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The Lady of Shalott

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In celebration of the 2009 bicentenary of the birth of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) WAG Screen and Crow's Eye Productions made a short, filmed dramatisation of his poem The Lady of Shalott to be shown at The Collection, Lincoln. Inspiration for the visual imagery came from the many Pre-Raphaelite paintings that the poem inspired, but most especially the paintings of the artist John William Waterhouse.
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Text Comments (77)
iqra Aslam (7 days ago)
the poem was wonderful but ending was too sad..
sofia barrios (8 days ago)
Quedo identica a la pintura que se realizo hace un par de siglos sobre la dama de shallot
Ohhh l like this story bacaus .. We study it in the fourth grade... 💙💛
Vicki Noeske (11 days ago)
Lovely and melancholy.
zahraa bizzle (28 days ago)
الي جاي يباوع الفيديو من انكليزي الرابع لايك😂
Talar Asdourian (1 month ago)
Its Grace Crowder!!
Sergio Mallorga (1 month ago)
Great to know there are still people devoted to beauty in this world. Congratulations!
تحشيش عراقي (1 month ago)
Hi my name is hayder im from iraq and i must say i love the poet alfrid lord very much😍😍
The Story tube (1 month ago)
Nice... Very useful for my exam
weekendmom (1 month ago)
I like their recreation of Waterhouse's painting.
KING FORST (1 month ago)
العربي يحط لايك
Marnie Baker (2 months ago)
Didn't think I would like this, but I liked it so.
Miss Shuck (2 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful.
Frances Porter (2 months ago)
Brilliant!! My daughter is studying Tennyson and this helped peak her interest.
Gideon Nongrum (3 months ago)
So beautiful 🤗
Sarah Ackerson (3 months ago)
I love this, it was absolutely beeautiful. Praise for the time and effort of making this video
alun williams (3 months ago)
Leah Winningham (3 months ago)
Please please please never stop making videos. These are beautiful.
Sarah Hamilfan (3 months ago)
It would be amazing if you subtitled this video and made it more accessible to more people. You don't even have to do much, you could copy and paste the poem into YouTube and it will automatically match up the written text with the spoken lines. Here's a video on how to do that: https://youtu.be/LNl2bLJilt0 (starts at 1:33) Of course, you don't have to do that, I just think it would be really great and help your beautiful work of art to be more accessible to a lot of people (especially the poetic language can be a bit hard to follow for foreign speakers).
Sarah Hamilfan (3 months ago)
+CrowsEyeProductions Hey, if you turn on submissioned subtitles, I'd be willing to subtitle this video for you!
Sarah Hamilfan (3 months ago)
+CrowsEyeProductions Cool! I can't wait!
CrowsEyeProductions (3 months ago)
Yes, I need to do this for all the videos. I shall sit down and see to it when a free day presents itself! We shoot our Halloween special 'Getting Dressed' video on Monday and Tuesday. Going to try to keep the subject matter a surprise but we might drop some little hints!
fincrazydragon (3 months ago)
Hauntingly beautiful.
Angie Roberts (3 months ago)
She was lonely.... I understand loneliness.....
Angela Lovell (3 months ago)
Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”
Angela Lovell (3 months ago)
By the by, that was a comment on the similarity between Tennyson and Poe, not an exhortation to give up the poetry. It's lovely.
vickie campbell (4 months ago)
Simply stunning story and scenery.
Vickie Rayhill (4 months ago)
This poem was set to hauntingly beautiful song by Loreena McKinnett. I encouage anyone to look it up online.
Monimala Borkakoti (4 months ago)
It's really fav video
3DSgeek (5 months ago)
do you have any photos pf the costumes?
3DSgeek (5 months ago)
CrowsEyeProductions thanks. I came across this channel because of Lady of Shalott video but then saw all your other videos. I love it, going to watch all of them over next few days. Do you ever need volunteers for any of your productions?
CrowsEyeProductions (5 months ago)
iamthe12th (5 months ago)
My favorite poem, painting, and song. Thank you.
N Mondal (5 months ago)
Steven Lykowski (5 months ago)
What a breath of fresh air this video is! Thank you for bringing such high value content to YouTube, in a medium usually dominated by low-content creators. Personally I am just getting into the romantic poets, and I would love to see more reenactments like this one. Everything about this was so well conceived and executed. Videos this like this could bring poetry to such a large audience. Thank you to everyone who put so much hard work into this!!!
ZellyKat (6 months ago)
That was lovely
manu Honkanen (6 months ago)
Magic? Curse? Human sacriface? Not a good story!
