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Lead Me Lord - Gary Valenciano (w/ lyrics)

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My creative way of sharing my love for Jesus and spreading the good news. Please like ! Hope this will strengthen your christian faith and keep you inspired. P.S. I don't own this song nor any of the pictures shown. No copyright infringement intended. God bless to everyone!
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Text Comments (3141)
Camilleee Esquilon (12 hours ago)
Grabee ang gandaaa padin😇😍❤️
Lester Puerto (21 hours ago)
I love you Ama 🙏😭
K_cr_dc hehe (1 day ago)
Im sorry for what I did Lord. Thank you for all blessings I didn't appreciate all. Forgive me for all the actions i did and i will make. Please guide us especially my family, my classmates, my Dear Filipinos and all people who needed you. Let your light guide them.
kimilatik melet (1 day ago)
lead me lord sorry po sa lahat lord pagud na po ako lord 😭😭😭i love you LORD Jesus❤❤❤❤
Candy Lademora (1 day ago)
Bigyan mo po ako ng lakas araw araw lord amen ilove u
Angelica Tapic (1 day ago)
Imissthis song ito yung kanta palagi kaming mag ka duet sa tatay ko
Angelica Tapic (1 day ago)
Sana katabi ko si papa para magka duet nanaman kami miss na miss kona yung papa ko imissyoupapa😭😭😭
Ronalyn Torres (2 days ago)
Lead me Lord 😍 Lead me all my life.
The Cat - Pack (3 days ago)
1 like = You need to pray for Gary coz he has diabetes
Ligaya Montealto (3 days ago)
Lead me lord and heal me from the pain i feel right now.....and guide me into your way..i love you lord! Amen
Gaming Tube (3 days ago)
Thank you Lord for everything sorry for all of my sins
Princess Angel Quilao (4 days ago)
Papa god di naman ako humihingi sau ng materyal na bagay eh. 💔😭😭 tao po hiningi ko po papa god please po papa god. Maawa ka sakin papa god. Nagmamahal lang po ako ng totoo na ehm nakikita mo naman po patak ng luha ko habang nagdadasal ako papa god eh 😭😭💔💔💔 please papa god maawa ka sakin. Mahal na mahal ko po cya papa god. Alam mo po yan papa god 😢😢😢
jake Mendones (2 days ago)
Sad naman ni ate
L.K T. (4 days ago)
lord thank you for all you give us bless my tito in here plsss
L.K T. (4 days ago)
lord thank you for all you give us bless my tito in here plsss
Ryan crep (4 days ago)
this is my favorite sog since i was 3 ( on 2012) here i am grown up ( im 10) I miss the old days..
Lorena Valdezco (4 days ago)
lord thank u po please blessed my family im sorry for everything i did wrong.:'(
Hirah Chua (4 days ago)
Whenever i feel like giving up and question "is God there?" I come back to this song and it gives me chills everytime. God is there for us. I love you Lord, i wouldnt be where i am today without you ❤️
Ngoslab Arlene (5 days ago)
GOD you're so great that you lead me and rescued me from the darkness ... To GOD be the Glory
Sharon Lameza (5 days ago)
Please lead me lord😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓
nogie 31 (5 days ago)
Nung una ko tong pinakinggan dito. 13million views pa lang. Araw araw bago pumasok eto ang tugtog kasunod yung warrior is a child. Di ko na namalayan. 24million views na. ❤
Wenworth Apostol (5 days ago)
Thank you GOD for everything..praise you and worship you..
chorong park (6 days ago)
thank you lord so much.
