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Women's Fashion : How to Dress When You Are Plus Size & Petite

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The clothes you wear should complement the natural features of your body. Dress when you are a plus size and petite woman with help from an image consultant in this free video clip. Expert: Tressa Branin Bio: Tressa Branin is the owner and founder of Total Style Solutions, Inc., an image consulting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Filmmaker: Nathan Moffett Series Description: A variety of different situations and occasions will require different fashion tips, tricks and accessories. Learn about women's fashion with help from an image consultant in this free video series.
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Text Comments (46)
Sandra Coleman (4 months ago)
I was taught "if you have nothing positive to say then say nothing"
pearl (6 months ago)
Disliked 😰
Yoli Yoli (9 months ago)
Couldn’t they have picked a plus size fashion adviser. This lady was horrible.
Test1 \test2 (10 months ago)
This lady is really condescending. If she talked to me about me in front of me like that I’d punch her in the face.
Amelia Diane Bradley (10 months ago)
I didn't like it, wrong color on her and no uplifting attitude. Didn't comment her at all.
Christine Renney (11 months ago)
The petite lady is much prettier than the snotty cow patronising her.
Lynn Moore (11 months ago)
She won't reveal her ACTUAL size?!! Shame on YOU, ma'am!! And yes, of course, put her in a dull, tight-fitting jacket that looks as if the buttons are about to POP! I hope that young woman finds a REAL stylist!
Avril Crisp (1 year ago)
Totally unhelpful.
Shay Ellzey (1 year ago)
rude rude rude this lady does not deserve a channel
ONE PLUS THREE (1 year ago)
You come across AWFUL I have to say. And you could have picked someone who was actually plus size. I don't know how she kept a smile on her face with how patronising you were.
Rhoda Ruiz (1 year ago)
Great tips.
kkidd1108 (1 year ago)
Really??? A figure flaw????... no you r wrong lady!!
MonicasLife (2 years ago)
A lot of people have different opinions or views on plus size women. In my opinion she is not plus size at all
Karen Bedford (2 years ago)
the host wouldn't be standing if she spoke to me as she spoke to this lady ..down right disgraceful , her attitude is awful .I was raised to say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. .
Reka Ferencz (2 years ago)
and that was only the first minute...let's look into you "advice": 1. "Monochrome elongates the body and makes you look taller and thinner" - That's just wrong (and I hate the faces you make while saying this) Try colorblocking and a SKIRT! Pants and jacket are a no-no as they'll make you look square. if you must, leave the jacket unbuttoned and have a bold color shirt. Vertical lines yes. blocks of the same color no. 2. While the cut of the jacket actualy fits her body type, the color is awful on both of you. The same color would never work for both of you since your colouring is different. 3. The straight neckline under the V neckline kills the effect the V neckline would give her. The heavy neckpiece makes her neck look smaller. Petite girls, never wear heavy jewellery around your neck, go for a nice long pendant or nothing. Go for earrings instead.
Donna Greiner (6 months ago)
Not everyone likes skirts or skirt suits. I HATE HATE HATE skirts. Uncomfortable.
Reka Ferencz (2 years ago)
You talk about her "actual body size" as if it's something to be ashamed of. I'm a curvy petite plus size girl and I'd have punched you if you talked me down like that. good day.
LiLy D (6 months ago)
I agree. And what’s wrong with saying her size? Frumpy outfit on a super cute model with a great bod.
Jun Glo (8 months ago)
Completely agree...several times where she body shamed her...I think the model is beautiful...and actually HAS the curvier, sexier body...so definitely nothing to be ashamed of!
Cheryl Tischer (10 months ago)
Yeah I thought it was an inconsiderate dig too
Tisha (2 years ago)
The model is very cute, the color is dull and lifeless and that jacket is dumpy.
SmidBeach (9 months ago)
Seems like the host was trying too hard to use merchandise on hand. The buttons are noticeably puckering and the light color drew attention to that.
