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Sims 1- Rain of Riches magic charm

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If only gold bullion, treasure chests, and precious gemstones could fall from the sky in real life...lucky Sims! In the Sims: Makin' Magic, the Rain of Riches magic charm allows for treasure to fall from the sky and be spread all over the lot. Your Sims can either view their treasure, or sell it. If the spell backfires, the lot floods. Charm ingredients: Beeswax, Rubber Chicken, Diamond Dust -SPECIFICATIONS- Recorder: Microsoft Game DVR Edited with: Handbrake, Arcsoft Showbiz Device: MSI GE62 2QD Apache Pro Operating System: Windows 10 Resolution: 1080 x 1920 HD @ 30FPS Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX960M -GAME- Game: The Sims: Complete Collection Made by: Will Wright Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Maxis Composer: Jerry Martin ESRB Rating: Teen Release Year: 2005 Console: PC
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Text Comments (6)
Alex the Alpha foxDude (11 months ago)
my favorite charm. who could not like abuch of gold falling from the sky. Hopefully it doesn't fall on your head that is. plus it has a pretty look to it.
Candy Rose (11 months ago)
I want to try this with my sims.
RealTerraBlade101 (11 months ago)
i couldn't help but notice that there were cutlasses in some of the treasure piles
Pamela Curl (11 months ago)
makin Magic was my fav.
Jonathan Kramer (11 months ago)
Is this the Maki'n Magic pack?
SariaFan93 (11 months ago)

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