Rodmar Bayabado (6 days ago)
Lord i offer my life to you 😢💖
God i really sory for my bad atitude sana wish ko wag magka sakit yong familly ko at layo sa ano man kapahamakan thank you your always ther my side Amen
William Cabanilla (7 days ago)
ilove jesus
Mariles Rollan (8 days ago)
lead me lord and my family and also those all people who needs you much.. please save us from our sins. and forgive us to all every mistake that we did.
tyra clemente (8 days ago)
I pray for you
PookieTUBE (9 days ago)
Grasya Baisa (9 days ago)
I know gary valenciano his from in Philippines 🇵🇭 i saw his so handsome
Armie Ducusin (9 days ago)
Lord forgive me to all my mistakes. Please guide and give them blessings. My family and all people who live in this world. And those who have illness/sickness, please heal them. Give them a chance to have a long life with there family. And please give us a good health, good life and good mind. In the name of jesus christ. Amen 🙏
Bunny Pacheco (9 days ago)
Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭
John Mark Demandaco (9 days ago)
thank you lord for my life
Mark anthony Catajan (10 days ago)
Lead me oh my lord thanks for everything and sory to my mistake and bad habit and liers to my family i love you lord jesus ame
sanniejohn linconada (10 days ago)
sorry salahat nang mga kasalanan ko sayo jesus sana mapatawad mona ako ngayon kasi ang dami nang kasalanan ko sayo hindi ko matangap na ganon ang gagawin ko sa sareli ko T_T jesus sana mapatawad mo na ako T_T
Rowena De Guzman (10 days ago)
Thank you Lord for all😇😇
Ronee Bildan (10 days ago)
lead me lord⛪⛪
Ihvr Ihvr (10 days ago)
The hymns are coming so broken. Any reasons?
Odinkow Escosar (11 days ago)
Laed me Lord. SA akong dalan nga dli ko madala sa mga tintasion 🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇😇
owie deguzman (11 days ago)
umamayi tayo Husus
Ian MAEi (11 days ago)
Lord please lead me to face everything in my life.. All my life all the time i need you most God.. Lead me to the right direction bless me all the time Lord, without you i am nothing.
Rodel Cosme (12 days ago)
Rodel Cosme (12 days ago)
Shang Gaviola (12 days ago)
ezee obrobwo
Martin Sollesta (12 days ago)
Dear lord i love you and i'll serve uou till i die
T F (12 days ago)
Just a beautiful song...
Sophia Guzman (13 days ago)
I love you lord,thankyou for everything,I'm so sorry for everything I've done,thankyou so much for granting me this kindness of life,thankyou and may another great Christmas be bestowed upon you my brothers and sisters : ) Happy and Merry Christmas everyone,peace :')
TheOneLioner YT (13 days ago)
Thank you lord
Mila Saradogan (14 days ago)
Mila Saradogan (14 days ago)
Dear,Jesus I'm sorry hurting all people sorry Jesus for anything
Je Rick (14 days ago)
God is my savior
Leo Lumanog (14 days ago)
Lead me Lord 🙏 My grandmother passed away and I cant go home because im here in abroad 😭😭💔💔
Angelica Bautista (14 days ago)
Thank you lord for leading the way.....amen🕆🛐📿📿📿📿#amen#lead us the right path
Angelica Bautista (14 days ago)
Were na u lord help me
Queen Heart (14 days ago)
😢😢😢 lead me lord wala ng nagmamahal sakin kundi ikaw tulungan mo kong makayanan ang lahat ng ito ..wala na kong makakapitan kundi ikaw nalang 😞😞
Alexa Politico (14 days ago)
Maan Mataverde (15 days ago)
God, help me overcome this pain of a brokenheart. i have been crying for days. i live alone. away from my family..please lord, just one hug when i get to sleep tonight. just please 1 hug.. payakap lord. hindi ko na kaya.....
Jaleona Quirimit (16 days ago)
Lead me lord for all my decision.
Sweet Liz (16 days ago)
Thank you, Lord
Mary Jane Barro (16 days ago)
I love you Lord thank you for everything. 🙏🙇❤ Amen
christine joy bantang (16 days ago)
so cute song 👗👓👟
ian cabral (16 days ago)
panginoon patawarin nyo po ako sa lahat ng kasalanan na nagawa ko..
Jessie Naranja (16 days ago)
Dear lord im sorry gd sa damu ko sala sa imo 😭😭 u are mai lord 😭😭
HYPER_FISHING 18 (17 days ago)
Kata and kumite player
HYPER_FISHING 18 (17 days ago)
Oss...brother... From philippine right..hehhe.. Lord Will bless you....
