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How to measure for a suit

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http://www.henryherbert.com - This is a short video to show you how to measure for a tailored suit. There are two important things to remember: 1) Always measure in inches 2) When measuring just stand in your normal posture. There are 10 measurements that we need to take. They are as follows: 5 JACKET MEASUREMENTS and 5 TROUSER MEASUREMENTS. Henry Herbert Tailors are bespoke suit and shirt makers in London. We make perfectly tailored suits, shirts, overcoats and waistcoats. We use our fleet of scooters to meet you around the clock or you can meet us on Savile Row. For more info please visit our website http://www.henryherbert.com or call us on 020 7837 1452 to make an appointment.
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Text Comments (68)
Daniel Allotey (2 months ago)
pls video about shirt cutting
Rok Podlogar (8 months ago)
did i hear you say half a milimeter 😆
Carson W234 (10 months ago)
This dude, "a half of a millimeter above". What would happen if I went ONE whole millimeter above?
jogi ram nag (11 months ago)
measure meant ok but cutting where's
Don Key (11 months ago)
1:18 "Half a millimeter" Umm.... I think you confused something
Gourgandise (1 year ago)
the model is not impressed.
Calvin Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Wow, morons even in a video about measuring for a suit, they can't stop being emotional and social dogs. If Obama is your issue, you don't need a suit, suits are for ppl with class, not the class-less.
Jide O. (1 year ago)
Audition for GOT
Michael Osborne (1 year ago)
I never knew that the inside leg was all the way to the heel. Thanks.
Ifk 1899 (1 year ago)
It's just a scam. When the customer is gone dude just order a medium.
Westley Greenhalf (7 months ago)
DRC Coasters (1 year ago)
can he help me find a navy ship for war?
JAZZ MAN (6 months ago)
Thomas KG “Rule of thumb”? Where, please tell me, does this thumb you mention, go? I need to be clear on this before I let a tailor anywhere near me! rofl
Thomas KG (9 months ago)
Please for gods sake remember the rule of thumb
Jeremiah Hix (1 year ago)
don't forget to establish to the chest size so you can use the 6 inch drop to establish waist size.
Draw_Ornately (1 year ago)
A two button navy suit for war? You'd need to establish your correct size by establishing someone who's established enough at establishing suit sizes.
TaxEvasion (1 year ago)
Needs more 'establishing'
rosa Mendavi (2 years ago)
why on earth a stylish modern British OR NOT would use that archaic and incongrous imperial system unites nowadays? are you mad? have you seen the calendar? It‘s 2017!!!
GrassFedMeats (8 months ago)
Because it's traditional in tailoring. Learn it or don't.
polromeu (1 year ago)
He begins recommending use inches and at the first mseure says: half centimeter.
Hazey (1 year ago)
+Offshoreorganbuilder I am sorry to say but it's just as hard to find both on the ruler. I mean 97 comes after 96 which is in between 90 and 100. The length of the ruler is the same, only difference is the numbers. There is no difference, outside of his own preference.
Dimple Anand (1 year ago)
Agree:) I liked your method really well.
Offshoreorganbuilder (2 years ago)
I can well understand the use of the imperial system. In my workshop, we use nothing but inches, and the date has nothing to do with it. From a practical point of view, it is often easier than the metric system, because the numbers are smaller and more easily located on the rule or tape. (7 3/4" is much easier to find than 97mm for example.) At the end of the day, if they are more comfortable using inches, and you want their product, then you'll have to suck it up!
Archie j (2 years ago)
the model looks so happy
soslabass (1 year ago)
indeed he was happy to excute many orders hahaah
mcolon995 (2 years ago)
Tony montana getting his suit tailored
Custom Tailor Suits (2 years ago)
#Ambassador Fashions CHIANG MAI good! @Ambassador Fashions CHIANG MAI
Custom Tailor Suits (2 years ago)
#Ben Hunter anyone notice the captions error @Ahamed Ali
Ahamed Ali (2 years ago)
good thanks
Terry Terrel (2 years ago)
how about the neck
CHARVESTER (2 years ago)
+Roger Wilco    roger wilco. (Couldn't resist.)