Barbara Eagle (2 years ago)
I agree
Monica Taylor (3 years ago)
the stylist was horrible, but the model has a pretty face.
Cj Captain (3 years ago)
The stylist was so disrespectful. With back handed compliments. How rude!!
graceinguelph (3 years ago)
this "so-called" stylist seems to think that the woman she's styling should be ashamed of her size and shape. this is OFFENSIVE.  the outfit is bland and not at all flattering.
Plus Size Insider (3 years ago)
+graceinguelph Yeah. I agree.
Tracy Z (3 years ago)
Hey Tressa of total style solutions. you were very condescending to that women with all your rude comments about her body type. and the outfit looked terrible . frumpy dumpy. you outfit was awful too. not even trying to be rude myself but you need to re-think the way you speak to people, I would have felt terrible if I were this petite woman. you spoke about her like she wasn't there and like she had no value because she was petite and plus size. Re- think the way you speak to people.
Rebbekkah Holt (3 years ago)
+Tracy Z I thought I was alone in my thinking.. I agree totally.. I don't want to look skinny but I wanna look good.. Without Negativity..
Vera Sastine (3 years ago)
This woman is hella snooty and patronizing. The outfit is awful too... 
Jamie Ghione (4 years ago)
I'm 5'1 and my measurements say that I'm a size 16.  I'm not ashamed to admit to being plus-sized of full-figured--which is more correct?
Seymour O (4 years ago)
You should be telling the viewers that being short and plus-size and having a square body is fucking beautiful, not something they should try to hide. Not only does saying that shit lower self esteem, but it also results in really fucking ugly outfits. tl;dr: "Tressa" has no fucking idea what she's doing and needs to quit her job.
Melissa Daly (5 years ago)
Great for the office…but that's about it.  I would NEVER wear this outfit out and the only thing it would make me feel is that I am in work mode.  How about some FUN CLOTHES…geeeesh!!
Snowingfire282 (5 years ago)
The plus sized woman is gorgrous but that outfit is UGLY!
Denise Hazard-Lewis (5 years ago)
This why I love forever 21 sometimes I can fine stylish not to youthful dresses that I don't have to have altered plus I am plus size and my boyfriend says I still have curves that he loves don't
Debbie Newman (5 years ago)
Outfit is frumpy and uninspiring. She should not be wearing short sleeves either and the jacket looks too tight!
Sphurti Cherukonda (5 years ago)
I think that it would be really helpful if we know her size to figure out if it works for our size and I don't think this video is very helpful for younger women so maybe they should make another for that
LuvsDaSparkles (5 years ago)
Man I'm not even technically plus sized and that made me feel like crap. I'm 4'11 and size twelve so I was looking for some dressing tips. And I find this video where this tall lady is pretty much insulting this beautiful woman left and right.
Myself2Blame (6 years ago)
The lady was a bit snooty with the way she says things.
Jin Yoo-Kim (6 years ago)
yeah why shouldn't they say her size? "being good about that?" seriously? i'm sick of being ashamed of NUMBERS.
meche8099 (6 years ago)
Hell I'm trying to get to Jodie's size cause I KNOW she's not mine. I'm a 22/24 , 5 ft woman. And I feel sexy in my body, this lady made me feel like crap. Not cool....
flashyandfabulous (7 years ago)
The host is plus sized, for gods sake! Tressa, your approach is really unapproachable. I think your points are totally valid. I'm watching this video because I work in retail and want to be able to dress all of my clients in flattering and stylish ways, but if I came at them with the same condescending tone I'd get nowhere, fast.
Jun Glo (8 months ago)
Agreed, the host is overweight herself....but she acts as if she is "ideal"!
zdragonfly1974 (7 years ago)
She looks like a sz 10
Julia R (7 years ago)
@librakitten16 i agree ...horrible
Angie Kayles (7 years ago)
The whole of this video made me feel like she should be ashamed of her fuller figure. Why can't we know her size? It shouldn't be an embarassing thing to say. And why do we have to distract from the body and draw attention to the face. Embrace the body too!

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