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Might and Magic Heroes 7 Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary Gameplay Lets Play

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Might and Magic Heroes 7 Walkthrough Part 1 Next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8bL_vUQTjo&list=PLYD0s9u6Ol26ur86AD8abMupxctK0kZIW&index=2 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYD0s9u6Ol26ur86AD8abMupxctK0kZIW Game Description Might & Magic® Heroes® VII makes a triumphant return bringing you the essence of turn based strategy gaming. Set in a fantasy universe with RPG progression with a strong story narrative, you will embark on a journey that you will never forget! Subscribe Here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm4WlDrdOOSbht-NKQ0uTeg?sub_confirmation=1 Twitch Channel Here http://www.twitch.tv/rabidretrospectgames Be sure to drop a like and leave a comment below.
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Text Comments (22)
Hefnaheimer (1 month ago)
Looks like shit compared to heroes 3. The music as well is pretty bad.
Dennis Olvera (3 years ago)
OMFG it looks soooo fucking boringgggg...
Kmar Tomi (3 years ago)
fuck yout quick combat
Lucas Cortinhas (3 years ago)
what a boring game
Immanuel Havneraas (3 years ago)
How much did you like the game from 1-10?
Dreamflight (3 years ago)
And still, best Heroes are 4 and 5 :))) 6 had epic graphics but gameplay was boring after a while, and this one, i wont comment until i will have chance to play it by myself, but at first look it is weird
Dreamflight (2 years ago)
+Paragliding Podlasie no i am not, lot of people says h4 suck, i like it much more than 6 7 or 3 .... thats my opinion ;)
flaj (2 years ago)
You have to be kidding me... Heroes4 - - c===3... LOL.
One-Soul-a-Time (2 years ago)
+WeirdD ShittT I love 4 too. Their stories are magnificent. :)
Máté Soós (3 years ago)
1) It is awesome to see that a base army of that size can auto combat without risk of loosing a single troop. 2) When the kill cam displaced itself so that I could not see which monster hits whitch, I live for these moments! 3) I found fascinating when realized you started upgrading your town after half a hour 4) The colors! The forest, the cavern! They are just so boringly blend! Ah, my!!!! This game underdid the bulky-bricky design of Heroes V 5) I so miss the lush forests and diversity from Heroes III! I even started to long for the flowers from Heroes IV! 7) In early Heroes games the grid system of the map let them create much more crowded areas instead of these giant mountain ranges that occupy empty space, hard drive and have no use. Or is it only shit level building? X1) The water feels nice, some random obstackles also look great in style X2) Those character designs on the battlefield are great. Too bad you cannot close up to them that much. Purchase? Not likely.
Oleg Sborshchikov (3 years ago)
and still Heroes 3 > Heroes 7
John Rambo (1 year ago)
Heroes 3,2 > Heroes 1,4,5 > Heroes 6,7
Sanderus (2 years ago)
I started playing Heroes 3 for the first time in my life yesterday. "One more turn!" - yeah, "one" ...
One-Soul-a-Time (2 years ago)
+Andy Zarin Agree
Oleg Sborshchikov (2 years ago)
+Andy Zarin omg
Andy Zarin (2 years ago)
+Oleg Sborshchikov Heroes 4 > Heroes 5 > Heroes 3
Buddhafollower (3 years ago)
pure garbage
Lukáš Michálek (3 years ago)
It looks to be a really solid game .... I have watched few previous videos from developers and so far I am not disappointed .... Keep up good work ! ... Aaaand I would be honored if you choose me for giveaway :-)
Thieves Guild you say?!
Yang Song (3 years ago)
I played heroes 3 when I was in 6th grade. It was one of several pc games we could play in China. Heroes VII reminds me the happy time I shared with my friends back then. Hope this IP can continue and hold the last ground for turn based strategy game.
Catalin Chirieac (3 years ago)
20 years ago I first played Heroes 2. I grew up with the Might & Magic Heroes games and this new Heroes 7 game looks to be everything I always loved about these games. Hope to receive this game as part of your giveaway.

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