Miss Shuck (2 months ago)
It's Arthurian legend - what did you expect - fluffy kittens.
Audra Corbin (5 months ago)
I'm sure you could have done a much better job than Tennyson....
Arthur Stanciu (6 months ago)
Just earned yourself a sub
Kate the 5th (6 months ago)
Would you mind terribly if I sent this to my professor, to use in his class? With due credit, of course.
T.L. Green (6 months ago)
One of my favs. Thanks for making this!
Anna Ferrara (7 months ago)
Beautiful. Did a wonderful job of recreating the pre-raphaelite paintings.
Donteatacowman (7 months ago)
I love this idea! Like a music video for poetry. Excellent job, absolutely gorgeous!
ara133photography (7 months ago)
This was brilliant.
Emily Olorin (7 months ago)
Spectacular! I had to pause the video at several points (both in the drawing room, and in the dramatisation) in order to excitedly pick apart the costumes; they were so consistently spectacular and accurate, I adored watching this.
TheAkiyata (7 months ago)
That redhead tho...😍
Seven Devils (7 months ago)
Fabiola (7 months ago)
Why did she have to die? Why couldn’t the knight break the curse :-(
Miss Shuck (2 months ago)
Fabiola - no one knows who put the curse on her or why, it is not mentioned in the poem. The only thing we know is that she can only look at the outside world via the mirror. By looking at Lancelot and then at Camelot, not using the mirror, she brings the curse upon herself. It is not mentioned that Lancelot is aware of the Lady in her tower, or the curse, so I doubt he would have been able to save her.
Mikayla Edelstein (3 months ago)
The knight caused the curse actually.
Brittney Lamar (7 months ago)
Beautiful! First heard this from Anne of Green Gables :)
Chris Thompson (1 month ago)
Anne always spoke of her and The Lady of Shalott having red hair.
Jewels Is pretty (7 months ago)
This is so good.i liked this poem before but this really brought it to life
AlanaFounder Ⓥ (7 months ago)
just wonderful.
Beatle4 -11 (7 months ago)
This took my breath away. The costumes, the acting, the narration! They were all incredible, I can't believe you portrayed this wonderful poem so clearly and beautifully! Well done!
The kinz tube Sister (7 months ago)
It's strange to see how much woman's formal changes so often where as men's always seems to be a suit for hundreds of hears
Tipi Dan (5 months ago)
Yes--- men's fashion has been in a (very uptight) rut since the Victorian era, undergoing only minor modification. The introduction of chinos [khakis] and the leather bomber jacket during WW2 a notable exception. Since then everything has been derivative, especially for men. I'm for a return to the loose tunic, cloak, and trousers [with external garters] that sufficed from The Bronze Age through Norman times--- and to free form "wraps" of all kinds for both sexes. Free the future!
Elentarien (7 months ago)
Wow. Lovely production! Very well done. Love how the classic paintings are recreated here. Sharing it on!
Maija Paija (8 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful! I always think of Anne of Green Gables when I hear this poem and it’s been a favorite of mine since childhood. 😊 Gorgeous video and narration!!
sofia barrios (8 days ago)
Yo también aun recuerdo cuando Anne lo recitaba
Audra Corbin (5 months ago)
Me too :)
ara133photography (7 months ago)
Same here!!
Maija Paija Oh god im so glad someone else said this because all i can think about is anne reciting it and her and her friends acting out the scene.
Celeste Wechter (8 months ago)
Beautiful. Incredible how well the depictions lined up with the old paintings!
Maddy Mace (9 months ago)
This entire Chanel deserves more love. This video is incredibly made, very immersive, and brings the painting to life! I have the print in my room
TheSparkyWriter (11 months ago)
I have a print of this in my bedroom. I’ve always loved the story, even though it is quite side.
Sarah Hamilfan (3 months ago)
It is side?
leondali (11 months ago)
It's a real pleasure to listen to the narrator... but my God... looking at the video while listening to him is just marvellous! Thank you indeed!
alexbrave1 (11 months ago)
Amazing! Criminally few views: narration is great, costumes are amazing, the poem is beautiful, the cinematography is captivating and overall production quality is incredible! Thank you for this!
Stella stella (11 months ago)
تحشيش عراقي (1 month ago)
Moa Morgenstern (8 months ago)
Stella stella I love your profile picture. Read this poem to an Cermet, it helps him grow 😃💖
Beanie Brunette (11 months ago)
So sad but beautiful
Procrastimaster (11 months ago)
Beautiful! Like paintings come to life!

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