Karl Mendoza (18 days ago)
Mark chapter 13 vers 24 to 32 the final judgement
Lyn Mina (18 days ago)
Oh....Lead Me Lord...
Eric Delos Reyes (19 days ago)
Lead me Lord to right way lead me Lord to the right place
Ernnz Sabellano (19 days ago)
Godbless you lord i love you more
Emmarren Decipolo (19 days ago)
Sa tingin ko yong mga nagdedeslikes ng kantang ito ay yung mga walang feelings, just saying lang:)
Olive S Mesisgan (20 days ago)
Thank You Lord..
Wendy Ramas (20 days ago)
Renzo Flores (20 days ago)
We love God and God loves us.!
supremogab xxx (20 days ago)
manatchaya Plays (20 days ago)
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Good blessing to have a lot of money come to me and I want to have a house and good luck and good futher also good If I have all these Jesus I'll thank you a lot right we are poor with not much money and a house Jesus an I didn't Have anything for a Christmas for my family's yet pleas forgive me For everything and alway lister to you Jesus Thank you I wat to be a rich if rich I'll go a do a picture of print it out and copy and paste in my phone or Photother for you I'm promise I'll not lie also I'll do this one every day and night and I'll never forget that you give me a lots of things OK no that give me Thank you cheese Jesus Have a good night bye And good luck to you always happy to you enjoy your night and Christmas day 😊😊😊🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁and then again 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thank you cheese for help me out Amen Enjoy your night and Christmas an new year and have a good further and 😇🙏🙏Amen 😊
Summer Frostylicious (20 days ago)
Everytime that i will hear this song, tears fall down through my face.
Rocky Namata (21 days ago)
Rocky Namata (21 days ago)
Romeo Salangsang (22 days ago)
Jesus love you
Leonard Zetineb (22 days ago)
I love you papa jesus
Leonard Zetineb (22 days ago)
Sorry po sa lahat ng nagawa kong kasalanan ama at sa magagawa ko pa.. Patawad po 😢
Rowi Herrera (22 days ago)
Rj Matammu (22 days ago)
Glenndyl Tan (24 days ago)
Dear lord..please mercy my prayer..amen
Frankie Basbas (24 days ago)
the Lord said... for those who will accept and love those little child will also accept to enter heaven.
Joel Tuttuh (25 days ago)
Good day to all. I am completely lost, i dont have religion, believe and direction. Until one day i woke up that everything i have and build were totally collapsed. Until my wife and kids gave a small prayer book. My son told me "daddy please read it you will find God, believe Him, have Faith on Him. I started reading and it makes me realized that there is God, there is Lord Jesus Christ. GOD is good and merceful. Now, i totally surrendered everythin to Him. All i wanted to serve God and help others to know Lord Jesus Christ!!! Praise to you Lord Jesus!! Amen!!
anony mous (25 days ago)
Thank you Lord
anony mous (25 days ago)
Thank you Lord
Sergio Reyes (25 days ago)
Amen & lots of blessings
Murvin Paswett (26 days ago)
Beautiful !
Jason Gomez (26 days ago)
Thanks for the guidance Lord God...💕
Ruby ann Bunagan (27 days ago)
I almost cry whenever i hear this
Juliet Bagundol (27 days ago)
Thank u Lord God for giving me strengt for facing the struggle and trials in life , , please give me more patience to handle this all sacrifices i know in the future theres a better life..THANK U GOD
lawrence neri (27 days ago)
ilove you pap jesus
Amen 😭
johnmark namoco (28 days ago)
dear lord i'm sorry kung sayo sana mapatawad mo po ako
Moses Vlogs (28 days ago)
Moses Vlogs (28 days ago)
I'm crying
Moses Vlogs (28 days ago)
Moses Vlogs (28 days ago)
Moses Vlogs (28 days ago)
so nice
GREG BANCOLO (29 days ago)

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