Roger Wilco (2 years ago)
not needed for a suit
NoVaKane (2 years ago)
why is he measuring in inches... dont they do it different in Europe ?
NoVaKane (2 years ago)
+Ben Hunter ah ok thanks you for setting me straight.
Ben Hunter (2 years ago)
The person in the video is British. In Britain we use a weird blend of imperial and metric units. For example we measure temperature in degrees Celsius, whereas we measure distance in miles, etc.
NoVaKane (2 years ago)
yeah i thought they did do it defferntly i think us is the onyl place that still does inches.... but this tailor could be from europe but moved to the us and learned inches but still have the accent?
Utrekz (2 years ago)
Yes, in Europe they measure in miles when measuring for a suit. Lol kidding I don't know if they do it differently.
MrStylish1983 (2 years ago)
do you measure around the wrist for the sleeve cuff
HELLO DaRkNeSsss (3 years ago)
it says f..k in 1 minute
HELLO DaRkNeSsss (3 years ago)
anyone notice the captions error
gilmanez (3 years ago)
Spot on, thank you!
surearrow (3 years ago)
>>---------------------> I noticed you have your political views posted here in this video, via an ObamaNation ad hanging on your wall.  Since this August  2011 video upload, your "progress" and prosperity must have soared under his genius leadership, as we have so wonderfully enjoyed the paradise he has brought to all of us.
I think Henry Herbert Tailors are based in England, as advertised. No need to politicize suit measurements.
Derrick Hand (1 year ago)
Hahaha. How're things working out for you now, bud? Hahahaha
Hazey (1 year ago)
+surearrow Really? You're salty becauset he has different political views than you? What a joke you are.
Julie Saunders (3 years ago)
I need to do measurements for a wedding, and followed this vid, just hope it turns out ok!! :) Thanks for the video.
ahmed hanif (1 year ago)
Julie Saunders how did it go, I'm following it too for my wedding
Malibu Thompson (3 years ago)
apex measurement is a bit awkward
The Berb (3 years ago)
+Malibu Thompson well I'd rather have an awkward tape measurement, than a suit that rides up against my crotch :|
Mr Moff (3 years ago)
Good video ! I was measured for a few suits years ago.. Never realised that I'd be looking to start out in tailoring (with the same company) some seven years later.
Michael Ball (3 years ago)
Would you say that the jacket length is roughly in the same area as his arsehole?
British tailored jackets are often long.
SMOOTHJAKED (4 years ago)
Must be an terrorist Obama supporter .... 
Stephenb033 (4 years ago)
Is that Marc Almond
pierreft123 (5 years ago)
Reeman980 (5 years ago)
Cullen (5 years ago)
My only question is why there is an Obama poster for a British company
GrassFedMeats (8 months ago)
RedSoulz he's not hated in the US. He's disliked because he insulted Americans constantly when overseas (and he ended up being a socialist). Then he expanded the wars which he ran against. White people ended the global slave trade that the Islamic caliphate started. The European Slavs is where the word slave comes from. The first documented purchase of a black man in the colonies was by a BLACK MAN
RedSoulz (1 year ago)
alot of people outside of the usa actually like obama. alot of countries other than america dont have that history of hating blacks. you have to remember that african americans we'rent truly free until around the 80's and 90's(which isnt that long ago). thats why he is still so hated by alot of americans because they automatically hate black people, especially if they are successful. its in their blood and long history to do so.
HansImWald (5 years ago)
thank you for the detailed explanation
Mal Beats (5 years ago)
shame your guy lost. wait no it isn't
803badmutha (5 years ago)
Shame there's an Obama print on the wall.
Mal Beats (5 years ago)
he doesn't look friendly or willing
FRBusta (6 years ago)
becuase sizes that suits come in are measured in inches
AudiA4TQ (7 years ago)
Agree with the previous comments, excellent.
Sean Gibson (7 years ago)
Great video!
L Robert (7 years ago)

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