Alexis Vincent (1 year ago)
yuhhh reachhhhh! my boy gone regional! perfume blogs does pay goooooooddddd
Samantha Alexis (1 year ago)
hear na man big up uh whole selffff ...... soca+ sun+ sea+sand +cologne =VIBES!!!!!!!
Dee Dee (1 year ago)
Awesome video 😊
sadiki james (1 year ago)
eh ah rate this one bai

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